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  1. @EU/RU community You asked for it. ~pointingattoddsanswer~ Never say ACE doesn't listen. Now make me a liar and prove that I was wrong, by spamming the servers, providing server load and feedback. And not just for one day. For if not, you just weakend the position of the EU community. Just saying. No pressure, though.
  2. Welcome to the crowd. And good luck and have fun with your guild.
  3. Hm, i didn't want to participate in a public discussion about this topic, but, yeah, can't help it. I'll try to make it short. Call me stupid, but I don't understand how having siege times for EU players is something that is unlikely to be used in the Live game. Or how it could be anything that would cause "additional" development time. For if so, why should any EU player put any bit of energy in this game anymore, if there is no way for us to participate in the basic function of this game ... unless between 3-4am? I've heard it would need time and energy, got it. I just don't understand why. Maybe it would be good to explain it. If I don't understand it, surely others won't either, and thats a cause of unnecessary friction. However, if it is not possible for the game to provide siege windows at different times ... I have no clue how it could be successful in the end. The Dregs campaigns put players without a guild automatically into the group of their gods faction. So if you choose Arkon/Sun, you would play for Sun (order). Those factions can conquer Strongholds as far as I understood. I've seen factions conquering Outposts successfully, so keeps should work, too. That's kind of a workaround - but it's at least something. I don't like the idea of only providing siege windows for EU. Main focus is and has to be the NA market. If the needs of a market are not met, it causes friction. Causing friction in the US market would be a bad idea. But EU/4g is also a not insignificant market. And obviously those communities are reaching a certain threshold of frustration - otherwise the topic wouldn't escalate increasingly. What do you think happens when this game comes to Beta, 300k players get invited, and 1/3 of them are only able to test the main pillar of this game, the throne-war, at 3-4am? Now, that would create a fine game reputation ... not. This being said, the issue is not about having it this or that way. Nobody wants to cause trouble. But people want to participate. Any(!) way that would allow EU/RU players to participate in Sieges and City-Building would be great. That's all. Still, at the current time, I wouldn't expect too many EU players join the battle, in case the aforementioned would happen. Because there are not a lot of people watching closely anymore (because: this is not a new issue, but just one effect of another larger issue). So IF it is a large hassle to provide EU siege times, and IF the company would nevertheless make it happen because there seems to be demand ... it most likely wouldn't lead to masses of additional players suddenly contributing to test and feedback. The usual guilds may join - until they get bored. That's all. An where would that lead us? To the company dismissing EU/RU needs even more in the future, because it turned out those community factions may cry, but if they get what they want, it won't help. And that's definitely not something our sub-communities can afford. Still, at some time there needs to be EU siege times anyways. Like I said, I personally don't understand why they are not there. Like many other community folks, I would explain it to others and pour oil on the troubled water ... but I can't, because I just don't know. But thats another issue and doesn't belong to this topic. Anyways Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. There has been great and awesome ideas, nay, visions! about maps in Crowfall. Some of them got into basic testing. You would need to scout the map, like this you could share your map with others on a war table, completing your map; put it into a scroll and sell it to others; using old maps to misinform people. You could seamlessly zoom into maps, down to a 3d level, like this You could see all the placed buildings even on a larger map, like this I personally imagined maps, if in 3d, to look like those I were able to build, without any prior knowledge, like this Or if in 2d, like this They showed 3d/2d versions in the past, like in the very early tests ACE's basic idea was always to make the map game-of-thrones-intro style, like this If we look at todays maps, it's not completely off from the original vision. Changes would be nice. Higher quality level. Height levels shown on the map being true to the actual heights ingame. 2D option. The ability to put little flags with custom mouse-over infotext on a map, or even directional arrows and the ability to share those custom maps. Stealing maps from other players. And so on. That all would be awesome. But it's not gamebreaking to not have it. And nobody can say they didn't test stuff. Maybe they will put some changes in, between now an launch, maybe not. But basically, in my opinion, the current maps are good enough for the initial launch. May the rest come in a future update. Let them focus on more important things, so they can get the game out.
  5. ^This Jah and I were able to absolutely own the last dregs campaign on TEST. Two people. I may understand if Jah does. But me? Seriously? There can't be a worse sign regarding player participation, if I win. And like they say in this news: they can't test without us (see what they did there?) (Of course, one could argue that they probably should have aimed to encouraged their general community more during the last two years, instead of moving over to stalling tactics that only upset the existing audience, and to keep on showing interest on their EU community, instead of appearing like they care less each day ... but yeah ... a) that's in the past and b) it's their own fault ... so, not our job to burden our thoughts by thinking about that)
  6. @Uta You are aware of the fact that you always put me under some not insignificant pressure, when you provide a translation for your language community ... and i haven't done the same for my own yet ... right? 🙄 Well done, and much appreciated.
  7. Vorwort: Dies ist eine selbstgestrickte nicht-offizielle Übersetzung (hier das englischsprachige Original) mit eingebauten Freiheiten bei den Formulierungen. Falls Ihr Lust habt, schreibt doch ein wenig über eure bisherigen Erfahrungen mit den Dregs Kampagnen ... oder falls ihr noch nicht die Gelegenheit hattet, über eure Erwartungen oder offenen Fragen. Viel Spaß und Erfolg im Spiel Kraahk CROWFALL: Das Erwachen - Montag, 22.06.2020 Lasst uns mit einem Statusupdate über den Crowfall's Alpha Test beginnen. Der Alpha Test läuft weiter! Anfang May haben wir offiziell die Alpha Testphase angetreten, die wir folgendermaßen definieren: "Alle Hauptsysteme des Spiels sind jetzt funktionsfähig und wir engen uns auf die letzten Teile ein, die wir zum Launch brauchen". Beim Alpha Prozess geht es nicht mehr nur um das Testen von Einzelteilen: es geht darum, das Spiel als Ganzes zu betrachen und zu sehen, welche Dinge miteinander funktionieren und welche nicht. Das bedeutet, dass wir Dinge wie die Stadtentwicklung und den Gilde-gegen-Gilde Aspekt nicht nur individuell testen müssen, sondern auch als fundamentale Teile eines größeren Ganzen. Crowfalls Alleinstellungsmerkmal ist, und war immer, die "Spielervermittlung". Statt einer Achterbahn (so konstruiert, dass sie sich gefährlich anfühlt ... obwohl sie auf festgelegten Bahnen fährt), ist unser Spiel mehr darauf ausgerichtet, einem Demolition Derby zu gleichen - es gibt keinen vorbestimmten Weg und eure Aktionen, eure Entscheidungen werden das Schicksal jeder Kampagnenwelt bestimmen. Dieses Konzept grenzt sich fundamental von anderen Onlinespielen ab. Was cool ist! Aber auch bedeutet, dass das Spiel nicht ohne Spieler funktioniert. Ohne euch können wir buchstäblich Nichts testen. Jetzt im Moment müssen wir uns auf Folgendes konzentrieren: Fehlerbeseitigung und Feinarbeit Client Optimierung Neuspieler-Erlebnis Spielbalance (sowohl für das Strategiespiel, wie auch die Reise der Spieler) Wir müssen noch ein paar weitere Systeme in Stellung bringen - Dinge, die wir für den Launch brauchen, wie die Unterstützung von VIP Tickets und die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten bei der Charaktererstellung - aber der Pfad zur Beta liegt klar vor uns. Das Erwachen (Update 5.115) Wir nennen diese Version Das Erwachen (Update 5.115), weil es das erste Kapitel unserer Neuspieler-Einführung beinhaltet. Die Geschichte beginnt damit, dass der neue Spieler von den Göttern als unsterbliche "Krähe" ins Leben zurückgeholt wird, als Streiter und Vorbote des Endes der Welt, und zieht sich dann durch eine Reihe von Quests, so gestaltet, dass sie den Spielern beibringen, wie das Spiel funktioniert. Wir haben nun eine große Anzahl an miteinander verknüpften Systemen (Charakterentwicklung, Rohstoffabbau, Handwerk, Experimente, Talentbäume, Attribute, passives Training, Opferungen, Karawanen, Stadtentwicklung, Die Gunst der Götter...) aber ohne eine Möglichkeit, sie dem Spieler auf natürliche Art nahe zu bringen, kann das Spiel überwältigend wirken. Aber lasst mich nochmal zum Mitschreiben klarstellen, dass hier ist kein Quest-orientiertes Spiel und die Quests dienen nur dazu, die Spieler einzuweisen. Sobald Kapitel 2 und 3 fertig sind, haben wir (hoffentlich) genug, um sicherzustellen, dass die Spieler verstehen, wie das Spiel funktioniert. Zusätzlich gibt uns das die Chance, die Hintergrundgeschichte von Crowfall vorzustellen. Das Pantheon von Crowfall ist reichhaltig, mit ausgeprägten Persönlichkeiten und Einflussbereichen für alle Götter und komplizierten Beziehungen zwischen ihnen. Unsere Götter geben uns die Chance diese Welt deutlich von anderen abzugrenzen, und das System für das Neuspieler-Erlebnis gibt uns die Chance sie ihnen vorzustellen. Dies ist eine Grundlage, auf die wir hoffen noch auf Jahre hinein aufbauen zu können. Das Erwachen führt den Dregs Welten zahlreiche Verbesserungen hinzu. Außerdem enthält dieses Update eine Fülle von Veränderungen für "Die Abgründe" (the Dregs), unserem Kampagnen Modus der folgendes beinhaltet: Gilde gegen Gilde Kampf um den Besitz von Gebieten Stadtentwicklung, mit der Möglichkeit für Spieler zwischen einer Fülle von Gebäuden zu wählen, die alles ändern. Von "Welche Art Wächter spawnen, um meine Stadt zu schützen" bis hin zu "Welche art magischer Schutz soll mich während einer Belagerung schützen" Die Gunst der Götter erlaubt Gilden im Namen der Götter Ruhm, Reichtum und Macht zu ernten - und so schlussendlich die Kampagne zu gewinnen. Unser nächster Schritt besteht darin, diese Version auf die LIVE Spieletest Server zu bringen und längere Testläufe zu beginnen. Wir werden dies heute Abend tun, mit einer God's Reach und Infected Kampagne, und dem Ziel (angenommen der erste Launch läuft rund) morgen eine 7-Tage Dregs Kampagne zu starten. Wir erwarten immer noch, dass es einige Probleme geben wird, zumal wir unweigerlich mehr Tester auf dem LIVE Server haben werden, als auf TEST Server, und dies immer neue Verläufe erzeugt, die vor einer starken Serverbelastung nicht offensichtlich waren. Wir werden unser Bestes geben, um diese anzugehen. Aber, wie immer, liegt anschließend unser primäres Ziel darauf, zur nächsten Version fortzuschreiten - die in naher Zukunft auf TEST veröffentlicht wird. Und so dreht sich das Rad und der Kreis beginnt von Neuem. Wie auch sonst, wollen wir jenen von euch mit Testzugang (was alle unsere Backer beinhaltet) zur Teilnahme am Spiel ermutigen - und allen von euch danken, die bei den Tests aufkreuzen und uns dabei helfen Probleme zu finden und solch großartiges Feedback bereitstellen. Wir werden weiterhin eure Vorschläge und Kommentare in unseren Foren durchlesen und Tag für Tag, Woche für Woche, daran arbeiten, die Vision Wirklichkeit werden lassen. Wie immer, Danke für die anhaltende Unterstützung und wir sehen uns im Spiel!
  8. First: How about not closing the TEST server bug-report/feedback thread until a while after the TEST server gets a new version or it got closed (or a new bug-report/feedback thread has been opened)? Just a suggestion. This is feedback for the 6/19 TEST version 5.115 . NPE Quests & Campaign Cards Both systems are very well done for a first version. Meaning, they are showing well what could be possible with those system and where the road is leading ... but they still have basic flaws and need intense work to reach the necessary end of the road. What I noticed most is that the provided informations/wordings in quests and cards are sometimes unclear or misleading or simply wrong. Also the distribution of scorepoints is not as comprehensible as it needs to be. Since there are too many of those issues, I believe that both systems needs an overall revision, and I will only point out some examples. Campaign Cards First: A possible general solution for the following could be to make the current progression of scorepoints (or their objectives) visible to the players - so they can see wether what they did worked or not. And to split the score result in the scoreboard according to the seperate cards instead of showing the sum total per pillar. In that case the following two points would mostly be obsolete. Wordings in Campaign Cards need (always) to be absolutely(!) precise - and sometimes it is not. It should also provide additional informations, where otherwise player may misunderstand the meaning. Examples: Card 1: What is an enemy god? And which god braziers are really legit? Since guilds choose a patron god, one could say that any other god is an enemy god in the throne war. This may be different in faction based campaigns, but Dregs are guild campaigns. And "any" brazier clearly implies those in the temples. Turns out "enemy gods" are "gods of another faction" and "any brazier" is "any outpost brazier". So any sacrifices enemy gods of the same faction or in temples didnt provide any deed progression. Card 2: Are Bog Bear teeth and Bog Bear canine teeth the same? When looting Bog Bears, those creatures can drop a white quality "Bog Bear tooth". Now is that the wanted tooth or not? Sacrificing them to Zaleena outpost braziers didn't provide deed progression, so obviously they are not. Maybe the ancient Bog Bears drop canine teeth? Who knows. Anyways, either the card wording needs to be more precise (like "from Ancient Bog Bears") or the loot items per beast should be very unique, so they can't be mixed up in a simple players mind like mine. Score Point Distribution Is not always clear which results were finally achieved - and sometimes it just doesnt make sense. Example: Snaptest 6/17, Fall, Power For everybody who likes brain twisters: Which guild got which points for which card? (The number in the right Fall column (moon) is the sum of the points for both cards) Scoreboard shortly after end of Fall (with no significant changes in between): (You can research more informations by accessing the campaign details ingame (lobby -> campaigns -> completed -> dregs snaptest 6/17 -> map -> details) Solution: Now please tell me: How are those ties possible? 🤡 We are talking about "Capture Points earned", with up to six-diget figures. It doesn't make sense, and it seems to be completely impossible. Second, obviously the campaign card goals doesn't base on the "campaign result up to now" but on "results within the current season". That makes this card incomprehensible. First because it is called a campaign card and not a season card and second because the players have no way to see how many capture points they or others scored within a season. So players would be right to expect it bases on "overall campaign results up to now" and not season results. Due to that, for the player the Power Campaign Card card in it's current state is like gambling: you do something and hope you will get something - but you never know what and why. The same, or similar issues, are true for other cards. tl;dr: The cards wordings and their score point distribution really need to be checked on a basic level. People need to understand what they need to do to get what result, and to be able to check their progress while they do. NPE Quests Boring. Confusing. Wrong. Incomplete. Boring. Sorry. Well, OK, not that bad. I actually like it. Or to be more precise: I like what it may become. Because - there are some quite basic flaws. That's OK for a first version. But too many though to mention them all, though. So i am back to examples. A tutorial should be very clear and consistently leading the player from one step to the next, explaining the things the player otherwise may not understand. Thats partially done, but not completely, there are gaps. For example, the compass is not explained, which should happen right at the beginning. The initial quest from Guiseppe (you find him at the center of the temple) is good enough to solve it, but saying something "you can find him at the center of the temple. Look at the compass above you, he's right to the north of here." would make the new player both aware of the compass and the leading quest icon on it. Already the second quest at the sentinel relies on seeing this quest icon, in order to find Brak Lionshield. It get's worse with Brak "A pack of wolves is harassing these refugees looking for an easy meal... if you are looking for a fight, that's a good place to start." Uh ... what refugees, what wolves? Either explain the compass first - or at least say "outside the temples gates". Also a quite competent trainer, not telling to open inventory [ i ] and equipping the given weapons first [rightclick or drag&drop] .... ~cough~ Next step, coming back from the wolves he says: But There is no bandage where the tutorial shows them to be. If he would have explained to open inventory and equip weapons before fighting the wolves, the player may find them easily. Still then the player wouldnt know how to open the Spell Book where he can equip the Bandage like shown in the picture. He could say something like "I put them into your rucksack, if you want to access them faster, i would suggest you put them where you can reach them easily. [press k] " In such a case showing the picture he does would make sense and be helpful. Instead of confusing, like now. I noticed that there are several quests, like this, in which the player gets something from the quest giver. But it's not comprehensible. Either the quest giver should tell the player that he put the stuff in the players inventory. Or, what I think would be much better: a loot window should open, so the player can take it (learns about loot windows this way and participates more actively in the story). Otherwise, if the new player doesn't see it ... it never happened! Also often (nearly always) there is no explanation how to do things. How to attack or how to open a certain window for example. Upon request, Brak tells the player next to use personal crafting if the players looses the bandages. Uh ... what personal crafting? Where? What if players forgot where they stopped? Nothing leads to the Quest log, it should be hinted where to find it right from the start. Because if not, the player may be fooled by some veeeery misleading quest directions on the compass. Like this, when not using a bandage after talking to Brak. Which is kind of inconvinient, because the world ends in about 360 meters in this direction. So this should be fixed too anyways. And that's only for the first three quest givers. It goes this way the whole bumpy road. Things not explained or wrong explained (there are not 11 gods, like one of the NPC's tell. D'Orion also died, by the hand of Kane - and the Allfather is missing, but surely dead, whyelse fight for the throne). In general NPC texts feel like being written very hastily. Which is of course OK for now. But the whole thing needs a thorough overhaul to be interesting, consistent and engaging. Besides that, the environment for the new players looks awesome and i think the quest system really has the potential for a great NPE. Well done so far.
  9. scorecards inside and outside campaigns display different remaining season times in the season card window (the latter showd the remaining campaign time instead of the remaining season time on the fall card) via map inside the campaign via map in lobby campaign selection
  10. This seems to be a, uh, complex question. Maybe contact and ask the guild leader? There's a guild search function on the website that can be used, showing the guild leader. In this case it would be @Melba. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  11. I suppose the point behind it is focussed testing. Green minors not being provided simply shows that discipline testing is not on focus right now. There seems to be a higher focus on strategy (season/campaign cards) and the new new-player-experience (quests). You can do the other stuff too, but it may be harder to do so, since they don't encourage us to do so, by not providing certain stuff. As simple as that. In my opinion.
  12. Adding to that, the debuff was immediately removed from players when the siege ended. All NPC's still deal the pulse damage, though. Also, while active, my FPS drop down significantly from 60 to 10, even with no other players around.
  13. Kraahk


    I suppose that more detailed guild functionalities will be implemented first. Of course the final game will need a friendlist -- though it's not part of the testing environment yet. I would even say it also should have a foelist.
  14. Welcome to the forums. Informations about this and other issues can be found in the how-to-play section of the website. If this doesn't work or if you encounter other issues, just ask the community here or on the officially unofficial Crowfall community Discord server. Or contact support@crowfall.com. Have fun and good luck Kraahk
  15. Mentioned by several people in several ways and places, so just for the records: todays keep sieges on TEST didnt seem to work. No trees, no sieges.
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