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  1. ((OOC)) Question about vessels

    Don't forget, your guinea mother could become a crow, too. It's also not precluded that both of you don't recognize that you are crows and this is your first life as a crow. Or that one of you don't recognize. Or that another crow inhabited her body. Since the account name is the displayed ingame name, no matter which vessel you use, it could be assumed that crows have a certain way to identify other souls/crows. You can of course choose that this is just a technical game thing and that it won't exist in your story, though.
  2. ((OOC)) Question about vessels

    Your concept can also work if it is a new crow, don't worry. Like i said, it is not clearly defined, so you are free. They do. A long time ago the devs mentioned the history module. It will simulate the history of each world, which cultures lived their and what conflicts they had and how they ended ... resulting in a specific and individual number of ruins, strongholds and other points of interest at the point of time when the crows arrive to scavenge the remains. As far as we know up to now, those cultures will already have dissappeared, when we enter the already dying worlds. There will only be those whos bodies will rise from their graves and the bodiless souls that are still trapped on this world (the aforementioned thralls).
  3. ((OOC)) Question about vessels

    Welcome to the forum. The "rumor" of crows not remembering what happened in "their last life" is based on the lore of Hero, a human who fought as Valkyns standard-bearer in the dragon wars and was punished with immortality later, never remembering what happened before his last death. Beside that, it has never been mentioned that crows would not remember their last life (of course living some thousands lives may cause some memory issues). But when Hero's story was published, it was not clear to us crows, that he would be a god - it sounded like he was just a simple crow. So that's that. But of course you are completely free to tell your story as you wish. Based on the lore, the crow itself is the soul of an extraordinary person, sent to the dying worlds to fight in their behalf. Did the gods speak to you to recruit you while you did the last breath of your first life? Or did you just wake up somewhere? Do you remember who you were before? Are you conscious about being a soul that travels through the universe to inhabit bodies and fight with them? Do you possses those bodies completely? Or is their original mind still in their? If so, are you dominating it or is it dominating you? Are they aware of each other or not? Those questions are not strictly defined by the lore. So you are completely free in your decision regarding this topic. There is no wrong or write and different crows can experience completely different circumstances. Why? That only the gods can tell ... or you.
  4. That the rest of beta-1 got invited this wednesday, doesn't make the statement incorrect that the first 3k of them got invited last saturday. Just saying. But thanks for the heads up.
  5. 5.3 is currently on test-server only, including up to the first 3k beta-1 players since last weekend. So it shouldn't be long now for the rest of beta-1 and beta-2 to follow and 5.3 to be transferred to the live-server.
  6. Keep Bugg

    Bugs bitte möglichst immer im zugehörigen Bug Report Thread (für LIVE 5.2 oder TEST 5.3 ) posten. Nicht, dass übermäßig darauf geachtet würde, aber dazu gibt es sogar eine Forumregel. Viel wichtiger ist aber, dass die Entwickler sich täglich durch die Bug Report Threads arbeiten ... aber "hier" nicht wirklich reinschauen (und dann bringt es ja nicht viel). Das kannst du dort übrigens auch ohne weiteres auf deutsch posten. So oder so noch viel Spaß beim weiteren testen und danke für deinen Einsatz.
  7. I actually like crowns a lot. Like you said, it has a crow in it. Then crowns relate to kingdoms. And since hundreds of years the currency Krone exists. For example in denmark, sweden, island, czechia. And Krone means nothing else but crown. And as a side fact, it's a good word for rhyming. The sword pushed through him by the hand of evil breed - he falls down and with his last breath he eerily frowns: I'll loose my life ... but not my crowns! Perfect, see?
  8. Graphical Upgrade

    Probably depends on what you mean with "graphical upgrade". As far as i understood, the graphic overhaul, like announced in the massive reveal news and shown in the corresponding video, is basically implemented in 5.3. Pictures from 5.3 The special lighting and things like weather details are not automatically "on", as far as i can see, but can be tested for some while now and you should be able to activate them yourself in your graphic settings. Here are some picture from 5.x some months ago. If you add this stuff together you get pretty close to what has been shown in the video.
  9. Aktivität

    Sehe ich ähnlich. Nur dass ein möglicher Softlaunch im Februar nicht auch zwangsläufig heissen müsste, DASS sie vorschnell veröffentlicht haben. ACE hat in der Vergangenheit gezeigt, dass sie sehr gut abwägen können zwischen dem, was ihre Community "fordert" und dem, was tatsächlich das beste für das Spiel ist. Ich finde auch, dass man es jetzt, wo die Verzögerung eh da ist, konsequent durchziehen und der Schwerpunkt mehr auf dem Endergebnis, als auf der Ungeduld der Backer liegen muss. Wenn es aber trotzdem Frühjahr 2018 wird, was ich nicht glaube, dann wird ACE seine gut durchdachten Gründe dafür haben. Verräter!
  10. Teleportation?

    Travelling is a not unimportant point of Crowfall. You have to find save trails to get your goods from A to B or to attack Fort X without being discovered by the other army. It's not that important now, but with real sieges and caravans it will be. And with mounts travelling will be more convenient anyways. There is just no reason to waste time to develop and implement a feature like teleportation that will only have a limited use for a short period of time. As a workaround: You can always look for a nice roof or hill and jump down until you are dead. Use the hero statue first to summon your old body (including it's inventory) and then one of the smaller statues to change the character.
  11. Aktivität

    Genaugenommen nicht. Er hat vor kurzem öffentlich erwähnt, dass Spieler mit Beta-3 Status um das Ende des Jahres herum Zugriff zum Test erhalten sollen. Und dass Alpha für sie bedeutet, dass fast alle Systeme im Test enthalten sind. Was schon eine Änderung ist, weil es früher immer hieß "alle". Selbst zum "fast alle" fehlen aber noch einige wichtige sekundäre Systeme, die definitiv reinmüssen um das ganze ein wenig abzurunden. Theoretisch möglich, dass einige Pre-Alphas dieses Jahr noch Einblicke bekommen, aber das scheint mir sehr unwahrscheinlich. Jetzt heißt es erst mal 5.3 auf den Live Server kriegen und dann Belastungstest mit den ganzen B-3ern. Allgemein muss man sagen, dass viele Features für den Soft-Launch nicht benötigt werden. Dazu gehören vor allem jene, deren grundlegende Systeme bereits vorhanden sind. Zum Beispiel verschiedenen Weltenbände, verschiedene Klassen, verschiedene Monster. Aber auch die letzte Feinarbeit wird definitiv zwischen Soft-Lauch und Commercial Launch geschoben ... sonst bräuchte man keinen Soft-Launch. Der Fokus für den Soft-Launch is ganz klar, dass alle Basis Systeme so ausreichend vorhanden sind, dass ein Wipe nicht mehr notwendig wird. Performance Issues und letzte Feinarbeiten gehören sicher nicht dazu ... auch wenn daran sowieso ständig gearbeitet wird. Man sollte sich deswegen meiner Meinung nach von zu hohen Ansprüchen verabschieden. Beim Soft-Launch geht es nicht darum, ein gut laufendes Spiel vorzustellen ... dafür ist der Commercial Launch da. Es geht letzlich nur darum, seine Versprechen rudimentär einzulösen, den Stein ins Rollen zu bringen und die Maschine anlaufen zu lassen. Auch die finanzielle. Jedenfalls danke für die Liste. Das gesamte Gilden-, Hierarchie- und EK/CW-Politik-System würde ich noch hinzufügen, die großen Festungen/Parzellen und die sogenannten Abenteuerparzellen, das komplette Königreichmanagement System (Steuer/Unterhalt) und die Charakteranpassung (sowohl optisch, wie auch die speziellen Charaktervorteile/nachteile).
  12. Aktivität

    Ich kann dir da im Moment leider keine Empfehlung aussprechen, was Gruppen für aktives testen angeht. Zu der Frage, wo die ganzen Leute sind, sollte ich besser auch nichts sagen. Immerhin dürfte es eine Chance geben, dass das scheinbare Aktivitätsniveau steigen wird, sobald wir allmählich in die Alpha übergehen. Also im Bereich Winter/Frühjahr. Jedenfalls herzlich willkommen im öffentlichen Forum.
  13. Loading the Eternal Kingdom

    I assume this happend on the live server? For this is a known bug on 5.2.10 on the live server (with no workaround that i know of) and as far as i know it is fixed in 5.3 that is currently on the test server. Since alpha-3 already has access to the test server, 5.3 should enter live soon, so it's not likely that there will be a fix on 5.2.10. If it happened on the test server, you should report it to or the corresponding bug thread in the test forum.
  14. @ACE_Jackal About the no-EK-stuff-on-TEST server you've been asked to investigate. This is not a bug. We've been told before 5.3 that with 5.3 we won't be able to use our rewards on the test servers anymore because you want us to do this on the live server. And thats what indeed happend. So the question, if we can have at least some EK things on the test server to, well, test them, is still valid. There was some confusion about the answer to the question "Will we be able to create guilds for free/in game resources - or ONLY from the store forever?" ... while this question itself probably based on the former comment "just to have guild is a little bit expensive too". The answer was "The guild thing is a service. so maybe it wont be ingame. Thats the one thing you may not be able do it ingame." Has there be a misunderstanding about the definition of "the guild thing", and for you it meant something like the enhanced crest symbols? Because, for some people it sounded like just creating or having (maintaining) a guild would cost real money and could not be done "for free" or at least "by using ingame resources". I think a clarification may help to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  15. Very informative, great questions and answers. Especially the one about entitlements. Thanks for listening to us and taking the time. The custom guild crest is currently not in the shop (at least for EU customers; US, i don't know). It was a kickstarter reward for high pledges and also available for some time in the shop. but it's very expensive (700-800$). You could try to check if one of the trusted traders offers it or contact and ask directly if your are really interested in it.