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  1. Talents: Ankle Shot needs a buff/change. Either make it daze already slowed targets or add stamina drain, or block dodging for a second. If the penetration changes go through Faerie Fire may need to just give something else. A baked in Spirit Whip like Duelist would be easy. But a stacking Bow Charge Speed buff so long as you go past 2/3rds on your previous shot could be nice. Right now the meta is just tap tap charge for the quiver effect. Abilities: Taking Sweep should allow you to swap your ranged tray dodge to Disengage (Skipping the Sweep Part) Flare Arrow should apply the burn to anyone who walks into it. (Area Denial) Suppression Shot should linger with a smoke cloud effect suppressing anyone in it. (Area Denial). Majors: Dead Eye: knockback is super inconsistent. Deadly Infector: Allow Envenom in Range Tray. Poison Dart shouldn't be only a stealth ability. Minors: Finish Him: I can't find a way to test if this works with Slashing Quivers. So clarity from devs would help. Toxic Trap: Move to Plague Domain. Splitting the trap minors will force specialization and prevent warden from having too much utility in one trap. Faerie Trap: Move to Nature Domain. Serrated Trap: Move to Dark Domain, give it something other than bleed like a slow when the trap stun is removed. Explosive Trap: Replace Burn with AoE of trap once it is triggered. Critical Dodge: Replaces Toxic Trap as a Ranger Default Minor. Careless Whisper: Give multiple stacks for charged attacks. If you charge for 50% you should get 2 stacks, and 100% could also give 3. It would ensure that there is a option other than tap tap charge. Overall: Remove Zoom and have the ability to move crosshair cause I can't see anything on Mino Archer.
  2. Default = 15m range, 20m Ranged Distance Cap = 35m Total Range (You need 20m Range Distance to reach cap) Elken = +5 Range Distance Cap. Compound Bow = +7m Ranged Distance Cap, ~20m Bonus. Archer = 21m Ranged Distance Cap, 31 Ranged Distance So non-elken are 35+21+7= 63m total with Compound. Elken are 35+21+7+5=65m (IT CAPS AT 65m) So 3 of the Cap bonus for elken is wasted. Elken can go Spellbound and get 35+21+5=61M with 15% bow charge speed.
  3. Music disciples (Minstrel, Entertainer, Troubadour, Guardian Rhythms, Song of Speed, Minor Accomplishment, Dirge of Dissonance, Lament of Sadness) need to have their statistic for upgrading them changed from Song Duration to an actual stat. Song duration should come from a Power that can be found similar to Song Twisting/Reprise, it could come on a minor or on a major. The song duration could be replaced with: Minstrel: 3 Anti-Crit Entertainer: 5 Crit DMG or 2 Crit. Troubadour: 5 Song DMG Guardian Rhythms: 50AP or 100 All Resist. Song of Speed: 2% In Combat Speed Minor Accomplishment: 2% Crit Dirge of Dissonance: 5 Song DMG. Lament of Sadness: 100 All Resist. *NEW* Magnum Opus (Minor): "Song Duration Increased by 3 for 5 seconds, stacking 4 times. Playing a song at max stacks refreshing all stacks." with a 2% Crit Chance. *NEW* Prodigy (Major): (Verse of Victory, Song Twisting, Stage Presence) Stage Presence: "Your Songs now affect up to 10 allies regardless of group. Your Song now hit an additional 5 enemies.) 500 Health, 300 Elemental Resists. Pure Bard specs get a huge lose of stats that reduce their max potential, and people who run some of these buffs have no reason to upgrade because all they get is song duration. In addition the only means of getting song damage (as far as I know) is Minor Accomplishment and it still leaves 10% Song DMG to reach cap. In addition to this there is a problem with the role of a dedicated Bard. Since you only give buffs to your party, you can't justify going dedicated Bard because at most you only affect 5 people. Adding a Minor or another Major that allows your Buffs to extend to nearest 10 allies regardless of group would mean that having 1 person as a dedicated Bard would be a huge boon to a comp. Lastly change Song of Replenishment to a healing Aura that is affected by healing power and support power. Only use right now is Song Twist.
  4. The past three days of sieging has proven that the siege gameplay is just bad. And the problem is that the issue isn't a single issue, but multiple glaring defects that combine into a mess of a system. These issues being Zergs, Zones Caps, AoE Target Caps, and Objectives. 1. Zergs This one is easy, one zerg to rule them all. When a 500 man alliance has enough members to 2v1 a fight then there is zero counterplay. A 500 man alliance is just too much, it encourages a consolidation of groups that basically make the entire game just a escalation of zergs. 2. Zone Caps This will slightly be alleviated by hand shake sieges but the laughable caps proposed for keep sieges will still result in slideshows and a zerg centric strategy. Large Keeps being 50 defenders, 75 Attackers. Small Keeps being 30 Defenders, 45 Attackers. A 150 zone cap for a small keep is barely playable right now. A 250 Large Keep fight will be a slide show. 3. AoE Target Caps These caps dramatically favor what ever group has more people. Unrestricting the number of targets hit would mean that trying to push through AoE would result in actual deaths. Right now if you do a coordinated AoE, a force of greater numbers can just push through it knowing that the same person is rarely going to be hit with enough AoE damage to kill them through heals. With no cap, this tactic becomes a lot more dangerous. Even without removing the AoE cap, a increase to 20-30 people would at least help. 4. Objectives A problem with handshake sieges is there will be a common situation where informal NAPs/Sister Alliances will be formed to protect keeps by dropping warcamps that will just make other unable to drop. Handshake Sieging should be extended to Forts, and Forts should be the jump off point for attacking a keep in the zone. Fort fights should be a 30v30 and the jump off should be from dropped warcamps. Failure to succeed in a warcamp attack prevents you from attacking that fort for 3 days. Failure to succeed in a keep siege from that fort lowers your cap for defending that fort to 20 players for the next 3 days. Just some thoughts but the current system and even the proposed system seem detrimental to the life of siege.
  5. Honest didn't know it was a recent change, I was just curious what it did so I logged onto the test server to make one and noticed that stat. With that being a recent change I really do hope that they would also add a method to change so they can further add and balance additives without those that made them early missing out.
  6. So right now the crafting belt additives are very poorly implemented to where you basically need to ask someone what they do and hope to god they know what they are talking about. Right now there are 2: Helper Monkey and Risk Management. When I was leveling my Leg/Leg Leatherworker then Woodworker I was told that both do the same thing except Helper Monkey give a bonus to assembly so go Helper Monkey. What people didn't tell me was that Risk Management gives 5% reduced Dust cost for reroll and factory copies, bringing the total reduction to 30%. What people also don't tell you is that for almost all crafts except the final assembly (like the actually vessel/bow/armor) your success chance is almost always 98%. And even final crafts can be cheesed to 95+ without the belt modifier. I know that many people are in my shoes I propose that a recipe be added to the Specialty Tools tab where you upgrade belts. The ingredients being a belt with the additive and another coin. the result being switching the bonus. Alternatively with the same recipe as above add a 3rd coin that is 5-10k that will just alternate the coined belt to the same quality with the other coin. This doesn't address the fact that these coins need to have the stats they add to it like any other crafting component. Helper Monkey: +5 General Crafting Assembly, +5 Experiment Difficulty Reduction. Risk Management: +5 Additional Risk Difficulty, +5% Partial Re-roll Cost Modifier. Lastly separate "Partial Re-roll cost Modifier" into "Partial Re-roll cost modifier" and "Factory Copy Dust Cost Modifier" so that you understand that it does both.
  7. Finish Him minor not applying to Slashing Quiver damage probably. IDK if that damage is supposed to apply on spirit whip
  8. Different race vessels from what I have seen are relatively the same price, and implementing a race change via vesseling would not enable quickswapping because you would constantly have to pump out new vessels to switch to and a cooldown can just be added to prevent that. You still wouldnt get your old vessel back. The game is way more complicated and no where near understandable hours in. There is a reason why most new players bounce around level 30s testing stuff out.
  9. The problem that is arising is that people may like their class choice but once they understand its mechanics they want to change the race they chose. Since there is already of system of changing your Vessel. It would be nice that a perk of being 35 is that you can change your race by equipping a new vessel. It could have an account wide cooldown or some other limiting factor so that it isn't abused for gathering/crafting racials. It would allow the new player to make a more informed decision about their class/race choice without having to lose all the progress they have already made. IDK for the lore nerds out there im pretty sure the crow is the class and that the vessel is the race that we are just currently occupying, so lore wise we should be able to swap them out.
  10. I agree that the solutions I initially and then subsequently put forth do not directly address the issue of zergs. But my suggestions could be adapted in such a way that they could be. My original post had one of the main distinctions between a guild and an alliance is that Alliances can own Strongholds (The biggest possible structures) and that guilds can only hold up to keeps (Medium sized). Now should we also implement "home field advantage" system whereby the defenders gain buffs depending on how outnumbered they are, to the point where a team 20% in size of the enemies could be boosted up to 80% of their size will limit the advantage of the zerg enough to where they would have to involve teamwork and strategy to win. Their numbers would still provide an advantage but not provide a guaranteed win. Guilds could select advantages that aid in defending or besieging keeps to further aid in making up for a numbers disadvantage. guilds would have a member cap, alliances would have a guild cap, and the home field advantage would only apply to those within the alliance the keep belongs to. Also I firmly believe that there should be a good ingame tool for finding guilds and alliances that you would do well in. I know that EvE's is pretty good as you can sort corps by activity, timezone, casualness, i hope that the ingame group options provide another layer of gameplay depth but no some much so that out of a game tools are considered mandatory to maintain organization; i don't mean tools like voice comms, but programs or other such item that are needed to run a guild.
  11. Someone mentioned the issue of if someone wants to join an alliance, how would they know what guild within the alliance to join. This problem is dynamic. If the Alliance is well organized, and well functioning, then there will probably only be 3-4 specialized guilds while the other 6 or so will be specialized in nothing. And there could be problems arising from the confusion of joining a player group. I could say that the recruit would be directed to contact someone in the 6 guilds for a spot on their roster and if they want to transfer laterally to a specialized guild, they could. But while looking at the question I thought to myself what an alliance would truely be. An Alliance is not only groups combining to reach a common goal but individuals. My alternative suggestion is this. Allow for people to join Alliances directly, and they would be placed in a sort of guild that has no bonuses except a large default size, say 300. Then the Alliance Leader could create specialized guilds within his alliance that people can transfer into from the alliance group, or he can absorb independent guilds that have that specialization
  12. Zerging isn't some undefinable concept, zerging is winning by pure numbers; forsaking strategy, preparedness, and teamwork. Bringing 1000 to face 200, the 200 have next to no chance to win. Also so long as each account can only have 1 character logged in at a time, no need to restrict them based on character count, but it would bring up some issue I am sure. This is why I suggested having limited guild sizes, and guild specialization. Guilds would become a tool for like minded players to find each others, while at the alliance level they would be able to work toward a greater goal as a community.
  13. It is being designed as a Pure PvP game, i don't understand why someone would buy it and decide they didn't want to pvp
  14. Gear is usually the main scaling factor in a MMO once you reach max level. But it has been a while since gearing a character was anything more than find your top 2 stats and stack them. Vanilla/TBC WoW and SWG had some mechanics that I believe could add depth to the character creating experience. 1. WoW's early gearing system has a variety of stats, and a uniformed distribution of stats. Sometime you would get Attack Power, sometimes Agility, sometimes Hit, Sometime Crit, sometime Weapon Skill. Some Rogues wanted the slowest possible weapons, some wanted a high DPS weapon. Some trinkets had pure stats, some procs, some on-use effects. Items felt very unique. It seems that Crowfall has many stats, and that is a good thing but what will ruin it is if every piece of gear had the possibility of having the perfect set of stats. My suggestion here brings in the next lesson from SWG 2. SWG had a system where wearing gear granted protection at the cost of what was equivalent to Max Health/Mana. In essence the more protection the bigger the drawback. What I suggest is that armor have an inherent drawback. Plate Gear should grant the most armor but decrease move speed the more piece you have equipped. Leather Gear should grant the moderate protection but not limit move speed. Cloth should grant increased Movespeed at the cost of protection. With that in mind, I think that Protection Stats, and DPS stats like Weapon Damage should be attach to metal materials so the more metal an item takes, the more defensive it would be. Leather should have DPS stats like Crit and Attack speed. Cloth should have DPS stats like Magic Damage, Cast Speed, as well as Stamina regen. As bigger pieces require more materials each slot would be valued differently. Would require more metal and give more of a certain stat, but that plate chest could be combine with nonplate gear should they want more balanced stats.
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