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  1. Ok, I can still provide my Wife or Son with the game and it was expected so thank you.
  2. Sounds like a good plan and finally in a game where I can scout and it matters again... Shadowbane Scouting: /Cast Stealth /Cast Track Hey boss we have 30+ coming our way from the South. Ok, keep tabs on them and let me know where they go. Will do and now you follow them for hours and give reports, unless of course they have a Scout worth their weight as well that tracks you down and bleeds you. Typical Game Stealthing now: /Cast Stealth /Cast Track Hey Boss we have 30 incoming, one sec. /Cast Stealth Ok, keep tabs on them and let me know where they go. /Cast Stealth Will do Boss, I will report back as the move /Cast Stealth It goes something like that now, I cannot wait for real stealth again.
  3. Scouts Stealthed in SB and I would assume the Stalker would here as well.
  4. Well, I wish I saw this before the deadline. While I do have few post, it is only because I would follow vs lead until I could play around in the game a bit but I will quickly be more active now. If there is a second team, I will be happy to throw my name and qualifications into the lot.
  5. In Shadowbane they actually changed your char in many ways and the camps were rare spawns and people would set timers or build castles as close to the spawns as possible. Yes it was slow to gather them but you had a huge feeling of accomplishment when you got the rune. Also they were great to farm and barter with or to use in trades with other guilds during pay offs or guild political dealings. As an example this was a discussion I had to handle as an officer in DHL. Attila: Your Guild member X camped my guild member X after we had a truce? Me: Provide me a Screenshot? Ok I see, I will handle my side and we will trade you two Commander Runes, 1 Bounty Hunter rune and pay for his repairs if you agree? Those sorts of deals happened all the time between guilds. At first the runes are very rare but it was a huge bonus to have a leader with Commander on your side or to have Bounty Hunter for the tracking. If you needed a Rune you took a group there and camped it or you traded other Runes or items to the guild that farms it. All of these things were what made Shadowbane so great and always gave you areas to check for PvP.
  6. This is the truth, a friend and I were just talking about how much we miss camps in games. A great example was the Commander Rune in SB or key pieces in EQ. It brought all sorts of people into the fold and guaranteed you a fight. When you left you always left feeling like you accomplished something. It also really made you form groups and work together. All the games now push you to solo for everything and I do not see how you make friends. Some of my best gaming friends were found over camps in EQ. You help a camp, fought off any enemies and felt a huge sense of, we did it, when an item dropped. More often than not you ended up staying to help the next person get theirs too because you felt like a group vs wanting to get out asap.
  7. triforcer, on 10 Sept 2015 - 05:52 AM, said: This one I can understand and maybe make a few suggestions. In Wow, as the game progressed and I had my Panda cub out, I was often asked how they could get one. The answer was you cannot as It was only with the Original Wow Collectors Edition. It actually really did make you stand out the longer and longer the game went on as Original CE players were thinning out. It did nothing for your char but at the same time it was also usable from Day 1 and also never lost the appeal. A few things I have seen in recent games that I would make the suggestion of staying away from as they really soured the items for me and also meant I will not purchase another CE from that company for any game from this point on. 1. Only one char per account or X Per new chars: What if you realized down the road that you really wanted another class or a new class or race was introduced later and now you cannot have your CE item? 2. An item that expires or has charges or in this case can be looted if you die: An item that I got for having the CE or a backing package should not be weakened or taken from a player in any way. Whether it decays, has charges, only x chars or looted by others. It should be something that reminds you that you purchased the CE and you were someone that believed in the game. 3. Items that cannot be used right away and this one is debatable as I see reasons for some such as Mounts that no one can use until a certain level. To me the best example is my Panda again, I still pulled him out last expansion and he was still as fun as ever. In every other game when I got weapons or Items that you outgrow at level 5 or 10, you never have the urge to see them again and it makes them non memorable. I purchased every Wow CE except WOTLK and I till the day I quit. I regretted every time a guildie took out his Shadow Dragon minion to tease me. 4. Having a potion for 25% more exp for an hour or a Sword of Bunny_Destroying_01 is wonderful but the potion I still have banked in every game because I always feared when to use it and the second one, while cute and deadly vs Bunnies, is something that just wasted bank space until I finally deleted it as I needed the space for crafting and would never use it again. The one thing that I can say that EQ did right was clickies. You had a clickie for everything and my bags were literally filled with them because I loved them. A clickie to add a visual effect would be nice and it does not have to affect game play in any way. A blue flame on your weapon, Flaming fist, a trail of fire, a halo, an aura and many others were not only fun but made you stand out in the crowd. You guys have been doing great and I have faith you will put something together that will be memorable. Kloke / Khloe
  8. Posted Today, 12:44 AM dreaden, on 09 Sept 2015 - 11:14 PM, said: Tyrant, it was nice playing with you guys the other day. I have to say how I impressed I am with this question and Answer. When I read Dreaden's question, I honestly expected an instant of course not but thank you for playing type of answer. I would have been happy either way but this gives me the opportunity to have a second account as needed without purchasing the game and I appreciate that. One question on that though. One of the biggest draws for me getting a CE is the Beta 2 access included with the 2015 Contributor bundle. Is there a way to get that earlier than release so that we can gift it to someone? What I mean is, if I give my CE to my wife or son, I would want them to be able to be in Beta 2 with me as well. Will there be a plan in place for us to use it that way? Kloke / Khloe
  9. I would agree, there will be a lot more of us around now. I have been around since day one but never posted anything. Now that I can actually pitch in and start to play, you will see me around quite often.
  10. This will come across aggressive possible but did any of you play Shadowbane? I played both an Avian Thief and an Avian Scout. I could fly on both and it was by no means overpowered. I could Kill from the Air, sure and I could fly over walls, I could fly over content that others could not, I could fly stealthed as well. Was I OP? Hardly. It added a great dynamic to the game because we were the scouts for our ground troops. Where there other Non Flying Thiefs and Scouts, probably more than flyers. Why? Because both my skills and my flying and running and most everything took Stam. While yes, I could shoot you from the air and you could not hit me unless you used spells and unless you use ranged both of which most did. I could only shoot you for a small time, not enough to kill you normally and then I fell to the ground. To top that classes could steal stamina and you could get stamina stealing procs on weapons so I often was on the ground WAY before I wanted to be. I could then Not Attack, Not Stealth, Not Run, Not Guard and about all I could do was Die. Sometimes people would let me live long enough for me to be able to fight back with a little stam but typically they stomped me into the dirt. It worked fine and honestly it is the one thing I want back in the game. I could fly but it was limited to my stam and I did have a stam build so I could scout for quite some time without any problems of being seen. If I chose to attack anything at all I would have to land, stealth, regen stam and then move out to make an attack on the ground. Trust in the developers guys, they truly have done a great job in the past and that is why I backed.
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