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  1. 100% this. The two best PVP games I've played (Guild Wars 1 and Darkfall) both featured minimal (GW1) or zero (DFO) hard CC. Excessive hard CC isn't really fun to be hit by or hit people with. In CF it seems like they implemented the WoW/traditional MMO model of insane CC bloat, realized it stopped being fun 10 years ago, and then slapped retaliation on top and called it a day.
  2. This wouldn't work either, people would just trade with the one player who can bank and collect stuff later. The correct answer is that "Summon Bank" shouldn't be in the game.
  3. I think this statement is wrong, at least as far as DFO is concerned. While having less people in DFO doesn't automatically mean you are better, it was the norm. It actually was not the case that the casual/large clans had as many good players as the smaller clans; it was common for them to have maybe one or two players maximum as good as the top elitist clans - and they would often leave and go join the smaller elitist clans instead, eventually. Having a bunch of excellent players and poorly made socksties in the same clan was a highly unstable environment in DFO especially as having eve
  4. I wrote a post about this last year that I think is somewhat relevant
  5. I think even better would be to only make a news post when there's actually something interesting to be said without committing to a weekly schedule, or any specific timeframe really. I've completely tuned out all CF news for a long time now. I'm sure there were a couple interesting things buried in there that I ended up missing in the slew of garbage, but the period as a whole has converted me to a mindset of "I'm just going to stop paying attention to this game and I assume they'll send me an email when it's done." I don't recall what chain of mindless clicking led me to see this post and lo
  6. The factions gametype is going to fail. I'm fairly confident that it can be iterated into a decent mode, it's halfway there already - but that isn't going to be good enough. I believe most of the other modes or worldbands proposed in the kickstarter save Dregs have been abandoned or indefinitely delayed, and that's good, because that was a poorly thought out idea. To this day, there was never a clear definition of what "the shadow" was or how it was any different, in practice, than "the dregs", and that was merely the worst offender among many insubstantial ideas. So the way I've come to
  7. 1. Has anyone on the team played the MMO "Darkfall Online", which was a spiritual successor to Shadowbane by a Greek indie dev released in 2009, and what are your thoughts on it and its short life and failings? If you are unaware of it, It's been revived semi-unsuccessfully several times by fans, and may be worth having someone try it out to learn what you can from it (both good and bad), as it was also a free-aim PVP conquest sandboxish game. 2. Are you aware of the degree to which the WoW rogue class has been copied into Crowfall? see: https://malekai.org/powers/inconceiva
  8. Wowesque stealth mechanics seem to either dominate an entire pvp system or are completely worthless, with pretty much nothing in between. Once all the anti-stealth mechanics are finished it will probably flip the switch to worthless, which I'm fine with
  9. Whoever's done the most work on optimization should print this post out and frame it
  10. I like the line of Krakken's thinking about expanding the Crow functionality. Traveling faster directionally towards the body is an idea I like a lot, some kind of "flap" or other flavourful speedboost (perhaps doubling as a height increase) also seems like a winner. It's a shame I can't read any of the (I imagine) interesting discussions that happen in the partner forum. It seems more than a little ridiculous at this point considering the tiny size of the playerbase. I wonder if the people with that entitlement wouldn't almost unanimously agree that it's counterproductive to gatekeep discussi
  11. I think the problem with this system is that the frequency and rapidity of change makes a very cool event quickly lose all novelty and become boring. I would suggest a slight tweak on the system: To make "Hunger Night" seem much more special, rather than the mobs/hunger shards/other night effects occuring literally every ingame night, make it a probability tied to the seasonal progression and tied to some kind of easily visible celestial anomaly, ala Zelda: BOTW blood moon (Image), coupled with some special ominous music, and maybe increase the probability of a "Hunger Night" every time i
  12. Alliances will always be a thing, even if there's no official support for them. Much of what you ask is undecided or up in the air. People want to win, and zerging is a good way to do that - zerging is boring as hell, even for the people doing it, most of the time, but the desire to win often trumps our desire for fun. Ultimately it's the devs responsibility to disincentivize zerging as much as they see fit. In my mind, a few of the ways to do this are to make whatever "campaign reward" is decided upon actually desirable, but also not scale with player count (so a victorious clan of 100 p
  13. The glossy, embossed circular "skill buttons" seem more out of place to me every time the rest of the skill UI gets updated. There seems to be an attempt at colour coding going on like there is with abilities, but I'm not sure it's necessary to colour code on a skills screen that will be studied at length rather than giving information at a glance like an ability bar. I have no idea what I would do instead of the buttons, to be fair. As to the meat of the update, seems fine to me, keep it up, etc. Though durenthal's critique is worth thinking about.
  14. There's an elegant way to do this: making it harder to aim via projectiles. If you're really far away, it's going to be really hard to hit stuff, therefore you will do much less dps. If you're close, it's going to be much easier, so you do more effective dps. This is how the game worked until they decided to give up on anything but raycasts. The solution is to rethink ranged combat, and give players options. The current aiming style for bows could be transitioned to crossbows or rifles - range limited to a much more reasonable number, but an easy to use, consistent option that requ
  15. Wow, I've always privately thought to myself that if Crowfall implemented Darkfall style rez/gank, they would have to have the Crow fly out of the body when they get killed for the animation as it's just so perfect for this game. And there it is! You can even loot downed players, which is low-key an amazing player retention tool. There are so many times in DF where, if I'd had the option, I would have downed someone, checked their inventory, looted a couple choice items and then rezzed them. AND you've got the head collection. AND it's a doober. Thanks for doing this literally t
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