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  1. With all the hype about vessel customization and rarity we will need a way to easily identify the more valuable equipped bodies. -A possible solution: Scale up player body size by equipped vessel rarity For example, a body from a Warlord's mausoleum in the Dregs would be head and shoulders taller (10-15% scaled up?) than a corpse from a mass grave in God's Reach This^ could also reduce the Art-departments workload to an extra line of script on all equable items.
  2. If they do allow thralls to be used as vendors as has been mentioned there will definitely be a reason for something like this to be implemented. But, as Crowfall is still a work in progress, we just don't know.
  3. This all sounds very promising. I've been planing to start as a tanky gatherer but will probably still pay up to half a haul to a DPS dedicated bodyguard. - I won't go looking for combat but won't avoid a chance to "scavenge" ether.
  4. My primary will probably be a tanky collector/supplier but I will definitely be spending more time playing with the merchandise than bashing heads.
  5. There are already over 3300 Alpha testers alone. All Alpha testers have 3 or more additional character slots as part of there pledge reward. Your demanding that a person pledging $30 be given the same reward as someone pledging over $250. There is no need for accelerated training. There will be more than enough time between Alpha1 and release to see plenty of maxed characters at the official game launch. -Just look at every other early access MMO released in the past 5 years.
  6. It's certainly something I'd like to see. A similar post you may find interesting is Cosmetics for Ek?
  7. As long as these unicorns are blood-thirsty, Hunger-corrupted, wild beasts I'm all for the idea. -You said it was a petition, where do I sign?
  8. Am hoping to see something like this implemented. If it is, we can expect to see community competitions for player designed content and limited time unique items appearing in-game long after Kickstarter. Also, adding requirements to craft said items will add a degree of pride and achievement to owning them. +Can't see enough of your face to form an opinion.
  9. Q1: No announcements yet. Q2: (From Kickstarter Q&A)
  10. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but when it comes to defenses we've used the same methods throughout history. Start with a basic wooden barricade or big ditch. If you plan on staying, gradually upgrade to masonry and if you want to make a statement build thicker walls. That said, we will likely see two very different types of Forts. While larger groups will pool their resources to construct castles there will be many smaller groups erecting small barricades as temporary shelters to be scavenged for resources or abandoned as the campaign progresses. -So the next question to ponder. Which is more likely to be attacked, the cave behind that fallen tree or the big stone wall?
  11. In one of the Q&A Videos it was mentioned that a Title would be given based of how many parcels of land in your personal kingdom. Currently the titles appear to be: Starting amount - No Title +5 - Knight/Lady +10 - Baron/Baroness +20 - Count/Countess +40 - Duke/Dutchess +80 - Archduke/Archdutchess +160 - King/Queen Like VIP Membership, "Land Parcels" will be something to be purchased.
  12. Have you tried the Kickstarter Creator Bio Page?
  13. Jekyll

    Male Assassins

    This is not another "Rouse the Mob" about gender-locking. I think there is another important possibility that is being overlooked! Although the first Assassins we are told of is a female cult this doesn't exclude the possibility that there is another group, (or groups), doing, (and likely competing for), the same tasks. Having two groups of assassins could open the game up to further possibilities. >A bonus/penalty for interaction? Preferences for different groups of gods? Perhaps you have further ideas on the topic. . .
  14. A Furry that likely has innate crafting or gathering buffs? Yes, Please! But will probably turn my first furball into the worlds smallest tank just to see how far I can bend game mechanics, (and a few laughs at an attackers expense). "Coming Soon - The Adventures of Angry Gerbils!"
  15. Well this looks like an interesting group. In the hope that most of you will still be active at Crowfalls eventual early access release, I'll put my name in here as a N.Z. based player eager to learn how to play a new game with a friendly group.
  16. Another likely possibility is that they are an item restricted to your Eternal-Kingdom. -Again, just speculation.
  17. Jekyll


    I hope you're not too shocked by the possibility of a Christmas release for Crowfall. Back on topic, I'm curently enjoying: Warframe - A FTP Space-Ninja themed shooter. Heroes of the Storm - (Currently buy-in Beta) Blizzard Studios version of League of Legends Minecraft
  18. Haven't played ether, but the first MMOs I ever spent time with were Diablo2 and Runescape (Original). Currently it's Warframe, Heroes of the Storm and a Minecraft community.
  19. An official interview discussing the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJqQWWWwP0 >Skip to 4:30 for solo play. (Basically, solo play possible but player interaction essential).
  20. Archetypes Page: http://crowfall.com/#/archetypegrid With the promise of a wide verity of customization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJqQWWWwP0 >Druid, Confessor and Frostweaver are all magic based. Unless I've missed something "Wizards" are already in development. (Also, this is a public forum. Arguing over irrelevant ideas and squabbling like children is what we do here ).
  21. You may find this clip helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJqQWWWwP0 ^The Devs spend the first 5 minutes discussing the subject.
  22. Unfortunately, until we are given more information about the roll of the gods, everything on the subject is speculation. I have been searching the Q&As for anything about if a chosen god is account-locked, character-locked or have any meaning beyond factions but so far have found only sigils and lore. (>If anyone knows of a dev answer I may have overlooked please leave a link).
  23. You can apply, but don't expect an answer. Crowfall kickstarter contact page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/creator_bio Understand that paying for early-access is where games like this get most of their funding and pays for the servers & services you will be using at launch. However, the current gaming trend is to have several days of open-beta shortly before the store release so keep watching the forums for details. Hope this^ helps.
  24. Devs have already talked about this subject: ^This is why I signed up.
  25. Made a similar post & was directed here, so a simple solution you've yet to discuss: Please give us the ability to adjust the arrangement of items deposited into our safe box, then take X% of these items based on placement. (Left to right, row by row, top to bottom). (^Will avoid the angry mob ranting about RNG).
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