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  1. Honestly, I'm hoping they move on production abit sooner. They were doing Battle Royal before Fortnite and PubG. I think they missed their chance for a soft lauch of the Battleroyal version while they keep working on the full game. :/
  2. Blackfire1

    Reticle Aim

    Agreed. I suggested this back a couple months ago. Not to mention it's hard to aim AOE ground targets at max distance. Just move the reticle up a bit and all problems are fixed.
  3. Does buying the APP/using the web portal give me a stat modifier? No. Does it effect my character and make them better then other who do not use the APP/WebPortal? No. Does it let me do something that everyone else can do anyways but lets me do it slightly different? Yes. I do not think that word means what you think it means.
  4. My all time favorite MMO was UO. Guild of Friends Great Lakes server Cerca 1998-2001. Space MMO would have to be EVE online. FPSMMO is Planetside franchise.
  5. I'm going to bump this since we had a huge influx of players the last few months. Not to mention my guild has had some new blood ourselfs come in. Hopefully it's of use. Enjoy.
  6. Growing up I've found I really don't like MMo's any more. Mostly because I still miss typing in your spells in games like Darkness falls and such. I figured out the reason I loved those old game so much is that it made me put forth effort. I loved Everquest 2's Crafting system for this very reason. Player input made a difference in the quality of stuff made. However it wasn't so stressful that crafting was a chore. I hope they do something more like this. However DAOC's crafting system was complex as hell and mixing and matching parts of an item gave you new items. This would also
  7. I've only seen one "class" that ever touched on the idea of using minions like CoV did with the Mastermind. That was DAOC's Bonedancer, a Midgard pet class. I loved playing both of them.
  8. Your comparing the Samsung Gear to premium VR is like comparing a Hyundai to Shelby. Sure they both get the job done and one is a bit cheaper. However quality is not where similar.
  9. DAOC was the perfect example of bad CC and no hard counter. Because of this games physics intent. I can see CC being very very creative. If you hit me hard enough to stun me. There is a good chance I'm probably knocked away too. I can only hope this is something that's possible.
  10. For as long as I live it will be in constant evolution.
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