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  1. Protecting the Sheep!

    I don't. I think it is already there. If you want to be safe on your own, you can start testing the game in your own Eternal Kingdom. In the final game this might be the place where a first tutorial takes place. There will surely also be large Eternal Kingdoms from other players/communities, who will also allow for big variety of scouting experience. Even if you go to the campaigns immediately, there are the small starter locations (the beachhead, where you spawn) that is protected and can't get attacked by other factions (as long as there are no bugs that provide loopholes). So i would like to ask you a counterquestion, just to understand you better: What else are you looking for precisely?
  2. Best place for returning player?

    You can read all or most about it in the vessel FAQ. The term of "character" doesnt really fit to the system Crowfall provides. The term is just not explicit enough. So let's go a different route. Imagine you are a space pilot in a science fiction game. If you go out to conquer worlds, you can take different ships with you. You can developand extend those ships. Stronger ships are better. But of course your personal pilot skills count a lot. You are specializing your skill on being a troop carrier pilot? Then you will be better with those. Mining ship? Flagship. Bomber. Medical ship. Whatever. Besides: You have a maximum amount of ships you can use (6 to begin with). The one you are flying can get destroyed (you are in the middle of the fight with it, right). A ship you currently don't use can be put into your hangars. Those you carry within the internal hangar of your current ship can be stolen after you have been defeated. Those which are in the hangar of your base are save. Different campaigns may allow a different number of maximum ships you can use there. But we are not there yet and it is very like that most times it will stay with 6. By the way, the 6 is an overall amount. If you want to conquer several worlds (or visit your home-base) you will need to use at least one of your ships to do so. Not yet, but in the future. The pilot is your account. The ships are your vessels. All your skills get applied to your account. Your display name will always and everywhere be your account name, no matter which vessel you use (you can call to change this name ONE TIME for free). In the final game you will only be able to use and overall maximum of vessels. You can bring them into campaign worlds or EK's. You will most probably be able to move them from one to another (but then without inventory). Bodies (vessels) in your inventory can be stolen. The one you are currently using can be destroyed or get damage by dying. You can put bodies into your account bank or the campaign chests for later use. But as soon as you use them, they will take a place in your vessel list. Wether (or under which circumstances) we can remove them from there to use another one, we dont know yet. Currently we are not that far though and each world provides 6 vessel slots ... but you can't move them from one world to another.
  3. Best place for returning player?

    Oh, regarding the castle. How could i forget? xD The building system got a huge revamp with 5.6 and a lot of changes. The purple grid is gone. The placement works a little bit different. There are specific numbers of building parts, depending on their type and size, you can place on a specific parcel. The centerpiece building of the castle itself (the throneroom) was available last summer as a greybox model. It currently is not available though. Biggest currently available centerpiece is the keeps greathall. My guess is, that's mostly because there have been big changes about how (modular) those centerpiece buildings will be build. If you want to know more about this, this is the stream you should look at, and here is a picture about it. Different colors are different modules you can add to the main piece.
  4. Best place for returning player?

    You should already be able to access 5.6 on the TEST server (just download the approriate client here ). Since 5.6. is knocking at the door, you might want to focus on the current TEST server to get familiar with the new build. It surely will help you catch up more than testing 5.5. If you can access it, do it. There are vendors at any of the 4 strongholds in the open wild, which provide resources of nearly any kind and any quality level in exchange for 0 gold. If a faction took hold of a stronghold (currently chaos rules most, but often it is order), the NPC guards will fight you if you are not of this faction. So be careful. An make sure to save your resources in your spirit bank ( press B ) often enough. Most times the TEST server gets a new build, the export limits got reset. Don't waste the precious exports. Last not least, this is the map JAH, the most famous 5.x cartographer in Crowfall, provided for 5.5. 5.6 has a different map, but the strongholds are basically in the same areas. So even for 5.6 it helps a bit for orientation if you haven't tested recently.
  5. Best place for returning player?

    Pann provides a list of currently fitting links for new players every now and then. If you haven't tested the game actively within the last three-6 months or longer, those might be a good idea to look at first. Here is the current list (from yesterday). Have fun, good luck - and welcome back. Kraahk
  6. Nouveau CM Français

    Bienvenue et beaucoup de succès.
  7. Kickstarter Large Castle

    Wait for the really big stuff. And yes, it (already) looks fantastic. Unfortunately, with the token system online, we are not likely to see this kind of skylines again. There just won't be enough tokens for this and bigger centerpiece buildings, i guess. But we still have the memories, don't we?
  8. May 17 Snap Test!

    Wasnt it up to Beta-1 who were allowed to enter the TEST environment?
  9. Blair Math

    That's only because of the beard. Don't worry, they are just jealous.
  10. Sounds like the 10% guild discount. This wasn't your first purchase after creating/joining a guild, was it?
  11. New EK housing?

    I didnt update my calculations for about a year or so, so I can't answers this question precisely. I did some calculations and guesses in the past. May be a good time to do update it. I'll post in here about it later. It might however be a good thumb rule, that building a stronghold from scratch ingame, might need the amount of time/effort to earn the equivalent value of a VIP ticket ingame, multiplied by 2 to 3 times the SN of the wanted stronghold. I'll come back with some current numbers later.
  12. New EK housing?

    Stronghold types (fort, keep,...) can have different ranks (rank 1= small, 2= medium, 3=large). If so, a higher rank provides more opportunities (like more building slots for example - and of course more building parts, if it is a full bundle). Strongholds of the same type and rank are basically the same. The different eras (Kickstarter, 2015, 2016...) only differ cosmetically = their accessory packs contain stuff with a unique (era specific) look. Trusted traders make their own price calculations, more or less without any influence from ACE. They simply have to follow the market. Currently MarkeeDragon offers a KS small castle for under $600, which is a bargain, if you are interested in such things. The official content value is $1930. But remember you can build this stuff also ingame with ingame resources. And of course you can also just connect to one of the few community kingdoms (like mine ). Here is a list of the original standalone bundle prices (BP), the official content shop value (CV) and the expected support numbers (SN) for your convinience.

    Welcome to the forums. And thanks for the info that the issue has been solved.
  14. Will my EK wipes too?

    Hi again. As far as we know, skills and spirit banks and EK's will be wiped with the beginning of 5.6 on LIVE (on TEST the spirit banks didnt get wiped with 5.6. ... so maybe ... but who knows, I wouldn't bet on it). Everytime EK's get wiped (which happened several times now and can happen anytime in the future, too), the whole EK gets deleted. Your backer rewards will be reset (including the free test copies). Which is to say you will have to (and will be able to) claim those deeds ingame to use them again. Everything you have built, bought or traded ingame before, will be sacrificed to the gods (=gone).
  15. So many answers already. Please excuse that I'll add my opinion to the whirling pot of thoughts, too. As for the lore, there is no lore provided about the gliding/flying of Crows in their bodiless crow-form yet. If you need one for RP reasons, you could say that we Crows (=souls) are bound to the gods will (we scavenge the worlds for them) - and that we are bound to the worlds they send us (we can not really freely leave worlds, we are bound to the campaign). This is why our souls are drawn back to the gods temple when our bodies get destroyed - and why our souls can't leave the earth before we did our duty (or until we use their holy moon-gates to bind our soul to another world). As for the reasoning, ACE said multiple times that dying is meant to hurt. And that they want to limit the possibilities of secure scouting while in crow-mode (too much gain for too less risk). Of course players can say that having to fly back to the body is annoying and unconvinient. Sure. It would be more easy to click a button after death, immediately respawning where you died. And getting 20 legendary resources for one hit on a resource node, or having endless hitpoints is more convinient, too. Is it within the spirit of the game? I strongly doubt it. To fail has to hurt and to be unconvinient. The crow-form only gliding could be called one of the methods to get this. But in my opinion ... the opportunity to glide freely ... thats already a big deal. Of course things still have to be balanced. Balancing is mostly late alpha and beta stuff. The movement in crow-form is too slow and the jumping is just ugly. Both will surely be taken care of. By the way, the movement has already increased in the new 5.6 and feels a lot better now. The rest, we will see. So in my opinion, everything is ok and on the right way. But, again of course, we still have to test it all and to always give our feedback, to help ACE making the best game possible. So i would like to encourage people to understand/remember, that convinience may always be what we want ... but is not always what we need (and that we nevertheless have to complain about things we dont like). With this said, have fun ... and good luck Kraahk