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  1. Anyone have a date when we can start testing and checking out our EK homes? Really looking forward to the Castles and Citadels.
  2. Jah, Thank you for a very clear answer. I suspect not upgrading cosmetics as VIP should be worth around $15 per month.
  3. I have an EB 2015 Sapphire. What should I do to maximize before pledges expire? I believe it comes with nearly 6 years of VIP.
  4. I have no idea. Is 115 Store Credits worth more than the Stronghold? Should I convert? Thanks
  5. What are the chances of implementing a full time test server? This would allow us to log on and test the latest build and provide feedback. The server could be strictly PVE and allow us to test out skills, movement, and other features of the game. The PVE only server would encourage participation and maintain interest during the PVP server testing. If not now, when?
  6. This Kickstarter title is progressing along very nicely and closing in on a mid Summer release. There is PVP but not a focus so Shroud blends nicely with a PVP focused title such as Crowfall. Shroud is developing into a sandbox MMO with incredible depth and a very mature community. Check it out.
  7. Not talking crap. If this game shapes up and my real guild comes, you will have to pay me dues to leave your little rabbit hole. If my real guild doesn't come, I'll still find one good enough to eat kiddies like you for breakfast. Now go find a carrot, I have a play test to run in 15 minutes.
  8. Sweet, my first stalker. Get in line fellow zinnies, I'll be hungry to eat the lot of you, watching you cry as you spew nonsense to your last breath. Scrub guild lead by the silly rabbit zinnie.
  9. Ahh Crowfall! You are quite the tease, making me wait so long, but in the end you definitely delivered the goods. Thanks for the Link!
  10. Zinnie, First I must commend you, the name Zinnie really evokes fear in your enemies. Zinnie the rabbit, most feared in all of Crowfall. Why must you tease me in my time of desperation?
  11. I received the email below two days ago. Currently 11am CST Monday morning. Still no download link. Oh Crowfall, now I need to go play with myself and relieve the built up tension from your tease... Time to boot up Steam. "Congratulations! You are in our second group of Alpha 1 testers for the Crowfall Pre-Alpha Combat Testing! Monday morning we'll send you an orientation email for our tests that will run Monday from noon-2pm CDT and 5-7 PM CDT. You will also received your initial client/patcher download via dropbox We appreciate your help in testing Crowfall so we can gather your feedback during the development process! We also appreciate you backing the Crowfall vision, we could not build this without your support! Welcome to the Hunger Dome! Thanks! Todd & Gordon Co-Founders ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc."
  12. Where do you find the backer number? Think I am around 400
  13. Problems In other games with necros, which I played frequently, has been their dmg is usually overtime or pet based. In PVE those skills are valuable in PVP usually burst damage wins and players simply avoid pets. Hell yes if necro done right, but not yet seen a good necro in PVP.
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