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  1. Token I think you mixed something up with the house sizes? At least it feels that way. A cottage currently is S, while a annex dock is M. A vendor stall is also S. Which currently allows a city parcel to only have 5 cottages with 5 vendors. In 5.6 it was Cottage M, Stall S, Vendor XS ... and already short.
  2. I dont get it. Didnt make any changes. Logged out. Couldnt login again. Could log in again. Next new map. Might be the one after which i lost the citadel.
  3. Happened again. I built this: Logged out of EK. Wasnt able to login again. Finally was able to login again about 12 hours later. EK was reset to the state before the building changes. This: This time only the additional parcels vanished and the building parts (this time i had them in spirit bank) stayed. So, current list of lost items: 1 full citadel pack 2 capital parcels (palace) 2 city parcels (small and medium castle 2016) 40 farmland parcels 4 woodland hill parcels a few other items i didnt count All in all stuff worth more than 600,000 non basic resources. I guess i better start harvesting now.
  4. Had a lot of EK lags, mostly regarding loading the EK and transfering items from the spirit bank the inventory. Like transferring parcels from sb to inv. visible in both inventories. usable in ek. only after closing and reopening the sb the items got updated (=vanished from sb). Lost a complete Citadel bundle after relogging. Redeemed Citadel. Logged into EK. Transfered the Citadel items from spirit bank to inventory. Placed about 20 farm parcels and half a dozen other parcels in the kingom. Logged out. Redeemed a fort. Tried to login again. Didnt work (queued - couldnt find zone). Tried about half an hour to get back in the Ek. When it finally worked, all the former changes were undone and all the citadel pieces were gone. Not in the inventory, not in the world, not in the spirit bank, not in overflow, not in the purchases. Just lost. It was as if the whole last session had been reset (no, it was not the wipe, just an hour ago or so). 1st floor of octagonal towers don't connect to adjacent stone battlement walls. If panels get added to the 2nd floor of battlement walls, the wall will not allow other walls with 2nd floor battlements to be connected due to collision. Walls with no 2nd floors can be connected though.
  5. I remember mentioning this issue a long while ago (shortly after TEST started) and Gordon explained that/why we cant have our reward strongholds on both. It's still a not too unimportant issue, because things just cant be tested that might have to be tested - as the current situations shows. So, how about providing [TESTING COPY] deeds based on the pledge level or the highest backer reward stronghold? Like: Emerald gets a large castle, but for testing purposes (and to let them drool for more ... ok, and to get stuff tested) emeralds get a [Testing Copy] Citadel. And so on. Or: Player owns 257 Citadels and 5 large castles and/and/and. So highest is a Citadel. Player gets a [Testing Copy] Citadel. Or something like that. Because, as is said back then and as it proofs to be true now, we just cant test stuff otherwise before it comes to LIVE. (I mean - in the end its not really necessary, we still have enough time to test things on LIVE, right - so, who really cares, righ'?)
  6. Kickstarter Large Castle

    Uhm, no? The castle is the dark grey thing in the big white thing, which is the citadel concept. The red tower in the castle-max picture is the grey tower in the citadel picture. Of course things will change. But it's a good base to get the general idea.
  7. Kickstarter Large Castle

    Concept? Sure it has. For over a year now. Will it be exactely like this? Only the gods know.
  8. Feedback: Dear devs, thanks for addressing this bug, that would have messed up testing data, so fast that we will only loose one single day. Especially regarding that we just had a wipe after several months, this is absolutely nothing. And i am glad it didnt happen only after two or three weeks. Also thanks for immediately informing us as soon as you knew there would have to be another wipe, instead of leaving us in the dark and just wiping. And thanks for even listening to us when we are emotional from time to time. Please forgive us - it's just that we are so passionate about the game that we sometimes loose it. Bug: Strange bug about an unlocked basic skill (beeswax), that shouldnt be unlocked and caused a disconnect when clicking on it. I remember having experienced this before 5.7. Here it is again now, this time captured.
  9. Doesnt look like it is probably meant to look like.
  10. Just for the sake of completeness: All usual rewards are correctly available now, both for gifting and the ingame redeem function. Still no battlements, wrong walls and double parcels though. Current 5.7 small castle bundle 5.6 small castle bundle
  11. Something is wrong with your rewards. Current 5.7 KS large castle bundle content: Wall parts seem to be not enough. Overall quality is poor (no battlement options). No centerpiece building. Partially old building part names (not in current crafting list). Two parcels.
  12. Same for me. Assets used in 5.6 are neither available in ingame purchases nor in website reward gifting.
  13. Soft launch 2019?

    The last official statement was: As early in 2019 as possible.
  14. Muito bom texto. Mas você não perde progressão. Você simplesmente não obteve nenhum ponto nas outras áreas ainda. Apenas dizendo.
  15. ^This. Which also means that EK' themselves will only provide the lower levels of resources. Adding to that, one of the big points of crowfall is the combination of opportunities and decisions. There will be worlds that allow a lot, some or no imports at all. If you don't like campaigns where guilds can prepare (too much) ... just don't play those that allow massive imports. If you don't like campaigns where guilds can not prepare (enough) ... just don't play those that don't allow imports. Crowfall provides th opportunities. The rest is simply your decision. At least partially/at the beginning. Because ACE will of course test which campaign rules are liked by most people and in the long run provide more of those campaigns. They will most probably still offer those campaigns liked by only a few people. Thats the cool thing with Crowfall - it will probably be the most adjustable game in gaming history. There are only 100 people who like campaign ruleset xy? No problem, they can very simply just create a world of an appropriate size. So, Crowfall won't provide "one specific way" how economy will work. Instead there will be different sub-economies, depending on how many players choose which way of playing. Each of these target groups will have individual perfect ways of economy. This will definitely cause some confusion in the long run, because probably most people are used to having only one specific way of reaching the top of economy. Crowfall will have several economies. So you will have several opportunities. And you will need to make your decisions to be the best in one area. Or an economy mastermind to be the best in all economic fields. Have fun - and good luck Kraahk