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  1. So you think it's fun repeatedly being killed by People, who you can't scratch? You wouldn't limit it at all?
  2. I don't mind leveling. I don't mind grinding. I actually like to do it. But I have to agree, that when you reach max level, most games tend to get boring. So what's most important, if you want to get rid of levels is to bring up some sort of other goal. With the machanic of the worlds, that get wiped, there seem to be quite a lot of options to do so, though. And if there are no levels, how are you going to stop people, who gained their advantages through hours of playing from just farming on people who just started. In other games, you could just say "see, this is a starting area. With that level you can't attack someone here!" I see your point, and I know, a lot of people tend to hate grinding, but levels are simply the easiest way to deal with most mechanics in a game.
  3. So that would be kinda like minecraft, etc.? sounds fun.^^
  4. I'm still traumatized from Aion, where people, who wanted to do their story quests, could be attacked from players from the other faction, who could camp there all day to kill lowies. That just wasn't fun. I've never been a big fan of PvP, but that's probably because I have only seen a few games, who play that card right. I agree, that you should be able to actually COMPETE against the other players you meet. That could happen through some sort of Level-Cap or Item Level-Cap that ensures, that you can only attack people on a kinda equal level. If you get killed, then, well... it's only your fault. But if you know, it was only your fault, then why not try it again? That's the way, PvP could be fun...
  5. Thx, man, good to hear, they are aware of the problem.
  6. Hmm, that shield thing would be one option, though, that would probably be limited by time. So you would be save while sleeping. but what about people who have to work? Most people like me would only be able to play the game about 4-6h per day...
  7. How does one even apply them?Or isn't this function even activated yet? Could'nt find them in my options...
  8. Bin zwar Schweizer, aber ich hoffe ich darf hier auch mal reinschneien ^^/ Finde, das Game macht schon einen Hammer Eindruck, auch wenn halt noch vieles in den Sternen steht
  9. I (Swiss) don't mind playing the game in english, if everything (hence PING and stuff) work fine. Keep up the great work^^
  10. This is kinda the first thing I backed here at kickstarter but it looks so great, that i pledged 215.- They had me at the word "collectors edition"
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