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  1. Weather or not we have confirmation of a delay isnt important. It was silly to think an MMO would get built that quickly to begin with. The launch is going to be delayed at least by the same amount as 2.0 was delayed; I don't see how that time can be made back I agree to this 100%. But following your bout with courant was hard. Please quote the person you are talking to
  2. That is a little similar to guns of Icarus. If you want to see a good naval combat game, play that( I know it is actually airships, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a naval combat game)
  3. That would probably be better for a different game entirely. A lot of people fall into the trap of wanting multiple types of games in one game that then influence the whole. It is very expensive to do this, and one of the sub-genres always will shine through the others, adding a sense of waste to the entire rest of the game.
  4. Think of it this way. Even if they could make it, the game would become segmented horribly. The navel combat is so different from the rest of the game that it will either be better then the base game, in which case the community will become horribly segmented, or if it is worse, large amounts of development time and money will be wasted.(Also, I can very confidently say that making naval combat is MASSIVLY expensive. It would require the creation of very large amounts of new assets, an entire new section of the map generator, a massive internal balancing effort to make sure it is actually fun,
  5. There have been MANY requests for naval combat, you are not the first. The conclusion to every one of these threads is "it would be neat but it is just not viable given the cost"
  6. 1. Just because ideas are presented does mean they are included, they still must reasonably blend in to the overall vision of the game 2. the question of "why wouldn't there be" could also apply to why wouldn't the game be an analogy for the oppressive nature of bourgeoisie during the French revolution 3. Just because leveling and bosses are a common feature in games does mean that they will benefit every videogame.
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