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  1. First, thanks for letting us in this soon. - Exploration basics costs are higher than crafting basics. Rises the question wether this is intended (which I wouldnt like) or a bug (which I wouldnt like either ). - Harvesting tool duration is not shown during harvesting. Or I couldn't see it. If it's shown, it's should be placed better. If it is not shown, it should. - beginner issues complex: Bogbear range is too long. Healing out of combat is too slow. Leveling first 10 levels solo is too hard. it get's easier at somewhat above lvl 10. question is wether this is intended. i would worry that it gives too many first-users a bad experience too early. i agree that the players need to learn that they need to group up and that crowfall is not meant to be a walk in the park. still, the way it was done in 5.100, with the early spider mobs that allowed immediate and easy fights, was better. the new player starts in the temple and, with no money at all, cant do anything there. so first he just needs to walk. and walk. and walk. i suppose a lot accidently use a portal first (because they explore the temple first) before finding out that those islands are too dangerous. having order/chaos/balance temples is also irritating. when they finally come to a camp, they have only on combat ability and no equip, so they die. they need to fly back to the temple, wait, revive ... and walk. again. and since they died, they dont get exp. so it starts again. and it goes on until they at least got a few combat abilities and some equip. if they didn't loose their fun already ... because ... there's no fun in this. at all. (for teams the current environment seem to work pretty well, though. they don't have these issues. they run through the camps, kill and loot and level. all good.)
  2. If you own any bundle that contains the game, you are eligible for the reward. More informations in the regarding news and the crow rewards info page. So as for your question, if you did participate as contributor or higher (which is to say anything higher than the 5$ "supporter" pledge), you'll get the rewards.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I partially agree. In it's current state Crowfall is not new-player friendly, quite the opposite. And of course this issue has to be solved before launch. I partially disagree. Crowfall doesn't provide a "game" yet, but a "testing environment". That is an important difference and often misunderstood. I get that it already may look like a game, but it is not. Yet. There have been a lot of discussions about New-Player-Experience in the last few years and often ACE answered that this is something they will address at the end of the development ... when they finally know what the launch version of the game will actually include and be like and what the players need. Before that it doesn't really make sense to put massive resources into it. NPE is for new players - not for testers. And for a game - not for "some isolated parts of a later game that may make it in the final game or not". This needs to be understood. Still they already did a lot to enhance the NPE; it was several orders of magnitude worse in the past. The closer we get to launch, the less people who join will see themselves as testers but as players and so nearly automatically expect a well performed NPE. They understand that, so the put a lot of stuff in that makes it easier for new testers to find a foothold. If you don't feel like you could bear that, which would be absolutely comprehensible, it might be best to just come back later. Playing ought to be fun (or the game just won't work). Testing can be fun, too. Both are not necessarily the same kind of fun. But if you want to help, use the suggestions forum to explain what kind of new player experience you would love to see most (not what you don't like, but what you would suggest instead). The devs will read it and take it into account. Most of it they will already know (there just has been no time yet to put it in the pipe). But who knows, maybe you will point out something they haven't thought about yet. So, it's worth a try. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. Thanks for the report. The team is aware of the issue. It's a formating issue that occurs with several non-english languages (also in ingame tool-tips and such) and should be solved in the future. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  5. Welcome to the forums and thanks for the suggestion. The team reads them all and takes them into consideration. This being said, I don't think that we players will get something like this anytime soon - if at all. For various reasons. First of all. the team really doesn't like to spend any resources on things they won't need to do to get the game out. So if this kind of respec function is not planned to be a part of the final game (which we don't know, but i would assume it), it would only add to the tester experience ... for the price of a later launch date. And they usually refrain to do something like that. Second, in how far is a respec function necessary or wanted in Crowfall? That's of course debatable. I would say that it's necessity is negligible. For white vessels respec opportunities doesn't really matter. You can just delete it and get to the same level within a few hours. No problem. There are enough talent points to nearly completely fill out the talent tree. The only important decision is the subclass decision at the end of the tree. One of the slogans of Crowfall is that decisions matter and that we need to be careful. The talent tree is not the most important thing in Crowfall. It's not like in most other games where one tree is finalizing your fate. There are lots of things that add into character creation and talents are just one small part of it. Anyways, once the player get's to a point where it really hurts to have made the wrong decision (epic+ vessels) they had enough opportunity to learn. Still I could imagine them providing a talent respec option in the later game, at least for high-end vessels. But it surely isn't vital for the game. So for me it sounds mostly like a maybe-in-a-future-DLC idea. But keep on sharing them. I am sure they are already adding ideas to the later-list. (And having to craft new vessels, because people screw up their sub-class talent tree decision, well, basically and technically that's just another resource sink - and crowfall need those ). Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  6. Welcome to the forums. You don't need to be a participant of the initial kickstarter event to be eligible for the Crow Appretiation Rewards. You need to have a (any) game bundle, though. In that case you will get the rewards automatically added to your account rewards, one they get distributed (theyre not yet); named "Crow-Reward" plus the number of the reward. We have no information about when we will see the rewards on our rewards list or when we will be able to test or use them. The official wording so far was "claimable in-game at launch". More informations in the regarding news and the crow rewards info page. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  7. Wow, now we are really getting some momentum in development. Is this a hint? Da Dae? ūüėģ
  8. Vorwort: Dies ist eine selbstgestrickte nicht-offizielle √úbersetzung (hier das englischsprachige Original) mit eingebauten Freiheiten bei den Formulierungen. Auch heute k√∂nnt ihr wieder dazu beitragen, die deutschsprachige Version des sp√§teren Spiels zu verbessern, indem ihr an der Umfrage √ľber wichtige Begriffe teilnehmt, die Teil dieser News sind, und eure Meinung kund tut. Die Wahl entscheidet: Die unterschiedliche V√∂lkerspezifischen Disziplinen - Donnerstag, 12.03.2020 Hey Crowfolks! Wir arbeiten mit gr√∂√üter Sorgfalt daran, unseren Spielern einzigartige und unerwartete Wege and die Hand zu geben, die ihnen die h√∂chstm√∂gliche Kontrolle √ľber ihr Schicksal in Crowfall gestatten. Ob ihr nun die Bestrebung habt der reichste Handwerker mit den begehrtesten Waren zu sein oder der furchterregendste Kriegsherr, der je eine Burg belagert hat, eure Reise beginnt mir der Auwahl der Rasse/Klasse Kombination f√ľr eure Ewige Kr√§he Die Kraft der Kr√§fte Crowfall hat sowohl aktive, wie auch passive F√§higkeiten, und diese F√§higkeiten unterscheiden sich abh√§ngig von Klasse und Volk. Aktive Kr√§fte haben Anwendungskosten (wie z.B. Mana f√ľr einige Magieanwender oder Wut f√ľr manche Kriegerklassen) und Abklingzeiten. Die Spieler m√ľssen entscheiden, welche aktiven Kr√§fte sie als ausreichend n√ľtzlich und der M√ľhe wert erachten, um ihnen einen der begehrten Pl√§tze auf ihrer F√§higkeitenleiste zu gew√§hren. Es steht eine Vielzahl von Variationen zur Verf√ľgung, also lehnt euch gem√ľtlich zur√ľck und habt Spa√ü beim Erkunden der Wahlm√∂glichkeit, um herauszufinden, welche davon am besten zu eurem Spielstil passen. Passive F√§higkeiten sind insofern etwas einfacher, als dass ihre Effekte automatisch angewendet werden; man muss sie nicht erst ausr√ľsten, um ihre Vorteile einzuheimsen. Kontrollbesuch bei den V√∂lkerspezifischen Disziplinen W√§hrend der Entwicklung des Krieg der G√∂tter (5.110) Updates, hat das Team die passiven F√§higkeiten jedes Volkes neu bewertet und sie miteinander verglichen, um zu sehen, wie viele und welche Arten von passiven F√§higkeiten jedes Volk hat. Ziel war es, die Wettbewerbsbedingungen anzugleichen, aber dabei trotzdem V√∂lker zu erschaffen, die sich auf ihre jeweils eigene Art besonders anf√ľhlen, indem sie einzigartige Elemente anbieten, durch die es Spa√ü macht dieses Volk zu spielen und gleichzeitig zur Herausforderung machen, ihnen im Kampf von Angesicht zu Angesicht gegen√ľberzutreten. Halb-Riese: Ein seefahrender Stamm gewaltiger und streitlustiger Krieger. "Halb-Riese" ist ein umgangssprachlicher Spitzname, der diesem Barbarenvolk gegeben wurde, die den zweifelhaften Anspruch hegen, der Blutlinie der Riesen abzustammen - jenen hochragenden und aufbrausenden Kreaturen, die lange vor dem Zeitalter der Menschen Land und See durchstreiften. Verf√ľgbare Klassen: Champion, Kleriker, Myrmidone M√§chtig in Tank und Support Rollen Hier ein "Vor/Nach" dem Krieg der G√∂tter Vergleich der Rassen Disziplinen der Halb-Riesen (5.10 links/5.110 rechts). Ihr werdet bemerken, dass der Halb-Riese mit dem Krieg der G√∂tter viel mehr passive F√§higkeiten erh√§lt. Und, als Passive, werden sie bereits automatisch in eure F√§higkeitenliste eingetragen (Spruch Buch). Die anderen sind optional und k√∂nnen der F√§higkeitenleiste nach Wunsch zugef√ľgt oder zu Gunsten anderer Kr√§fte, die durch den Talent-Baum erarbeitet wurden, v√∂llig ignoriert werden. Vorschau: Fae, Meeraner und Minotaur Hier ein kleiner Ausblick auf ein paar weitere V√∂lker-Disziplinen, die ihr in unserem gro√üen Update sehen werdet. Fae: Die Feen, einst ein verspieltes und fr√∂hliches Volk, brachen mit ihrem Verm√§chtnis als Kinder Cybele's und wurden f√ľr diese Anma√üung von ihr verflucht. M√§nner dieser Rasse sind anf√§llig daf√ľr den Kopf zu verlieren und wurdem deswegen aus der traditionell martriarchalen Gesellschaft verbannt. Verf√ľgbare Klassen: Assassine, Druide, Frostweber, Ritter Gut geeigneten f√ľr taktische Support Rollen Meeraner: Meeraner sind eine kleinw√ľchsige und sehr gesellige Rasse, die bekannt ist f√ľr ihre Wissbegier, Unverbl√ľmtheit und Ehrhaftigkeit. Sie gl√§nzen als Kundschafter und wissenschaftliche Forscher und genie√üen es im h√∂chsten Ma√üe mit anderen Kulturen in Kontakt zu treten. Verf√ľgbare Klassen: Kleriker, Duellant, Ritter Schnell und wendig im Kampf, gl√§nzen auch als Handwerker Minotauren: Der Legende nach wurden der erste Minotaurus von Prinz Malekai erschaffen, durch das Verfluchen eines Sterblichen, der sein Missfallen erregte. Als Krieger und Nutztiere von den Elfen versklavt, rissen sich die Minotauren von ihren Meistern los und haben seitdem an den √§u√üeren R√§ndern der zivilisierten Gesellschaft gelebt. Verf√ľgbare Klassen: Champion, Myrmidon, Ranger Bullige Tank und Crowd Control Rollen stehen ihm am besten W√§hle deinen Weg Alles dreht sich um die Entscheidungen, denn Entscheidungen machen den bedeutenden Unterschied beim Finetuning eurer Ewigen Kr√§he! Wir freuen uns auf euer Feedback zu diesem Update. Falls ihr neu in unserer Community seid, seid ihr herzlich eingeladen, den Unterhaltungen auf unseren sozialen Medien (Facebook, Instagram und Twitter) und unserem Community Forum beizutreten und wir werden Fragen beantworten, die ihr vielleicht √ľber die F√§higkeiten der V√∂lker und Klassen in Crowfall habt. Wir arbeiten eifrig daran den Startschuss f√ľr das Krieg der G√∂tter Update (5.110) zu geben, damit ihr die M√∂glichkeit habt, sie selbst auszutesten. Bitte ber√ľcksichtigt, dass das Spielen auf dem TEST Server f√ľr alle Backer offen ist. Wenn auch ihr am Spieletest teilnehmen woll, kauft euch ein beliebiges Starterpaket und ihr k√∂nnt schon heute anfangen! Falls ihr kein Backer seid, dann registriert euch jetzt, um euch einen Platz in unserer geschlossenen Beta zu sichern. Wir sehen und bald auf TEST! Valerie "Pann" Massey Director of Community, ArtCraft Entertainment Was ist eure Meinung √ľber die neuen passiven Skills und die √Ąnderungen, die sich dadurch bei den V√∂lkern und ihren Klassenkombis ergeben, soweit man sie durch diesen kleinen ersten Einblick erahnen? Lobges√§nge, Anmerkungen, Frustschreie? Lasst es raus! Und sollte es nun V√∂lker oder Rassen heissen oder beides oder ganz anders?
  9. Hm, ok. Let me just say that i would prefer crafting and harvesting passives being applied to either each race (where it makes sense: stoneborn stone and ore, guinecean alchemy and jewelry (gunpowder and shiny stuff), wood-elf wood and woodcrafting, etc.) or to no race at all.
  10. i suppose some worlds will need kneel mechanics. the most easy principles to use would be technical requirements usable for kneeling, alliances and sub-guilds all the same. i hope. i don't see multiple guilds per account per se though. at the moment guild mechanics are based on accounts, and i dont see them changing that before launch (because it doesnt add something too significant to the game). but i hope they will allow it in the future somehow.
  11. I am sure there will be a lot more of options in the final game (in other words, i agree to what you said), helping people to find the right guild. Until then, the best way might be to get acquainted with the community and to get into details before you make your decision. It may still be the best thing to do in the final game, though.
  12. Ich denke der Frostweber wird einige interessante Animationen aufbieten und d√ľrfte sehr interessant werden ... so wie alles, was neu ist. Danach wird man weiterschauen m√ľssen. Wovor es mir ein bisschen graut, ist die √ľbliche Monokultur in den ersten Tagen, wenns dann so gut wie nur noch Frostweber herumlaufen. Zumindest ist er aber wohl sehr vielseitig, es sollte also zumindest trotzdem interessante K√§mpfe geben k√∂nnen.
  13. Welcome to the forums. And yes, you are right, they don't. As far as we've been told, EK changes will be made in a later update after 5.110 (so most likely no significant changes there within the next few months). This overview shows the number of tokens per parcel/rank last time i checked.
  14. as i said. ~pointingabove~ building tokens got stuck at the beginning of their development (which took a break due to the necessity of getting the pvp parts done first) and quite likely won't currently match what we will finally get. i am confident that ACE will make things work out properly for the final release. it has always been their credo that they will make the trust early backers put into them will pay out for them. but of course it needs to be watched closely and, if necessary, reminded to them. and again, the contents are for the final game. this is still testing. with EK's being no focus right now (and surely also for the next few months). these are things that need to be addressed more intensely (by us), once development gets to it. so, keep it in your mind. but they will only be able to take it really in, once they are actively working on the according systems.
  15. The poll is asking about 5.110 being released rather now, even with bugs, or better later, with less bugs. Unfortunately with this poll system, the original question is hard to see. But it's on top of the poll. Blocker and crits refer to things they said in the first minutes of todays Q&A stream (within the first minutes), explaining why 5.110 is not yet available to test. My answer is clear: No. I assume that most will answer yes, though. But that's because the biggest part of the audience reading this is not the audience 5.110 is made for. They can simply not afford to provide a version that will not be good enough to reduce complaints as much as possinble. We've seen this in the past. People cried for the new version. Wanted it to be released as soon as possible, no matter which bugs it has, because we wouldn't care. They did. But we didn't! Happened several times, and I absolutely understand that they are not able to trust us anymore regarding that. The farther we are in development, the more people join the crowd who paid less (to nothing, when it comes to the free beta players). It may sound strange and twisted, but experience shows that people who invested less, need (and expect) more, to be happy. In the early days, with all the kickstarter backers and testing environments being available for the whales only, it was no problem if when a new version came up people needed to try two hours to login, before it finally worked. It was ok. This is about different mindest, different audiences, different expectations - which change over time. This has to be understood. And ACE simply needs to address it the right way. They need to release a 5.110 with some minor bugs, but with nothing that feels too bad to a highly sensitive mass audience. "Yeah, no problem, just give it to us" is something that only works for the old and/or most dedicated crows with a real tester mindset. It won't work for the masses. Which is also why this poll won't provide a usable answer. Because we are not the masses. Those who follow Crowfall closely, are deep into it and participate in the forums ... are a minority.
  16. I am happy to inform you that an unexpected additional funding made sure that caravan animations WILL be in, as shown in and proved by the following, updated animation. (to start animation, please move your head from the right to the left)
  17. DERGS-2020 Health Alert Due to a recent massive increase of Infected players all around the world, the university of clinical owl research (CoR) recognises the urgent need to issue a health alert, to inform the public about the recently detected DERGS-2020 virus. Summary Latest scientific reports seem to indicate that DERGS, more casually known as Crow Sickness (medical term: Waitophobic Turnandturnandturnaround Fatality, WTF), is basically caused by Crows spinning their head around in and about the dregs and according guild vs. guild phantasies over and over again, until severe damage is issued to their neural systems. The virus, leading to DERGS, can survive on the surface of any computer peripheral for months and may spontanously cause shock symptoms, if the patient is already weakend by severe news deprivation. While DERGS is very contagious, it is non-lethal. It also has been reported that some Crows in highly infected areas have not been affected at all. Observations of Crows in the wild suggest that about 5% of the population is immune or develop resistance before the virus takes it's toll. A cure is in development and will be distributed soon‚ĄĘ. Travel Information Increased risks due to travelling are not indicated. Especially visiting campaign worlds seem to strengthen the immune system and even alleviate most of the symptoms, if already infected. The public is called up to remain calm and travel worlds in the usual chaotically balanced order. Symptoms The symptoms of DERGS come in a wide variety, partially contrary to each other, vastly complicating a final diagnosis. Intensely affected Crows are often found to suffer from anxiety in a degree that partially impaires their motor functions, the ability to express themselves in comprehensible sentences and can cause obsessive behaviour, like chronic meme production or cumpulsive repetition of the word DREGS orally and in writing; on rare occasions all-out insanity. In minor cases, the patients feel an itching sensation or temporary jerk seizures. DERGS can also cause lethargy, up to depression and self-isolation, raising the estimated number of undetected cases significantly. Medical Treatment and Prospective If you feel any symptoms, please do NOT approach your local developer or distributer without further medical advice. First Aid is provided by local support groups all over the world (International/English, Russian, French, Hispanic, Italian, Portuguese) or in the CoR Headquarters. The Insitute of Advanced Cure Economics (ACE) is currently developing the andidote CW-5.110 and is beginning to test it on caged laboratory rats, isolated in a small office in Austin Texas. While these news offer hope, Crows in Not-Texas need to remain cautious about counterfeit medicines, like other games, fake news and overambitious crowestimations. Once the clinical tests have been finalized, within the next few weeks, the antidot will be distributed to the population in batches. We are confident that the current outbreak will be fully under control within the next 3-6 months. We would like to thank the doctors, scientific assistants and patients @Dern @Staff @dreaden @coolster50 @Sharkbait for their shared experiences and the concerned Citizen @Praemus who brought our attention to the necessity of providing an educational brochure about this topic yesterday. Have fun, good luck Dr. Kraahk Edit: Partially adjusted to comply with some obviously existing and fully understandable sensitivites about a horrific real world situation, which this posting is in no way meant to make fun about. My thoughts are with all who got affected by real diseases, be it as patient or family member. To all the others, keep save, take care, don't panic and ask for help if necessary. This is a purely fictional work, meant to approach some rising behaviours from stressed-out playtesters, who can't wait to get 5.110 (including me), that start to feel like a sickness, and to offer one little way to release some of the regarding tension. Thanks for your understanding. Kraahk
  18. At the moment, you are right. But the token system has just been introduced in it's very first versions, when they stopped developing the EK's in order to be able to finish the campaign world development, which is more important for the game. Once this is done (after 5.110), they will surely start working on the EK's again. Remember, this is a testing environment, not the final game. And what you bought was a bundle for the later game. Not all the things are implemented yet in the testing environment (imagine how those of us feel who backed Crowfall five years ago with much more money, and still can't test what their backer bundles will include later ... and put your own suffering into perspective ). We'll get there. We are just not there yet. But, keep your eyes open in case once EK's get into the next development round things won't change. (btw. i agree that bundles should make sense, like if a land parcel and a building is part of a bundle, the latter should be able to be placed on the first. on the other hand, i don't see where the bundle description says that the manor actually can be placed on the hamlet, just saying).
  19. Welcome to the forums. Europe and NA will play together in one universe, but on worlds located on servers on both continents (and available for both, quite like now). Russia will play in it's own universe (managed by 4G). Also will Asia if the game will be distributed there (=finds a partner over there). I don't think that some kind of instant translator is in the making ... there is still enough to do, to provide the ingame localization that was promised during kickstarter (german, french, spanish, portuguese, russian, italian). Hope this helps. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  20. Oh come on. This is not (neccessarily) about 5.110, but about giving all guilds enough time to prepare their videos for the next stream-a-thon. Last time it was only a few days. Now every guild should be able to apply in time. So stop the 5.110-asky stuff and start the videomakey stuff. 5.110 will come when it is ready and there is nothing we can do about. Either this stream-a-thon or one after it. Anyways, this is (y)our chance to get those promo stuff into the streams. Just saying.
  21. Kind of. Actually you can already get different parcel ranks, depending on your backer rewards (not with all parcels, though). But yes, different ranks provide different amounts of tokens - and yes, we can't upgrade them at the moment.
  22. Welcome to the forums. Yes, currently the Hamlet parcel provides 2 medium, 1 small and 3 extra small building tokens, while the Manor needs a large building token (first provided with a shire parcel). That's mostly because the token system has only been implemented test-wise quite a long time ago (shortly before the hamlet parcel size got, also testwise, reduced to 1/4 of it's former size) - and then in the middle of it they moved over to finishing the development of the campaign world stuff, because the latter is more important for the game. So don't worry, these kind of issues will be adressed later on. For now, you can use your hamlet parcel (plus a woodland creek parcel and some soil) to craft a shire parcel via stonemasonry/geomancy (after somehow placing a stonemason table in your EK ... or using one in the EK of someone else - can't do outside EK's currently). I know it's a hassle, but for these things we just will need to wait for the development stages after 5.110. Hope this helps Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  23. Getting a little bit into details besides what Surelia already said. Passive training is for your whole account - not for each vessel. So it benefits all characters ... if they are able to use those benefits. For example, if you skilled the passive ranged weapon skill tree, a melee character of course wouldn't be able to get these bonusses. But crafting or exploration skills benefit any character. Usually all crafting professions at least partially depend on supplies from other crafting/harvesting professions. You will be fine if you just do some trading with other specialists. If you want to do all yourself ... it's going to be harder. And that's true for nearly everything in Crowfall. Solo ... possible ... but much harder. The current passive skill training of the old Crows are equal to about 3 years of passive training. That's how long it will take to get into the current crafting stage again after launch. So decisions (and cooperations) will be very important. However, that doesn't mean a lot regarding the question wether a crafter/explorer will be able to compete in fights. What matters most is your personal ability and knowledge about your chosen race/class combination/s (including how and what to equip). While crafting and exploration may unlock certain abilities or at least provide significant bonusses to the task, the passive combat skills is only one of the steps (and I'd dare to say a quite small one) towards combat success. There are vessels, armor, weapon, disciplines, talents, lot's of stuff adding to max out fighting. Imagine combat being something you need to enhance as fast as possible on different levels, while crafting is something you need to pursue on the long run and mostly focussed on one (or at least very few) directions.
  24. Vorwort: Als selbstgestrickte nicht-offizielle √úbersetzung (hier das englischsprachige Original) habe ich mir einige Freiheiten bei den Formulierungen genommen. Au√üerdem wurden einige Begriffe experimentell und verschieden √ľbersetzt. Das gilt besonders f√ľr das Dreigestirn Thralls/Minions/Bosses. Wenn ihr der sp√§teren deutschen Version helfen wollt, schaut euch an, welche Begriffe im Text eurer Meinung nach am besten zum Original passen, macht bei der Umfrage oben mit und lasst einen Kommentar da, wenn ihr Lust habt. DIE THRALLS KOMMEN! - Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2020 Seid gegr√ľ√üt, Kr√§hen! Hier ist Brandon "ShadowLion" Robertson, bereit euch die Grundlagen der Thralls n√§her zu bringen. Jenen Gesch√∂pfen, die sich im Krieg der G√∂tter Update zu den Bewohnern der sterbenden Welten Crowfalls gesellen werden. Die Leibeigenen werden eine entscheidende Rolle f√ľr das Schicksal eurer Ewigen Kr√§he spielen, indem sie die wesentlichen Komponenten bereitstellen, die ihr f√ľr die Herstellung von Disziplinen-Runensteine ben√∂tigt, mit deren Hilfe ihr eure Kr√§he zu einem beeindruckenden Verb√ľndeten oder Gegner macht. Aber zuerst, aus dem N√§hk√§stchen der Disziplinen Crowfall's System der Charakterentwicklung und -anpassung ist mehrschichtig und erlaubt euch die Feinabstimmung eures Charakters zu etwas wirklich Speziellem und Einzigartigem. Passives Training: Skills, die mit der Zeit gelernt werden - unabh√§ngig davon, ob ihr online seid oder nicht. Diese Skills werden mit allen Charakteren eures Accounts geteilt. Ihr Skillbaum hat drei √Ąste: Kampf, Handwerk, Erkundung. Talente: F√§higkeiten, die man durch das Ausgeben von Talentpunkten erh√§lt, die beim Stufenaufstieg eines Charakters gew√§hrt werden. Vessel: So nennen wir die H√ľllen, die eure Charaktere als K√∂rper benutzen. Man kann sie auf zweierlei Art erhalten. Entweder in der Qualit√§t "Gew√∂hnlich" bei der Erstellung eines Standardcharakters. Oder in h√∂herer Qualit√§t durch das Spielerhandwerk Nekromantie. Disziplinen: Kommen in drei Varianten. Hauptdiziplinen gew√§hren verschiedene F√§higkeiten, Werte und neue Ausr√ľstungspl√§tze (sie sind im Grunde die Sub-Klassen von Crowfall); Nebendisziplinen gew√§hren einzelne F√§higkeiten oder Werte (wie D&D Talente); und Erkundungsdisziplinen, f√ľr Sammelfertigkeiten und andere einzigartige Gameplay Aspekte. In diesem Tagebucheintrag konzentrieren wir uns auf die Hauptdisziplinen, da sie eng mit den Thralls verbunden sind. Alle Disziplinen gew√∂hnlicher Qualit√§t (wei√ü) k√∂nnen von NSC H√§ndlern in Tempeln oder freien St√§dten gekauft und von K√∂rpern gew√∂hnlicher Qualit√§t ausger√ľstet werden. Wenn ihr mit einem Vessel h√∂herer Qualit√§t spielen wollt, m√ľsst ihr Disziplinen derselben oder h√∂herer Qualit√§t benutzen (z.B. ein Vessel seltener Qualit√§t (blau) ben√∂tigt blaue oder hochwertigere Disziplinen (episch = lila, legend√§r = orange)). Disziplinen von h√∂herer Qualit√§t als Ungew√∂hnlich (gr√ľn), m√ľssen durch einen Handwerker hergestellt werden, dem Runenschmied. Die Herstellung einer Hauptdisziplin erfordert zwei Hauptkomponenten: Seelen-Essenzen und Seelensteine, die nur durch das Besiegen von Leibeigenen ergattert werden k√∂nnen. Gestatten, die Dienerschaft Bedienstete haben ein geisterhaftes Erscheinungsbild, das sie visuell von den Ewigen Kr√§hen abhebt. Sie sind die Seelen gefallener Krieger und Handwerker; Geister, welche die Welt der Sterblichen nicht verlassen k√∂nnen, um in das Jenseits √ľberzugehen. Allgemein wird geglaubt, dass sie irgendwie durch den Hunger gebunden werden, der mysteri√∂sen Kraft, die das Universum korrumpiert und die Sterbenden Welten sowie deren Bewohner vernichtet. Die Kr√§hen bieten einen Handel an: Die Unfreien k√∂nnen √ľber die Kr√§hen in den Dienst der G√∂tter eintreten, sich f√ľr gewisse Zeit als Handwerker und Spektralw√§chter verdingend. Diese Beziehung ist letzlich symbiotisch: Die Diener entkommen den F√§ngen des Hungers und verdienen damit ihre letzendliche Erl√∂sung. Im Tausch erhalten die Kr√§hen wertvolle F√§higkeiten, die ihnen sonst verwehrt blieben. Geisterrunde zur Geisterstunde Gr√∂√üere Ansammlungen von Geisterdienern tauchen willk√ľrlich in hungerverseuchten Gebieten auf und k√∂nnen nur bei Nacht entdeckt werden. Wenn der Morgen graut, entschwinden sie dem Blick. Thralls m√∂gen ebenfalls dem Erscheinen eines Hungerkristalls vorausgehen und ein Zeichen daf√ľr sein, dass irgendwann kurz vor der Morgend√§mmerung ein Kristall an dieser Stelle auftauchen wird. Die ihnen eigene Art des √§therischen Fangenspielens erfordert Sorgfalt, Wagemut und Geduld. Eure M√ľhen werden die Belohnungen aber absolut wert sein. Wie schon erw√§hnt, sind die Thralls die einzigen Quellen f√ľr Seelen-Essenzen und Seelensteine, die man f√ľr die hochwertigsten Disziplinen-Runensteine ben√∂tigt. Essenzen und Steine Thralls bieten eine Vielzahl von Gegenst√§nden f√ľr euren Pl√ľnderspa√ü auf, die lukrativsten (wenngleich Standard) sind die Seelen-Essenzen. Diener haben die F√§higkeiten von Klerikern, Rittern oder Kundschaftern. Da jede dieser Klassen zus√§tzlich zu ihren Nahkampff√§higkeiten auch Fernkampff√§higkeiten hat, werdet ihr sichergehen wollen, dass eure Jagdgruppe vielseitig aufgestellt und auf alles vorbereitet ist. "Jagdgruppe?" werdet ihr vielleicht fragen. "Ich habe im Alleingang einen Enbarri K√∂nig erschlagen, und doch stehe ich heute vor euch und kann davon berichten! Ich brauche keine Gruppe!" Moooment, Cowboy... Unfreie kommen in zwei Geschmacksrichtungen, Minions und Bosse. W√§hrend es m√∂glich ist, eine Gruppe Lakaien zu finden, die ohne ein Oberhaupt herumwandert, werden ihre Meister immer von einem Schwarm Knechte besch√ľtzt - und die Anf√ľhrer sind das, was ihr sucht, um an das gute Zeug zu kommen. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass Obleute eine Droprate von 100% f√ľr Seelensteine haben. Die Herausforderung wird nicht nur sein, sie zu finden und zu besiegen, sondern auch die Richtigen zu finden und zu besiegen. Die Namen der Thrall Vorarbeiter werden anzeigen, welchen Seelenstein sie tragen. Der Poisoner zum Beispiel tr√§gt den Seelenstein, der f√ľr das Herstellen der Poisoner Disziplin ben√∂tigt wird, der Banshee Seelenstein kann f√ľr den Bau der Banshee Disziplin verwendet werden, der Klingenmeister Seelenstein wird benutzt um den Klingenmeister runenstein herzustellen und so weiter. Auch wenn einige Thrall Untergebene gelegentlich durch God's Reach oder die Infected Welten wandern, sind Bosse ausschlie√ülich in den Kampagnen zu finden. Wappnet euch f√ľr den Kampf Kr√§he, nun da du um den Wert der Dienerschaft wei√üt, wappne dich f√ľr den Kampf. Diese gef√§hrlichen und wertvollen Kreaturen werden in K√ľrze auch eure Welt unsicher machen! Was haltet ihr von diesen neuen NSC Horden und ihrer zuk√ľnftigen Bedeutung im Spiel? W√ľrgereflex, Sorgen, Bedenken, Anmerkungen, Ideen, frenetische Jubelschreie?
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