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  1. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/10438-upcoming-tests-january-6th-and-7th-2016/ this thread has a link to the test server download
  2. Savvy

    Cannot Ping

    Aww wie schade. Dann warte ich wohl mal auf den naechsten
  3. Savvy

    Cannot Ping

    Ich habe gerade versucht auf den Test Server zu gehen, alles kein Problem, bis die Server Liste erscheint und da steht, cannot ping. Heisst das, dass auf meiner Seite was schief laeuft oder bei Crowfall ? Ich weiss nun gar nicht ob ich es weiter versuchen soll. Vielen Danke fuer alle Infos diesbezueglich. Savvy
  4. I was hoping to stumble over a topic that reiterates or brings up new ideas of what a guild is. Now i have read through 4 pages of "what wasnt really what i expected", but still got a good discussion going about what kinda guilds form and why. I have not had all this experience of 10-20 or more years in game playing. I have in the last 2 years entered the world of guilds in the game i am currently playing. From what i have learned there i can say i will most likely never be in one of the top guilds. The guilds that succeed are the most organized with the accumulation of the most high rated players. I have seen very small guilds with only fantastic players smash huge guilds. And i have seen small guilds trashed by huge guilds. Everyone will find their fit. For me, I want to belong somewhere, but i cannot make a decision before i even know who i am playing with. Now that i went all over the place with this answer, i really only wanted to say, the title for this topic is misleading, but still gets the conversation going at least.
  5. i find the solutions to have the first backers chose their names first not bad. i have no idea where i am in the list, but it doesnt matter, i am flexible with my names. i havent ever used the very same name in any game, even though they always built on each other
  6. Aww man ... you outdid us all --- world domination was at my fingertips and now this
  7. Savvy


    Ich muss ehrlich sagen, ich richte mich weniger danach woher die Leute in einer Gilde herkommen. Ich will dann doch eher, dass ich mich mit einem Grossteil gut verstehe und deshalb kann ich persoenlich das auch noch gar nicht sagen, wo ich lande. Sehe ich wohl eher dann wenn wir mit dem spielen anfangen.
  8. Ich bin wohl Alpha 2 - habe aber noch nie ein spiel in alpha oder beta begleitet. Von daher weiss ich auch gar nicht was so auf mich zukommt. Ich freu mich trotzdem drauf. Und danke fuer die Insights welche spiel/test -phasen wofuer sind
  9. If you all give me a minute of your time ^^ i dont speak from as much experience as most of you, but my idea while reading this thread resembles Nyts, so i quote him here. I like this very much, and i think it is a very good idea to try implementing this if at all possible. But i would take it further. Have a little icon somewhere on your screen that shows a body, and where you are taking damage on that body (maybe with a red hue) Depending on damage taken different classes would be affected differently. An archer with an injured arm would suffer from that injury and his aim would be off.So it would be great to take into account also where damage is taken and have that influence a toons ability to use his/her skills. If that is at all possible to program, i wouldnt know lol. yes wouldn't that be great i would welcome this. I would like to see that when i am a knight for example, with a very heavy sword that makes tons of damage, my arm(s) will tire up after a rather short time. Luckily i might have a lighter sword on me, that i can exchange it for and then be able to AOE on people and deal lighter damage but my arms can hold that sword for quite some time longer. Coffee ninja eehhh i mean Savvy
  10. Thank you Cheewy, I am still working on getting through all the introductions. But i think considering the time, I probably should get some sleep and work on it tomorrow again. I had so hoped to see some familiar faces, but as of now, I am still searching for them.
  11. Savvy


    oh i wish my location was Burger King NY ;P
  12. the stars were indeed shining brightly that night and they light was reflected on the single tear slowly climbing downward ... a tear of hope
  13. Hi Amarath Welcome to the forums.
  14. Hello everyone, I just heard about crowfall 2 or 3 days ago through some friends on facebook i used to play wizard101 with and immediately got hooked. I saw the video on Kickstarter, then went on and watched several of the interviews. By that time i had already pledged what i could possibly make my husband be ok with and i started looking for more information, which i came about mostly through the chat on kickstarter. My master plan was to read all introductions before i post my own, but i have been sitting here for a while. LOL Why was i thinking it cant possibly be more then 2 or 3 pages. I was hoping to find people i knew from previous games, but i realized quickly i dont possess nearly as much game experience as most of you all have under your belt. I have always played games, but standalone on my consoles or the computer. From Sim City to The Settlers via The Sims I was always very happy playing by myself. In 2009 i then saw a commercial for Wizard101 and waddayaknow, it looked awesome. I had always loved books about wizards and witches, dragons and knights,.... this game had it and i wanted it. So from 2009 to 2012 I actively played wizard101 (most often way too much) and loved every bit of it. I put money in it within the first 4 weeks, which i thought i would never do. After a while i had discovered PVP and it had become my most favorite part of the game. I enjoyed this for a good while, until the game started getting old. Additions to the game I felt werent always in best interest of PVP, and naturally since it was mostly a PVE game, that wouldnt change. So after long years and with a heavy heart, wanting the old times back, I left. I quickly found a new game to play. I had always played the settler games since the earliest times and happened to come across the settlers online. Loved it and played it for a good 2 years. Then it became very boring. Nothing new seemed to happen, PVP was promised but never made it in. ( i heard it did recently) So there i went on to new adventures .... And ended up on Wartune, which I currently play and was hard to pry away from till Crowfall showed up. Now i sit more on this forum than i actually spend time in game. I have my trust fully in J Todd Coleman, since with Wizard101 he brought me into online gaming which i loved since i first decided if i wanna be a boy or a girl. Thank you Mr. Coleman! Now I cant wait to see what this game will bring and i think i am so hyped up i may not need coffee .... wow this is longer than i had thought, sry for the novel ... See you all around Savvy (the coffee addict and self declared ninja)
  15. What a nice introduction you never thought you gonna post indeed. Welcome
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