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  1. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    "Tighter hitboxes" doesn't really do the issue justice. Imagine you're playing Mario Odyssey, you jump to the next platform, but you miss the platform by 3-4 entire "Marios" worth of jump distance. The game then places you on the platform you were jumping at anyway, and continues along exactly as normal. In a second instance, you're jumping to a platform again and you're going to land, but there's another platform drifting to your left that's slightly closer to Mario's body. Mid-jump, your character snaps onto that platform instead. Would I play that platformer for longer than five minutes? No. Would I play a game that ostensibly requires you to aim, but it's just a pretense, for longer than five minutes? No. Helix's sentiment is one I agree with. I would rather an honest tab target game than a dishonest crosshair. But I'd rather even more that CF respect the crosshair and not throw it away. That said, I think ACE will fix this. I've lost faith in them several times and so far they've always proved me wrong in the end, and changed directions to match our expectations, so this time I'm going to update on prior evidence and say yeah, they'll get it eventually. And as Tinnis has so helpfully recorded, the Ranger knew how to actually shoot arrows once upon a time. If the vast majority of ranged attacks absolutely have to be raycasts for technical reasons beyond our ken, so be it, and reduce the size of the raycasts significantly. But if this is simply a lark design choice, having 10 different flavours of cone of cold with reskins for various ranged attacks is bloody awful, for the record.
  2. Feedback: The raycasts for ranged attacks are abysmal. The crosshair may as well be decorative, and worse, totally deceptive when it comes to most ranged abilities and LMBs. I don't know if this is intentional or what, but every potential Crowfall player I know would run away screaming as soon as I showed them how wide you can be with an arrow shot (for example) and still hit a target. There's nothing wrong with having the classes and roles in your game be diverse in terms of skill: It's okay for some things to be hard to hit with as long as there are still easier roles for bad players. This is partly why Overwatch is so popular. The customization in Crowfall is so in depth that there could conceivably be entire sub roles within classes that players with poor aim could spec so that they could still play the class and tailor it to their poor hand eye coordination. Instead, I shoot a bow and it casts "cone of cold" in front of me and hits the closest dude. The sum effect is legitimately the second least satisfying ranged combat I have ever experienced.
  3. Lol, the accompanying video was so good. I'm guessing it was meant to be informative rather than comedic but the tone of your voice when you realized you were still shooting off arrows for more damage than your green bow with no bow equipped at the end was perfect
  4. Every time I watch a video of projectiles behaving like this it makes me want to forget I backed this game
  5. Wow, it looks great Billy/Lars. Launch ready!
  6. The entire foundation of Crowfall is the campaign system which will accomplish exactly that: let people rebound. Do we really need even more catchup mechanics within our giant catchup mechanic? It seems excessive until proven otherwise. There will always be people who quit when they experience a real loss, maybe even most people, but that's the price of having wins that feel meaningful. The whole point of campaigns is to give the people who quit when they lost a fresh try. As long as the win conditions are structured in such a way that the winners are allowed to win and don't have to sit around in purgatory for months before claiming a hollow victory over zero enemy players remanining, the campaign will end and quickly on to the next, no? The goal is to move "Play 2 Crush" from crush them out of the game, to crush them out of the campaign.
  7. The spirit bank has until now always been referred to as a stop-gap, and "all the development hours" on it were things that needed to be taken care of for banking and export/import, period, to exist - not spirit banks in particular. We've always known import/export would exist - it's just always been described as being far more limited than the spirit bank. A special location, only at certain times during the campaign, etc. I have no problem with export/import, I have significant problems with instantly being able to throw items safely out of the risk of the world I'm in and the general ease of importing/exporting that the spirit bank use-anywhere implies. It's a far less interesting mechanic than embargo and the limited import/export we've expected up until now. If importing is too plentiful, it will violate the point of fresh start campaigns. If exporting is too easy, it will violate risk/reward. Being able to access the spirit bank anytime, anywhere during a campaign is so incredibly far away from the Embargo system as it was described that we should absolutely be raising our eyebrows at this. This is the main issue, not catchup import increases for losers - the finer points of that issue are debatable separately, as it can exist without spirit banks. As to the other topic: As for giving the "losers" the ability to import more matériel into the campaign and the "slippery slope" argument from Sirlin, I have to criticize it for its incompleteness. Writing a blurb about slippery slope & gaming and not mentioning Counter Strike is borderline sacrilegious. In Counter Strike, the winner of a particular round receives more money than the losers, so in the next round the losers have to try to win with crappier weapons or make sure to loot good weapons from their foes and run away and hide. The winners are rewarded for winning, the losers are punished for losing, and yet it's still totally possible for them to win that next round with their less powerful weapons, or to salvage enough out of the round to come back and win the next one. Such is good game design. I also believe this example is much more relevant to Crowfall, than say, Puzzle fighter and Chess 2 which Sirlin of course created (It enjoys a whopping 51 mixed reviews on Steam.) It may well be that letting losers import more is a good idea in the future, but implementing it before a single real campaign is ever fought is a mistake. New alliances, new strategies, hit and run, psy ops, - there are so many things that people can try to take advantage of to come back in a war that aren't just raw resources. It's an interesting dial to have available to turn, no doubt, but don't start turning it until it's been demonstrated that it's needed. Crowfall is NOT an RTS game, it just isn't that simple. MMOs aren't that simple.
  8. Spirit banks should have no place in the final version of this game. It seems self evident that they massively compromise the entire risk/reward premise. I will charitably assume that the description of spirit banks was included in this writeup merely for completeness' sake and not because they will remain a feature.
  9. Catchup as Currency

    POST STREAM NOTE: I wrote this a couple days before the announcement about the skills livestream, I held off on posting as soon as I read that they'd be talking about catchup to see if they already had a better system anyway. I do think Todd's is probably better, but I'm not certain so I figure'd I'd post. It ended up being very similar to my own thoughts, The main differences being that mine respects the maximum possible training time since launch, and that my skill progression currency is generated through active gameplay rather than passively (I figured we already have a passive system and the game could use a companion "active" system) but I'm sure it creates other problems. Obviously the second VIP train complicates my idea, but I can already see how it would be adapted for the second train. Unedited below this point. The only exception is that there used to be a long section arguing for the necessity of some sort of catchup mechanic, period, at launch - but that seems redundant now. Imagine a player who started right at launch, and made especially sure to start training the exact millisecond the servers came up - this player really needs every possible advantage he can get! Let's call him Gordon. So Gordon is the 1.00 Crowfall player. He was the first person to start skill training, and he will never miss a single second of potential training time. Noone can ever have more skill training than perfect 1.00 Gordon. So this "100%" marker is the global maximum that can never be passed, it keeps ticking on at the same rate of skill training forever. Now if someone slips significantly in their skill training, or they're just a brand new player, they aspire to reach this global maximum and become even with the launch boys and girls in character power/options - which they can do using "Kronos Orbs". Kronos orbs are an inventory object that are only generated in campaigns. Once banked, they can be consumed to fill skill pips instantly. They are subject to the import/export rules, loot rules, and they scale with worldband risk (more in riskier worlds) They are tradable, and I expect they would be adopted as the standard currency of the game. Obviously all skill pips are not created equal - the ones at the beginning of the tree are far easier to train than at the end, so the amount of orbs required would scale precisely as training time does currently. It's useful to think of the orbs as representing consumable units of time - hence why I named them Kronos orbs for the purpose of this example. They would be awarded for various activites in campaigns, and would be split evenly amongst the number of participants. They could be split into three tiers: Blue orbs are earned from any basic activity - harvesting, killing mobs, and if it's worth the time designing in a relatively unexploitable way - killing enemy players. They can only advance your skills until you reach 50% of the global maximum. Purple orbs are earned from completing campaign objectives like capturing forts and POIs, and other things on this level. They can be used to advance your skills to 75% of the global maximum. Golden orbs are only ever rewarded for winning campaigns, and they are the only way to increase your global maximum skill progression from 75% to 100%. The intention is that players will be able to climb to being 50% as strong as the maximum progressed player in perhaps a month, with the 75% goal being more medium term, and pushing to 100% proper being a long term, perfectionist sort of goal. Of course, players wouldn't have to perform any of these activites specifically - I imagine the main way people will interact with the catchup mechanism is veterans who are already maxed buying goods or services from people who aren't maxed for orbs. In one stroke, we have a valid catchup mechanism, a universal currency that will always maintain value as long as players old and new want to catch up on skills, and a great reward for winning campaigns that can be easily divided among the winners. Of course, all rewards would be static values that are then proportionally delivered to the winners, to discourage zerg behaviour. Could also be adapted in the long term into a respec system, whereby dumping a massive amount of currency allows you to respec your skill tree on a very long timer, perhaps once a year. Orbs are useless to maxed players except as currency to trade to others, or to use in case of missing their skill training.
  10. Interesting! I was just about to make a post about how important a proper catchup mechanic is at launch and that "Future Todd and Blair" better get on that. Seems like they were one step ahead of me as is usual for time travellers. Wonder if it'll be at all similar to my own thoughts.
  11. What, this is the jankiest aiming I have ever seen in my life. Take whatever this is and do the exact opposite of it. Are all true projectiles really gone out of the game? I haven't played in quite a while. If that's true, it is absolutely terrible. It's a massive limitation to what can be done with ranged combat if every single instance of it is hitscan... You're missing out on 50% of what 's possible.
  12. Yeah. They expanded the scope of disciplines and somebody asked them "So what are promotions now?" and the response was basically "We have no idea anymore." So I think whatever this reveal is, it has to do with that in some way.
  13. Throwing my hat in with Vectious' theory. It sounds reasonable - I'm not sure if the base classes will be exactly fighter, mage, cleric or whatever. When they've been discussing the discipline system, they've said they're working on "hundreds of powers". At this point there is way more of the game in disciplines than there are in archetypes... So it goes like: Pick a race, basic power choices in some form - > Massive discipline layer to customize your character - > Archetypes are now promotions to finally top off your specialized character and are race locked. How that all would work with crows & vessels is a mystery to me though. Also, I'm suspicious that Vectious' theory may not actually be that likely, and I just really like it so I want it to be true.
  14. That comment seems a lot less insightful when over a third of the people flocking to your side of the issue are you
  15. I'm open to the idea of 3 simultaneous general training (I'm against it still, but I could possibly be convinced eventually) but not as a VIP benefit. It's too big of a change to be VIP and would make F2P truly second class citizens in a way they aren't right now. Triple train VIP Only = You can harvest the mats, craft them up into gear for yourself, and then hit the next person maximally hard. Whereas a new F2P player has to choose between combat viability and any interaction with the economy at all. That's messed up. It may as well be a subscription game. Yes it's still kind of messed up even the way it is right now, because the rich and the better prepared are just going to use crafting alts anyway. But I think your solution has even more negatives than there are right now. I'd much rather see a deepening/reimagining of what the general combat skill tree even is, which everyone (F2P/VIP) gets a training slot in. So it would be 1 skill training in combat (deepened tree) 1 training in general (encompassing all harvesting/crafting/exploration) and 1/3 trainings in archetypes depending on VIP. As for the problem of making VIP more attractive, that has to be tackled from other areas. So I don't really have a way to vote. I guess I'll vote no. Tarkbot25 reporting for duty! PS that was a really lame thing to do Tark. PS see you in RoA blazzen