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  1. Ascendance is growing! We're really getting to a strong membership recently. It's the right time to join up if you're intrigued by the new reveal and all the amazing possibilities of new combos. Link up with this amazing community. We'd all offer any answers if you have questions! -Shizzle
  2. It is great to have new members. I know others out there are considering what community / guild to join. Come here. You need look no further. This is your place. -Shizzle
  3. Always best to have our fearless leader around! Welcome back Allie -Shizzle
  4. I just want Druid open. NOW. Learning the latest informations made me salivate with anticipation. -Shizzle
  5. Get ready to come in like a wrecking ball To hit so hard in love To break down their walls And wreck them...yeah..wreck them
  6. Great to see new members joining Ascendance. Be sure to check us out if you're still looking for a guild/community of people to play with! -Shizzle
  7. Super excited for upcoming Druid testing! Can't wait to burn myself for your benefit! -Shizzle
  8. Yeah, Artumes, we're super glad you're with us! Who's next to join? -Shizzle
  9. Just reminding folks, if you're at all still searching for a guild or community, this one is what you're looking for. Search no further. LG does the MMO community like it should be done. -Shizzle
  10. Wow...that's commitment to style and panache -Shizzle
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