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  1. As far as I can see, the condition to be able to use the shipping address link is the existence of the Physical Collectors Edition, not the KS Amber+ status. Since people were able to to redeem the CE for credits mid 2015, and because the CE also has been a giftable item in the past, and because it was/is also purchasable as a standalone, some people with Amber+ won't have to give you there shipping address (and as it seems also won't be able to), while others below KS Amber+ may. So it may be less confusing, if the title would mention the Collectors Edition instead of the Amber leve
  2. Ok. ~gettingheadache~ I just deleted a lot of what I've written. It's too long to expect anybody to really read it all. It's still too long, though. ~sigh~ Anyways, since this thread is open again now, and it has been said there was an LQA pass, I took the time and just walked to 6.3 God's Reach, zapped through different windows, without searching fervently for errors. Just click, short look, next. Found about one issue per minute (39 total). Here are some of them: [hr] - Basic short sword = Einfaches Kurzschwert - Basic dagger = Normaler Dolch -
  3. Alles Gute auf euren weiteren Wegen. Vielleicht führt der ein oder andere Weg ja irgendwann wieder zu einer Berührung mit Crowfall. Dass an dem Game noch einiges zu ändern ist, bevor es veröffentlicht werden kann, steht ja, denke ich, außer Frage. Vielleicht geht es ja noch in die richtige Richtung. Derweil vielen Dank für euren mehrjährigen beständigen ingame Einsatz in der und für die deutschsprachige Community. Er hat anderen geholfen, sich auch einzusetzen. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. Kraahk


    You mean back when this parcel ... and so the colossus ... was meant to be twice as long and twice as wide?
  5. Congratulations to all winners. As for the rest: get better!
  6. True. And that's why there is a specific subforum and regular updates for shareholders for example. I am sure that, just as much as shareholders may appreciate clarity, the team may appreciate questions from shareholders being asked in the according investor area, if not even through more immediate ways - but surely not in public. So, if you are a shareholder, i would suggest to ask questions like yours via the appropriate channels. If you are not, I would suggest to become one (support@crowfall.com may help you to get there), if you really want to get these quite specific questions
  7. OK, i took some time, since I think this is an awesome idea, and read through the text with my kraahked eyes. I hope you don't mind. First of all, english is not my first language ... so some remarks may just be based on misunderstandings. However - even then, possible misunderstanding should be avoided. You have a large clientele all around the world, and they deserve to understand the details, even if they don't understand english perfectly. If nothing else, it helps to avoid further issues and therefore further effort on your side. tl;dr#1: My general suggestion would be: Please b
  8. Welcome to the forums. There are several known bugs regarding parcel placement in the current 6.200 build. Depending on how/when you place/move parcels, your character may fall through the world after confirming the changes, finding it's final rest in the eternal loading screen falls. Well, not final final rest. If you close the client, restart it and re-enter your kingdom, you character should be placed back onto a parcel - if only in crow form ... because the gods hate us. No workaround I'd know of, yet. Please make sure to post bugs and their description in the bug threads of
  9. Das sollten, was die allgemeine Stabilität angeht, soweit die beiden Hauptakteure in unserem Sprachbereich sein, was Gilden angeht. ~bestätig~ Und Willkommen im Krähentrubel Diealo.
  10. Welcome to the forums, a few more details to what the others already said: You can check which Beta Group you are in in your account rewards list. Looks like this You will have to opt-in to the Closed Beta Access, so make sure the check box in your account profile is active. Looks like this You will get an invitation via eMail, once your Beta Group is invited. If you did register just recently, it may well take several weeks (maybe even months) before you are invited, since free Beta Players get invited in batches (and when it makes sens
  11. Welcome to the forums. The possibility of refunds can depend on several details (e.g. where you are from, from whom you bought what exactely, etc.). Therefore we as community can't tell you wether your wish can come true or not. The developers can, though. And you can contact them via support@crowfall.com. As another option, the Trusted Traders anshex.com and markeedragon.com are licensed to buy and sell retired bundles officially. Some additional general thoughts on the topic: It seems advisable to inform oneself thoroughly before pre-buying a game in development, e
  12. As a Sapphire Backer you should have a Small Castle (and a Large Keep). I just tested it and it's all there and worked for me. Some things can be confusing, so I'll show it step by step. The Small Castle should be shown to you like this: - In your account management reward list (if not unbundled) If already unbundled, you will instead see the single items Parcel City Rank 1 (the piece of land) Small Castle Pack (the walls) Castle Throneroom (the main building) Kickstarter Castle Accessory Pack (stuff like flagpoles, not fully implemented
  13. Willkommen im Forum. Ich schätze es ist nicht unbedingt notwendig, Tiggs Posting zu übersetzen; trotzdem nochmal zur allgemeinen Klarstellung: Für Crowfall gibt es keine Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung (NDA) und es hat auch von Beginn an keine gegeben (mit Ausnahme der frühesten Tests 2015, die auf Pre-Alpha Backer beschränkt waren (und selbst da war es überwiegend nur eine Bitte, das Spiel nicht in schlechtem Zustand live zu streamen). Es kann also frei gestreamt, gepostet und geteilt werden ... unter Einhaltung der üblichen fair-use-policy natürlich, die neben den Forenregel
  14. what happened with the 500 sub-guilds structures ... ~wondering~
  15. When the last iteration of mountains where introduced, it came with a new system. Instead of specific and always-the-same mountain parcels, they were built up by a procedural combination of mountain parts. Regarding that, if mountains are not part of the testing environments at the moment, I would assume they may currently working on the function of this procedural mountain range building. Just a guess of course.
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