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  1. Same question every weekend. For weeks now. Neither the question nor the answer changes. Feels like the week never ends. I hate it when there is no weekend. I love weekends. Best time to work - nobody's around. ~sighing melancholically~
  2. guild name reservation

    Otterrete una e-mail la prossima settimana (presumibile prima di martedì), una volta che puoi accedere alla creazione della gilda. Basata sul momento della tua partecipazione al kickstarter. Il numero di coorti ("Cohort") viene visualizzato nella riga dell'oggetto della tua email. Ogni coorte comprende circa 200 persone. Dopo aver ricevuto questa seconda e-mail, guarda l'elenco dei tuoi premi -> "Backer Rewards". Se hai questo nella tua lista, sei pronto a creare la tua gilda. Se no, allora dovete aprire il pacchetto. Sembra così. Devi cliccare sul pulsante verde e su consumare ("Consume"). Dopo di che si dovrebbe essere in grado di vedere la ricompensa come mostrato in precedenza. Spero che aiuti. (E no, non ho ancora accesso )
  3. How do i change my guild's crest?

    In that case i would suggest to send a bug report to or to post it in the web related issues board. A screenshot might also help.
  4. How do i change my guild's crest?

    Should look like this.
  5. How do i change my guild's crest?

    Currently, you cant. So choose wisely. You will have at least one opportunity to change it before launch, once the new crest symbols are online, though.
  6. {Ooc} Rp Forum Rules...

    Usually you get a warning first that reminds you about the rules and shows where the line is. Just don't exaggerate. If it is something that could be in any book, it should be ok. If you want more specific answers, i would suggest to ask thequestion in the great hall or to send an eMail at
  7. guild name reservation

    No. Riceverai un'altra e-mail che ti dice che puoi creare la tua gilda in questo momento. Puoi farlo sul sito web ( -> community -> guilds). Non mandarlo via email. Sembra così (l'immagine è rubata dalla comunità francese ): Il nome lungo può avere spazi. Il nome breve non può avere spazi. È possibile vedere alcuni esempi nell'elenco delle gilde correnti. La lingua italiana è il prossimo in linea. Comincerà non appena trovano un responsabile comunitario per l'Italia. Non abbiamo ancora maggiori informazioni.
  8. Joint EKs?

    You can also keep your EK private but allow only some people to enter it, by using the chat command /ekinvite accountname. Other people cannot place buildings in your EK, though. EK's can only be visited while they are open. Only the EK owner can open it. It will close automatically one minute after nobody is in there anymore. Current playercap is 12 + owner.
  9. Starter questions

    oh right, the distance. good point.
  10. Starter questions

    Welcome to the forums. I'll try to give some answers. Because of the duration of mass production. Basically the crafting system could be sorted into two categories: single crafting and mass crafting. The factory system for quantity manufactoring is not online yet, but it will be an important part of the game. While it is the only way to craft something at the current stage of development, crafting a single object will be the exeption in the later game. Mass production, using blueprints, can take several days, though. So it is important to have an abort function in case you have to change your plans. I don't know the current respawn time. It was about 20 minutes a while ago. Not sure what you are referring to with the "m". A screenshot always helps. While harvesting you get a text pop-up that shows the details of the object, including the name of the resource, the rank (1-9) and the optimal harvesting skill. The only specific "number" shown there is the rank of the node. It refers to the quality (which also means difficulty) of this resource node. The higher the rank, the higher the resource quality an the bigger the resistance against harvesting (= better tools and skills or more people harvesting it wil lead to better/faster results). Hope this helps. Otherwise, more details please. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  11. Inventory can be opened with <i>. Last thing i could imagine is: for both, spirit bank and inventory you have to be in a campaign or kingdom and you have to use a body (no inventories in crow form); though deeds can only be transferred into kingdoms. To get a body you can <f> one of the statues at the temple when out of combat mode <z>.
  12. The kingdom building procedure has been explained in this news back in march. If it doesn't work like described there and you are sure about it, i would suggest to call Since it works for others, it is either a handling error or some kind of bug i've not yet heard of. Possible handling errors could be: not really redeeming the rewards, because of forgetting to click confirm after choosing them in the redeem window (check easily by seeing that the number of redeemable rewards decrease afterwards) not knowing that the deeds are in the ingame spirit bank <b> after redeeming not being able to open the spirit bank because of changed keybindings not transferring deeds from the spirit bank to the ingame character inventory not knowing that there is a 2 minutes cooldown after spirit bank transfer in which transferred items cant be used loosing inventory (and with it all the deeds in there) because of not summoning the old body after death, by using the character statues at the temple instead of big hero statue Sometime small errors can be fixed by logging out and in again or by using the clients repair button. Always check twice. If you checked all of this, and it still doesn't work, it is probably a bug. After you correctly transferred them, you will see your free parcel deeds in the lower section of your kingdom builder, like shown in this picture:
  13. whats up with skinning?

    Welcome to the forums. Well, the world is dangerous - thats more or less the only reason why monsters exist in Crowfall: to prove this point. Another important point is that those potions are only for testing purposes. The later game won't have those potions, you will have to increase your skills instead. Next thing is that Crowfall is focussing on a certain necessity of teamplay. Doing things completely on your own, will be a lot harder - even regarding harvesting or crafting. This probably wont change. When killing and skinning cats, you should always try to get aggro only from one of them, then lead it somewhere more save (like you said, they will follow) and kill and skin it there. If you don't start to skin it, the body should stay there for several minutes - enough to kill more than just one. Use the harvesting potion only when you have enough bodies, not before starting to fight. If this is still to dangerous and you dont need cat hide specifically, i would suggest to search for a bog bear brush. There is one in the each faction starting area in the campaign worlds. The bears are much more peacefull and less aggressive. But best would be to go out on harvesting missions with a team. It is more fun, it is more easy and it is more save. Have fun and good luck.
  14. Beta 9 access?

    On average a new test level access were added about every 3 to 4 month. Beta-2 access has been opened up about 5 months ago. Beta-3 is the last "buyable" test level. We are currently waiting for pre-alpha 5.3 to be published very soon, which includes the race/class split and the graphics overhaul. The next - and maybe (one of) the last - pre-alpha development stage is expected to inlude the secondary game systems, like guild support, mounts and such. If i had to guess, i'd say that it is likely that beta-3 will get access somwhen around this time. The "free" access levels will surely only get access, after the full game loop can be experienced. And i cannot really imagine this happening this year. Currently I'd place my bet on something like march 2018 for beta 6 to 9.
  15. Does everyone play on one server?

    I think the most important thing is that regarding Crowfall you have to give up the usual understanding of "servers". The usual understanding is mostly based on the circumstance that most game worlds are permanent. An additional server would just be an additional copy of the same world and often cause a split and more or less isolated community. Thats not true for Crowfall. I Crowfall american and european players will play on the same client and within the same community. Some campaign worlds will be located on american servers, others on european servers and so on - technically spoken. But they are still all within the same "universe" and accessible for everybody (you would just have lags, if you choose a world on a european server, while being in america, though - but thats your decision). This may be different for russian and asian servers, once (if) they come - they will probably be located in seperate universes with their very own servers and community. The general game design of Crowfall (dying worlds) allows for short-time adjustment, regarding player population of campaign worlds. They can just open more or less new worlds, depending on how much players are currently active. So it should be much less likely to experience deserted worlds, than in many other games. Like Krakkensmacken said, last we heard was that they are aiming for 1k-2k players per world.