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  1. Agreed. Have been able to play for about 45 minutes out of the 8 hours I have tried to play over the past two days, due to the loading screen issue.
  2. Welcome Cerus. You had me liking you with your introduction until the not liking onions part. I guess we can still get along... In seriousness though, good to have you and hope the time with this community is a pleasant one.
  3. I have been invited and agreed to join a guild. Thanks for interest from all that messaged me. Hello. I originally was around during the kickstarter and bought a package not too long after the kickstarter ended. Stopped paying attention for a long time and just thought about Crowfall again and decided to get in on it since pre-alpha is playable. My current living situation has the only option of internet being satellite internet, which comes with an inherent high latency. I constantly have a 650ish ms latency and it occasionally spikes into the thousands. That means I can't do combat effectively, which is fine cause I am interested in gathering and crafting almost entirely anyway. Also, my current job has varying hours, so while I can play the same general amount of time each day, the actual time frame will differ regularly. Region: NA Time Zone: UTC-5 a.k.a. EST Atmosphere : Social, no preferences on size or organization of guild Casual/Hardcore: As hardcore as both my time and internet limitations will allow, which will likely be considered casual by most people. Focus: Gathering and Crafting, particularly interested in alchemy, leatherworking, and cooking. Play-Style: Whatever allows me to gather and craft efficiently. I assume that means a quick moving character with escape options. Faction: Doesn't matter really. Whatever the guild wants to play that campaign. Lore wise I guess, Balance. I like Gaea and D'orion. Game Experience: I've played most MMOs, at least a little, since Ultima Online. Ones I spent the most on include Ultima Online, Runescape, Maplestory, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XIV. Have been competitive in numerous fighting games, card games, and strategy games over the years, winning competitions on the local, state, region, and one time on the world level. Voice-Chat services: Discord, don't mind using others if guild prefers. Early access availability : Current and onward. Bought the gold package in 2015.
  4. Some friends and I were talking about music and how we don't really listen to a lot anymore and were reminiscing about when we used to buy and listen to whole albums. So we have decided to do a music album book club type of thing. One of the guys has a copy of the book "1001 albums to listen to before you die", so each week we are using a random number generator to select one from the book. Listen to it in its entirety over that week a couple of times and then discuss how we thought/felt about it over the weekend. Then rinse repeat. This first week we rolled 729 and that ended up being the Pantera album Vulgar Display of Power.
  5. I am a bit skeptical about the system, but definitely willing to see it through. Anything that adds to the crafting part of the game is a positive in my book. I am part of the minority that is really not happy that this system essentially takes the impact of character choice and customization and minimizes its impact and importance. I understand that skill training will still be important and play a big part in what you are good at or not, but being able to just go find a minotaur corpse or use the one you brought with you instead of having one in your guild or quickly allying with one to join your group seems easy and lazy. Just have to wait and see how the system works out.
  6. We still know almost nothing that the archetypes will specifically be capable of as far as skills and combat is concerned, but based off purely the knowledge that Druid is a support class (whatever that ends up actually meaning in Crowfall) and it's appearance and snippet of lore we have so far it is my current archetype of choice.
  7. I have you to blame for no longer having free time. I had not heard about this game before you started this topic and decided to give it a try. I absolutely love super heroes, particularly Marvel, and I love isometric, beat 'em up, loot fest games. Those combined and almost all of my gaming time is being used with Marvel Heroes now. I picked Captain America as my starter character, used the 400 eternity splinters you get on day 2 to buy two random heroes and got Luke Cage and She-Hulk. Played each of them to about level 15 and still liked Cap the best, so will stick with him on my way to my first 60. But seriously, thanks for enlightening me on this games existence. It's some of the most fun I have had in awhile.
  8. Mimedestroyer


    There is a topic here where people have talked about and provided their IGNs for Smite already, if you have time to check it out.
  9. I am another one of those people that doesn't drink beer very often, but if I do I generally go for a Blue Moon or a Fat Tire. I much prefer hard ciders. Love me some Woodchuck Red.
  10. I saw the topic that Eonwe made this day It was a good topic That is why I liked the post Eonwe made
  11. I second this notion. Come join the Dota side!
  12. I definitely understand what you are saying and think they could come up with something better than VIP membership, but I without a doubt think they should change it from "game time." I don't know a single person that would see that and not think it means pay to play monthly subscription.
  13. Mimedestroyer

    Sports fans?

    I am personally very much looking forward to Pacquiao/Mayweather. I am only a casual American football fan, so I don't pay attention to the draft, but I do my best to catch ever Panthers game that happens during the season since that is the team I root for. I don't really watch any of the other sports you listed in the parentheses though. No particular plans for the weekend though. I got some pizza coupons in the mail today, so probably just have some pizza and some ciders. The other sports I like to watch are Tennis, which happens all year long aside from December, as well as professional wrestling, fencing, kendo, really most any martial art.
  14. Well he got it 50/50. He said Cervantes, as in Miguel de Cervantes the guy that wrote Don Quixote. Saying Hamlet was obviously a mistake when he meant Shakespeare though. That did make me chuckle a little.
  15. Mimedestroyer


    Link or explanation? I don't take part in this kind of debate, but I will totally admit that I tend to enjoy reading comments and discussion since both sides tend to break down into a miserable train wreck of name calling that is fun to watch.
  16. That is Noriaki Kakyoin from the anime/manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Specifically from the 3rd story arc, Stardust Crusaders. It is essentially the manliest anime/manga to have ever existed.
  17. I think he was/is a very informative and funny community member. He was super active and always there to answer a question in threads he participated in. I am also of the unpopular opinion that anybody marked as a moderator should completely and totally be posting as a representative of the game at all times, regardless of being a volunteer or not, and should take that into consideration with every post. I did find some of his posts to probably be seen as negative to some random newbie to the forums that is thinking about getting into the game and community and that is not a good thing for ACE. I also never reported him for anything, first because I am not a stinky nark unless there is a hardcore breach of CoC, and second because he made it clear when he was posting as a mod and as a player. By being a mod I really don't feel he should have had that freedom though. In my mind a Mod is there to moderate and nothing else. I definitely hope to see him back here soon and really get back into the community. He is a vital part of it. A pillar of it I would even go so far to say. I don't personally feel he should retain a moderator status though. That is my own opinion though. Also, on a purely personal point of view, I will totally admit I absolutely hate his posting style though. The rampant ellipses and lack of capitalization drives me bonkers.
  18. I just can't get into it, because of the lack of cards currently. I have played two CCGs and did not start them until they were already well underway. I started Magic the Gathering during the start of the Kamigawa block, which meant there were already 41 sets out before that. I started Legend of the Five Rings CCG during the start of the Samurai block, which meant there were already 50+ sets out before that. I am used to having tons and tons of cards to make decks with and have fun reading and learning about and I just can't get over what feels like a lack of cards in Hearthstone due to those experiences. I will probably check back in with the game in 2-3 years as long as it is still alive and give it another shot then.
  19. It is the name for the group of people that play games together that are users/posters on the Something Awful forums. Something Awful is a comedy website that has existed since 1999. The forums are known for being strict and costs 10$ to even register an account, but due to that are also known for being high quality and forming strong bonds in the group as a whole. Trolls don't last long on the Something Awful forums. The Goons or "Goon Squad" have an overall negative reputation in games they join, because they tend to bring a lot of people to the games they get into, with a good chunk of them actually being skilled, and "zerg" around in a giant death ball generally crushing the competition in whatever server they join or at least putting up a very good fight. They also have a reputation for dishing out some serious trash talk and being elitist snobs about outsiders. Personally I have had mixed encounters with them over the years. I have been stomped by them and corpse camped and told I was human garbage before. I have also had tons of fun battles against them where they were respectful, as well as times of playing on the same side as them and good times were had. My current experience with them is playing on the Emerald Server on Planetside 2. Anytime I see a Goon Squad outfit on the opposing faction I know we are going to have a fun fight. In conclusion, they are your standard group of people that play games together that know each other from a forum. If any of that is incorrect feel free to correct me Eonwe.
  20. I definitely voted very negative about it. I like as much choice as possible when creating a character even if it were to be purely cosmetic by choice. I am one of those people that does tweak the Eyebrow Angle slider and the Calf Muscle Definition lever in Elder Scrolls games, even if I then never look at the character again due to playing in First Person View. I understand their reasoning though for not including every class with every race from a design and budget perspective and all the other positive stuff about the game so far makes the negatives of race/class locking seem so miniscule I don't even think about it anymore. If asked I will always say I don't like it though.
  21. Minecraft Payday 2 GTA Online Planetside 2 Civilization 5 Dota 2 Endless Legend Dwarf Fortress And probably a lot of other stuff eventually since CF has awhile before it comes out.
  22. I definitely plan on doing some crafting. so add me to the list, but I am actually in the smallest minority of all in that I absolutely love gathering. Keep me in mind when you all need supplies to craft stuff with. Bidding starts at 5 chickens!
  23. Yea I am terrible at actually shooting in FPS games, so I really only play the ones that let me support. Planetside 2 being my favorite. I play with a friend that complements my playstyle very well. He plays Heavy Assault, Light Assault, Max, and Infiltrator, as well as does the flying. I play Medic constantly, unless he is a Max then I run Engineer, and I drive the ground vehicles. What times do you all tend to play? I would like to try to get in some gaming time with at least some of you at some point.
  24. It most definitely did. Like you said, so much to do and it is always absorbing. I have reached the point where I don't play anymore unless it is the weekend, cause it is easy to suddenly look up, or feel your stomach growl, or need to use the restroom, and realize it is now 4:00 a.m. which is something I don't need before a work day. Also, every time people talk about having stories from Shadowbane on this forum I automatically think about Dwarf Fortress. The sheer amount of crazy, awesome, and/or doom laden stories you get from playing Dwarf Fortress is amazing and one of the main things that keep me playing.
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