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  1. "We need your thoughts -- tell us what you think is cool, what you think is lame, and what doesn't make any sense at all. Second, we need your ideas! This is a discussion, not a sermon. We're building this game for you. Without a passionate audience, no MMO can survive. Jump into the discussion, let us know your opinions. We made not always agree, but you won't have a voice at the table unless you speak up." - JToddColeman Want to know what's really rude? Shutting down another person's ideas without a well-reasoned set of arguments and resulting to ad hominem attacks. Just saying. As to the "crowd sourcing will ruin the game's vision" statement, refer to JToddColemans quote above. At the end of the day this game will need to make money to pay for he cost of continued development, servers and bandwidth. If it can't, it'll fail. And who will pay the bills? The people who pay for the game and then continue to pay for VIP. But there has to be a compelling enough set of features and gameplay for people to pay 15 bucks per month (which is what WoW costs by the way) over the long term. Without knowing what features their backers most want this game will fail in the end. Oh they may pull out 1.something million up front but of those 12000 people, how many will continue to pay 15 bucks per month after the first few months? Wildstar is struggling to keep going and this is way, way more of a niche game. If they can't make their core supporters happy this game will flop.
  2. I'm not saying ArtCraft needs to get organized because there's anything wrong with the game. I'm saying it because I want the game to be a success and get tons of people backing it. But how will that happen if new people that are interested in the game just come onto the forums and there's no way to know what ideas have already been suggested? 99% of people are too lazy to use the search function and even if they did there's no way to gauge which ideas most backers want without an organized system.
  3. Actually, if you're crowdsourcing a game then figuring out what your backers want before your 30 days to raise money is over is pretty much necessary. And if it's a direct vision then why aren't there stretch goals announced past 1.3 million? And why have they already modified their stretch goals multiple times? Because they want to know what their backers want.
  4. Here's what this looks like in action: http://feedback.firefallthegame.com/forums/115461-firefall-feedback
  5. The overarching problem I see for Crowfall right now is that there is no method for taking ideas from the backers and organizing them. What you need ASAP is a system where anyone can submit ideas for public review and then every backer gets 20 votes and can spend up to three votes on any one idea. Backers can also post replies and suggestions based on each other's ideas. Very quickly you will see what everyone is wishing for because those ideas will get the most votes and then you'll know what to put for stretch goals.
  6. Here's what's hardcore in Crowfall - if you get ganked, you lose your gear like in Ultima Online (yes, I just totally dated myself right there). And I think tri-realm is the way to go. I played Hibernia in DAoC and having Midgard ambush Albion when they went to take out one of our frontier fortresses was a blast. Plus based on what I've heard of Crowfall combat, skill and tactics should matter as much or more than gear or level (since the power curve goes flat so quickly). Do I think there needs to be a more compelling reason besides taking materials back to your home eternal kingdom to "play sims"? Yes. What is that compelling reason? I don't know. Let's help ArtCraft puzzle it out asap so more people back the game. Because I think we're all pretty bored with the current MMO offerings or we wouldn't be here.
  7. @tassa - bear in mind that no one at ign has played it. They were just commenting on the 4 odd minutes of gameplay footage we currently have to go off of. Also, remember that it's pre-alpha and the devs are listening to what we backers want (collectively). Already everyone was moaning about the Wildstar-esque attack-vector colors. My guess is they'll probably remove it. I think I read on the FAQ page that you can already switch it on and off manually. My point is, say what you hope the game will be. If everyone does this then the devs will get a feel for it and make adjustments. Because at this point, they still can. If this was a year after release itd be much harder. But right now there is probably a lot more creative wiggle room.
  8. I think in the IgN video they said it felt like Guildwars2/Tera. But the current directional attack vector colors look like Wildstar. My hope is that movement of your character is nice and tight like in WoW, that direction of attack matters (for backstabs, etc) that the particle effects for weapons and spells are massively improved (and they should be when we hit the first stretch goal) that there are some PhysX/rag doll animations based on pulling creatures towards into a gravity trap and/or exploding them away and that there are awesome snow/rain/fog effects so we can ambush enemy guilds for supplies.
  9. Hadati

    Lifetime Vip

    6 years is a long time, agreed. My points are: 1) They might get more people to back Crowfall at that level if they offered lifetime VIP 2) I don't think a lot of people will shell out 15 bucks per month based on what's currently been revealed in the VIP benefits.
  10. Hadati

    Lifetime Vip

    All they have to do is what Camelot Unchained did and offer anything after 5 years for 1 dollar per year. I think a lot more people would bump up if that simple addition was added.
  11. I'd be interested in backing the game at a higher dollar level if there was a lifetime VIP. For what's currently offered at 15 bucks a month I doubt I'd sub. There's just not enough in it to make me want to pay 15 bucks per month. However, if I could pay around 200 and get lifetime VIP I would back Crowfall at that level.
  12. @anthrage- It'd be cool if there were sockets and gems. It'd provide a sink for resources if you had to destroy tons of stone to find gems of various colors and qualities.
  13. That would require the server to create separate stats for every tree, ore seam and stone location and then track it after its harvested. Im fine with that but it'd be a lot to code.
  14. @cheewy - Yes and Yes. Server-side and you're at the mercy of the latency gods. Client-side and there will be add-on cheats. Either way though I think this knowledge + skill system would be FAR more fun and satisfying than just clicking a button, watching a bar fill up and then passively looking for where the server placed the item in your inventory.
  15. @wynta I can see how experimentation would be rewarding. However I think besides combining Resource A, B and C the end-product's stats should also be affected by how skilled the crafter is at the crafting Quick Time Event. Within 6 months every crafter worth their salt will know what the best combinations are and crafting will lose its luster. What makes crafting exciting is knowing the recipe AND nailing the series of QTEs and forging a legendary item instead of a lesser one because of your skill.
  16. @oridi - Yeah, time-based penalties that degrade over time would be another way to enforce it. Good call. How about bonuses for people who stick it out to the end even if they don't win against "uncle bob"?
  17. @oridi - exactly! Crafters would love to figure out what secret combinations yield amazing item results. No more hand-holding/guides.
  18. Then crafting will be uber-boring. Like WoW. With zero skill. Just click a button and walk away while it makes 30 doodads.
  19. If I'm blacksmithing a sword if like to have a system where, instead of just dragging items to their slots and clicking a button that says combine, I have to time my hammer blows and the closer I am to the correct time, the greater chance the item will have better stats. So, introducing skill to crafting. Kind of like in Fable... http://youtu.be/CveCGTOgpGc
  20. I also am worried that the characters will all look the same. My solutions 1) Release the current head 3d model art and textures and make it available to the public to modify and customize. Hold a contest to create an additional 10 or 20 characters heads/faces. Winners might receive 6 months or a year of VIP access or something. 2) Have a slider for height and weight for all characters. If I want to create a morbidly obese crafter, let me. No other MMO I've played has truly given me the ability to make an original looking character. This game has a chance to fix that.
  21. Agreed. It would also force players to choose a limited number of stats. Built in checks and balances FTW.
  22. There would probably need to be a cool down on the spell used for changing worlds. This would be to prevent people from flitting between worlds willy-nilly. I agree.
  23. Thanks Fawne. Yeah, I'm not stuck on oak and hickory either. There could be fantasy species that are more or less prevalent in different world based on the biomes (I.e. Leatherleaf grow well in valleys but Silvertips grow well in the foothills up to the snow line). All this could be part of the parameters built into the procedurally-generated continents.
  24. Instead of warp gates from your persistent area (which makes the game very instanced since no one ever sees your cookie cutter WoW garrison), how about being able to physically bring them down to cloud level above the continent you want to conquer? You could tether your personal floating island fortress near your friends and guild mates and connect them with rope bridges. To go back and forth between the floating fortress and the ground your character could blow a horn that summons a flying mount that takes you up, but it takes time for it to arrive based on how far away you are on the continent from where your floating island is tethered. There could be different cool flying mounts with different speeds that you can earn as rewards in the game, perhaps with different flying speeds. If you get sick or bored of playing on a particular continent or your guild is pulling out because you've mined it dry or it's too hard to hack it there, you untether your floating island base and, from a subscreen, select which world you want to go to next. Then, your character casts a long incantation and poof, next thing you know you're flying above the new continent. You can check the map for where your friends are and guide your floating island fortress over to them and tether/anchor it in place.
  25. I'd like to see many different species of trees in the game, both deciduous and evergreen, that can be harvested. Hickory and oak might take much longer to fell and process but are able to be crafted into much higher quality hafts for weapons. Pine, fir and spruce might take less time to harvest but be better for making buildings. Also, as the seasons change from spring to summer to fall to winter if the deciduous trees could change their color and then lose their leaves that'd be awesome! Seeing bare branches on maples but fir trees covered in snow would really add to the ambiance of the game.
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