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  1. Panic! Run screaming into the streets. Start stocking up on the black market internet. I hear the bottled version lasts longer.
  2. That's a rather cool idea. I can see too many people complaining about it though.
  3. Stalking is such a harsh word. I prefer intense study of another's schedule.
  4. I would love that idea, a cold mechanic would be great fun. Perhaps you would have to craft winter gear to stay alive. Or perhaps I have just played too much Don't Starve, and that is in my head.
  5. Sell all the cosmetic fluff items you want. As long as game balance is not effected, and no one gets the ubersuperpowerfulmegaawsomenoobkiller gun just because they could throw tons of money at the screen. Other than that, sell skins, different outfits, perhaps hats, anyone play tf2 here?
  6. Agreed. I know that I don't like forums that spiral into an incessant mud slinging match. I think it is safe to assume that most of us want this game to succeed, so why should be jeopardize that success my being jerks and idiots on the forums, potentially scaring away new players. I'm not saying that this is happening here, just that I would hate to see anything like that go down.
  7. Welcome to Crowfall. Glad you could join us on our mad, little, hopefully increasing in size, venture.
  8. You made me check my emails. I got mine today as well.
  9. I would spend some of it on a computer to play said games.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, get your torches and pitchforks right here. Guaranteed to be the best for looting, pillaging, and rioting. Come today and we'll throw in a bonus crate of rocks and rotten vegetables to throw.
  11. I'm worried just by being on this thread.
  12. robot494 on steam. Games that I play: Battleblock Theater (Fair warning, I suck at it.) Don't Starve Together Civ V (Although I don't know enough about it to be dangerous) Stronghold Crusader Path of Exile And the ever popular TF2
  13. I would spend entirely too much on real world stuff.
  14. I love Don't Starve. Death comes often and swift whenever I play.
  15. But we need something to complain about. What do you want us to do, wait quietly?
  16. Could be cool. I could see it getting a little too complicated though. Especially if one guild just goes and wins because no one was paying attention to them, and they fulfilled one of the other win conditions.
  17. Lore will probably develop as time goes on. Would be cool to have more information develop with time. Also I really like your profile picture.
  18. You are immortal champions of the gods, your enemies are not.
  19. Come join the chaos! I too have barely played any MMO type games. The whole idea seemed fun, but I could never get into any of them. I look forward to having you kill me in the game world.
  20. I'll get the torches and pitchforks ready. Anyone want anything else for the riot?
  21. It usually works better for everyone if they wipe it. Unless they are superb game balancers.
  22. I have Centurylink where I live, if you can avoid getting them do so, and my speed often fluctuates wildly. It is just something that I live with, as I live out in the sticks and it is either Centurylink or nothing.
  23. Demo for Crowfall released, thousands hospitalized. Doctors say all show signs of intense mental stress.
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