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  1. Hello all, So I bought a couple of copies for my friends to play and both of them are getting and Entitlement Missing error, they have not heard back from support yet. Have any of you guys ran into this issue? Thanks! -GilgameshMa
  2. Praetorian Guard Gaming Community www.praetorianguardgaming.org We are looking for all play styles to join our community for Crowfall. Who we are: Rich gaming history: Planetside 2, Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade, Star Citizen, World of Warcraft Long Standing Community: Started back in 2006 Friendly Players: Fun to play with community members. What are we looking for: Soldiers: Dedicated players for offense and defense. Industrialist: Dedicated players to help keep our guild armed and fed. Architects: Dedicated players to build our fortresses and villages. Jack of all Trades: Casual players interested in all fields. Links: Website Forums
  3. Hey all we are not dead it's just hard to get on while I am in deployment. So ifbyou are interested visit our site and apply.
  4. 60+ people registered on our new forums for Crowfall. We also recently started a guild in ESO if anyone is interested.
  5. We are now recruiting both combat and industrial focused players.
  6. PG is recruiting check us out here.
  7. We have now put a age requirement to join the guild, it will be 16. Any prior member that is younger than 16 is safe.
  8. 20 active members so far and about another 30 waiting for more info to come out about the game before hopping onto the guild.
  9. Recruitment is going good. Come join us for good times and good laughs.
  10. Just show how hyped I am for this and how much dedication I am willing to put into this game.
  11. Ruby Patron, im crazy haha
  12. Hello fellow community members, Nice to be here and hyped for the game. I come as the representative for the Praetorain Guard gaming community. We will be forming a guild for the game. (Forum Post) Enough about that something about me. I've been playing MMOs for a long time now some including Planetside 2, WoW, EvE Online, Wildstar, and in the future StarCitizen and Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade. My current profession is that I am a Sailor for the USN, Electronics Technician being my rate. Thats about it. Hope to meet new friends here. -GilgameshMa
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