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  1. The idea is to form a league of mystical treasure hunters, like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft! We'll be putting our artifacts and relics into huge museum in the Eternal Kingdoms. I fully expect to charge into a battle over some ancient monument, shouting, "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!"
  2. I'm a Gold Patron. If someone at Amber level or higher joins the guild, we'll go ahead and use their Eternal Kingdom as our HQ (if they want us to!) They can even lead the guild if they want. I'm hoping to found this guild, but I don't necessarily need to be its leader... And I'm open to changing the name. If enough people join, we can put it to a vote.
  3. As for the name, you're not wrong. But that's the whole point. I wanted to go for originality. I just feel there are too many guilds with names like "Knights of This" or "Guardians of That" or "The Blah-blah of shadow and doom and death and all that." That's fine and all, but I wanted a name that would stand out. So what is our focus? Not sure just yet, but here's what I had in mind: Treasure Hunters/Master Builders. I want to seek out every artifact and relic, and gather them all in the biggest, most extraordinary Eternal Kingdom we can possibly make! If that means campaigning, we go adventuring! If that means trading, we trade! If that means PvP, we go to war! I want to build the greatest museum in Crowfall, and become the envy of all other guilds! ...you know, if that sounds good to you.
  4. Good evening little darlings! I'm looking to take soundings for interest in a guild designed primarily for those of us on the west coast of the US and Canada, ie: GMT-8. I realize many people are committed to guilds already, but if YOU aren't, and you happen to like this idea, give us a shout below! Go ahead and pitch ideas of your own, if you'd like to contribute. Maybe you'd like to design a logo? If you have any questions, fire away! If this guild gets off the ground, it will be called "The Sunset Ocean." The reason should be obvious.
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