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  1. This is what I will definitely be doing. "Dwarven crafts! Fine Dwarven crafts! Direct from Orzammar!"
  2. I don't know. With the implementation of an advanced crafting system, I would think it would lean more towards a partial loot system. I believe a gear degredation system is far more likely to be the main cause of equipment to fall out of circulation.
  3. Yup, they've already talked about this and have an equipment decay system in mind. Also, if you take a look at the screenshot they released for the crafting UI, there is a tab right next to crafting that says "Salvage". Don't worry, on this point at least, the devs have the issue well in hand.
  4. There's a game called Dragon Nest that implements multiple modes of PvP. It's a traditional action MMORPG with very fast, non-targeted combat. They recently implemented a new MOBA mode of PvP with your existing characters. A smaller game existing inside a larger system. I don't think they'll do that sort of thing here. However, OP theorized a siege mechanic where during a siege, both sides of the siege could send a team to do a MOBA style fight and whoever won would gain some sort of advantage for their side of the siege. Depending on the nature and length of sieges, that may be a viable
  5. With everything that has been revealed so far as well as the sparce hints we've gotten through text posts, there is no way that the main gameplay mechanic of Crowfall will be the MOBA style. Is it possible that it could show up as a minigame or a small mechanic in some grander system? Yeah, sure, why not? There's no harm in that. But there is a 0% chance that this game will be a MOBA.
  6. I saw the image and immediately thought that it was a hierarchy of deities. Perhaps players will be able to choose their allegiance and gain bonuses off of the aspects of whatever deity they choose? I don't believe it would be factions since the number of them is rather large for that particular game system.
  7. I don't have the link to the dev post, but they have stated that it is not a tablet game due to UI complexity and processor capability. (IE: Tablet isn't strong enough to run it and there are apparently a lot of UI elements.)
  8. Hunger and warmth stuck out to me as well. @Eldreth: I believe the reason most people see hunger as a "eat some food" mechanic is because it is tied to the character. If it was a siege/fortress/city related mechanic, I do not think it would be one of the character-specific stats. That being said, that sort of system is entirely plausible with NPC's in a fortress and whatnot. The only information we have now is just this character creation screenshot. One thing I'm super excited for? There seems to be a LOT of archetype choices! Can't wait to see them further explored!
  9. In regards to PK'ing and the desire for permadeath, what about death timers? If you die/are killed, there could be a set amount of time that has to pass before you can login again. Anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour seems like a good chunk of time that would turn the tide in pvp battles, but not prevent people from playing on their days off. There could even be rare items that mitigate the death timer, or a player's resurrect skill perhaps. This would allow for death to have a real consequence without turning away the people who are not super hardcore. Thoughts?
  10. I think pets would be an interesting addition to the game if they were done as part of a "Tamer skill". Just like any other skill, the more you use it, the better things you can do with it. In this case, the more use you get out of your tamed pet or the more difficult mobs you could tame with it.
  11. Item Shop Recettear is a fantastic game.

  12. I think we can all agree that we, as players, want to impact the world's story on a meaningful level. A lot of games choose a faction system for that purpose so that npc's respond to you differently and new things are available for purchase as you make choices within the storyline. Maybe you decided to side with the assassins in a particular story event and the victim faction finds out and bars you from their territory? An extreme measure for sure, but perhaps it will inspire an idea in someone.
  13. You assume that the game's time would run in a 1:1 ratio to real time. Most games that run a day/night cycle make it so that several days pass in the time that a single, real day passes. There is only one game that I know of that actually has time-restricted NPC tasks and such, and that is Mabinogi. 36 minutes of real time is how long a full day is in that game. Even if it took an hour or two hours in this game for a full day cycle, it still should not negatively impact players in different time zones. As for day/night features such as monsters being stronger/more aggressive and npc's
  14. In regards to the OP's original post I agree. It's as I said in another thread, all paths that a player can take should be rewarding. And for those paths to be rewarding, checks and balances must be put into place. (IE: A safety net for crafters/gatherers against pvp, places for pk'ers to trade/repair/bank outside of protected zones, ETC)
  15. The more customization options that are available = The more unique each player's character will feel. If you're aiming for players to really invest in their characters, an in-depth character customization system is a must.
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