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  1. It took many weeks, but after much hard work and dedication, SPMC infiltration efforts have yielded results. Now I share these results with you! I present: the top secret Obsidian Stealth Training video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFG6Oz64_9U
  2. I'd love in-game proximity voice chat (though I believe party voice chat is a waste since most groups will use Teamspeak/Discord). Also, out-of-game text chat sounds fantastic!
  3. I love these, but where is Jtodd part 2? You left us hanging!
  4. Your argument is nearly identical to VN's, so I'll just refer you to the above ^^
  5. I'm playing as the legionnaire, and attacking causes me to teleport wildly.
  6. After I log in and press "launch", I just get a black screen. Other people that I'm trying to play with also get this problem.
  7. I don't buy that it prevent's bots/macros. I doubt it would be considerably harder to use them with a push-to-harvest system. Even if it did help prevent bots/macros, it is, to me, at least, poor design to punish/hinder an entire player-base just to prevent a few exploiters (Especially when there are other ways to stop the kind of exploits in question)
  8. That's a good compromise. My issue is if hold-to-harvest is the only option.
  9. It seems, to me at least, an unnecessary annoyance to have to hold a button to harvest. It’s an obnoxious strain on your finger, distracting, and gives nearly no benefit that I can see. The most common counter argument I’ve heard against making harvesting a toggle is that a hold-to-harvest system makes it easy to stop harvesting and switch to combat-mode. However, turning off the toggle does the same exact thing, and doesn’t strain anyone’s fingers. Do people here agree? Disagree? Are there any benefits to a hold-to-harvest system that I’m missing?
  10. Thanks for hosting the competition. I had a lot fun writing my entry!
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