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  1. On 8/17/2019 at 12:32 AM, lgsml said:

    Could you please justify the pricing model for packs based on region? I have just purchased backer pack for 49€ from the profile page, while the price for US I believe is 49$ ? Just for the notice - 49$ != 49€, and I do not feel much richer than regular US citizen. Meanwhile, (I did not try, but I can imagine) you can buy the same from retailers like Markee Dragon but still in $?

    I understand that we talk for just 10% price difference, but still it looks kinda weird.

    Welcome to the forums.

    This question has been asked frequently throughout the years. And fortunately the answer is still the same. Basically this is a false appearance issue.

    In fact the EU prices are a little lower than the USD prices would be. Because the USD prices in the store don't include VAT (the added value tax), the EU prices do.

    As far as I understood, that's mostly because the so-called regional taxes in the US can differ from country to country, so prices are usually shown without taxes before the checkout. While the european law demands to show the final price immediately at the offer.

    When you take a look at the US store, it says: " * All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated and do not include regional tax. "
    When you take a look at the EU store, it says: " * Order Price VAT is included, if applicable. "

    Currently 10 USD is 9 EU. The US package is 50$+taxes. That would be 45€ + about 20% taxes = 54€ including taxes. So the current EU price of 50€ including taxes is in fact cheaper than the alternative. 


    P.S.: If they now increase the price, only because you wanted the prices to be fair, I expect you to pay the difference between 50 and 54 for all future EU customers. ;) 

  2. 28 minutes ago, MelMoelle said:

    ich bin noch recht neu im spiel und etwas unterstürtzung(ein paar fragen beandworten) könnte ich gebrauchen.

    Willkommen im Forum. :)

    In der Community-Adressen Liste hier im Forum findest du ein paar deutschsprachige Gilden und deren Ansprechpartner, die sich die Mühe gemacht haben, sich öffentlich vorzustellen. Bist natürlich auch im Ravenheart Discord herzlich eingeladen, für allgemeine Fragen, und um den ein oder anderen Kontakt zu knüpfen.

    Viel Spaß und Erfolg beim Testen

    (P.S.: Ja, das fängt hier nur an zu laufen, wenn man selbst aktiv wird. ;) )

  3. 16 hours ago, CretinActual said:

    So while it started as a curse, it eventually became a blessing of a sort. The Elken live in nature and became children of Gaea. So why can't they be Druids from a lore standpoint? 

    Because Gaea is dead and so can't lift the curse off her woods. Mabye Cybele may be able to do so one day.

    There are currently enough(-minus-one) races for launch. It won't make any sense to spend time and money to provide more combinations prior to launch. Let's get the Frostweaver first, then launch, then more. The current system provides much more than the initial 12 Archtypes anyways.


  4. 13 hours ago, koregen said:

    [...]3rd party urls. I have tried a few but have given up because the link they produce is not accepted. [...]

    Just like PopeUrban I also use imgur.com. It can be used without creating an account, but it makes things easier if you do.

    With an account, after uploading the screenshot mouseover your account name on the top right, click on "images" in the dropdown menu, click on the image you want to link and then copy the link in the "direct link" field. You can just paste into your posting and it will show the picture.

    Without an account you get shown several "share links", not including the "direct link".  For example the "image link". Looks like this ->


    You can make a direct link out of it yourself by adding "i." before "imgur" and ".jpg" after the image code at the end (befor you paste it into the posting). This way you get the picture into the post and not just the link. Like this ->



    The forum is not ACE's work, but provided by the 3rd party Invision. I guess it's just more simple and cheap for them to do it this way during development. One thing off the plate, right? ;) Of course this causes other issues, like restricted options regarding what the forum can provide. But I suppose we just have to live with it. At least for now.

    However, looking forward to see your screenshots. :)


  5. 1 hour ago, PopeUrban said:

    Yes and he is a fine guild member, human being, friend, and promising artist.

    Then rest assured, sit back relaxed and rejoice, knowing that, besides your guild chat, now an additional place has been found, where certain issues can be channeled into constructivity. One you don't need to take care about -- but may to, if you freely chose to do so.

    In my experience, people with an artists soul are often very fine people with extraordinarily good senses regarding what they see in the world. Though one of their usual issues seem to be the expression -- how to translate to others, what they see. Indeed, if dealt with this "issue" in a positive way, what could be a problem can turn out to be a very special opportunity and one of the reasons for the miraculous effect art can have on us. Like listening to a completely different language, whilst completely getting what it is meant to say. The power of understanding, without understanding why you understand - just understanding and being understood on a deeper level. Just feeling it.

    It can not be wrong to get more in touch with the world (as long as we are able to positively process what it brings to us). To learn different "languages" (like mandarin, latin, body language, sign language, music, visual arts, and so on) and to enhance the own ability to understand and be understood in them by others more precisely.

    In the end we are all humans, living on the same planet. With our own kind being both the best hope and the worst enemy. I know you didn't mean it this way, but ... you wrote the words and it could be read this way ... so I need to answer to (ask about) it in full kraahk mode.

    What would you prefer: A member and friend, taken seriously - even though publicly not providing really useful informations in the first run, still being encouraged to freely speak about worries and given the chance to evolve and maybe make a difference? Or a member and friend being hushed up (or even laughed at) just so it will save some people some effort because it could become a great opportunity to learn to better shut up?

    I always chose the first. (I don't always like it, though. :D )

    But still, I am confident that this is what we need to do. Always! If we don't understand, we need to create an environment that will allow us to understand more. Not understanding, or not being understood, is never a one-sided issue, but a mutual problem. And mutual problems are best solved mutually. This is not some kind of exaggerated theoretical philosophical mindset. It's a question of practical solution orientation and mutual efficiency.

    For that is how we grow as a group. When we all grow. 

    So ... (still) looking forward to mutual growth, interesting new points of view and the opportunity to learn more. ;) And never forget to ...

    Have fun, good luck


  6. On 8/11/2019 at 7:26 AM, koregen said:

    [...] those [...] this [...] disappointing.

    I really don't want to offend you, but if you really want to contribute to the development and it's result, I would suggest to be (much) more precise.

    What exactely causes your eye sore? Where (e.g.: what's the main area in your opinion?) and how and why?

    I applaude your attitude on sharing what you think ain't good enough for the later game. That's perfect. But you need to improve your ability to describe your observations in a way that will help others to understand what you are talking about and what causes the issue more precisely ... if you really want to make a positive impact ... and by this maybe even contribute to a change.

    This said, looking forward to hear more from you.

    Have fun, good luck

  7. On 8/8/2019 at 4:31 PM, MiroAIIB said:

    I don't know if this has been asked already but I'm struggling to craft runic Weapons. Can somebody tell me a step by step instruction. Like what to craft on which crafting table?, What resources?, etc...

    Hi. Haven't built one myself yet, but as far as I remember you will need a runic weapon scroll (tribes loot), a leather scroll case (to put the recipe in) and depending on the recipe a certain gem. I think you will use the same weapon/component recipes as always, but they will show additional component slots (if the scroll is equipped), which, when used, will make your weapon/component runic.

  8. 45 minutes ago, boogis said:

    Hi there im boogis from australia im new here, i wonder how to create topics in other subtopics? i only can post here

    and what the hell is this ---You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day. ????

    Welcome to the forums.

    Usually only those with a game copy have unlimited access to the forums.

    If you bought one during kickstarter or in the official shop, you should be unlocked nearly immediately. If you are not, something went wrong and you should contact support@crowfall.com.

    If you got your game bundle from somewhere else, you will in most cases need to contact support@crowfall.com to get unlocked.

    In both cases don't forget to mention your account name. ;)

    Once you are unlocked, your forum group (shown below your Avatar picture) will change from "Visitor" to "Tester".

    Have fun, good luck

  9. 36 minutes ago, Insele said:

     Is there a schedule somewhere, is it possible for the team to simply Tweet ( Maintenance in progress)

    Welcome to the forums.

    You can find server status informations on the official Crowfall discord channel: https://discord.gg/aTt5zds

    If you can't access the LIVE or TEST server, but think you should be able to, support@crowfall.com should be able to help you.

    Have fun and good luck

  10. 29 minutes ago, kalannar said:

    Been experimenting with creating vessels and they have been coming out white even though we use epic parts.  How is the color determined on the vessel?  Is it the stats?  Thanks for any feedback.

    The outcome of any crafted item (should) depend mostly on the quality of it's ingredients and your assembly access (if it works as intended).

    If only one ingredient has a lower quality, the chances to get a lower quality item rise significantly.

    You can lower the risk by skilling and wearing items that increase your assembly stats.

  11. On 8/3/2019 at 9:08 AM, R4D4MANTYS said:

    Kraahk, what's the point in buying parcels and expanding the EK if i can't have non-common resources ?

    If you would have asked me one or two years ago, I would have been able to answer and the answer would have been simple (though it would be accurate anymore). But since then too many things changed or have still not been decided, while the rest of the game went on in it's development.

    Right now I can't even tell what "the point in buying/creating parcels and expanding the EK's" could be "in general".

    Basically EK's are primarily meant for Guild housing, though. That much has been made clear. Wether they will make sense for solo players or community hubs, let alone for harvesters or even crafters ... that's a question I can't even try to answer seriously (anymore) at the current state. Not good, but that's how it is.


    On 8/3/2019 at 9:08 AM, R4D4MANTYS said:

    we can craft the parcels, so why we have to spend real money to get only parcels with rank 1 resources ?

    We don't have to. If you want to, you can do so. For example to cut corners and save some time. But nobody has to. If you have a reason, you have a reason. If not, not. As simple as that.

    The more interesting question could be if they want us to buy parcels right now ... or even later. Currently for me they seem to be in the same pocket as VIP tickets: Things they already offer, with nobody knowing what they will get out of it, so ACE don't really encourage to buy them -- things they will need to work on to make them important to players, so they will buy them once this work is done ... later.


    On 8/3/2019 at 9:08 AM, R4D4MANTYS said:

     the description of the game say i can be a merchant or a crafter. But as i see and read here or in the game, if I don't do pvp, I can't be anything, because the resources I need are in the pvp territories .

    In this way only pvp-oriented players are encouraged to develop.

    Your logic is incomplete.

    Because PvP oriented players need equipment made by crafters, who need resources from harvester, both distributed by merchants.

    As a non-pvp'er you don't need to do PvP. You may get better resources more easily, but you don't have to. Sure, in campaigns with no imports you will have to at least join the PvP world. Doesn't mean you need to fight. But the more risk you take, the higher the possible rewards will be. That's one of the basic game principles.

    If someone wants all for nothing, to be the best with no effort, to be complete indipendent from others, yes, then this game may simply be the wrong game.
    You can either join the more dangerous worlds and get the best resources there on your own, or (staying in the EK's or harmless Campaigns) you can simply trade with people who do (which will also be those who need the best equipment). Or you join them as their protected crafter in the more risky campaigns. Or, or, or.

    Their will always be a certain effort to reach the top. No matter from which side you climb the mountain.


    On 8/3/2019 at 9:08 AM, R4D4MANTYS said:

    In this way you can lose a large part of pve-oriented players, only because they will be constantly attacked by pvp players during the collection of resources. And not all players want to play in a guild to be protected.

    See, it's not that I don't agree. I do. It's just that I don't see this issue as a whole being solved anytime soon.

    Even though actually parts of this issue complex already have been addressed. The original vision called this game pure PvP game with no PvE at all. Not a game for non-pvp'ers at all. This has changed in parts.

    There is a PvE environment, originally only meant to increase the danger level of campaigns, now providing important resources.
    There are safe worlds, safe maps, safe zones with no PvP and they can be used to gain materials (like chaos embers) that have a high trade value, without ever going anywhere near danger.
    There is no general need anymore to reach a stronghold in a PvP campaign, in order to be able to craft.

    Just some examples. So it can't be said that they don't do anything about it. Dows it work out? I am not sure. One of the problems is, the more PvE friendly the game-in-development becomes, the more PvE people join. The more join, the more complaints about not-enough PvE opportunities arise. The more PvE opportunities ACE adds, the more it appears that they leave the path of their original vision and the more the PvP oriented players start complaining, because they can't just PvP anymore.

    So it's a complicated issue and not solved by simply saying or doing this or that. Of course sharing our opinions is important and in my experience ACE is very good in listening to them. But there are a lot of opinions and points of view and only a limited amount of resources and time.

    We'll see where it goes. ;)

  12. 11 minutes ago, R4D4MANTYS said:

    How to get access to my guild hall ?

    Does it require a certain level to be used ?


    Welcome to the forums.

    As far as I know, the guild hall is not yet available in the testing environments (but I didn't test guild halls lately, so they may be available in a basic version - but a lot of Eternal Kingdom stuff is still worked on, so don't wonder if something isn't there (the way) you expect it to be ... most of it will come later during alpha or beta).

    However, this is what it is (was) planned to look like (various variants you will proabably be able to choose from):


    and in this video you can get more information about it. It's about one year old, but still the latest we go about guild halls. Starting at 27:10.


    Have fun, good luck

  13. 1 hour ago, mandalore said:

    Stranger than Yumx traveling back a month in time to play in the current trial while the old one was still ongoing?  Sounds like some satanic owl magic to me.  

    Yeah. But I am not at liberty to share. Just let me say that it shouldn't be a surprise if some names appear in other happenings, too.

  14. Lost a few strongholds in the last version. Most came back to my purchase tab with a "(Repair)" appendix. However, currently my purchase tab only shows one (Repair) Mountain Citadel, though I own two.

    For those who seem to have lost all their vessels and can't create new ones: It's a known issue ACE is looking into. For some people it worked to just wait a few minutes or to close and restart the game after updating it.

  15. 11 hours ago, Setari said:

    If I purchase the $50 pack for the game, can I upgrade to the $80 at a later time?

    Welcome to the forums.

    As far as I remember, there should be an upgrade option in the shop after buying one of the current bundles. I may be wrong on this, though (old crows, seen a lot, minds sometimes confused, and so on). 

    If in doubt, contact support@crowfall.com with these kind of questions and they will usually respond very quickly and satisfying.

    (As a little bonus information: Be aware that joining a guild via the web-interface on https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild will currently grant you a 10% discount on your next shop purchase (including game bundles)) 

    Have fun, good luck


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