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  1. As a Sapphire Backer you should have a Small Castle (and a Large Keep). I just tested it and it's all there and worked for me. Some things can be confusing, so I'll show it step by step. The Small Castle should be shown to you like this: - In your account management reward list (if not unbundled) If already unbundled, you will instead see the single items Parcel City Rank 1 (the piece of land) Small Castle Pack (the walls) Castle Throneroom (the main building) Kickstarter Castle Accessory Pack (stuff like flagpoles, not fully implemented
  2. Willkommen im Forum. Ich schätze es ist nicht unbedingt notwendig, Tiggs Posting zu übersetzen; trotzdem nochmal zur allgemeinen Klarstellung: Für Crowfall gibt es keine Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung (NDA) und es hat auch von Beginn an keine gegeben (mit Ausnahme der frühesten Tests 2015, die auf Pre-Alpha Backer beschränkt waren (und selbst da war es überwiegend nur eine Bitte, das Spiel nicht in schlechtem Zustand live zu streamen). Es kann also frei gestreamt, gepostet und geteilt werden ... unter Einhaltung der üblichen fair-use-policy natürlich, die neben den Forenregel
  3. what happened with the 500 sub-guilds structures ... ~wondering~
  4. When the last iteration of mountains where introduced, it came with a new system. Instead of specific and always-the-same mountain parcels, they were built up by a procedural combination of mountain parts. Regarding that, if mountains are not part of the testing environments at the moment, I would assume they may currently working on the function of this procedural mountain range building. Just a guess of course.
  5. One could assume someone finally found out that diaries are not meant to be shared publicly. And rightly so. And to be frank, at the current point, I'd rather wait for the finished book instead of sneaking up to get a glimpse on the authors diary. First, because I can't imagine anything surprisingly new coming up before launch. And second, yeah, i confess, I actually feel a little bit guilty about having read other peoples (which is to say devs) diaries in the past. We really shouldn't do this. Sometimes the urge to know is more beneficial than the actual knowing. Dreams may easily i
  6. The KS Sapphire backer bundle should include a Small Castle bundle and a large Keep bundle (amber includes a small Fort; see caenth's bundle comparison sheet). SC bundle is associated with (and contains) a city parcel and a castle centerpiece, K bundle a town and a keep, F bundle a shire and a lodge. Unless a stronghold bundle isn't consumed (=unbundled) via your account management, you won't see it's components as individual items in your backer rewards list. There is no need to do so, though, if you just want to use/test that stuff in the testing environment on the LIVE server. Yo
  7. Welcome to the crow(d)s. Have fun, good luck, good times, and all the best.
  8. ----------------------------------------------- (Edit: Since it sometimes comes (and already again came ~cough~) to misunderstandings, probably due to forum titles and the way I often write: I am neither a part of the team, nor is anything I say necessarily right. I am, in the end, just another tester. What I write is only my personal opinion, based on my personal experiences and overview, and does not necesserily reflect the opionion ot the company. Just saying.) ----------------------------------------------- First of all: It's great to see some new faces engaging in the forum discussi
  9. Welcome to the forums. The ingame guild interface is anything but done yet - quite for a while now. There are a few guild based options via the website interface (and an increasing number of those lately), but not really anything ingame yet. Those are things that are long awaited by us simple players. And surely something that will be needed before launch. So ... ~fingerscrossed~ But we haven't heard anything official about that lately (besides the new alliance options that are meant to come, uh, soon. ) Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  10. The original idea was that stronghold parcels would cause taxes - with the ability of monarchs to adjust those taxes. The so-called tax-free parcels (provided in early backer bundles - currently called "grassland (*tax-free)" parcels) were meant to support the stronghold within the same bundle to be tax free (like 40 for a capital, 80 for a citadel, 160 for a palace). Later on we heard that not the parcel itself, but (only) the buildigs on it would need maintenance (wearing off if not payed) and that the resource parcels adjacent to a stronghold parcel would decrease some of it somehow. T
  11. At the moment (only) guild leaders can use their guild bank to purchase shop items. Eligible shop items will have an according button. Looks like this: We (as players) don't know wether officiers will (ever) have the right to use guild bank fonds to buy stuff. Currently, they don't (I just tested it). The original statement was: "The guild wallet is owned by the guild leader, and they can’t embezzle what they own. To be clear: the contents of the guild wallet are considered to be owned by the guild leader. Be careful who you trust." I suppose it would cause a lo
  12. When I first looked at the official article on Aug 13th, it said the event ends 23rd. So i added the 20% discount info to my signature, planning to remove it on sunday the 23rd, which I did. I Also posted about it, including the end date (23rd), on the open CoR discord channel on 14th. Not saying that it's impossible that someone somewhere posted/wrote 21st. But if so, I haven't seen it. Also the guild rewards are something they offered freely. They increased the rewards for a limited time to celebrate the beginning of beta. As a gift, a bonus, getting something we don't pay
  13. If you refer to the "Call the Banners" guild promotion (20% discount on any bundle for those who join a guild before it runs out), this promotion was set to end August 23, 2020, 11:59PM CDT//6:59AM CEST from the beginning. There have been no changes. At least not on the official promo website. If you refer to something else, please explain.
  14. I neither claimed that fighting is better than agreeing to disagree, nor that fighting may not be on top in Crowfall. See what I wrote above. Just saying. Anyways ... that's of course off topic in this thread and if we want to discuss this specific topic, I suppose we should do that somewhere else.
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