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  1. 6 minutes ago, Himanka said:

    Here to play and see if it lives up to all to all the hype I've been reading about. In and out of a lot of MMOs since Shadowbane (I was Cho'Gal from Morloch Horde and later Order of the Pink Pansies). Any tips on how not to suck too terribly are welcomed.

    Welcome to the forums.

    What Surelia said. ;)

    Plus, maybe watch some streams. Currently Rektluse is streaming Crowfall on a daily base ... with him and the community answering a lot of individual questions (like right now).

    Have fun, good luck

  2. 55 minutes ago, Dms3202005 said:

    before i spend 200 dollars on this game is it dead?

    Welcome to the forums.

    I'll partially repeat what others already said - so please bear with me. ;)

    It's not dead, but still in development. Next big step (and news) being expected within the next few weeks. If you prefer to have massive action, come back in 1 to 3 months.

    However, if you don't have registered an account yet, do so - and hurry up before closed beta starts. It will enable you to participate in it for free.

    Also make sure to use one of the crow-links. You should be able to enter any name of any current backer (case sensitive) into the promo code field, to apply a 10% discount to your already registered account, or enter the according promo code during registration. You don't need to buy right away, the discount will apply even at a later time WHEN you buy a game bundle.

    You can get the same effect (doesn't stack though) if you join any guild via the web guild interface, before beta starts.

    Those game bundles currently available in the shop can also be upgraded later. So you can buy the 50 bucks patron bundle now, and upgrade it to the 200 bucks adventurer bundle later (though the discount wont apply to the upgrade then). The latter definitely has the highest price/value ratio of any shop bundles - but you really need to want a manor for your personal EK (housing) or it won't be worth it.

    Hope this helps.

    Have fun, good luck

  3. Hi ACE,

    it seems that currently promo code discounts get used from "earlier to later", not from "higher to lower". So if someone wants to buy the game and has two applied codes, with the later one being higher, the new crow will still only get the lower discount applied during checkout. In order to not dissappoint/rip-off people who only decided to buy due to a new and higher discount, I would suggest to check out if this can be changed ... and call it a bug for now. ;)


  4. We will get a news update about how the city building feature in 5.110 will work soon enough. I don't see any reason to spin around in circles at this point in time. We don't know and can't change anything at all right now. We'll need to see what they come up with in a few weeks, and then we can give our feedback and start planning a revolution or announce world peace or whatever.

  5. 26 minutes ago, Yueyehua said:

    Hi everybody! I'm new there. đŸ€˜

    I was looking for long time an online game focused a bit more on social side of the MMO RPG and I found Crowfall.

    As I'm also a crafter at heart, I've read greedily all the documentations available on the web site. đŸ€©

    After few days of hesitations, I got a backer pack and tried to connect for the first time yesterday. 😄

    By the way, I'm half French/Japanese and I live in Paris (France), which means I much less fluent in english than I'd like be.

    Welcome to the forums.

    If you want to connect more with the french speaking community, I recommend this subforum and this community discord channel. There are also some french crowfall streamers, like Laas1er. I also suggest to find a group you can play with as soon as possible, since Crowfall will be a quite team oriented game. :)

    Have fun, good luck

  6. ~completelyignoringthenewscontentinordertoretainownmentalsanity~

    Dear devs,

    please hurry up with releasing 5.110 - we are starting to go nuts.

    But please don't hurry up too much - if you release a bugged 5.110 we will also go bananas. Bananas wil make us go ape - and at this point the doom loop would close the circle. And if this circle is closed earlier than the game circle ... game over might be the next term to be used.


  7. 12 hours ago, Profano said:

    Implementar sistema de friendlist, aba para guildas.
    No craft poderia melhorar que alguns itens poderiam ser criados em larga escala.

    Bem-vindo aos fĂłruns.

    Não se preocupe. O suporte da guilda estå chegando com a versão 5.110. A produção em massa também estå em andamento.
    VocĂȘ pode encontrar mais portugueses neste subforum e neste discord.

    Divirta-se, boa sorte

    37 minutes ago, Heero said:

    .... portuguĂȘs, sĂ©rio?

    If you want to expose your opinion you should try posting in English. Also the game is in a pre-alpha state, therefore you wont have those quality of life changes.

    I hope you are aware of the fact that Crowfall has a multilingual community - and some rules about constructivity. It shouldn't be too hard to welcome new crows with a few friedly words and point them into a direction that may actually be helpful for them. Also, with beta already knocking on the door, the pre-alpha argument has passed it's expiry date. And suggestions should always be welcome. Just a suggestion, of course. ;)

    Have fun, good luck

  8. 5 hours ago, DominicLandon said:

    So I am finally getting involved in crowfall after a long time of having backed it and just keeping mild tabs on it. Anything specific i need to know about when its going to go into beta/release etc?

    Also where is the best place to be looking for a guild? A game like this almost demands guild participation and well I am hoping to find a good one.

    Welcome back to the forums.

    What Surelia said.

    Adding to that, now is a good time to get some basic training (if you didn't test during 2019) about how some parts of Crowfall may work in the future.
    Rumors say there will be a lot of changes (and adding enough stuff to mostly closing the game circle) with the next seemingly extremely large update; 5.110 within the next two months. Which is also why they decided to call it Beta (which means they will invite the hundreds of thousands free beta tester registrants step by step then and put it all to the most important test).

    Since we had a feature freeze for the last few months, guild activities are currently not on the highest level. But if you have access, join the LIVE servers, open the map and click on details. You will find the current ingame statistics, showing how much campaign points which currently ingame active guild made in this campaign.
    A lot of guild leaders are active on the community discord channels. Those in dark blue being US guild leaders, light blue are european guild leaders.

    Have fun, good luck :)

  9. 4 hours ago, Fustix said:

    Hey lads,

    I am from Australia, have keen interest but only one question looks... is this game going to have OCE servers?

    Welcome to the forums.

    Actually we had OCE servers online in several test servers. But not for quite some time now. Just like Surelia, I didn't hear any significant news for some time now. So it's one of those things that remains to be seen and what people wait to get news about.
    (By the way, the asian server stretch goal doesnt promise another server usable by all, but will most likely provide a unique universe, seperated from both the US/EU servers and the russian servers. Up to now that's just a guess, though (even if maybe a well educated one).

    In my personal opinion, it looks a lot like they tried to provide test servers in the early years to check the potential of the possible audience. Since the OCE servers didn't come up for a long time, it looks like the results didn't go too well.

    That doesn't necessarily mean there will be no OCE servers to play Crowfall -- but surely that it will be a tough company decision. A decision the community may be able to prove being an important one, by showing they will be an important market. I was part of those who made a point in europe being an important market, so I know it can be done. So the only remaining question is: will you?

    I hope so, I wish you all the best, and if you have some ideas and the community may be of help in any way to get you there, just let us know.

    Until then
    have fun, good luck

  10. 1 hour ago, CrusaderW said:

    WĂŒrdest du mir die Erlaubnis geben diesen Inhalt zu einem Video ĂŒber Crowfall Lore zu verarbeiten?

    Jo, klar. Allerdings sind die Übersichten nicht mehr 100% aktuell, nachdem es zwischenzeitlich ein paar kleinere Änderungen gab. Das genau aufzudröseln und zu aktualisieren hab ich bisher erfolgreich vor mir hergeschoben. ;) FĂŒr einen Einsteig und allgemeinen Überblick reicht es aber noch, denke ich.

  11. 23 hours ago, NickyNaps said:

    First I'd like to state that my total play time in game is about 4-6 hours and have played only 2 days. I have also streamed this game on twitch both days to an AMAZING community that has taught me more that I would have ever learned on my own in such a short time.


    Game Mechanic - Vessels

    I love the concept of having vessels, however I dislike that they are not "permanently" part of the character you create. Obtaining a new vessel rare/epic etc, should be equipped to the current character you are playing on, just like a helmet/weapon/etc.


    Graphics & Gameplay

    For an early alpha/beta setting that we are in, this game FEELS great. [...]

    Graphics of the actual characters/environment are fantastic and whimsical in the best possible way. Games w/ this stylization (is that a word?) generally age VERY well so this will only help the longevity of the game, [...]


    User Interface/Experience

    This is what I can only assume is going to change a million times before release but I will state it anyways for the sake of it.


    Welcome to the forums. :)

    Glad to hear you had some fun, already streamed your first impressions and already got a positive impression about our community. I watched some of your streams too and would like to use the occasion to give a shoutout to @Hyriol and @yiannifor sharing their Crowfall wisdom on your stream. 👍 :)

    As for the vessel mechanic, you partially describe what's already there (changing vessel = just new vessel, no xp, no level).
    I think I understand what you are meaning, though. You would like to just put the vessel item (actually, they are items) in a vessel slot (which also exists), without having to actively change anything else at this specific moment (which is currently NOT happening "in-world", sorry ;) ).
    I would assume that after playing a while you will recognize that the spirit bank (account wide inventory) is much more important and more used than the world-specific character/vessel inventory. You will transfer stuff a lot anyways, making the world-specific "character-inventory" a kind of necessary but not loved solution of how to carry things "at the moment". In that case, transfering items tends to be no longer an extraordinary burden, but just what is done all the time.
    I agree, though, that the vessel system can't be "done" yet. There are still a lot of open questions about how transitioning between different vessel of the same kind may occur. I assume we will get the answers only near to launch - and that even after launch some changes may be implemented. Definitely one thing we, as a community, need to watch and give feedback about to help doing it the best way.

    As for the graphics, that was indeed the intention. They clearly stated right at the very beginning that a too realistic look would cause problems, because due to technological progress, the game would be look outdated soon. So they tried to give it a very specific unique and hopefully timeless style. I hope it works. It definitely works for me. :D

    UI and New Player Experience is something they stated will be a big part of the latest development stages. I tell you, it was much much worse in the past and they already did a lot. If I would be a developer, I probably wouldn't have taken that much care, but they tried to improve even for their pre-alpha testers. Which I would take as a good sign regarding awareness of the UI and EXP issues. But yeah, still a lot to be done for sure. Maybe that's why the two last significant content news were about right those things. ;)

    However, thanks for the feedback, your opinion and your streams. Don't stop it. ;)

    Have fun and good luck in Crowfall. :)




  12. Ich erwĂ€hne nur mal pro forma, dass der Bau von Runenwaffen recht umfangreich ist. FĂŒr den normalen Hausgebrauch, was die Wertesteigerung angeht, nicht wirklich von Bedeutung. FĂŒr das Ausreizen der Karten, unbedingt.

    Der Folgefrage vorgreifend: Wie baut man eine Runenwaffe, was ist dazu notwendig, inwiefern macht es Sinn?

    Hier meine Antwort dazu, ohne Anspruch auf VollstĂ€ndigkeit und Korrektheit (weil wegen stĂ€ndige Änderungen, of course ;) -). Jedenfalls: Stand meines Wissens Mitte Januar 2020.

    • Zum Bau einer Runenwaffe muss man einen SchriftrollenbehĂ€lter ("Scrollcase") haben und ausrĂŒsten (kleine Disziplinrune). Das ermöglicht einem Schriftrollen/BĂŒcher auszurĂŒsten (Taschenslot), die zusĂ€tzliche Rezepte/Rezeptoptionen freischalten.
    • Dann benötigt man das Buch 168 einfach Schritte zur Herstellung mĂ€chtiger GegenstĂ€nde ("168 Simple Steps for Creating Items with Power"). AusgerĂŒstet ermöglicht es die Nutzung der Rezepte fĂŒr bestimmte Juwelierarbeiten und esoterischer Runensteine.
    • Dann benötigt man esoterische Runensteine (da gibt es nur einen, leicht zu finden), herstellbar am Runentisch mit Runenhandwerk. Keine besonderen Zutaten.
    • Dann benötigt man die passenden Juwelen ĂŒber Goldschmiedekunst (Jewlry). Dazu gibt es verschiedene Schliffe fĂŒr die man jeweils verschiedene Edelsteine nutzen kann. Neben dem Grobschnitt gibt es einen Feinschnitt und je nach dem benötigt man dazu Materialen vom Steinmetztisch (Diamantschleifscheibe/Polierpaste). Ein Rubin im Briolette-Schliff gibt z.B. einen Bonus fĂŒr HP-Regeneration außerhalb des Kampfes und erhöht den Wert fĂŒr Basisangriffs; ein Smaragd im Ovalschliff erhöht die kritische Trefferchance und die Geschicklichkeit. Man sollte also schon wissen, was man da wirklich braucht und haben möchte. In Fall von Runenwaffen brauchen wir nur den Spherischen Waffenschliff (Weapon Cut Gemstone: Spherical); der Topaz gewĂ€hrt z.B. einen Konstitutionsbonus.
    • Dann legt man die 168 Schritte ab und legt das Waffenspezifische Buch ein. (Damit kann man auch die Edelsteine herstellen, aber da wir sowieso 168 Schritte fĂŒr die esoterischen Runensteine brauchten ...). Das schaltet die Zusatzrezepte/Optionen fĂŒr die Runenwaffen frei.

    Nun kann man seine Runenwaffe bauen. Zum einen werden mit dem Buch die neuen Rezepte freigeschaltet (die auch speziell angezeigt werden), zum anderen die Optionen fĂŒr die Teilrezepte (die in den normalen Rezepten versteckt sind). Nehmen wir mal den Bogen, weil der oben im Thread vorkam.

    • Es erscheinen drei neue Rezepte im Holzhandwerk im neuen Unterpunkt Runenwaffen. Der Komposit Recurve Runenbogen (fĂŒr Ranger), der Hochspannungs Compound Runenbogen (fĂŒr Vessels mit ausgerĂŒsteter ScharfschĂŒtzen Disziplin) und der Spruchgebundene Runen-Langbogen (fĂŒr Vessels mit ausgerĂŒsteter Arkaner BogenschĂŒtze Disziplin).
    • FĂŒr alle drei benötigt man ein Runenverziertes Bogen MittelstĂŒck (Runic Bow Riser), das man unter Holzhandwerk -> Komponenten herstellen kann, wenn man den optionalen polierten spherischen Edelstein verwendet. Hat man das Teil, kann man die Hauptwaffe (mit den normalen ĂŒblichen Zutaten) herstellen.
    • FĂŒr all das macht es natĂŒrlich Sinn, in den jeweilig benötigten Handwerken entsprechend geskillt zu sein, um die Experimentierchancen auch auszureizen. Ansonsten kommt man trotz Riesenaufwand nur mit geringsten Bonis aus der Sache raus.

    Wie so oft gilt in Crowfall, erfolgreich genutzte Rezepte mit geringem Risiko erzeugen oft GegenstĂ€nde mit weit besseren Boni, als die mit hohem Risiko. Die sind wirklich nur fĂŒr Kenner und die, die es sich leisten können aber auch wirklich ohne RĂŒcksicht auf Verluste alles in die Waagschale legen möchten, um noch, im GlĂŒcksfall, das letzte Fitzelchen herausholen zu können.

    Fazit: Es macht Spaß zu experimentieren und alles auszuprobieren (wenn man der Typ dafĂŒr ist), aber das Credo von Crowfall ist: Geb dich mit dem Normalkram zufrieden, da kannst du auch GlĂŒck haben ... oder geh Full-In, wenn du ein Zocker bist und VIELLEICHT mehr erreichen könntest .... aber auch bereit bist, jede Menge Rohstoffe und Aufwand fĂŒr Nichts zu verlieren.

    Mit den WerkstĂ€tten, die fĂŒr die Zukunft angedacht sind, in denen man GegenstĂ€nde in Serie produzieren kann, wird das Ganze (wenn sie denn kommen) nochmal um eine dicke Stufe hĂ€rter werden. Dann geht es nicht mehr um nur einen Gegenstand und ein paar Minuten klicken, sondern um vielleicht 100 und 14 Tage Crafting Zeit, in der ein Handwerks-Thrall in der Anlage gebunden ist.


  13. 1 minute ago, yianni said:

    That sounds more of a world boss event. I'm thinking something that would promote pvp

    The current kings are just not important enough. In my opinion. They would need to be better. And then they would need to have more important loot. And then they could not appear too often. Since the loot is very good, people will complain if they don't get it. If it also helps to save them from harm, they will be more willing to participate and won't complain as much. 

    I mean, I wouldn't run through the world, just because a king spawn is mentioned. Just not worth it. Plus, until I am there, it's most probably already done. There will be (already are) enough people spawning them with a vessel. Just relog, done.

    Yes, I don't like it when I am looking for a king, with a small group. But if it's not big but doable with a small group (or even solo) like the current kings, it just wouldn't make sense in my opinion - too exploitable by too few people.

  14. 2 hours ago, yianni said:

    In shadowbane we had mobs that were announced when they spawned with unique items like disciplines or godly runes. I think it would be cool to have the Kings do the same and maybe in addition to that announce what they have on them like a specific book . this doesn't have to be limited to kings either 

    Sounds good.

    But I would prefer a new type of NPC for this. Not the usual kings we see now. They could be famous unique leaders of order/balance/chaos/whatever, maybe kind of demi-gods or close-to-godly creatures, that spawn more than just rarely.

    I could even imagine them to be an imminent threat, gathering tribes in the area and leading them to attack even strongholds - so there would be a need to stop them as soon as possible, even if it means people would have to cooperate with enemy troups.

    "The world trembles. Orgrud the Wrecker entered the world once more in [World-Island]. Flee as long as you can!"

    Love it. :)

    But not just the current "king" NPC's. That's just to small.

  15. 1 hour ago, ToothlessRaider said:

    First, I tried posting in Q& A but for whatever reason this is the only section I am able to post in.

    Ok, so I am thinking of buying this game, but how solo friendly is the game?  I am ok with it being hard, but if its like not possible at all, that would be an issue for me.  I tend to game 90% at night, which using a mic at 2am would present an issue for me, and after 10 hours of work, the last thing I really want is to hear 20 people yelling and coordinating.  I just like to enjoy my audio books, and go grind mobs and craft gear.

    Games I have played solo and enjoyed include

    Albion Online(some aspects are not solo friendly)
    Ark Survival

    now all are better with friends I know, but does this game have any long term enjoyment for the anti social solo gamer who just wants to farm npcs, craft goods and sell it to the community?   I can spend hours just grinding mobs and crafting in mmorpgs.   Thanks in advance.

    Welcome to the forums.

    Crowfall was basically designed as a teamplayer game and therefore still includes not too unimportant game design elements that are meant to encourage people to cooperate with others.

    While in the early days of development this statement sounded a lot like there would be nearly no place for solo players at all, they added more and more PvE elements to the game, allowing solo players to find a foothold. So, in my opinion, it seems they came to the conclusion that a pure teamplayer game wouldn't allow for a big enough audience ... and adjusted their plans. That's in so far important to know as it seems they are aware of the soloplayer audience and want to do as much as possible for them without breaking the main teamplayer orientation.

    As always in games, what we play depends on what we like. One of the main pillars of Crowfall is to let the player decide what and how to play.

    If you want to be the notorious hero of every siege, the most known fighter with the best vessel and equipment, there will be no way to get there without teamplay.
    If you want to be a crafter that serves the needs of the latter, you will need to cooperate with others up to a certain degree, to get the necessary resources (and to sell your stuff).

    Theoretically you can also just fight NPC's in no-PvP areas, farm not too bad resources, build your own kingdom up to the usual 6.5 square kilometers, provide a market place or social hub or join others. Without ever having to PvP.
    Even if you would like to PvP only from time to time, without big coordination, you could just enter campaign world based on factions (chaos order balance) and just freely join one of the scheduled sieges.

    In my personal opinion, it is already well done and based on the right thoughts. For example, if you don't want teamplay, you simply won't need the best vessel and equipment. There's no sense in having it, other than just wanting it. And if you really want it ... well, then you will have the energy to do the extra mile. ;)


    tl;dr: Two years ago I would have said you need to be a pretty hardcore solo player to play Crowfall solo. Today I say, it's more than just possible, though - depending on personal goals - it includes some challenges. Tomorrow ... well, that remains to be seen. I would say it's quite probable that the developers will implement even more solo features to get a better grip on solo-players ... while also trying to design the game in a way that entices them join teamplay one day.


    Have fun, good luck

  16. Das BogenschĂŒtzenbuch mĂŒsste dir bestimmte Additive beim Bau von Bögen (Holzhandwerk) freischalten, wenn du es ausgerĂŒstet hast. Die Details habe ich nicht im Kopf (und die Details Ă€ndern sich sowieso (noch) stĂ€ndig, darum versuch ich es auch erst gar nicht :D ). 

    [edilete, weil veraltete info]

  17. Eigentlich sind die Fragen ja schon beantwortet. Ich fasse es aber mal etwas allgemeiner, weil es nicht nur die Oberschenkelknochen betrifft.

    Im Lauf des letzten Jahres wurden einige Handwerksprozesse umgebaut. Dazu gehört unter anderem, dass man die Verwendung mancher optionaler Zutaten erst freischalten muss. Das geschieht in erster Linie durch das AusrĂŒsten bestimmter Disziplinen-Runensteine und/oder Taschen-GegenstĂ€nde. Letztere haben im Regelfall eine bestimmte Anzahl von Ladungen, nach denen Sie wirkungslos werden.

    Im Fall einiger Nekromantie Additive muss man die "Necromancer Goggles", eine Art Tauchbrille die ein seltener Drop von hochrangigen NSC's ist, in einen seiner Taschen-Slots ablegen, um ihre Nutzung zu ermöglichen.

    Diese Drops sind in 5.10 so selten und die Monster so stark, dass es als Einzelspieler nicht wirklich Sinn macht sie bei den Mobs zu suchen - es sei denn man hat GlĂŒck oder steckt sehr viel Arbeit rein. Aktive Gilden erhalten sie im Lauf ihrer ĂŒblichen Monstercamp-Raids dagegen recht hĂ€ufig und haben teilweise sogar einen Überschuss. Oft ist es sinnvoller, sich einen vertrauenswĂŒrdigen Crafter einer Gilde zu suchen und den gewĂŒnschten Gegenstand fĂŒr einige Chaos Embers (die extrem hoch im Kurs stehen, da fĂŒr High-End Crafting benötigt) bauen zu lassen. 

    Die ErweiterungsgegenstĂ€nde werden oft auch bei den SpielerhĂ€ndlern in den Tempeln angeboten. Nur eben nicht immer unbedingt das, was man gerade sucht. Dazu zĂ€hlen unter anderem die Vielzahl von BĂŒchern (wie das Erste Hilfe Handbuch, das die Verwendung eines Additives fĂŒr VerbĂ€nde erlaubt).


    Auch wenn es sehr verlockend ist, alle möglichen Additive fĂŒr den Bau eigener GegenstĂ€nde verwenden zu wollen, sollte man sich darĂŒber im Klaren sein, dass dieses BedĂŒrfnis auf einer gezielten Manipulation durch das Game-Design basiert. Die Additive sind schneller und in grĂ¶ĂŸerem Umfang verfĂŒgbar, als die dazu benötigten ErweiterungsgegenstĂ€nde. FĂŒr die mĂŒsste man sich, am besten, einer Gruppe anschließen. Auf diese Art und Weise werden Spieler in Richtung Teamspiel Eigenwunsch geschoben.
    Wirklich relevant wird die Nutzung der Additive dann auch nur im High-End Profi Sektor, der sich nunmal auch in Kampf Gruppe gegen Gruppe abspielt. FĂŒr den Einzelspieler sind sie weitestgehend irrelevant, weil die Boni zwar einen Unterschied machen ... aber nur, wenn man sich auch wirklich extrem gut auskennt (und in dem Fall hat man auch keine Probleme, die benötigten GegenstĂ€nde zu besorgen).

    Sinvoller wie gesagt: Einen Profi-Gildencrafter finden und ein paar Chaos-Embers abdrĂŒcken und/oder, bis man selbst auf diesem Level ist, mit den Basisversionen Vorlieb nehmen - damit hat man durchaus auch schon genug zu tun und die Werte sind auch völlig ok. ;)


  18. 24 minutes ago, Vhaeyne said:

    No stranger to bugs or early access here, but man I have been getting the strangest crashes I have ever seen in my life. The game crashes itself randomly and other programs with it. It's very annoying, because I have to reload every program it takes out on its warpath. It seems to happen at complete random. The most commonly hit programs are Discord and Google chrome. It's also the long kinda crash where like one or two of the programs hit will take like 2 minutes of not responding to fully crash. I know it is just this game, because I only reinstalled it today, and have never had this issue with any game ever. Normally if I get a crash from a less stable early access game. Only the one program is hit. I have a good enough rig to know its not a hardware issue. Is there anything known about this? Any setting fixes? or do I just wait for better stability?


    TK in advanced for any actually insight or help.

    Welcome to the forums.

    It definitely isn't something common. Please contact support@crowfall.com and describe the issue. It's not the usual outsourced support, but your directline to the devs. They are usually very fast and very helpful. You should get a report receipt after a few minutes and they will then contact you directly and probably ask you for your logs and tell your where to find them.

    Have fun, good luck

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