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  1. I partially agree and disagree. EK stuff has been tested and researched by me extensively throughout the years. One of the issues is, that strongholds have been part of the higher priced kickstarter bundles and were promised to be worth the money. Reducing the building costs would decrease their value. Remember that those people made the development of this game possible in the first place, before you say that the high ingame costs for new players are the bigger issue. Next thing is that EK land pieces are calculated on what i call the "support number". The number of players that are meant to build and maintain (and be support by) a certain size of land. It starts with 1 for a Homestead, goes to 10 for a Shire - and so on until it ends with the capital at 120. You can see those numbers in older forum posts and the last parcel comparison I made. The actual building costs are always the same "per player". So in truth the costs for larger buildings and parcels are not astronomical ... they are just not meant to be built by one person alone, but by an appropriate group. But how much is the cost/effort per player? If you test it, like I did, you will find out that the land costs equal about 75 hours of harvesting for a new player with basic harvesting tools, harvesting only in save areas. Or 15 hours for a player with +20 advanced runetools and plentiful harvest 5 at rank 5 nodes within the relatively save God's Reach Wildlands. (It doesn't get much lower from that point on, because from there on it's mostly the resource quality that changes and not the quantity.) That my sound like much on a first glance, but we are not meant to build those things in a day. And still, even with these costs, a dedicated large enough guild should have no problem with getting their EK Capital even within a month. Doesn't sound to high for me. This being said ... I agree that the prices are too high. But why? Two reasons. First, the original land pieces have been 4 times as large as those we currently get. If they get four times as big again, I think they are appropriate. But as things stand right now, no. Second, the first small pieces of land and buildings are much too costly to insentivize new players to invest their time and effort into building their EK (and thereby using it's resources-sink function). And if they don't even start, they of course also won't continue up to the higher stuff ... and the whole system drops down the sink itself. Of course the reason for that is the calculation. We are meant to build a small cottage, which is for 1.5 players, and then later on to use it as ingredient in the recipe for a villa, which is for 3 players. Prices stay, again, the same per player. Sounds fine theoretically - but in practice it is not. Simply because the one single player doesn't have the same energy as a dedicated player group/guild. So what we need are small houses and piece of lands that are affordable for starter players, to get them into the EK system, instead of repelling them with high numbers from the beginning. For example by reducing the support-number based costs for the first two buildings and stronghold parcels, while increasing the number of them needed to build the next higher one. With the costs not being back to 1:1 cost/support number before Manor and Shire.
  2. There are no tennants right now. There is the monarch, the nobles, and the vassals. In order to place buildings (like houses, stalls, vendors, statues) the player needs to be provided building tokens from the landowner (monarch or noble). It's one of the commands behind the "?" in the ingame chat window. And since the system is not done yet, some clown decided to make it a joke and forced us to type "/ekincrementvassaltokencount [playername] [type] [size] [amount]" for each single person we would like to grant the right to place a building on our land. And because that is not enough, we also have to stand right on this piece of land in order to make it work. In order to let someone place a house, you will need to grant them S(mall) "Building" tokens for a Cottage, M(edium) for a Villa, L(arge) for a manor/lodge/guild hall. Vendors/Stall/Chests/working stations are XS. If you grant a token, you will automatically promote the according account to "Vassal", so you won't have to grant the vassal rights first and then the tokens. If you want to retract tokens, you use the same command with a negative number. Though it's kinda annoying at the moment ... ... have fun, good luck Kraahk
  3. Welcome to the forums. - To craft a basic shovel you can press J to open your personal crafting menu. - To craft an intermediate shovel, you will need to use a general crafting station or a runemaking station. - To craft an advanced shovel you need to be a runemaker and use a runemaking station. If you can't, it might be a bug and you should report it in the bug-forums. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. That's the new City parcel.
  5. The first picture is outdated. Second is what you currently get. Regarding tokens, using town parcels to build a fief parcel currently only makes sense if - the town parcel is rank 1, not higher, (town rank 3 provides more tokens than a r1 fief) or - you are doing that to prepare for building a city parcel. If you are planning on using your backer reward parcels for upgrading, be aware that's the limit is what you got. You can't mix backer parcels with regularly built parcels, they use different recipes, and you can't trade backer parcels ingame. Though you can buy more of course or let people gift them to you.
  6. Just as a side note: It would be much (and I mean MUCH) easier for us to provide feedback, if we wouldn't have to start the client, change the language, close the client, restart the client and login (and load) again, if we wanted to check out even one single term.
  7. True. Yes. No. The parcel with the statue where you spawn.
  8. Lvl 1 characters will have a plentiful harvest result of 5 on basic resources in player worlds and god's reach worlds. When using the vip lvl-25 tome, the character gets only a plentiful harvest result of 1 on the mentioned worlds. Seems not to make sense that higher lvl character are worse in harvesting, so i assume it's a bug.
  9. It has nothing to do with the original topic, for it was about the real-money shop, but the answer is quite easy ... the process to get there not necessarily, though. A vendor needs a stall. A stall needs a house. A house needs a parcel. Your starter parcel already provides place for 1 small and 3 extra small buildings. So you can place the smallest house (Cottage, size "small") on it, then put a vendor stall at the cottage. And place a vendor in the stall. All those things can be crafted via Geomancy (stonemasonry). It might be much cheaper to just rent a vendor place in one of the bigger market EK's which already provide land and houses, and sometimes even stalls and/or sell vendors.
  10. It is named "Dragon Statue/Totem [Crow Reward 6]" in the rewards list.
  11. That's not constructive criticism. It is complaining about a gift and claiming it to sumarize something it actually had nothing to do with. And even if it would have been constructive criticism, it doesn't criticize me - so there's nothing to take on my side, and therefore no attitude reflected. But thanks for the fun talk. Have a nice time.
  12. Click on your character in the lobby. Click on "play" at the bottom, which in truth is the "Select World" button. And choose the server you want to enter with this character. It's a simple, though very annoying, wrong-button-name issue.
  13. You are talking about the Woodland Grove parcel. And it has nothing to do with Kickstarter. This resource-parcel has been given out additionally and for free long after, in appreciation of the success of the player-investor round. So you are basically complaining that you got something for free on top of your kickstarter contribution. Great attitude. 👍
  14. The necessary land parcels are part of the stronghold bundles. You can see them when clicking on "unbundle" in your account managements rewards list (just don't confirm afterwards if you dont want to unbundle them) or when you click on the "+" on the right side of the item in your ingame lobby inbox.
  15. While I also would like EK's to be more accessible, I don't see any significant benefit from a guild EK being open as long as an officer is online vs. an officer who is online entering the EK every 3 hours while online to keep it open. Especially when it comes with the the disadvantage of only being able to be a noble in one EK. Sounds like a bad deal for me.
  16. If a monarch granted you noble rights, you should be able to launch this EK yourself. The monarch simply has to grant enough people noble rights to ensure there will always be one online who can open it.
  17. never worked on these parcels. i suppose it's just not finished yet.
  18. the towerlike structure is made of two octagonal towers and a 2x1 wall piece in the middle. i use them to indicate the maint entryway, so people can see it from afar. the missing chunk is a bug i've seen, too.
  19. Sure. I granted you noble rights to my Ravenheart EK, so you can launch it yourself and take a look at them. Tokens are 400/18/46/16/3 - 220/160/80/40 for MC and P, and 400/18/41/16/3 - 220/160/80/40 for Capital. The parcels include the land and the main building.
  20. Large building tokens are provided by Shire and higher parcels.
  21. that's unfortunately not possible at the moment.
  22. You can find the chat commands behind the "?" on the right side of the ingame chat window. In order to place buildings, the monarch needs to distribute tokens on the according parcel. To do that you need to step onto this parcel with your character and then use this chatcommand /ekincrementvassaltokencount [playername] [type] [size] [amount]. In your case that would be "[playername] Building L 1"
  23. Correct. They landowner would need to grant 1 large building token to you, effectively making you a vassal.
  24. That issue has been solved. You could try via support. Though I would assume that they won't do it. Backer rewards can not be traded or salvaged ingame. You can place your Guild Hall in someone elses Eternal Kingdom, though. You can also build a shire parcel ingame with ingame resources, there's no need to buy it. Or you can just store it for later in your bank.
  25. For buildings it is hidden in the description texts. Cottage is small, Villa is medium, Manor and Guild Hall and Lodge are large. Keep is extra large. As for parcel tokens you can use this partially outdated overview. The amount of XS building (civil) tokens have been increased massively (in the hundreds), but other than that they are mostly the same in the launch version.
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