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  1. Leet once camped some startup guild on mourning , they owned a small city north of UDI . He camped those poor bastards solo , chain killing anyone who logged in with his fury for a full week throughout NA prime time . With a few addition camping session from myself during EU times . After days of rage and threats from there GL ... they finally accepted he could beat there whole poorly made socksty guild by himself . 7 days later Leet was given the city and asked to please leave them alone .
  2. My jam tart couldn't take banes , i had to be dragged to mines .
  3. We played MB as Social Deviance for like 1 month and spent a few week or so kicking the piss out of you all around the southern swap zones while defending LOTD's mines in EU times , with 5 SD and some random custardnubs from nation .Not really note worthy apart from the fact that I know your poorly made socks . MB's whole poulation was pretty bad , I spent a month before I went for heart surgury freaking out trying to get anyone outside of our 5 players just to hit a godamn target , something i realy didnt need =) . Maybe this is why bardiel assumes none knew how to use weapon powers on live servers , because he and the rest of the MB population really didn't know ? .
  4. Darkfall kicked bottom ... Adventurine were/are dumb .
  5. I find the talk of SD in Sbemu laughable . SD got invites ... they were all used by DOA (AOA) , probably the worst bunch of SB players you can imagine . Seriously myself , slack , leet and lala once trashed a 2.5 grp DOA bane force with 3 nephlocks and a fury . Keep up the big talk though bieng able to beat DOA is a real achievment . Whats next ? . you once beat Villa in a duel ? GG mfer GG .
  6. I'm already organising a Suicide pact with the other SD members If there realy is a bane on the tree of life of our life .... we are porting in , in groups !.
  7. "A bane is on the tree of life ... of your life " Win !
  8. But we'll always have the Waterfall memories .
  9. Another op %+@!$#?&*^ that think's charecter progression is in someway tied to mmo enjoyment . SUCK A %+@!$#?&*^ .
  10. We rolled on Mourning for a few months after Vindication and Wrath , The guilds there at the time were shabby selfbane droping nubtards we got custard bored pretty quickly . The competition on Vindi / Wrath was much better imo , maybe because we all didn't know how to use weapon powers ? (HAHAHAH ... what dumb shmuck ! ) .
  11. You didn't figure weapon powers out until Thurin ?
  12. So you got good when everyone left year's before ? , at the death of live and on empty emu's ? . Impressive .
  13. It would have been fine , I just couldn't resist reporting your first post on the forums .
  14. BF3 was the sole reason I installed origin when that failed to live up to bc2 I lost interest ... when I looked back at the game again after a few months EA wanted a bunch of DLC cash and I totally zoned out of the yearly cash grab . After that full price versions of the SIMS and EA sports titles were of no interest .
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