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  1. I am really saddened by this being broken for over two months now. It is my sole source of information for news regarding Crowfall, being (used to be) the most comprehensive one, if we were to include the links it included. Crowfall has effectively been dead to me for the past 2 months, and I imagine to everyone else relying on this as well. It is a bit of an extreme conclusion to jump to, but potentially thinking their game's development to be abandoned is not a nice message to send.
  2. Well, I'm assuming the design choice to limit the amount of characters is page layout-based, not bandwidth-based. So if the goal was to limit the preview to a single line or two, that could still happen regardless of your browser resolution.
  3. Any chance it could at least fill up the rest of the line? Just to voice my opinion, I liked the old version much better, but surely there were reasons for switching.
  4. I'm not sure if the developer tracker was updated from displaying the full post at some point to conserve space or for some other reason, but it's currently not only not displaying enough to be of much help, but also leaving a lot of empty space.
  5. Ghostery and ABP, neither of which I'd know to block Javascript. But it seems the issue fixed itself after 2 days, or someone did something somewhere. I guess that's that, unless someone else is still suffering from this.
  6. Old links? Is the site no longer crowfall.com, since the problem is on the base site as well as any others linked from there. I'm 99% certain the links are not old. I have caching of websites disabled, but I've done as requested regardless, and it has had no effect. I'm using Firefox though. I've also done a full restart to my computer in the meanwhile, in case one would hope for salvation from that cliché action. I'm open to other suggestions, but I feel like I can't completely fix this on my end.
  7. Examples: Dev tracker Store page Cart Login seems particularly broken, considering I'm both logged it and not logged in at the same time.
  8. I'm not particularly complaining or questioning the choices made >1 year ago, but the timing of when different Beta players get in seems a bit... off? Considering you said that Beta 1 hopefully gets in in December (which then, might or might not happen), and no mention whatsoever of Beta 2 access... (which counts for >50% of the playerbase, according to extrapolated Kickstarter statistics) See, from the Kickstarter, one could presume that you expected to get far enough to allow Beta 2 in by December, which is now a gray area for even Beta 1. I understand there's been delays (and as a 30$ backer, I did indeed sign up for a full, although not complete, game experience, so I don't want to get in like... right now anyways), but with such massive gaps between testing tiers, where Beta 2 will probably get access by summer 2017, it just feels like Beta 3, 4, 5 and however many other there were that were one of the earliest to sign up for this experience and were promised access, won't really get it before it's time for Open Beta? Again, it seems that, percentually, the amount of people you are letting in seems in accordance to the state the game is in, but I feel just a tiny bit cheated by how close my "early" access is to Open Beta.
  9. Uhm, the link is to a "/crowfall" channel, not the "/crowfallgame" channel that you seem to have. Which is correct?
  10. Exactly the same issue with the devtracker. Just to point out.
  11. Okay, so apparently you sneakily changed the URL a month or so ago, yet kept the old page where it was instead of removing it, or having it redirect you somewhere. It also seems nobody bothered to take a look at the image I posted, as the layout and URL differences are visible, yet no one pointed them out. Basically, https://backers.crowfall.com/#/devtracker is obsolete, and the new site is https://crowfall.com/en/devtracker? Kinda sad, really.
  12. http://i.imgur.com/82qQaPq.png This is about as much information as I know how to post. I've also restarted my browser (and computer) in the while.
  13. Cleared cache, refreshed, still nothing. For over a month now. =/
  14. Haven't had any updates for 12 days now. Really quite bothersome.
  15. Details aside, this solves literally my biggest problem with this game. I was in dismay when I first heard that each account would be pretty much locked to a single archetype. Okay, sure, 3 character slots, but if I wanted to try out a 4th archetype, I'd have to permanently lose all progress on one, and if I ever wanted to return to that one, I'd have to start all over. I can not stress enough how I much I hate starting from 0 again. (The reason for even wanting to switch archetypes is that... well, I'm sure you all know how balance patches can have a drastic impact on how classes perform. It is inevitable that at one point, the power shifts one way and some other way some other time.) So, whatever the accompanying details and little issues this system brings, I'll personally always be happy that it will be implemented.
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