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  1. Welcome to the forums. There are also affiliate codes some streamers and youtubers can share and also some friend codes. To use those one would have to use the code during account registration (and they are not better than 10% anyways). If you don't have decided for a specific guild yet and don't want to bother any serious guild by just joining for the discount and then leaving again, you can join the support guild (=no active ingame organization) Citizens of Ravenheart [CoR]. Search for Ravenheart via the guild search function of the Crowfall website and you will find a [Request to join] button next to it. I don't check every day, but you can contact me on discord @Kraahk#3869 to make me move my feathers, if in a hurry or if you have any questions about the playtest environment or the future game. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  2. Sorry, but no, they didn't. At kickstarter they shared a delivery estimation for the core module. With the core module being the base the game will be built up on. So, that's an estimation, not a promise. And that's a core modul, not a game. Backing a game development comes with no guarantees at all, just the promise to use the money for the development and to do their best to deliver at some point. That's all. Backing doesn't mean buying, but supporting. If you would have understood this back then, you wouldn't be upset now. Neither if you wouldn't have understood it by now. And this discrepency is what is mainly causing the friction. This being said: Please get me right, I completely understand your frustration. I share it to some point and have shown my frustration about this or that myself often enough (and not always too constructively) throughout the years. In my own field of business I have to deliver result highly punctual. A six months project needs to be finished on day x, no matter what poorly made socks happened in between. However, your example doesn't work out, because, as I said, backing a development is not buying a game, and estimations are not promises. In my personal opinion, what we got up to now is already more than the core module kickstarter was about. Yes, some things are still missing, but then again other things got implemented which have not been part of it (or not to that extent). Whatsoever, the biggest pro in my eyes is the independency from investors. Which was their major reason to give us the opportunity to back the development of this game. It was the number one reason for me to participate back then ... and I believe it's the number one reason why this game is still being developed ... instead of just being cancelled, because it takes to long to give the Investors a nice rate of return. But they are still fighting to get it done. Nobody can say they just took the money, sat back and enjoyed a happy life. Through a long period of time they also listened extremely well to player feedback and changed a lot. Everybody who participated in this feedbackfest can't honestly accuse them of being late. We had our not insignificant part in it. I also agree that the gaming industry has some flaws that should be taken care of. Just like the refund policies. In europe this lead to the law that you can always get a refund for a bought product within 14 days. But, this game is not done yet, right, it is still testing. So actually you "really get" the game only at launch and you should be able to get a refund 14 days after that. But it's not the case, testing it already counts. Be that as it may, that's an issue that can't be solved regarding one single company. And definitely not in a single games forum. tl;dr: I understand your frustration, but I also think it wouldn't hurt if you would include additional sides into your perspectives. If you want to change something, there are ways (with more effort). If you just want to share your frustration and/or blow off steam, that's ok, too. I understand, others understand, I am sure ACE understand, too. Though that doesn't necessarily mean that any of them will publicly agree or put energy into solving this or that issue (or maybe even at all). Anyways, never forget to Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  3. Yes. Thanks for your feedback. This depends on when you you bought what in which country. Contact support@crowfall.com and they can give you your individual answer.
  4. Welcome to the forums and: no problem. Just enter your Eternal Kingdom to be the king. For an account name change, you can contact support@crowfall.com. Please list three possible names. Since you already found three, this should be no problem for you. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  5. Kraahk


    Welcome to the german language sub forums. Please stat your views and concerns in a clear and explicit way. In order to receive any content-related response, please fill out form PA-5.9-DE-a1, in triplicate, which you can download from any serious crowfall .de or .eu related website. Thanks for your attention... ... and good luck Sincerely yours Kraahk - officially unofficial german language community represantative
  6. [owlmode: on] Are all of you forgetting the past? When did they stop talking (compared to the situation before) last time? It was when they dedided they want to save up for some big news. Was about the same time last year by the way. Yeah, i agree, didnt really work out last time. At least not in the eyes of the old crows. Did it work out regarding the overall numbers? I can't tell. All I can say is that the current situation reminds me a lot of this specific situation last year. So ... I can only repeat myself: The (we) old crows need to adapt. Either we believe in the people behind the company or we don't. Either we are able to contribute to changes or not. It is definitely not enough to just say we are not happy. It never is. It's a good start. But it's not the end. We (too) need to adapt over time, we need to participate, we need to contribute in a way that benefits a better final result for all. If we are not able to do so, nothing we say is worth anything at all. I already see a lot of well known names in this thread. If you (we) old crows are annoyed up to this level, it means something. But first of all it means that we need to think about the Why more specifically. We know that it is not enough to complain. We did to better in the past. We can and should do better in the future. If we can't who can? The good thing is that every complaint is based on loving the game ... with the restriction that there is a conflict between what we see now and what we want to see. So the solution can be to reflect this, to understand the difference and to communicate it in a way that really results into a positive change. So that's what we should do. [owlmode: off] Oh yeah, i so hate this current communication style. It feels like they don't give a poorly made socks about their old backers anymore at all! It was so much differnt (and better) in the old days. Good ole' days. I hate the new days! Maybe it turns out I'm a nights person in the end, without knowing it before ... ~sigh~
  7. First of all, welcome to the forums. This has been a highly discussed topic throughout the years. Basically it is about the so-called tab-targeting. During the last 4 years a lot of things have been tested. The developers always said they want to develop a more action based targeting system and no tab-targeting. We had the opportunity to test both of it. Long story short, the game seems to works better in general if people need to aim directely at their target via there camera control. Some like it, some don't, but the results of the tests have been unambigious. So they don't want us to be able to aim at anybody just by hitting a certain key (which would also cause an issue with multibot functionality, which they want to avoid as far as possible). Watching the whole development, i would agree that it sometimes can be very inconvenient. And i hope that they find a different solution for some aspects regarding camera control. But I also agree to the basic solution of "no tab-targeting". Saying this as a tester, if we want other solutions, we just need to make better suggestions. To think out of the box and to describe our ideas very specific. It can help, it can make a difference. Because this development team is still listening to it's audience very closely. If you have such an idea, really, just say it. If it is good enough to top possible negative effects, they will do it. And even if not, they will think about alternatives based on this idea. Just don't expect them to change something, just because someone said they don't like it. For this is true about nearly any aspect of the game. Which is to say: I (and surely the devs, too) appreciate your feedback. It's a very important first step. But i am also sure we, as testers, can do more. I think your basic idea can be polished into something more conrete. And that a refurbished and more solution-oriented version of your very reasonable critique could help the devs to create an even better game in the end. Can we do this? That remains to be seen. Anyways, great attitude to share your feedback. Thanks for that! Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  8. I am still all in for the Hamstaur: Since the two other suggestions I made in this old thread (bard and pigmen) already came true, I will allow myself to be quite optimistic. I have no doubt that we will see several new races and classes and combinations in the time after launch. I believe to remember them mentioning (in the dark ages) that one idea to make VIP more interesting may be to unlock new classes a months earlier than for the plebs.
  9. Indeed they just repeated it then. They first mentioned it even earlier. Years, really.
  10. Of course the idea is legit. I mean, the problem exist, so... It's just that I cant feel too much sincere sympathy with those who just recently joined. I mean, how often did we get skills reset? Over and over again. All lost, again starting with this unnerving clickereedoo. And how much better did the New-Player-Experience get throughout the last year. I think there is really nothing anybody new can seriously complain about ... when facing an old crow. Besides, the issue won't be solved. It will repeat itself over and over again. And then again. It will allways only be no problem at the moment all are exactely on the same level ... which is a skill reset. And then nobody can do anything useful again ... not really helping. What I would be very careful with, is providing benefits not based on previous effort. It's the wrong message. The new crows should learn that they need to pursue long-term goals ... instead of getting anything they want without doing something for it. "If you are late, you are late. This is still just testing, so you will get another chance. Call it a warning shot. Be early next time." This will either increase the general tendency to help young crows, or to teach them a tougher mindset. I can live with both. More (indeed most) important is in my opinion, that ACE may need realistic data. What exactely happens, under the current skill setting, when later crows join and meet earlier crows? If they don't, I don't see any reason for skilling at all and the skills could just be completely filled for everybody. Or like Surelia suggested, half-filled, so we still get something to do. My bigger worry is indeed what will happen when skilling gets slowed down to the final rate and how the hell we should be able to do anything useful at all within the first six months after launch.
  11. I believe Jah's posting was more some kind of a reminder. It's one of those parts of the plans new crows, if at all, may only hear about from their grand-grand-crows ... and by this first becomes old stories, then legend and then drift into full oblivion. It may make sense to remind some people that monarchs are not fully extinct - yet. ~royalhaybalerollingby~
  12. I see a logical problem in connecting EK's to CW's. EK assets can be bought with real money. If we would be able to connect them to CW's without restrictions, there would be a pay2win poorly made socksstorm. So this definitely won't happen. Unless any possible advantages provided by houses and land get neutralized. But then, if there are no advantages at all, why should anybody bring their EK's to the CW's? There are ways that may make sense, though. Here are two of things that have been discussed with/mentioned by Todd throughout the years. First, with the new island-maps system it would be technically and theoretically possible to build EK's into campaigns. They would just be another island. Imagine monarchs providing their EK to serve as the "Free City" island on a world map. Or a guild vs. guild map, existing solely out of guild EK's who fight against each other. Of course this leads to a lot of questions about how this could be handled and it's a nice-to-have thing, not something lethal to the game. So we won't get there tomorrow. But there is a chance that we may get there one day. Second, the portal and embargo systems could be able to allow to do without the lobby. There would just be portals in the EK's, leading to the campaigns, and vice versa. Of course the export/import restrictions would apply, so it wouldn't really change anything. Items on the vessel would just be transfered to the world bank, when the vessel leaves a world. There are several pro and contra arguments, and it surely is no priority. But it was discussed and again, maybe one day we will get there. So, there are possible options. If we come up with more of them, the devs will surely listen (though they most likely won't consider any new idea to become something else but an after-launch feature - already enough on the plate ).
  13. All eligible players (those who found their way into the scoreboard, in all factions/campaign-worlds) will get the skull of the winning faction. black skull, read eyes, if order sacrifices most skulls; bone skull, green eyes if balance wins; grey skull, blue eyes if chaos wins. https://crowfall.com/en-US/decapathon
  14. As far as I remember, I may be wrong of course, CU kickstarted in 2013, two years before CFand after six years is in beta for a year now. I remember not joining, because the public flow of informations was so bad back in the days. Ain't they still have an NDA? If so, I wouldn't call it less a community but an exclusive club. And did I here something about a server schedule? I don't know a lot about CU, so correct me if I am wrong, but to me it seems that CF and CU follow two completely different ways. Which inevitably would lead to completely different decisions and not a lot of one-to-one comparability.
  15. There already have been several generations of crows. Each tide leaves only a few crows at the beach. New tides roll in new generations. That's just how it works. I don't see how a small company like ACE should be able to keep up the level of communication and community support they provided within the first year, and even the following two years ... and obviously not even as in the last year. With each generation, the intensity decreased ... and had to. As one of the first crows I don't like it either. I loved "the old days". A lot. It was magic what they did. But I also don't see an alternative. They need to move towards what they can provide for tenthousands of active players after launch. I think the old crows need to understand that they are old crows, that surviving is a hell of an achievement, and that a new tide is coming. I think the only thing to really decide is wether to grab some roots of a nearby Tree of Life ... or to let go and be washed away into the nothingness behind the hunger.
  16. [DNGO] von @Akohiiro wäre auch noch eine frische Option. Siehe deutschsprachiger Community Adressen Thread. Nur der Vollständigkeit halber.
  17. Welcome to the forums. Just click on the Avatar picture to enter the account profile page. There should be a follow button.
  18. Welcome to the forums. On a first note: Everything regarding building is still in flux, so what you see now is not what you will get in the final game. Second: There is currently no way I know of that would allow you to start crafting your buildings completely on your own. But you can do with a little help. Check your "Purchase" tab in the ingame Lobby. - If you have parcels and houses there, import them. Place the parcel in your EK, place the house on your parcel. Leave your EK and go to a stonemasonry table in God's Reach temple, craft a stonemasonry table, put it in your spirit bank, bring it to your EK and place it in your house. Now use it to craft buildings. - If you don't have parcels and houses in your purchase tab, well, it get's more complicated. Currently Stonemasonry recipes can only be used in Eternal Kingdoms. So, if using a stonemasonry table in God's Reach or the Campaigns, you won't see the recipes there to build houses. But in order to place a stonemasonry table in your EK, you need a land parcel and a building. See the problem? So right now the only way would be to visit an EK of someone else, who already has a stonemasonry table in the EK, and then to use it to build your first farm parcel and cottage, which you then transfer to your own EK, so you can place your stonemasonry table and start crafting on your own. Building has currently no priority, it's all about the campaigns. We surely will get there eventually and things will become more easy again. But most likely not in the nearest future. Anyways, have fun and good luck.
  19. recently? no. but i remember the bad old times.
  20. ^This! It was great. Let ears be great again!
  21. Multiboxing is one of those topics that comes up once in a while. If someone is interested in the discussion history, here are some examples from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. More or less all about it has already been told and discussed. Multiple times. The Devs don't really want to have or support it, but they know they won't be able to fully prevent it. They did some things that makes it harder or less useful to use multiboxing, though (like no tab-targeting). But explicitly forbidding something you can't really control only undermines the truth of your rules. So why doing it. And another important base, since this will be a community-driven game, if the players don't like multiboxing, the may as well just take care of it themselves ... Multiboxer headhunt, following the all-you-can-eat and 5-in-1 principle ... in the end it's our choices. So, no point to complain about not being able to multibox, because the game is not optimized for it. It isn't. And afaik it's not meant to, nor ever will. As for the quoted rule - I am not a friend of paragraphs. Rules have to serve the people, not the other way around. So I think it's important to understand their base. This said, it might be useful to know that this paragraph was not part of the original ACE rules. It was part of a one-to-one translation of the rules Travian used (and still uses) for it's own browsergame, when they joined in as EU publishers. Needless to say that the rules for a browsergame won't just magically fit for any MMO. The first version even didn't allow to have two accounts and it needed some month to make them change that for Crowfall. The EU players had to accept the Travian rules. Much later some of them moved over to the official ACE rules. Now that Travian is gone, the rules still include some, uhm, funny things that may need a workover. I would assume that the rules will get a(nother) review before launch and that we will have to accept them again before it gets hot. Before then I am not too worried about them. Up to now I accepted maybe 5 different terms (and I am really tired of reading them all in detail). And ... we are still in testing anyways, right? As long as we give feedback about functions and disfunctions, report possible exploits and use some common sense, we should be fine ... until the game launches.
  22. In fact the functionality has already been tested. But only for a very short time and kind of long ago. We were able to use skulls and hanging banners on connectors that were placed on the spikes of fort walls. Like with the mounts right now, it was only the functionality, without any thing been shown. So, quite sure it will come. Once we come to the placement of props.
  23. Welcome to the forums. This question has been asked frequently throughout the years. And fortunately the answer is still the same. Basically this is a false appearance issue. In fact the EU prices are a little lower than the USD prices would be. Because the USD prices in the store don't include VAT (the added value tax), the EU prices do. As far as I understood, that's mostly because the so-called regional taxes in the US can differ from country to country, so prices are usually shown without taxes before the checkout. While the european law demands to show the final price immediately at the offer. When you take a look at the US store, it says: " * All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated and do not include regional tax. " When you take a look at the EU store, it says: " * Order Price VAT is included, if applicable. " Currently 10 USD is 9 EU. The US package is 50$+taxes. That would be 45€ + about 20% taxes = 54€ including taxes. So the current EU price of 50€ including taxes is in fact cheaper than the alternative. P.S.: If they now increase the price, only because you wanted the prices to be fair, I expect you to pay the difference between 50 and 54 for all future EU customers.
  24. Glückwunsch zum Start eures eigenen Projektes und viel Spaß und Erfolg im Test. Und im späteren Spiel natürlich.
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