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  1. The Citadel is still active and looking for recruits interested in playing NA. Swing by and say hello! The discord link is https://discord.gg/XHpxvT4 so drop by and chat and if you have any questions and we'll do our best to answer them.
  2. Welcome Cerus. You had me liking you with your introduction until the not liking onions part. I guess we can still get along... In seriousness though, good to have you and hope the time with this community is a pleasant one.
  3. I have been invited and agreed to join a guild. Thanks for interest from all that messaged me. Hello. I originally was around during the kickstarter and bought a package not too long after the kickstarter ended. Stopped paying attention for a long time and just thought about Crowfall again and decided to get in on it since pre-alpha is playable. My current living situation has the only option of internet being satellite internet, which comes with an inherent high latency. I constantly have a 650ish ms latency and it occasionally spikes into the thousands. That means I can't do combat effe
  4. Some friends and I were talking about music and how we don't really listen to a lot anymore and were reminiscing about when we used to buy and listen to whole albums. So we have decided to do a music album book club type of thing. One of the guys has a copy of the book "1001 albums to listen to before you die", so each week we are using a random number generator to select one from the book. Listen to it in its entirety over that week a couple of times and then discuss how we thought/felt about it over the weekend. Then rinse repeat. This first week we rolled 729 and that ended up being the Pan
  5. I started out with the Discworld MUD in 1995, then played Ultima Online upon launch for one year until Runescape launched and played it until they started to gate content behind a pay wall with the Members stuff. Did not actively play any games on PC from that point on until 2007 when I started playing WoW during the Burning Crusade expansion and have essentially played every "Big Name" MMO to have been released since then. Currently playing Guild Wars 2.
  6. I played the Discworld MUD actively from 1995 to 2001. My Dad encouraged me to play it and I essentially learned how to read by playing with his help and kept playing from there. I still go back to it and play for a few weeks each year, but I don't actively play. I also tried Aardwolf for about a month, but I just kept thinking "Why am I not playing the Discworld MUD instead?" and then did so.
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