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  1. I get why you would say Death Note's ending was bad, I know many people who would agree with you. Yeah it was pretty lame that it was N who got Kira, and that he was fooled by the ol' switch-a-roo, but imo Kira's reaction to getting caught was just too epic for me to consider the ending bad, especially in the case of the original Japanese audio. Seriously god bless Mamoru Miyano. On your opinion on FMA however... No offense but I think it's completely ridiculous. First off what do you mean by "blanket storytelling"? Also I know plenty of males who love FMA, more males than females actually
  2. I get that perspective, every criticism you just posted right now is actually very true. Given your gripes with the demographic I would recommend to you Death Note which is actually even shorter than Soul Eater and imo has a great ending and story. And also Full Metal Alchemist and/or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.
  3. Weren't you guys on SWG as well?
  4. Oh so the condescending know-it-all is also a grammar gummy bear, what a surprise...
  5. No one has to do that. You could have criticized his answer without coming across as a major a-hole. Wow you are just a classic case of someone who can dish it out, but can't take it lol.
  6. At least he gave an answer of some kind. All you did was talk down to him and a majority of the people on this forum. Thanks bro, I'm sure your condescending lecture helped the OP much more than his answer did...
  7. Fairy Tail is an insult to good shounen manga, and anime.
  8. http://youtu.be/x94tZ6av6uM For anyone whose interested you can volunteer here: http://darklightgaming.com/volunteer/
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