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  1. in all passive skills and crafting and levels. If only 1 to 2 years, then what is the point of playing it like an rpg. It is just a fps.
  2. How long do the developers want it to take to max out passive skills? Are they aiming for only 1 year of premium play time to finish passive training on a subscribers character or is the plan to make it a very long time like in Eve Online? I am a loyal RPG player, and if this game turns too arcade for me, I might not play it. So my main question: How do I invest in my character's growth past 1 year of gameplaying if one year is all it takes to max out character development skills?
  3. which is what I want. A 20 year time to max out the tree. But I heard they didn't want to make it more than 1 year long. So just saying what I would like them to do this in my post.
  4. I am disappointed with how short of a time it takes to master all skills in passive learning on the crows. Eve online takes 20 years to max out all learning, and here in Crowfall it only takes 1 year. How much skilling a character needs to max out makes me feel as if I have something to be proud of. With the shortness of mastering everything the Crowfall MMO turns sorta into a first person shooter. What I would like in Crowfall instead would be this: I want 20 years of passive learning in the Crows, and every time someone goes into a vessel they either choose skills which they can use to import into their Crow to either speed up a Crows passive learning, or import the vessel's skill into a secondary layer of skills which come from campaigns which represent the hard work that went into the campaign. Without this, it feels like substandard immersion in my characters (crow/vessel) investment possibility and like a big fight fest which is more action oriented than a rpg style. Basically, you didn't give us enough to invest in our characters. hope it changes.
  5. If you keep God in your heart it poses a problem having a multitude of dietys. Let me tell you of a word from the bible. Why was Egypt punished so badly for enslaving the Jews? Because when joseph went down to Egypt he proved to the Egyptian leadership that there .was a true God. But they didn't offer this God a place among their idols. They covered it up. Therefore why can't we offer the real God a place among the idols here?
  6. I just want one monotheistic God that doesn't acknowledge the other gods. The game might swing to full idolatry but keep it real enough for believers and non believers please/
  7. If your going to put gods into the game, at least put the real God in among the others. How could you tell which one it is you might ask? Try this description. "Hashem translates as the name. The name of God in his oneness that is more simple than anything in life is known to the other Gods as the most capababal who uses judgment with mercy to rule over his underlings.
  8. I noticed how houses would b e in the EK but I wondered how the victory rewards from campaigns can help a player in EK. I think it would be a great idea that after each campaign a reward should be given such as a gem that provides a buff. Take this gem and put it in the winners house in EK and wherever the character goes, he has this buff on him. Can also collect many. Thought this would be a fun mechanic.
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