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  1. Finally the official announcement. ­čĹŹ And let it be known that our community member @Herithius reportet it very shortly after the release of the new Silicon Valley trailer (which also included this Crowfall scene) and which you can both find in his original post here. Man, we are so damn fast with finding things... I need to say (repeat), I really love love love it!!! It's so awesome to see Crowfall within such a great television series. ... it's also sad to learn that the pizza ordering stuff probably won't happen ... at least not at launch (so, there's still hope for the future, right? I mean ... we already saw how it could work, right? RIGHT?!!!). P.S.: If you need to ask, you are not one of them. ­čśŤ
  2. Willkommen im Forum. Das erste Posting ... und gleich mit so einer Aktion - das ist schon eine Hausnummer. Ein paar Streams von Xelvar habe ich im Vorfeld schon sehen k├Ânnen und kann sie nur empfehlen. Gerade Nekromantie ist ja so ein Thema, das als Einzelk├Ąmpfer (was meiner Erfahrung nach die allermeisten EU Spieler sind) recht schwierig ist, weil man zum ergattern mancher notwendiger Rohstoffe nunmal eine Gruppe braucht. Ich werde definitiv reinschauen. Zumindest im Chat. Vielleicht sogar ingame im Hintergrund winken, falls ich es schaffe. Das ist ├╝brigens der allererste nicht-englische Stream, der regul├Ąr ├╝ber den offiziellen Twitch Channel von Crowfall gehostet wird! Gro├čen Respekt und hundertmaligesaufdiekniefallundverbeug f├╝r diesen einmaligen Meilenstein an Xelvar und die Phoenix Gaming Community. Vielleicht schaffen wir es als Community ja im Gegenzug das "unseren gem├╝tlichen Abend" zu einem "kleinen Auflauf" hochzuwerten. Ich bin jedenfalls dabei. Ihr auch?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Could you be more precise about what exactely seems to drive away some of your friends?
  4. Depending on ones interests, it may only be a small one. I'll send it to you in private. The others will need to watch the video. Or do more for the community, like you.
  5. I absolutely understand that. EK's are my main focus, too - has been since kickstarter, and will always be. EK's got no development love within the, well, about last one-and-a-half year. That's disappointing for those who are into kingdom building. Especially for those few mega-landlords, like me, who were planing big stuff. However, it's not my game, I'm not part of the team, I'm just a player. So, what to do when feeling disappointed? I usually tend to research the reasons and try to understand the decisions. Then reevaluate and check wether it makes sense to spend any (how much) energy into contributing to/working towards which kind of changes. Of course it may be more easy, if you've been into the topic right from the start and watched the path of development closely ever since. I think it is important to know, that the initial building related vision has been changed dramatically during the years. Why is that important to know? Because it means that they adjusted their initial plans and put a lot of the overall time and resources into creating the basics of a much much more extensive building system. That's not a bad thing for those interested in building. That's a good thing. They shifted the weight towards building. The initial plan was to provide us with parcels that had completely pre-build strongholds on them. We are far beyond that now. Is it finished yet? No. Do I care? Not the least. Since the decision for modular building a lot of things have been tested. For example: Free world building During the first "Builder World" tests I built a kind of chinese wall. JTodd later said in a later video that it was awesome and he didn't know this would be possible. Is it awesome? Yes. Is it part of the current playtest environment? No. Brick-by-Brick destruction In the early "Siege Perilous" tests, building destruction was tested on a brick-by-brick base. You can see more of it in this very interesting official video or this player video. Is it awesome? Yes. Is it part of the current playtest environment? No. Point is, a lot of things would be awesome. If it is not in, it's not because they didn't think about it, because they are lazy or just want to annoy us. In a lot of cases they even developed (and let us test) the basics, so they could implement stuff later. But they had to make decisions about what is most important for the game and what is needed most urgently. Building stuff is, by definition, generally not most important for a PvP game, though. Still they made building more interesting. Modular Centerpieces Extendable Wall Pieces Wall panels Design variations That's all so much more than what has been promised when they started development. Still, people are complaining. Builders complain "This part doesn't correctly connect to this part." PvPer complain "There are too many resources used for building." So, what to do? Builders (including me) NEED to understand, that the preamble for EK's always have been: "We are building a PvP game. Everything we build for EK's is based on what we need/want to have in the campaign worlds. So, campaign world use first ... then EK use." The campaign worlds are based on the idea that they will be generated procedurally. Each world looking different. Each stronghold looking different. The important thing for the game is, that the world builder system will be able to build unique strongholds on it's own, with a simple click. Wether WE will be able to do that is secondary. It will come later. This priority simply has to be understood. And, to be frank, at least I am completely fine with that. I can wait. After nearly five years following the development closely, I am pretty sure they did, do, and will do the best they can. They will need to make tough decisions, and had to do so in the past. Something may be implemented for launch, some will come later or never. Not everybody will be happy with the outcome. But that's just the way it goes. Not really a surprise. tl;dr: Personally, I am not really worried about things like the socketing system. These will surely be solved, once all the basic campaign functions and with that the first game loop is working well enough to allow them to focus on pure luxury. Which will happen eventually. This said, have fun, good luck Kraahk
  6. I watched the saved video on your twitch channel. I liked it. But the breaks were really annoying. Up to half a minute advertisement each 10 minutes on a more than 2 hour video, that's really annoying. I don't know if you can change this in your account settings - but if you can, it would be really great. Otherwise i would suggest to increase the information density in future streams like that. As an old crow I watched it completely, and got rewarded with a special info drop. But if I wouldn't have been deep into Crowfall, i would surely have turned it off after maybe the fourth advertisement.
  7. Another bug report from 4G_BlackCanario. Vendor items vanish, if a two-slot items is moved onto a one-slot item. Tested it and it works as shown in BC's video.
  8. No, you are missing nothing. Several leveling limits have been tested up to now. From nearly no ability to put the base underground up to being able to nearly let them vanish completely. This is just the current iteration. As far as we know, the whole building stuff is more or less on hold. With all development focus going into finishing 5.110, this is unlikely to change before early to midth 2020. Nevertheless, make sure to put your feedback in the according feedback thread, so it will find it's way into the QA list for later. (By the way, this here is the crafting subforums. There is a specific EK subforum. If you use the report button on your posting, you can request this thread to be moved over there.)
  9. Welcome to the forums. The reason is quite simple: to avoid unlimited battle reinforcement opportunities, especially during sieges. The developers want to avoid endless fights and this is one of the ways to balance that. Another reason is that death should hurt - players need to learn to be careful. The timer is just a setting, though (btw.: starting with your death, not with your arrival at the respawn location). It could be made longer or shorter or deactivated completely. For now it is what it is. But it can be discussed, and the devs will surely look into how well what works during testing (and after that) anyways, and do what needs to be done. Due to the campaigns, the later game can also have different campaigns with different settings and you should be able to choose worlds that serve you most. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  10. Welcome back ... again. I think we are all tired about guessing when launch will happen ... including the developers. However, here's the current state: There is already a 24/7 LIVE server (download here) with the testing environment. Accessible for all Backers with Beta-3 access or higher (which is actually everybody who bought any game bundle). The last missing links to close the game circle (mounts, caravans, refineries, guild vs. guild and some others) are currently in their final development stage and scheduled to enter the live environment in January/February 2020. This will put Crowfall into Alpha state (looking if all the parts of the game fit together or need changes) and then Beta (fine-tuning). This basically means that we will have something we could call a full game in the first quarter of 2020. Official launch (and last reset) maybe end of 2020. During the current year a lot of things have been implemented or changed. Since you already do have access, I would suggest to log in and take a look for yourself to be up to date. Most things you see ingame will stay this way now. Here is a short description how to get yourself combat ready as fast as possible, for those who haven't played yet (or this year). Have fun, good luck and see you later. Kraahk
  11. For faster reference in the future: Here's a little picture showing the route to the artifact station.
  12. 1. Yes, sure. There are also other reasons that makes it not the worst decision to have one or more additional accounts. A lot of people already have. So it won't be something too uncommon. Nevertheless, each account costs money. If you mess up, your account is burned. Really wanna spend 50 bucks each time? Maybe. But I am pretty sure it helps to decrease the overall issue. 2. The account name is your login name for the current playtest environment only. You can't really mess something up there. Ingame you currently can't transfer the higher priced backer rewards. And the accounts will be reset at launch anyways. The only way to really transfer monetized items is via the gifting system on the website. The login for this is not the account name, but the eMail adress. And you need to activate 2-factor-authentification, on both sides, to transfer items. So I'd say this is currently no issues. I am pretty sure the ingame login will also change. But of course we should keep an eye on it when we march towards launch, so it won't be forgotten. 3. Yes. There have been discussions about allowing us to choose the displayed names, with still doing it a way that let people identify the account. No final solution I've heard about yet, though. Maybe we'll get more freedom, maybe not. 4. I absolutely agree that this is just bad communication. It should be made clear during registration. I'll pass that one on to the development partner forums, to raise the visibility of this issue. We had the ability to change our account names in the very early days, but due to abuse they had to cancel that. I could imagine there might be another solution later on (like a monetized name-change service - but of course that would require to tell people that their account name will be their displayed name, or it would just be unfair money making). However, as for now every player has the opportunity to request a free account name change once. Just contact support@crowfall.com and ask for it, listing 3 preferred names (just in case one or two are already used).
  13. Welcome to the forums. The devs will surely read your words and take them into account. So first of all: Thanks for the feedback. I can only answer from a player point ot view and my personal experiences and observations, though. They may be wrong, they may be right. 1. The arch of the lost new players Thats quite some issue right now. There is no real silver lining for new testers. But the developers explained over and over again why. And indeed during the last year a lot of things have been implemented that makes the testing environment a lot more convienient for new testers. But yeah, there is no focus on first-player-experience. This is expected to change in the last part of the development. We are still in Pre-Alpha, which has been defined as the time when single parts of the later game are tested, without the full game loop existing. Focussing on NPE would only cost resources, to build something that would need to be changed later anyways, and by this delay launch even further. It can only be seriously and efficiently tackled, once we have the full game loop. Remember, it's a small company. Large companies may be able to put a few people on such a task. But for this company it would soon be 10% of their ressources and they just can't afford that. Conclusion: New player experience is currently an issue and will only finally be solved near to launch. Those who join should know that they are not players, but technical testers (hough the testing environment already seems to be pretty playable). Should this be communicated on the shop page more urgently? In my personal opinion: definitely yes. However, that's how it is. 2. No seek & hide "Account name = ingame name" has been a very early decision. There are some pro and contra arguments. Pro won (and is most unlikely to change). It could be nice for spying for example. But "having to take responsibility for the own actions" has been deemed more important - and it fits the basic principle of Crowfall "risk vs. reward". You are you, no matter what body you use. Your account name is not your main login name though, that would currently be your mail adress. So, as for security purposes, it's already not that big of an issue and I am sure they are still thinking about final solutions regarding this whole topic. So if you have any suggestions - that's what the suggestions box is for. 3. Newby Island Having a new-player-zone is basically the principle of the level restrictions for campaigns. There was something like that in shadowbane, and there will be something like that in Crowfall. Obligatory or voluntarily - we don't know. Right now we are in testing ... so nothing's carved in stone. Level restrictions are pretty new, so first of all they are a technical feasibility study. Just creating and testing the ability to do this, in case there may be need for that in all or some worlds of the later game. Watching it from the point of view of someone who experienced the whole development, it seems to make a LOT of sense, though. Both for the new players and the more experienced players. Before that, new players got much more frustrated by getting killed over and over again, everywhere they spawned. So now there is a save place. If you are experienced enough, you won't need more than one or two hours to level up your basic vessel high enough to be able to join the campaign. So that's not really an issue. And, there are enough areas where you can train your fighting skills even within the God's Reach starter areas. 4. Upset or Offset, that's the question Well, that's a design decision. Crowfall don't use tab-targeting. No easy clikedeeclick targeting, you need to aim at your target. That's hard to do if you don't see were you are aiming at, because the reticle is centerd on your character. A lot of variations have been tested so far. The current one is what seems to be the one that makes most sense. Probably not finally carved in stone, but I'd say as good as. Feeback and suggestions to make this change might have to be very good in order make the devs rethink the current reticle system. But, still in development, so still possible, right. A simple "I don't like it" surely won't work, though. Last not least, just an offer to think about: Seemingly degrading anybody who may say anything that may offer explanations about something you mentioned and don't like, by in that case automatically calling them fanboys (btw. what about the girls, hm?), doesn't seem to guarantee the best chances for good answers ... in my opinion. Offering an opinion is cool. Trying to avoid negativ feedback, too. Doing it by turning down certain kinds of answers right from the start ... is not. Though Crowfall is a PvP game, our community is usually quite accomodating and able to discuss different opinions appropriately. I can only hope it stays that way. But it would need all of us. You too. Just saying. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  14. Man, this looks like a heavy skin issue. You should have a serious talk with your local necromancer. Just saying.
  15. Yeah, thats the basic idea. In the current build there is no need to craft things yourself at all. Once you need crafted stuff, you should be enough into the game to have access to some high-end crafters. Until then the best loot from rank-5 mobs is good enough.
  16. Max level is 30. Here are some additional short infos that should be enough to get you started after a longer absence: Levels apply additional hitpoints, so level up before you go to campaigns. Level up in God's Reach. This is my basic first steps recommendation: Go to the God's Reach campaign and kill spiders in the first starter area until you are at about level 5. Go on to the portal to the temple, then immediately go on to the temples portal and enter the rank-5 island. There's a camp right south to the rank-5 islands portal, spend your leveling time there, focussing on Elite NPC's (better drops). Additional recommendations: Spend your attribute points (i) and talent points (t) every time you level up. Save your stuff as often as you can, by using the world bank (b). Equip the best newly looted armor and weapons (wpn with dmg 70 should be the end of the ladder). Save the best of each type you dont need for later use. Sacrifice the rest. Sell all discipline runes you find and don't need (drag&drop @ any vendor). They give the most money. Save EVERY artifact you can find. There's an artifact station in the mentioned camp, which you can use to craft artifact binds which give a LOT of sacrifice points. Anything else you loot can just be sacrificed (for now). Once you have enough gold, buy a pack pig saddle (at the temples central, go to the market area, the vendor is in the first quarter on the left side, 1200 gold). Equip it (i) and equip it's ability (k) in order to have the ability to travel faster. Of course use bandages to heal, keep your chicken ticker on the top left at at least 7/10 and go back to harvesting mode (h) every time you don't fight, to heal faster. Once you are there, you got some basic training/vessel/equipment and should be able to compete a little bit. At least enough to be an asset to a guild that may provide you with better vessels. If not, go for some harvesting an trade with the rare drop chaos embers. High end crafters are looking for them, while basic players can harvest them. Hope this helps. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  17. Welcome back to the forums. Just a few and short answers. I am sure other will be able to tell more. 1. Passive training is not gone. It's just that VIP won't give you 3 instead of 2 training options (now everybody has 2). 2. White vessel maybe 2 hours max. White needs about 17k sacrifice points, green 30k, blue 50k, purple 90k, orange 125k (all roundabout). Nearly everything can be sacrificed, but depending on the quality level of the item, it won't give SP at some point anymore (like white give no SP anymore for a green vessel lvl 13). So yes, you can buy. But looting should make more sense. 4. It's currently not possible to pass stronghold pieces on ingame. Maybe later, maybe not. 5. No information yet. But since 6 slots are open ingame, with 3 slots greyed out ... it seems to be so. Have fun
  18. Good job. Love it. P.S.: What about this ordering Pizza thing? Any chance we'll get that for l(a)unch? P.P.S.: Does that also mean Mini Maps and armor dyes are coming?
  19. Welcome to the forums. Your current forum level in this forum is "Visitor". Visitors only have limited writing rights. If you bought the game on the official crowfall website crowfall.com or during kickstarter, you should at least have the "Tester" level, and by this extensive access to this forum. If that's the case, but you don't have access, you should contact support@crowfall.com to get the access that's due to your pledge level. If you bought the game on the russian 4G website, you might not be entitled to write on this forum, but should have access to the official 4G Crowfall forums. I don't know if they have any playtest bug-report/feedback sub-forums there, though (but I hope they do). In both cases: If you find and want to share any informations about bugs or exploits or just want to leave some feedback ... but can't, due to restricted writing rights on the forums ... you could just send them directly to support@crowfall.com. Or if you don't want to bother them, you could send them to any other player who has access to this forum and is willing to pass on your feedback/report. Like me for example. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  20. They won't get a special access key. The access level is bound to the account. They just need to log in to the crowfall.com website and download the LIVE client on this page. The site will automatically check wether they are allowed to use the playtest environment or not. If there are any problems with connecting to it, it is recommended to contact support@crowfall.com, and they will help to get in. There have been codes that were able to provide rewards to the one sharing them, but as far as I know the current basic referral codes, as shown above, provide a discount to the buyer alone. Still a good deal in my opinion. And of course this may change in the future for future codes you may get access to. Besides that, joining a guild currently provides later rewards to the guild wallet. So, if you want rewards, it can be usefull to create your own guild and invite your friends to join it. You can find more informations about this in this news info. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  21. Welcome the forums. About the time of your posting there was a server restart and they were momentarily not available. They should be online again now. You can always find up-to-date connectivity informations in the #server-status channel of the Official Crowfall Discord. If you still can't enter the playtest-environment, it is recommended to contact support@crowfall.com. Be as precise as you can and they will help you get in as fast as possible. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  22. Right, I forgot. Thanks for that. I just checked it to be sure and it works. You can also just enter the account name in the referral code field during registration. It's case sensitive, so capital letters need to be written in capital letters. It provides a 10% bonus during checkout of the first purchase after registration. Not stackable with guild or stream-promo discounts.
  23. There are several promo links out there. Usually from streamers or older crows. As far as I know you currently can't generate one yourself. If you got one, you should have gotten them via eMail. Of course you can try to contact support@crowfall.com and try to get one there (see below). As far as I know, there won't be any opportunities to get people into the final game for free. There are several ways to get a discount and/or free access to the pre-release tests, though. Register an account on crowfall.com and you will be invited to one of the later free but closed beta tests (maybe next year). This opportunity may close at some time in the future. Join a guild via the website guild interface AFTER creating an account, to get a 10% discount on your next purchase (including game bundles). This may be reduced to 5% and finally 0% later, but currently it's 10%. Use mine (CoR) if you want to and leave once you found a real guild. Use a referral code/link WHILE registering an account, to get an individual discount on your next purchase. Some streamers can provide them for example (like rufio or zybak), usually 5-10% (doesnt stack with guild discounts). Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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