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  1. I posted this in the Crafting thread, but just in case it's an actual Bug: I made an Elken and gave him the Leatherworker Discipline. He had zero Pips in the Leatherworker passive, and 5 points in the Necromancy Passive. However, as you can see in the screenshot for Assembly, Necromancy is 5 points ahead of Leatherworking. That means when I get the 5 Pips in Leatherworking they will be even. I should be getting 7 points in Leatherworking from having the Discipline slotted, plus whatever the Elken bonus is... and it's not showing up.
  2. I just put a point into the Leatherworking passive and it raised the skill one point. Which means, at the same 5 Points in Leatherworking that I have in Necromancy they will be even. Thus, either Elken or the Leatherworking Discipline isn't adding anything to Leatherworking like it should be.
  3. Moved to the Bugs forum, just in case it's an actual Bug.
  4. There's no Race or Class which gives a bonus to Alchemy Assembly, but it says that Dex can raise it. However, Dex doesn't seem to have anywhere near the effect on it that Int (for example) affects Experimentation and its points. Is this an error, or am I just missing something? I even tried making an Assassin combo for a lot of extra Dex, and my Alchemy is still low as hell.
  5. Are EKs failing to load for anyone else right now?
  6. If you move UP from Pell Training -> Minor Discipline, you cannot then choose Chivalry even though it's directly above (and connected) to the Minor Discipline. My suggestion is to allow this for new build ideas since we can go UP from Pell Training to the Minor Discipline.
  7. This is the point I was going to make as well. I expect crafters to make Armor, Weapons, Potions, etc. These all fall under the category of "Gear". But when it comes to progressing my actual character, I want full control over that. I love the concept of Necromancy, but I feel it should be for a "Pet Class" like Vanguard tried to do back in the day. With equipment breaking down, and no option to Repair in the game, I think crafters will be plenty busy without having Necromancy as a Craft. Hell, add in Mount Breeding and they'll have even more options. But again... if it has to do with mak
  8. Two BIG things make me hesitant to assume we're getting a Release by the end of next year: 1. The performance issues are horrendous. I just came to the game, so I can't tell you how much it has to do with the most recent patch (6.1). I can say that if it weren't for being with a good Guild, hearing about the upcoming Class changes, and them inviting the Unity Folks in to help, I'd be gone. Which brings us to the second thing. 2. Complete Class overhaul. They're basically revamping the entire Class system, and adding minor (hopefully) tweaks to the Passive System. The game is at least
  9. The EK came back up, but even trying to get back in with the same character gives me the same error. Grr..
  10. Someone closed their EK while I was shopping, and now every one of my characters are unable to login. It's treating them all like they're locked into a Campaign. Do we have a fix for this? I've tried rebooting, but it didn't work.
  11. That means "Campaign" server Live, yea? God's Reach doesn't count?
  12. Does the Friend Referral Code not work anymore?
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