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  1. Why not on campaing as well? Since only a certain % of materials / Items will be exported to EK via embargo.
  2. If it´s like minecraft it will be hella fun, i supose that certain locations will be favored due to their natural defenses (Mountains / Rivers)
  3. I am more interested in knowing how will we build the castle stuff, via pre-designed blueprints or we have to create our own blueprints.
  4. I tried to read it all but it´s way 2 much, can you sumarize what he did, please?
  5. This is a neat idea indeed, also it could be done by creating a specific archtype for such job "Alchemist" additionaly the Elder Scrolls Crafting system (potions) is a good way to implemente this since the player must play with the componentes in order to figure the item outcome.
  6. What about a 35-30-35 setup or a 40-20-40 setup: -35% / 40% join order -30% / 20% join Balance -35% / 40% join chaos Limited by X amount of players depeding on which campaing was chosen or servers.
  7. Since Alpha is kinda a test-version of the game all the data will most likely be erased after being analyzed and collected.
  8. Could it be something like a Ifinitly repeating loop-hole (start-end-start-end) Where the world fundaments (rules) change but the inhabits don´t this way creating a paradox?
  9. What is the core of the Hunger? What is the Hunger made of? Is there realy no way to stop it? Destroy it´s core (if it has any)?
  10. Giant Hamster Paragon with Dual Axes? I´l join
  11. Black Desert has been on my radar for about 2 years. First of all if you buy in-game cash all you can buy are either more invetory slots, mounts cosmetics or boostes, no paw 2 win poorly made socks. . Secondly the game is 100% skill-based pvp with pve componentes. Thirdy the game has literal infinite levels meaning you can go past level 100 (if you even manage to reach it). Fourthy the game is 100% grinding for exp, you can reach level 50 within 2-3days but to reach lvl 51 and so on it takes you a whole hour of mob grinding to get 1% XP w/o boosters. Fifth all characters can equip literal ANY gear you want meaning you can equip a fking full heavy armor set on something like a wizard or a archer, the only restriction are the weapons. Lastly players can take over citys meaning you can control the whole map if you have a big enough guild to defend the citys and you get income from every tax made by the playes purchases on the city NPC´s. There are more features but this is a quick scope.
  12. And Buffer wizards, not like those that bow shiet up all way long, more like a suport wizard that buffs the team with elemental stuff /damage reduciton and so.
  13. Oi PT aqui quanto aos servidores, ainda nada está confirmado pelo que vi, apenas o NA está confirmado. E gostaria de me juntar também :v
  14. Can we all get a Phone app that beeps when our structures are under attack? This way i can make a excuse to don´t go to work gee gee.
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