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  1. Not that I have seen but I might have missed it. I did just realize that the Large Keep is what we played in during the Hunger Dome! Very cool as that is smaller than the Large Castle from what I understand and it is rather large.
  2. Hope to see the Small one like this, though I am a KS Backer etc but still an idea.
  3. Kloke


    So I came back and read all of this and actually back out of the original request. After debate in my head I actually concur on the points here. The time taken to sort through loot or decide where to put it actually does add to the game rather than hurt. I would prefer a system that makes you take some time to think about it rather than opting for the easy fix. I have been gaming since Muds and it is taking me awhile to get back into how much fun UO and SB was for me and really do see the better way is to have less comforts. Much respect to all here.
  4. Something else to add here is that IRL you know you are being poked at, bit, shot or damaged in some way. Without those in game you cannot react accordingly. Yes it would be fun as an archer to pick off someone slowly, one arrow at a time with spacing for them not to know I am shooting them from behind that tree. But if this were an actual situation I would feel that arrow to the knee and know to react accordingly.
  5. Kloke


    My issue is requiring arrows. Other ranged classes like magic users will always have their abilities available. If we are asked to carry ammo in a game where equipment drops on death, that could cause issues. Maybe have a fletched or crafted arrow slot where you place the type if arrows in the slot. If you craft a flaming arrow mold you put that in the slot and you fire flaming arrows. If you want to fire arcane arrows, equip the arcane mold etc?
  6. As long as I will know what I am hitting I am all good. I can learn to adapt without it, we all can but the entire reason we bought in as backers is to help steer the game is it not? It never hurts to suggest or ask so long as we can accept the answer as well.
  7. Just to add my 2 Cents. I want Telegraphs for personal spells or effects. Currently as Confessor as an example, I have no idea where my aoe will hit or how big the radius is etc. Where I do not want to see what is coming at me as that makes it too easy, I do want to know what I will be hitting if I chose to use the skill. With an ability to turn it off if others do not like it.
  8. My input on this is against FF in a manually targeted game. I will adapt as will anyone but here are where my concerns come from. First off I will start by saying I generally prefer FF games over anything else as you cannot just spray and pray and those that do will kill their team quickly so it sets another level of skill. In a game like this though, you could severely be crippling the ranged classes and their effectiveness. Let's compare Melee to Ranged here, hoping I get my point across. Now I am not talking 1v1 or 2 v 2 etc where Melee and Ranged have plenty of mass to point at safely to swing. This is more for groups or raids on things but I think you will be able to see what I am talking about. Melee: You move into position and then you just make sure that you angle correctly so that your powers are on target. As you are inches from your target, even in a ball of 5 on 1, you can still easily find a spot to swing where you will engage your target while not hitting friendlies in the group. Yes, there will be times that you can not hit your arc abilities or Aoe abilities because you will hit others but you can generally sustain your Dps and use your abilities constantly. Ranged: In that same situation you are at a disadvantage. As a general statement, ranged are Dps classes and to do their job they have to be able to use their abilities at all times. In a targeted environment, ranged already has a disadvantage as it is when considering spell or projectile speeds, people walking in front of your projectile which negates the effects on the enemy, etc. Targeting in general is harder as well. At melee range when you cursor is on the target you want, there is no doubt unless someone walks over you and into your swing that you are targeting the correct person. At maxed range, it is much harder to be on target and to keep it on target as you have 1/5 the target size for your cursor to hit. If that does not make sense I could put a picture up but the theory is in Melee range, the person you are attacking is much larger on your screen and you can fit 10 targeting recticles in their torso. At ranged you have to be much more precise because an entire target can fit inside your cursor or at least most of it. The same statement would be used for guns in a real life situation. The theory of self defense is that you want your target within 14 yards to safely fire on a target for the average shooter. If that target is 2 feet away, hitting center mass is much easier than if that target is 30 feet away. Aim small, miss small is the normal statement that goes along with shooting and it would apply here as well. ( Single Target ) My suggestion is, rather than FF, if a friendly steps in front of your projectile it just does not hit your target. That in a ranged case is already punishment enough as melee will already have an advantage in this situation as shown earlier. ( Area of Effect ) My suggestion is for every friendly that you hit you lose x% of damage. Example 1: 10% of damage is reduced per friendly hit. You cast a fireball. The fireball will do 100 damage to everyone in the Area of Effect. In the same situation as earlier, you have 5 friendly on one enemy. ( Yes, I know, why use an AOE for one enemy but this is an example! ) Your fireball hits everyone in the ball and does 100 damage. You hit 5 friendly units though so now your fireball does -50% damage so you only do 50 damage to the enemy unit. Example 2: 20% of damage is reduced per friendly hit. You cast a fireball. The fireball will do 100 damage to everyone in the Area of Effect. In the same situation as earlier, you have 5 friendly on one enemy. ( Yes, I know, why use an AOE for one enemy but this is an example! ) Your fireball hits everyone in the ball and does 100 damage. You hit 5 friendly units though so now your fireball does -100% damage so you do 0 damage to the enemy unit. This system still allows for "Friendly Fire" to effect the battle and skill will still matter but it does not put the ranged at a place where they cannot ever fire in bigger battles for fear of killing your group. As a final note, I would like "Friendly" being your current group or raid only. Not a guild or nationwide thing as a blanket statement. Where I would want dps to suffer if you hit friendly targets, I do not want it to be such a huge blanket that you do not have to use skill and just spam skills.
  9. I tried to reword it to be more explanatory, please let me know if it makes more sense.
  10. Understood, I re-read what I wrote and will re-word it the way I meant to come across. I wrote everything on a phone which really does not lead to terribly well thought out responses. I will probably delete this one and restate it correctly as it was not the way I originally meant to come across.
  11. A lot of us will find our way home in Crowfall I am sure. So many new memories to make for all of us. Friends and enemies alike.
  12. Ahh, see that is exactly what I want to make my main. I am not worried about dps or killing efficiently but getting around stealthly, revealing, tracking others. That is where it is at. Basically the things that matter to me on my "Scout" Ranged Fast movement (When not Stealthed) Stealth (Faster if you really spec deeply into it) Tracking See Invisibility With a Snare and a dot to keep the target revealed and within my dps / tanks reach. Those things basically were a scout for me. The class as you said was not a killer but a severe pain in the arse and also very good at recon.
  13. Kloke


    Hush you, I have no bridges here for you to hide under. I would actually give you that if in fact auto-equip in any way catered to casuals. Now auto equip of items if they are "Better" that would be crap but autoequip if you nekkie that is different as nekkieness simply cannot be tolerated.
  14. Kloke


    To either use I or P you have to be completely immobile. This would be the first game in a long time that I could not work with things on the go.
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