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  1. Welcome to the forums. I think there are several levels to this issue that need to be addressed seperately. So let's go through them piece by piece. I'll go to the personal level first. I take it that you are very angry and disappointed about a certain situation that evolved within the Crowfall community. It's good that you voice your concerns and bring them up for discussion. We all get there from time to time. And it is important to find a good way to pass such a challenging situation. And we best start with ourselves. For example, it's not too helpful to create 6 posts on the
  2. It's always helpful to provide as many details as possible, and screenshots if possible. The error messages are usually not detailed enough to exactely point out the actual issue. So it could be several things. For example, the most usual error is about using the correct input lines. There are two fields where you can enter a guild name. One for the guild name, one for the shorter guild tag. "Display Name" is the field for the long version. Both fields have a limit to the number of characters ... which, unfortunately, I don't remember. Could be another problem, though. There is still
  3. Willkommen im Forum. Wenn du hier posten kannst, dann ist dir bereits eine Beta Stufe zugeteilt. Welche das ist, kannst du in deinem Account Profil nachsehen. Sieht dann so aus: Bei der ersten Registrierung erhält jeder User automatisch eine Beta Gruppe zugeteilt und wird irgendwann zum kostenlosen Test eingeladen. Wenn ich mich nicht irre, wurden zuletzt die Gruppen 4 und 5 eingeladen. Laut Entwickleraussage werden alle weiteren Zug um Zug im Lauf der nächsten Wochen (und Monate) eingeladen. Wer früher dran sein will, kann versuchen einen Beta Key für eine früh
  4. let me phrase it this way: what is faster? focussing on one resource at a time until you have enough of this type? or harvesting any named resources you can get, and only start focussing once you got enough of one or two types? and which way would become more and more effective the more people are participating / the larger parcel you want to build?
  5. The number counts any harvested named resource rank 1+, wood/stone/ore. Not knotwood/cobblestone/slag-ore, since those can't be used for building.
  6. Me. I run several tests every time I update my charts. With different accounts with different skills/tools/conditions. 360 named resources is what i got (solo) in average per hour, with no skills, only basic tools, while crafting new ones when one was destroyed during this time, within a save god's reach island - at the time this chart was made. Which is one of the reasons why I don't update the chart weekly.
  7. It suppose it depends on several factors. For example: One one hand, some may just like the opportunity to win a campaign. That's, of course, always possible. Even footing. Even with no equipment or opportunity to craft at all. Some may even love this. Pure skill and tactics and so on. It's basically like a "first kill" in other games. It could be deemed ennobling to win such a campaign. On the other hand, some may think it's nonsense to have a no-import campaign, with a world that nearly only contains resources nodes which nobody can harvest at all ... since nobody has any effi
  8. Well, lesson learned, huh? Never kill the chef! I mean, who do you think will do all the cooking afterwards? I won't! That's for damn sure. Culinary philistines ~mumble~ However ~cough~ I didn't know it currently works this way. Does it? Maybe a bug? Maybe unknown details? As far as I (thought I) know, usually those (individual or group) with the highest damage share get's the right to loot. Those with lesser participation will only get a greyed-out button which they can't use. Maybe one of your group grabbed the purple loot and, when someone complained that it was g
  9. Welcome to the forums. The topic of this thread is about english->french translation issues. Though there is a chance that someone from the team may coincidentally stumble over it here and forward it to the right people, this kind of bug should be reported in the according playtest bug report thread, because that's the one the Q&A team follows most intense. If you do so, when it comes to local bugs like yours, please also make sure to mention the name of the world and island (map) where it happened. Otherwise the coordinates won't really help, because they only indicate the
  10. 1) As for wipes in between: Possible, they will wipe what and whenever necessary. They try to avoid it, though. Last full wipe will happen immediately before (and indicate) the launch of the game. 2) The LIVE server usually runs 24/7, with some minor maintenance off-times. As far as I know the free closed beta invitations, to those who haven't bought the game, are valid for 30 days (basically to reduce server load if I got that right). Though they may be invited at a later time again. 3) Depends. Sometimes the next campaign starts immediately. Sometimes it can take a we
  11. Welcome to the forums. Adding to what Hyriol already answered: 1) In the last Q&A stream the developers revealed that they are planning to make the concurrent player cap of EK's depend on the largest stronghold parcel in it. For example a small castle (city parcel) will allow 60 concurrent visitors, a large castle (capital parcel) 120. 2) These are the building costs for parcels as of 4 months ago. I didn't check since then, but they shouldn't have changed significantly since then. More informations about this overview in this thread. Basically: Strongholds are meant to
  12. First Answer a) The german translation. (The others, of course, too ... but this is the german thread, so...) b) Because it contains too many suboptimal, often bad or misleading and sometimes just wrong translations, which harm the reputation of the game and company. c) To a translation which is able to undoubtedly proove that this company is not one of those (unfortunately usual) gaming companies who just want to get some additional money from other markets, without taking those markets audience actually serious, let alone be willing to invest additional work. Explanation
  13. Right now the best deal is to join a guild and then to buy the already reduced "Special Beta Offer" Patron Pack. That makes and accumulated 36% discount (32 instead of 50). I doubt there will ever be any better deal in the future. The increased guild discount runs out on August 23rd, though. If I remember correctly the regular guild discount was 10% before beta and will be 5% from then on until launch (with the exception of the current promo). Guild discount don't stack with referral/friend/streamer codes btw. For those who plan to create their own guild right now with the Reserve Gu
  14. No problem. The Shire Parcel is part of the "Medium Fort Bundle" included in the 2017 Amber bundle. Stronghold bundle contents can only be seen seperately in the account rewards list when unbundled ... or as a full list (even if still bundled) in the ingame purchase tab. There is no reason to unbundle it, though. You can claim the full bundle with all it's parts ingame and it will be reset with each full wipe; with the last wipe immediately before launch. Stronghold bundles contain: The Mainbuilding (Fort/Keep/Castle/rest tbd) The Stronghold Pack (Walls) The Accesso
  15. I just tested both and for me it worked fine for both the [LIVE TESTING COPY] (for the LIVE client) and [TESTING COPY] (for the TEST client) items. At which point didn't it work for/how far did you come with your LIVE items?
  16. When I had this issue in the past, usually one of the following helped: Change from "my kindom" tab to "all kingdoms" tab (or to the lobby), and back again. Sometimes the loading button just don't change to the enter button, though the EK is already open. Restart the game client. I could swear that, when I started writing this, I had 3 options in my mind. Hm. I lost the third somehow. Maybe it'll come back later. If nothing of this helps, you may want to contact support@crowfall.com, they might be able to find and fix the issue. Have fun, good luck Kraahk O
  17. There is a difference between resource and stronghold parcels. Only stronghold parcels provide building slots. When you say "farm parcel" there are some details/informations that need to be known, because several parcels have been named farm-parcel in the past, though they were not the same. This chaos has been resolved with a recent renaming. o The 1-cell parcel previously available in the shop as "Farm" or "Farmland" is a stronghold parcel, provides 1 S token (for a cottage) + 1 XS token (for something to place in/at the cottage) and is now known as Homestead parcel. o
  18. As has been said, the EK system is one of the last things to be adressed (due to the focus on finishing the PvP aspect of the game first). And we don't know yet what the developers finally will come up with in detail. We have some hints, though (but no guarantees). In the early tests we were able to keep our EK's open 24/7. The actual benefit was extremely small, though. In average about 3 EK's established serious market places or crafting hubs, while far beyond 100 EK's were kept open by their owner without any beneficial use but just to visit. The company tested some stuff and then
  19. Welcome to the forums. As stated by staff, the beta version has already been published on the LIVE servers a few days ago, being available for backers. There is no specific time for "the start of beta" that I would know of, though (other than Aug 11th). The way it usually works is that the team will send out invitation eMails. This will happen in batches, based on the beta access levels, and could take days (or even weeks) until everybody is invited. If (and when) you get this eMail, your account has been entitled to download and use the Crowfall client. To get such an eMail, you wil
  20. I don't really believe in the efficiency of countering exaggeration with exaggeration ... though I do it myself sometimes of course (it's just too much fun using a mirror sometimes, isn't it ... except of within early morning hours of course). Just saying. The rest are some general thoughts about the topic: I actually spent quite some time in deliberately testing the NPE quest system. It has a lot of, uh, optimization potential. Several suggestions already found their way in the current version, though. Telling me several things: a) It's not perfect b) It's also not done yet
  21. You are doing the same thing. See, "soft launch" was a term used by the team some years ago for a short while. They explained the term thoroughly. It meant the game would launch, fully, last wipe and so, and the only difference would be that they wouldn't do a marketing campaign beforehand. Mostly just because they simply didn't have the money for such a campaign and would wait to do so until the games income would be able to provide the money for such a campaign ... later. So regarding your question, launch and soft-launch would be the same. Unfortunately the term got stuck in some
  22. Uhm, you are aware of the adjusted building costs introduced with 5.110? Wouldn't really call it quick. Welcome to the forums. "Jeton" is just a crappy translation. "Token" basically indicates a placeholder for something, a sign/mark representing something. Each piece of land (parcel) has a specific number of those "tokens", indicitating how many buildings of which type (civil/military) and which size (extra small, small, large, ...) can be placed on it. Mouseover any building in your inventory (walls, houses, etc.) to get a description of it, including the
  23. Well phrased. But trading or inviting to trade this kind of stuff on the forums or ingame is prohibited by the rules and can lead to the participating accounts being banned. I would suggest to be careful. Just saying. The official trusted traders anshex and markeedragon are allowed to buy and sell retired backer bundles, though. Including support from the developing company in case of any issues. If you want to go diamond, that's the way to go, since it is always only possible to regularly "upgrade" to one of the current bundles. Unless you only want to upgrade your forum badge and t
  24. It is still testing. Things are not done yet and we only see a part of the picture. I reported nearly the same issue when the first chapter got introduced. It went up to lvl 6-10 and then people got lost, not knowing what to do, and it was hard to level up the rest ... unless you were in a team. With the 2nd chapter this has been kind of solved. Now people level up to about 15-20 ... and then got lost. But at least now they are able to fight the higher level mobs in God's Reach, so it's actually a smaller issue now. With chapter 3 introduced, I would expect this issue to be solv
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