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  1. Race lock?

    These are the currently possible race/class combinations: Once you use a vessel, race and class will stay with the body. You would need to use another vessel to create a different combo. Appearance options will be added later to the game. But (at least for now) it seems that it will follow the same pocedure (no changes after creation). Maybe this will change after launch, but it's obviously no priority before launch. At least not to my knowledge.
  2. Delete posts?

    You can edit it and remove the text from it. You can use the report button on your posting to request a deletion. Or you can contact
  3. Monster Moves - Official Discussion Thread

    It was a very, uh, "moving" stream. And funny. But also serious. Seriously funny. Dunno what else to say. I mean, nobody does, someone has to, so ... well ... that's that.
  4. Necromancy

    It's not a gamebreaker, it's a testbreaker. Vessel transfer is simply just not online yet - that's all. It will come, though. However, vessels will be items, so they will take damage and loose durability until they finally break ... like everything else. The repair system (also not online yet) may also apply. Motherlodes will stay. Period.
  5. I bought it today 6 october

    In all cases of issues with getting into the playtest, please contact
  6. The state of the game

    Ok. If i now answer with sarcasm, this would be a counter sarcasm to a counter sarcasm to a counter sarcasm to a sarcasm, right? Frankly, I need to say that this is (at least) one level too much for me. I mean, not even my vessels are this far with their levels, so ... you win.
  7. Is it already thursday? damned, i need to hurry up to get my work done this week. btw. "winter is ... approaching, on it's way, imminent" ... hilarious. xD
  8. Weekly Newsletter

    Doesnt it work through the Travian newsletter agreement? Or is this only for mails from Travian themselves?
  9. 2 Suggestions

    It's not selfish, it's completely understandable. It's just not the most efficient way to get the game finished. Of course this a question of where you put your priorities. And though we all have our own answers, in the end the companies answer is the one that finally matters. In this case the company is aware of the point that the player experience can't be the best (and has talked about it a LOT in the past .. this topic is as old as the first tests) ... except if they would focus on that instead of focussing on getting the game done. It doesn't really make sense to develop bug fixes for things that won't carry over into the next version. You need to respect that 5.8 is not the same as 5.7. Some of the fixes that (partially already) have been implemented into 5.8 are just not compatible with 5.7. Making it flawlessly compatible would only delay 5.8, so it doesnt really make sense to do so. We all need to understand that this - at the very least during the state called pre-alpha - is testing ... not playing. We are the extensions of the devs eyes and arms. We can find bugs and help them to understand what the community likes or not. So they don't need to test it all on their own (which, just like you demanded, they do - just not always under their known names). We have the opportunity to help Crowfall becoming a better game. In this respect this feedback is important and valuable. It's just - in my opinion - that it is the same feedback we've heard a lot througout the years and that already has been adressed a lot of times (and comprehensively) in the past: they don't like loosing time and money by developing things that won't be useful for the final game. And as hard as it sometimes may feel - we simply need to bear with that. That's all. Anyways, thanks for the feedback and have fun and good luck during testing. Kraahk
  10. War Option?

    The devs already mentioned that it would technically be possible to use EK's as zones for campaign worlds. Wether this will ever be done or not (and under which circumstances/rulesets) may be another question. I could very well imagine it happening in a few years though, after people got huge kingdoms and got a little bit bored and want to really destroy other peoples stuff now.
  11. Suggestion: Parcel Token Upgrade

    These are the current numbers. We have always been told that land will come with more opportunities to build stuff (regarding both extent and density) depending on their size and rank. Besides the point that the token system is still pretty new (and so still needs basic balancing after the first experiences in the tests have been made), all the existing parcels currently only exist as Rank-1 parcels, with rank 2 and 3 (with probably more token) not there yet. And, the two biggest stronghold parcels are also not in the game yet (those for the mountain citadel and the palace). The point that we haven't heard anything at all about token adjustments seems to suggest that there is still a lot of work to do for ACE, with details/ideas that are not yet ready to be even mentioned. This said, i like the suggestion of individual token expansions that would allow people to do with their land exactly what they want to. And also the idea that we could (would need to) find such token expansions in the campaigns.
  12. Bug: WebGet_Error_499

    It is recommended to contact in all cases in which you are not able to enter/use the playtest client. They should be able to get you through.
  13. VIP membership

    Your VIP tickets will only be consumend when you use them in the finished game (so, answer is: at first launch). However some VIP perks are or maybe be active within the test environment if you own them or sometimes even if not.
  14. Crafting, EK

    Welcome to the forums. There is only one chest "on your account" ... which is (currently) called the spirit bank, accessible via pressing B, and will later be replaced by the account bank, while the current import and export limits will be replaced by yet-to-come embargo system. All other inventories and vaults are world specific. Latter won't change. In the final game the point will be to get the best possible result in a campaign world ... in order to be able to transfer the best and most (and more) valuable resources/items into your account bank after the campaign world dies - so you can use the good stuff in in the next CW or in an EK. This is a basic game design decision. And to be frank, it will get worse. You will need to work hard to get something useful out of the campaign worlds. And it will only have very restricted use (unless you like EK's, of course). Hope this opinion helps. Anywas, have fun, good luck and thanks for the suggestion and feedback. Kraahk