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  1. My last count for chest slots (august 8th) was Capital: 24 (9 first floor, 3 medium floors, 12 upper floors) .... also 20 stations (13+0+7) + 8 vendors (7+1+0) Citadel: 36 (16 first floor, 3 medium floors, 17 upper floors) .... also 32 stations (20+0+12) + 12 vendors (6+3+3) Palace: 47 (25 first floor, 5 medium floors, 17 upper floors) .... also 43 stations )28+3+12) + 16 vendors (12+1+3) Since there was no difference between castle-sizes at this time (small/medium/large all provided a capital parcel of the same rank, with the same building/castle on it), a castle was a castle in these regards, no matter the official bundle size. I may have missed some slots and of course the numbers could have changed since then.
  2. That's a quite commonly experienced issue, which mostly derives from ripples throughout the observable parts of our space-time continuum. Or in more simple words: We are always there ... we're just not always "here". Don't let that distract you. I mean, who would you be to complain anyways, right ... just "coming back" from "somewhere else"? Causality! Maybe your individual "there, but not here" waves caused enough ripples to effect others so much, that their ripples are now coming back to you? Serves you right!!!!!! Besides that, I fullheartedly agree (not that it would matter in any way, though).
  3. Can't talk about how it works "right now", since that would only be guesses. But as far as I know, CS is usually pretty fast and very helpful. IF things are escalated and include follow-up questions, things may take longer to be processed ... of course. With such a small company - still handling their CS themselves instead of outsourcing it to people who don't know anything and also won't be able to make a decision (with, maybe, in the end, leading to the Executive Producer himself talking to you) - it simply may take a while until certain people are able to dedicate their time to your specific issue. I had quite some experiences regarding this topic throughout the years ... and - in the end - my experiences never were unsatisfactory. I can't tell wether this is because I generally don't tend to let go or because things were different back in the days. Anyways, I would suggest to just not let go, if (IF) you really think a certain issue needs to be adressed but is not yet understood properly. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. The Collectors Editions DO come with a game code ... if you aquired them properly. You can find the according Codes in the Codes Tab of your account management. Looks like this: As far as I know, there have been some reports regarding people getting an additional CE sent to them ... accidently. Which is to say without them actually paying for it; just getting 2 instead of one. I could imagine that those people may not get an additional Game Copy code also. In such a case ... well ... not really something to complain about, I suppose, right? In all other cases, the according Code should be found in the mentioned tab, and as a seller you should make sure to get the code/s to the person you sell your CE to. Also, the CE's include 2 friend codes ... which are also to be found in the according tab. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  5. Willkommen im Forum! Stell in jedem Fall sicher bei deiner Supportanfrage (oder weiterführenden Kommunikation) zu erwähnen, dass du ein EU Kunde bist; die Regeln variieren von Region zu Region und für die Firma ist das ein ziemlicher Kopfschmerz zu erkennen welche Regeln anwendbar/anzuwenden sind. Für uns gilt ein grundsätzliches Widerrufsrecht innerhalb 14 Tagen nach dem Fernabsatzgesetz. Davon abgesehen gilt, was Blowfeld geschrieben hat: Entscheidend ist der Eingang deines Widerspruchs, nicht das Datum ihrer Antwort. Natürlich solltest du nach dem Zeitpunkt deines Widerspruchs die angebotene Leistung auch nicht mehr nutzen. Viel Glück und Erfolg Kraahk
  6. No time, for it would have needed research of the actual wording (in the old threads). But wanted to provide at least a short answer. That's the reason. Leads to two options with the same result. a) Short answer is not enough b) you actually believe what you just asked me is the case, after all the answers and informations i've shared about EK's. In both cases: I probably shouldn't try to provide answers anymore, if I don't really have the time. This reply already is an unnecessary waste of time. I should have know better. So thanks for reminding me. I'll remember it next time.
  7. That's a known issue, so I am sure they are working on it. As far as I know, the name change effect the ingame name first and the forum name will only follow later. Which ... as far as I have seen ... can take more than a month. In case of doubt, just contact support@crowfall.com. Might take a while though, since they are quite busy at the moment and this is a case of "yeaaaaah, we're getting to it, so what should i tell ya, we're working on it". However, the goal surely is to synchronize them, but they seem to have some problems with it. Experienced the same issue with several people in my guild. If you do have ingame issues because of that (like due to a guild procedure requiring a necessary ingame/forum/discord matching), just point them over to this thread, if they are not already aware of this specific issue yet ... or towards support. And if not ... well, just wait and check back in a month or so.
  8. There are reasons. It's not just "oh let's just put down something there, whatever". Actually I put quite some time and effort in calculating and arguing about sizes back in the day myself, when we were discussing what might make sense and why. So, yes, the table ... ok ... it looks quite hilarious in compared to most character sizes. But not in comparison to the building sizes. There are well thought of reasons for the dimensions. Maybe I'll have time to explain the history later. But then again ... since i didn't do it already within this posting .... probably not. However ... reasons. And good ones. Most can be researched within the archived forums (though some areas may be restricted, so I don't know what you'll be able to find). Anyways, you have better ideas? That's awesome. Make suggestions. But be careful, and let it be a good one, for ... many people have thought about these things before, so make sure you put in all perspectives. Literally.
  9. It should trigger automatically when you have VIP active, which you can check here. However, it seems not to work - at least not always. I experienced the same issue. Though sometimes it stays up. I could imagine that it simply crashes as often with people in it, as it does without. And a crashed EK needs to be loaded again of course. But I don't know. Anyways, nothing special you need to do. You need to enter the EK, of course (timer seems not to start if you only load but don't enter it). So if it doesn't stay open - it's most likely a bug.
  10. Hm, just looking at the tooltips won't work anyways, due to the variations some building parts offer. If you toggle through the "Stone Bridge and Ramp Deed" options (ctrl+mousewheel while in placement mode) you'll already find some variations that can be used as a limited workaround. Still, didn't find anything that would fit the description "free placeable ek stairs" yet.
  11. The awesome thing I (still) mostly think about when thinking about this topic, is the overall 1474 guilds joining the first 4 Dregs campaigns. The 105 guilds who scored only 4 points (which equals 1 single winter outpost - but still doesnt mean they all were "exploiting" the given rules) and what extraordinarily evil they could have done with 37,5k gold each, and the 270 who scored more than 100 points. Well, and the 477 small guilds who scored, over 4 but below 100, and are half a week later still got nothing at all and weren't able to prepare for the new campaigns the way they expected to be able to - opposite to the big ones who got as as good as everything. That's true justice. Congratulations. This was a very well-thought-of tactic to get rid of possible upstart competition. And ACE fell for it. So i can only congratulate. Very well done. The sad thing is, it actually won't even really matter anymore if any of it will come now, or later. It's simply done.
  12. The Guild notification log doesn't create entries when people joined or left via the ingame social tab. So the guild leader get's no notification at all about those. Which can be quite an issue for larger guilds, having no way to really see who joined or left when in such cases.
  13. Well, the latest patch notes say Created stone and wood castle wall ramps for EKs The free placeable EK stairs are smaller and their maxlow and maxraise was adjusted I haven't seen them myself yet, but I suppose they are exactely meant to solve this issue. But it's just a guess. ~fingerscrossed~
  14. Next thing. -------------- And actually, I am kind of angry about this. Because it is not my job. It is none of our jobs. It's the devs jobs. And we pay them for doing their jobs. Why didn't you do your job, devs?! The campaign rewards were not balanced. We all knew that. Or ... to be more precise: we guessed that. Because nobody officially explained how campaign rewards work (60% of what exactely again?), so we couldn't actually know and needed to trust you to let it all make sense in the end. My guildies are not complaining about the rewards. Do you know why? Because I told them beforehand that all of the rewards are in abeyance. Nothing set in stone. Everything can change at any time. It happened before. And guess what? It happened again. ~rolleyes~ ------------- So, how should it be. Participation should be gratified. Any active participation. Period. 37.5 gold and 15k dust is just nonesense, though, Make it 1k or 5k gold and 100 to 500 dust, and a random discipline or something like that. Add another tier for 50 score points, if you have to, with a slightly larger reward. Next: Don't calculate the conquest % based on "all joining guilds" but on "all scoring guilds". I did the math for AUS and it clearly showed that you based the conquest reward percentages on the overall guilds, not the scoring guilds. And that's bull. Next: Don't calculate the divine favor % differently than the conquest %. And definitely don't do it like you did it on AUS. As far as I can see, you made a favor-category-specific highscore, and then calculated the % on the this rank ... but compared to "scored-in-any-favor-category" guild numbers. So if 20 guilds score in Wealth, and my guild ranks #20, and 100 guilds got at least 1 favor point in any favor category, my guild would be top20. That's nonsense. Make the % based on the guilds that actually scored in the specific categories. Also: Include scored-favor-points-at-all and 80%-theshold rewards to those categories. The favor points are harder to get than the conquest points, at least in the beginning, and people need incentives to go through that chore. In my personal opinion: The top 1/2/3 rewards are not appropriate. I understand that people need incentives. But who is in the top3 has already got imeasurable riches just by getting to this point. There is simply no point in making the gap between them and the masses even bigger ... actually, it's exactely what you promised NOT to do, with your uncle-bob-scenario! Yes reward them. And reward them greatly. But not with more power. Give the small people the opportunity to grow and to become a challenge. For right now ... you are doing quite the opposite. And for the allfathers sake, add an information to outpost-capture-notes that says something like "hold this outpost for 37:42 minutes to gain conquest points for your guild", so newbs understand it. Or give them their personal rewards for the captures they gained personally. Or let a percentage (like 10% or what) of their individual captures, even if not scored regularly, flow into a guilds score points. Whatever you do, do something that is fair. And especially, don't take it out on the small players when you mess up. And especially especially don't do it after the fact. Thanks.
  15. All those 100-is-easy-to-get guys, just shut it. What someone imagines and how it looks like in reality are often different things. The score-any-points-in-dregs reward was obviously meant to reward (and thereby encourage) those who at least try to participate in the conquest, but simply are not good enough (yet) for the 80% threshold. As were the 80%, the 60% and 40% threshold for the next tier. The 100-points decision breaks all of that. Did any of you actually take a look at the highscore list and did the math? For it doesn't sound like it. I did. 18% of all joining guilds = 32% of the scoring guilds reached the 100+. So reality proves that - in the end - it is NOT "easy". Know what? Is it "easy" to earn more money than 82% of the other people, and more than 68% of those who earn money at all? Some would say yes. But guess which people would say it is not? As sad as it may be, it actually works in a society, because we all need to at least somehow live and pay our bills. But this is a game. A game people pay for. They don't get money for it. And if it is as hard as life, then they will just go. And yes sure, then let them go. And what then? Then the exact same people who told them to stop crying, to get better or get home, will complain that they don't have enough victims, that the game is empty and no fun. It's always the same...
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