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  1. What if planting cotton and sheering sheep is only possible in CWs - not EKs?
  2. New World are Crucible are currently $0 to preorder. Not sure if mistake or what. Breakaway is Alpha signup via Twitch account.
  3. Add to the VIP App - Guild Tools Suite: Management of assets in both the guilds EKs and CWs in which the guild is participating. Guild management functions for leader/officers. Guild member can make requests for asset/npc access. Guild events calendar and events management. Guild member functions like signing up for events (if that's an option). Guild chat participation.
  4. Two ideas for the VIP Mobile App and VIP features available through the Crowfall website. Multiple accounts -- multiple Eternal Kingdoms to manage -- may encourage multiple VIP subs. 1. Manage your Eternal Kingdom via the app. Merchant item pricing NPCs Permissions Bans Rulesets Vassals Taxes Upgrades Chat channel participation 2. Create, join and participate in chat channels in the Eternal Kingdoms and Campaign Worlds in which you have Avatars.
  5. We can hope if this happens there will be a flexible enough system that the stats and crafting recipes can be changed. It does seem we will be relying entirely on alloys to keep low end resources relevant.
  6. You said in the article "...if multiple people all start harvesting from a resource node, they will deplete the health of the node much quicker than if they were doing it alone! " I wonder if it would be worth considering Group Harvesting Beacons active only while the group harvesting is occurring encourages highest skills to decrease total time draws attention to harvesting activity discourages harvesting bots/alts
  7. Scouts were also able to "hide" members of their group. More scout stuff is still here: http://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php/Scout
  8. It was fun watching the stream and learning more about the personalities of the team. Continual split screen was fine in 4 quadrants.
  9. Check out how EVE works. It is similar to that, but not exactly. EVE: Character: Skills, Ships, Modules. Crowfall: Account/Crow: Skills, Vessels, Discipline runes.
  10. It would be nice to be able to resize the modules and set the chat font size. Please let us save different layouts for different archetypes.
  11. I think these are 2 good places to start. Private chat channels that the owner can moderate seems like they would be useful to everyone. And we already know we will have access to some type of 'spawners'. If we can expand the amount of control we have over these with options of pathing and text scripting we could be very creative in how we use them. Non RPers may even fashion there own custom MOBAs with a few archer towers and spawners.
  12. I imagine an EK as a good place for guilds and groups to practice attack and defense and other strategies before trying them for real in the CWs. --One EK with only Large Keeps placed. Maybe 2 Large Keeps to increase the population cap. If you were already using your EK as a merchant/crafting hub with player housing, it may not be appropriate for scrimmaging and testing strategies. So EKs set up specifically for testing / training with a couple of Large Keeps and/or Castles may be useful.
  13. Do we know if EKs are 400 cells: 20x20 -- or 625 cells: 25x25? https://crowfall.com/en/faq/eternal-kingdoms/#3 Each SUPERCELL is 5 cells by 5 cells. Each KINGDOM can be up to 5 supercells by 5 supercells.
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