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  1. It took many weeks, but after much hard work and dedication, SPMC infiltration efforts have yielded results. Now I share these results with you! I present: the top secret Obsidian Stealth Training video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFG6Oz64_9U
  2. I'd love in-game proximity voice chat (though I believe party voice chat is a waste since most groups will use Teamspeak/Discord). Also, out-of-game text chat sounds fantastic!
  3. I love these, but where is Jtodd part 2? You left us hanging!
  4. Your argument is nearly identical to VN's, so I'll just refer you to the above ^^
  5. I don't buy that it prevent's bots/macros. I doubt it would be considerably harder to use them with a push-to-harvest system. Even if it did help prevent bots/macros, it is, to me, at least, poor design to punish/hinder an entire player-base just to prevent a few exploiters (Especially when there are other ways to stop the kind of exploits in question)
  6. That's a good compromise. My issue is if hold-to-harvest is the only option.
  7. It seems, to me at least, an unnecessary annoyance to have to hold a button to harvest. It’s an obnoxious strain on your finger, distracting, and gives nearly no benefit that I can see. The most common counter argument I’ve heard against making harvesting a toggle is that a hold-to-harvest system makes it easy to stop harvesting and switch to combat-mode. However, turning off the toggle does the same exact thing, and doesn’t strain anyone’s fingers. Do people here agree? Disagree? Are there any benefits to a hold-to-harvest system that I’m missing?
  8. Thanks for hosting the competition. I had a lot fun writing my entry!
  9. The dimensions aren't right. Did you crop it first? If so, it would be awesome if you'd share! (Others will want it as well.)
  10. I'm surprised how much stealth the rat-faced bastard has. This is going to make a lot of people happy.
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