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  1. If the game is good it wouldn't have to go F2P :P. A lot of MMOs that had to go f2p was because they were not good enough to retain their player base :P.
  2. You are subtracting the amount you paid during the kickstarter off that upgrading price right?
  3. They will show us stuff when it's ready.
  4. I don't think that the majority of the people care much about maintaining their own Eternal Kingdoms. If you look at guilds in other games, how many people are willing to be the lead the guild and take on that much responsibilities? Usually there are only a few, and I think that it would be the same for EKs. I am not going to worry about maintaining my own and just join a big EK .
  5. I am not sure, but I believe that they did specify during the kickstarter campaign that we would get the best prices for pledging early. And the pricing you listed doesn't seem to be right considering that people paid 1000s of $ for some of those buildings already. In any case I am not sure about the pricing, but I wouldn't know how some people will feel if these deals were better than kickstarter ones were.
  6. Looks good. Thanks web team .
  7. Ya, I got my sapphire email as well .
  8. I am sure everyone will get their keys by the end of this week. I m still waiting for mine as well
  9. I think it's kind of pointless, since the game is B2P. People can just watch streams and decide if it is the game for them and buy it based on that. F2P causes too much problems and also limiting stuff for the f2p players will cause negative feedback to the game.
  10. It takes sometime for kickstarter to send them the user information, which usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks.
  11. I went from $30 EB Contributor to $150 EB Gold to $210 EB Amber to $425 EB Sapphire .
  12. Santa you are pretty hilarious, lol. You seem to have a lot of issues with this game. First the early bird Paypal stuff not be available and now this. The strange thing is didn't you mention in that Paypal forum post that you have been following this game for a very long time? Even after following it for that long, you still did not understand what the game was supposed to be? I am pretty confused .
  13. Congratulations! See you when Alpha 1 starts
  14. Congratulations! Crowfall and ACE
  15. I think the only problem might be that the free mount figurines might be just a Kickstarter thing only, so meeting the $1.3 million might be worth it .
  16. Ya, there is no point to open up more Early backer slots, since the Kickstarter goal has already been met. As for the stretch goals, don't worry about them too much, the stretch goals will continue way after the Kickstarter ends. They are going to combine the Kickstarter and Paypal crowd funds towards stretch goals and Paypal crowed funding will continue towards other stretch goals after Kickstarter ends.
  17. I call player control economy, forming alliances, invading player controlled castles, etc are rpg elements and having massive amounts of people makes it a MMORPG . Just because a game does not have quest does not mean it's not a rpg.
  18. Umm, you should try to use your Visa on the Kickstarter page that might work, otherwise you might need to contract their customer support.
  19. Try a different browser. Also make sure your ad popup blockers are off if you have any of them on.
  20. Honestly Santa, you are being rude to ArtCraft. It is not their fault that your credit card doesn't work. There are also alternative ways you could pay on kickstarter (prepaid credit cards, etc) which you don't even want to do. And then you talk about favoritism when you yourself asked them to just give you more benefits than the rest of us, which is kind of ironic. Anyway, bye
  21. The thing is if you guys are planning on getting the Amber and not able to get an early bird one before the Kickstarter ends, you guys should just go for the $250 one before it ends. I believe that they said that things are going to cost more after the kickstarter or the deals were not going to be good as it or something like that.
  22. On this paypal payments website it says 13th March 2015, which is tomorrow, but I am not 100% sure if they are going to go with that date or not.
  23. Ya, if you wait I am sure you will be able to grab one. I went from the $30 to $150 gold to $215 Amber just from watching for spots on Kickstarter. I am probably not going to upgrade to Sapphire though, I just can't justify spending that much money on a game . Good luck to you OP
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