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  1. Well we could wait for a few developments to discuss instead of crowding the forums and burying useful information with rethreads. Just because things get quiet doesn't mean the game is dead.
  2. I suppose I just have a feel from reading the forums what we don't want to see already and this thread seems to be servicing us rather that the devs who almost certainly have a whiteboard full of things that denote the direction they would like to go into the game tacked up with notes and negative/positive feedback. I've become something of a pessimist lately.
  3. I feel like this is a weird way to look at things from a development standpoint. Why make a list of things that you don't want when you can make a list of things you do want and work from there? It's a smaller list when you think about it, like when I go to Subway and they ask me what I want on my sandwich I don't start telling them the ingredients I don't want to stuff my face with.
  4. Imagine crossing waters in winter...
  5. I suggested something like this a while back in the suggestion forum, which is where I believe this belongs but still a good idea. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/4342-boats-and-waterworlds/
  6. That game is a gold farmers heaven. It really turned me off it as well. I think that like people said it will be easy to kill gold farmers, you might even be able to trap them by baiting them with a false sale and then abusing them. Not sure how that would work but it would be funny.
  7. So you're saying they should have some kind of test before the game comes out? Maybe we can source this to some of the player base, we could even name the tests after the Greek alphabet, the first test being A tests or "Alpha" and the second one being "Beta". I actually think you might be onto something here.
  8. Just to add SOMETHING new to this topic which is really tired at this point so I'm sure it's been said anyway. The players that bought bigger kingdoms and being able to build giant EKs right out of the gate is actually very necessary or every town you went to when the game is released would be pathetic and not worth visiting. Also not everyone is going to use their EK for that purpose, I'm personally going to go to mine, drop off some stuff then leaving. Really though we don't know what its going to look like or how it will function so keep your socks on until beta so you can try it for yourself.
  9. I check every so often to see if he's posted anything. One day...
  10. Sounds good man, get your post count up though so I can actually send you a message, Guests can't PM. I'll let you know the info, just send me or Ourfall a message when it's enabled.
  11. That's not a crit though that's just a combo or a larger hit skill...
  12. I suppose having a skill that gives you a chance to randomly do more damage would be a cool idea. Also locational damage doesn't have to be so hard if they make it based on your position(e.i. being behind someone is a crit, flanking 50% chance of a crit).
  13. Your right I did see that in a promo image but they have also said that they are going a different direction with combat than they were during the kickstarter in that Combat interview they did recently.
  14. It's wrong because he is going into the source where the developers can see him doing it. I mean at least go into the back alley to do your back alley deal. I think it's disrespectful.
  15. I suppose you meant Lion-O? But yeah it's Guts from berserk.
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