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  1. 1. Has anyone on the team played the MMO "Darkfall Online", which was a spiritual successor to Shadowbane by a Greek indie dev released in 2009, and what are your thoughts on it and its short life and failings? If you are unaware of it, It's been revived semi-unsuccessfully several times by fans, and may be worth having someone try it out to learn what you can from it (both good and bad), as it was also a free-aim PVP conquest sandboxish game. 2. Are you aware of the degree to which the WoW rogue class has been copied into Crowfall? see: https://malekai.org/powers/inconceivable VS. https://www.wowdb.com/spells/193316-roll-the-bones as a quick example. Either way, who on the team is the rogue fanboy? Since I've caught you, you have to steal shadow priest next! 3. What is, in each of your opinions, the biggest misstep that's been made so far in the development of Crowfall?
  2. Wowesque stealth mechanics seem to either dominate an entire pvp system or are completely worthless, with pretty much nothing in between. Once all the anti-stealth mechanics are finished it will probably flip the switch to worthless, which I'm fine with
  3. NPE/Talents The NPE and early game flow is a lot better with the talents system meting out the class abilities one by one. I also like the direction of the talents system in general, the active progression - all of it. No comment on if the XP rate for a basic vessel is tuned correctly, I didn't play much, but the concept is great. ^I disagree, but there should definitely be a warning when you use or approach the runegate to the temple that you can't return once you leave. I agree with Avloren's general sense that giving classes one ability right off the bat is the right move to help make the right first impression, with early levels coming swiftly. I'll likely be crucified for this, but I think the hand holding still doesn't go far enough on the Order/Chaos/Balance ruleset, which is the likely first stop for people who aren't sold on the whole player freedom and sandbox pvp thing in the first place. Maybe a flavourful faction advisor or "general" type character for each faction, who'd pop up sort of like those talking heads from WoW: They could direct players dynamically towards conflict zones or objectives you might want to capture or that have recently come under attack, and point you towards active groups on your faction who mark themselves as looking for players. Bit down the road, but maybe the next step accessibility wise. Rather than 3d models, Greco could draw them in various states of glee or distress, depending on how good/bad your faction is doing. User Interface There's some UI stuff I have issues with that isn't 5.8 related specifically, but the patch made me look at it with fresh eyes. The skinny left dark grey "system" bar is just too small. I think the rectangular box popup in the middle of the screen, WoW style, is optimal and can't really be improved upon. I'm still a big fan of the combined stats+inventory page, the item icons are fantastic and fit the rest of the game's style prefectly. The action bar itself looks real crappy, I've always thought it was a placeholder but it's stuck around for so long that I'm not so sure anymore, so register my opinion that it's crappy, I guess. What others have said about being able to move stuff around, health bar by character is pretty nice too, I assume that's in the works. The ability icons are another innovation that I'm nearly certain shouldn't survive. I know that it's some complex language of shapes and colours that's indicating what every ability can do, and while that's really cool, it's also unnecessary and inferior to the existing machinery built in: "Me human, me see picture. Me press button, me see what picture do." A well done traditional ability icon is far more memorable than any invented language of shapes and colours ever will be, no matter how novel. All in all, I think the UI could be more unified with the style of the game. The game is a fantasy, cartoonish and rather whimsical; it features playable, sentient guinea pigs. But the UI, while looking mostly good, sometimes seems like it belongs more in a Sci-Fi MMO rather than Crowfall. A good contrast to other elements is the crafting UI, which I know is getting redone; It's pretty ugly and could use a lot more functionality, but at least there's all these runes and poorly made socks flying around the background, it makes it fit into the game just a little bit more. The spellbook could feel a lot more like a spellbook, rather than just a UI element called "spellbook".
  4. Whoever's done the most work on optimization should print this post out and frame it
  5. I like the line of Krakken's thinking about expanding the Crow functionality. Traveling faster directionally towards the body is an idea I like a lot, some kind of "flap" or other flavourful speedboost (perhaps doubling as a height increase) also seems like a winner. It's a shame I can't read any of the (I imagine) interesting discussions that happen in the partner forum. It seems more than a little ridiculous at this point considering the tiny size of the playerbase. I wonder if the people with that entitlement wouldn't almost unanimously agree that it's counterproductive to gatekeep discussion when the community is in a state of severe inactivity due to pre-alpha. Anyway, since it's technically what we're playing as, making the crow more interactive can really help sell the whole "crows & vessels" thing and Crowfall as a universe more generally. Few quick thoughts on the crow: 1) In the inevitable final form of the NPE, the first time a player spawns into the world should be as a crow, as tempting as it might be to put them right into a more "traditional" vessel experience right away - maybe a nearby dead body that they're directed to fly towards and then possess after a brief period of introduction as a crow. Hell, maybe "their own" dead body from before they became a crow. Familiarizes them with the corpse retrieval process right away, and good lore flavour. 2) This one's actually already a thing, which is the crow spirit flying up and out of the body as part of the death animation, but I was thinking about how neat this one would be ages ago. Good job. 3) A power that renders you briefly corporeal as a living but still semi-spirity looking crow, and visible to players. This to me would the equivalent of pressing "TAB" in UO to show yourself as a ghost and troll people by going "OOooOoOOoO". Except instead of OOOing at them, your text would be rendered as a bunch of cawing noises (and text). A companion to this would of course be an exploration node that lets you understand the cawing, for those of us who eagerly screenshot precious rage tells and hackusations. It would actually be hilarious to have a flavour discipline (or node?) that allows you to briefly manifest as this corporeal crow after being killed, before being sent to the temple as normal, so you can rage caw at the people that just killed you - and maybe have 30s of being able to shot call for any living friends? Or just watch your friends get rolled, which can also be pretty fun. 3b) As a logical extension of this one, it could be interesting to have the landscape littered with Crowfall's version of "Weirwoodesque" (game of thrones/asoiaf) trees that crows could land on to be able to see and speak to (caw at) players. They could double as the tree motherlodes, actually. You might want to cut down the ones around your keeps to avoid spying. And noise. Impractical because spying will be done by embedded players, if at all - but embracing the fantasy/lore in this way is important to making a game feel like a world, I think, developer resources notwithstanding. 4) This one is absolutely idiotic, but it's too funny not to suggest - allowing crows to possess mounts. Pop into your friend's horse and gain a power tray to boost him out of danger or maybe super-jump, or pop into an enemy's mount and try to screw him over somehow - maybe he has to mash a button to dislodge you from his horse's mind, and it's slowed until then or you can turn in ways he doesn't want you to. Could get really silly, and really, really bad if it actually incentivizes a person in your group to go around as a crow to screw over enemy's mounts, which nobody would ever want to be forced to do - I think people might actually prefer to play as a character, not as a living movespeed malus. The "buff friend's mount" thing is a lot safer, much harder to lead to unhealthy gameplay. EDIT - wait, no it isn't, because everyone would then need an alt to permanently possess their own mounts to get around faster! I knew this was a stupid idea. No regrets! Mount possession forever!
  6. I think the problem with this system is that the frequency and rapidity of change makes a very cool event quickly lose all novelty and become boring. I would suggest a slight tweak on the system: To make "Hunger Night" seem much more special, rather than the mobs/hunger shards/other night effects occuring literally every ingame night, make it a probability tied to the seasonal progression and tied to some kind of easily visible celestial anomaly, ala Zelda: BOTW blood moon (Image), coupled with some special ominous music, and maybe increase the probability of a "Hunger Night" every time it doesn't happen. So in early spring, there may be a base 5% chance of the world proccing this night event. Every night it doesn't happen, increase the probability by 40% (7%, 10%, etc) until it does happen, and then reset. The base probability would increase with time by season, until maybe in winter you'd want it every night and the nights to last longer (that part of the system seems fine).
  7. Alliances will always be a thing, even if there's no official support for them. Much of what you ask is undecided or up in the air. People want to win, and zerging is a good way to do that - zerging is boring as hell, even for the people doing it, most of the time, but the desire to win often trumps our desire for fun. Ultimately it's the devs responsibility to disincentivize zerging as much as they see fit. In my mind, a few of the ways to do this are to make whatever "campaign reward" is decided upon actually desirable, but also not scale with player count (so a victorious clan of 100 players will receive, proportionally, much more than a winning clan of 1000) and also, perhaps counterintuitively, have no hard-coded distribution mechanism (for the winner's lion's share of whatever the reward actually is) beyond "Give Winning Guild Reward". Let me explain. People will ally up bigtime, but I think the unit of achieving victory should always be a Guild, not an Alliance. If an alliance wins a campaign, it should be the responsibility of the dominant guild of that alliance to distribute whatever exactly the spoils of winning end up being in this game to their allies and vassals. The distrust, mismanagement, and reluctance to give away whatever campaign rewards end up being will create useful friction that will discourage some amount of zerg behaviour. The negative of course is that the lack of a programmed third party to distribute rewards fairly can be countered by merging into a single mega zerg guild instead. However, in my experience, such things work out much better in theory than in practice, and such guilds are super unstable and even more prone to total collapse.
  8. The glossy, embossed circular "skill buttons" seem more out of place to me every time the rest of the skill UI gets updated. There seems to be an attempt at colour coding going on like there is with abilities, but I'm not sure it's necessary to colour code on a skills screen that will be studied at length rather than giving information at a glance like an ability bar. I have no idea what I would do instead of the buttons, to be fair. As to the meat of the update, seems fine to me, keep it up, etc. Though durenthal's critique is worth thinking about.
  9. There's an elegant way to do this: making it harder to aim via projectiles. If you're really far away, it's going to be really hard to hit stuff, therefore you will do much less dps. If you're close, it's going to be much easier, so you do more effective dps. This is how the game worked until they decided to give up on anything but raycasts. The solution is to rethink ranged combat, and give players options. The current aiming style for bows could be transitioned to crossbows or rifles - range limited to a much more reasonable number, but an easy to use, consistent option that requires you to be closer to danger. Bows could be a more specialist option with an arc and projectile speed that's modified by the range attribute or a changed one, so it becomes easier to hit the more of this stat you have due to the projectile being faster moving. Elemental arrowheads could also come back into the mix, lowering damage, but a small AOE explosion that makes it easier to hit from longer ranges. There are tons of ways to approach this and they're all better than an 85m long hitscan cone the width of a fort The same principle could be applied to other ranged classes by just giving them a couple different LMB options, and different abilities with different aiming styles. Short range high dps raycasts VS long range projectiles.
  10. Wow, I've always privately thought to myself that if Crowfall implemented Darkfall style rez/gank, they would have to have the Crow fly out of the body when they get killed for the animation as it's just so perfect for this game. And there it is! You can even loot downed players, which is low-key an amazing player retention tool. There are so many times in DF where, if I'd had the option, I would have downed someone, checked their inventory, looted a couple choice items and then rezzed them. AND you've got the head collection. AND it's a doober. Thanks for doing this literally the exact way I've hoped for. You guys rock. Most of the time. Still a bit salty about the state of aiming... This almost makes up for it. 11/10, all expectations exceeded, positive feedback given
  11. Gotta have buy orders eventually too. Oft neglected, but just as important.
  12. I don't have a problem with this at all as long as it's somewhat possible to target the disciplines you're looking for by farming certain mobs. I disagree. While the majority of mob dropped stuff should be part of the crafting game, I think it's totally ok for there to be certain things that drop in full. Only dropping "ingredients" risks making PVE very unattractive to non crafters - it's extremely hard to get the "ooo, loot!" feeling out of getting materials that are only going to turn into something you can use after being hauled back to your clan crafters, processed 2 times, and then finally become usable gear. I'm not denigrating that, by the way - it's neccessary to give the crafter types a place, I'm just noting that while the crafter might like it, it isn't very exciting for the looter, it's rather a chore, actually. There has to be a way for non crafters to be able to get excited about loot drops as well, or loot drops and PVE aren't working right - especially since the majority of players will likely be non crafters. I would welcome any counterarguments on this issue as I appear to be in the minority.
  13. Quite sure I've fought Obs in every released version of Darkfall (EU,NA,UW,ROA) over the past 9 years. The fact that I won't be able to repeat the pleasure in New Dawn, and eventually Crowfall is a real blow. Can't help but feel a strong kinship with a man who's shared my niche interests in video games over such a long period of time, even if we never spoke past a quick "gf" or a trade. I spent about a combined half hour yesterday and today watching various DF footage from his channel for a nostalgia trip. Liked this one the best. A once in a lifetime shot at the end for most. I didn't know Obs except very superficially, so I won't say he was a perfect man who never did anything wrong and all the usual nice stuff since I don't really know. But I definitely know he didn't deserve to die and wish he was still here to play games. RIP Obs, Lord of Death
  14. I'm unsure if gathering is too slow or not, or death penalties are too harsh or not... But let me explain what's happening here. It's very likely that gathering is too slow and death penalties too harsh for a test nobody gives a crap about. The point of things like gathering times and death penalties is that they make you care about what's going on and become invested. No significant death penalty = I don't care if I die. But in a test environment, you already don't care at all about what's going on so the death penalty seems particularly egregious. Here are a few important things to keep in mind on this topic: 1. The game is really unfinished. Factories aren't even in yet, and while I don't understand the use or context of a factory when there's no way to mass harvest materials so that gear can be mass produced, I have to trust that what is basically the SWG crafting team has got this one. 2. There's close to zero trade between players on the test realm and no economy. In the live game, if you don't want to gather, you should be able to kill things for stuff, and then sell that stuff and buy crafted goods or raw materials, hopefully all through a structure that can be built in holdings or something. On launch there will be people out there who will gather their asses off, all the time, forever. Don't forget the legions of chinese and russian farmers either. Furthermore, powerful groups of players will want to sell off their crappy gear that's way too bad for them to even consider wearing, which should help to establish a baseline of gear that the average guy can afford. This will be accelerated even more on full loot Dregs realms. In Darkfall my bank would regularly become full - be rendered nonfunctional - because of the sheer quantity of gear I was hauling in from my nightly murders. 3. As I alluded to in my opening statement, the tedium of harvesting may be equal on test to launch, but the critical difference is that the result of that harvesting, the payoff (getting gear, killing people, taking fortresses, and ultimately winning campaigns) is infinitely more meaningful in the shipped game. On the test realm it's all laggy, buggy nonsense which is why I and the vast majority of people interested in Crowfall rarely bother playing, if ever. Guilds will also work hard to gear up their members so they can actually put up a decent fight, you know, when the game is actually out and people care about that sort of thing. TL;DR Test =/= Live. Don't overcorrect due to lack of meaning in test.
  15. You guys are heroes for putting up with 10 fps gameplay in order to help test. Thank you!
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