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  1. The "masses", in the way I meant to use this word, are not to be confused with the loudest voices. It's also not much about voiced concerns from the core group of testers. It's about conclusions the dev team get from testing, their own expectations based on their experience and from watching other games developing both in the past and at the time. For example, if the loudest voices complain about not having enough victims to slay ... what's the basic issue - and what are possible solutions to mitigate the issue?
  2. If people wouldn't like to level ... there would be no levels. As simple as that. Levels were no part of the initial concept. They only became part of what we got now, because during testing, throughout the years, the masses indicated (and heavily so) they were not happy without a simple way to feel like progressing. The solution at that time was to apply levels, but without having as grave consequences as in your usual MMO. And, well, so, here we are. That's the balancing act. Will it change? Maybe. Maybe not. (I mean, we got rid of the passive skilling, which nearly no
  3. This is the correct link: https://discord.gg/ESr5KPj Have fun, good luck. (edit: Link in the thread you quoted should be changed and work now. Thanks for reporting.)
  4. There is no need to. The launch date is already set: Shortly after the last wipe. As easy as that. Could be two days, or two weeks after the last wipe. But that small uncertainty doesnt really matter after 7 years of development, does it?
  5. What the others said. And ... welcome to the forums.
  6. Welcome (back) to the forums. Thanks for pointing that out. It's a point which is often forgotten (or simply not known) by (a growing number of) people. Now, these are - in my opinion - several quite different things you are pointing at. I believe it might be wise to realize the differences. I will try to point out some of them: What one experiences in direct conversation with other testers, doesn't necessarily reflect the "base". I choose the word "base" because first of all, Crowfall still only provides a playtest-environment. It's not a game - it's a game in the
  7. To my knowledge, yes. Unless they changed that for the new 6.4 Castle/Citadel/Palace parcels, which I didn't check yet.
  8. The vendor stall sockets are on the left and right side of the keep, outside.
  9. Vendor placement is basically limited via the token system. Vendors can be placed like any other "building", by rightclicking their icon in your inventory. You will enter builder mode and possible sockets will be shown. Sockets looks like this: Before 6.4, vendors could only be placed on vendor stalls (which occupy 1 XS token each currently). And vendor stalls need a building to be attached at. I didn't test yet wether Castle+ main buildings in 6.4 provide free vendor sockets without the need of a stall - maybe someone else can tell. Vendors and stalls can be crafted via ston
  10. Parcel Cost Overview has been added, see above.
  11. Welcome new crow. Hm, thanks for pointing that out with your question: There is no official definition, but I personally differ between Backer Bundles (BB) and Pre-Sale Packages (PP). I am sure you know all of this, but I'll explain it in full for those who don't, before I answer the questions. During Kickstarter and the following backing stages, you could give your money to ACE to support the development of Crowfall and in return get the promise of getting some stuff, which nobody knew what it really would be - and even this only if they would succeed developing the game
  12. So, as promised the new Parcel Cost Overview. This spreadsheet contains, of course, only those parcels that can currently be crafted ingame. Therefore all listed parcels are also Rank 1 ... except of the luxury parcels "Mountain Citadel" (rank 2) and "Caldera" (rank 3). Since those are currently completely the same as the Capital Parcel, they don't really matter, though - and crafting them is unnecesary and strongly, uh, not recommended. LEGEND: ASH: Associated Stronghold Name in the Backer Bundles. Cells: The number of 128x128m cells, this parcel is made of.
  13. Hey folks, it's time again for an updated list of parcels, their token numbers, soil costs and other dirty stuff. I'll start with the Token Overview, will add a cost spreadsheet later and maybe also pictures of the parcels if I find the time. Please be aware that with 6.400 new stronghold parcels have been introduced for Large-Castle+ bundles, which currently can not be crafted! Those Backer Bundle rewards now come with the formerly provided large parcels, plus the new non-craftable and smaller stronghold parcels that now include the centerpiece-building (like castle/citadel/pa
  14. BUDDY-MK6G5QKT5NFY 5 0 uses left. Feel free to take it.
  15. Encouraging others to read more, because it's good, and then calling this word count a novel - man, that's pretty sad. And again, it doesn't help your cause. You may think it's great, because every time I reply, your thread pops up again in the recent topic list. But nobody cares. And all that will happen is that the thread will get more and more offtopic and finally be reported and closed or moved to Off-Topic, with the chance of both of us getting a warning. I mean, it's your topic. What do I know. Do with it whatever you want. If this is the road you want to go, be my guest. But I
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