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  1. Hey, they added some shinys for their stretch goals now. Seems we got our point across a bit.
  2. Actually, shinies do impact gameplay, yet in a community sense.
  3. We didn't really need to know about all your finances. Also, your throwing the rest of the money you have into a kickstarter, and not saving it up? Sorry if I got a bit into your private life there.
  4. Of course. Everyone loves exclusives. They make you feel special, since not many people would have them.
  5. I'm just staying with the 34$ early bird for now, since I can always upgrade it later. Better to hold onto the deals .
  6. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -9.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.74 Defiantly not exactly who I am, for there is not real definition in "yes" and "no" and no neutral button
  7. Yet, reputation is still a big thing. If the people that do the kickstarter are people that have made(or helped maked) successful games in their lifetime, people will be a lot more willing to fund for that then, say, a game that a few people that have not had any true prior experience. Also, thanks for not being like most people on the internet, who say their point is the best and that what you think is true sucks, but don't give any evidence.
  8. -One guild is supposed to be Protecting certain city's, while the other guild is supposed to siege them. -There are multiple points across the world. Once one Guild captures all the points, or the guild with the most points win if the time runs out. Just throwing out ideas.
  9. I do agree with you that the rewards and the stretch goals aren't that great, and that they should defiantly add something else to make it more worthwhile. Yet, as a response to this, you do know that the whole thing about kickstarter is backing projects that are interesting and yet risky? To see if, an idea you find intriguing, will actually work?
  10. True. People always try to find a way to exploit mechanics to their advantage.
  11. I completely agree with you about cooldown's there. Mana and Stamina also, in a way, add a bit more strategy in the game, letting the players decide how they wish to time there moves, while, at the same time, making sure you don't go overboard and cant do anything else. While for me, cooldown moves seem to be, from what I've seen, used right when there available.
  12. I can't believe myself. I actually pressed post : () Yah, I know, this is really stupid.
  13. I agree with you on that. If this was implemented with an easy way to find and get what you want, I will be totally for it.
  14. Everyone, I saw something horrible happen. I saw a Crow Fall.
  15. I feel that there should not have magic teleportation in the game. Since your choices count in this game, zooming straight back to the battlefield makes them not matter, because they don't need to worry about what they do as much.
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