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  1. If you would have asked me one or two years ago, I would have been able to answer and the answer would have been simple (though it would be accurate anymore). But since then too many things changed or have still not been decided, while the rest of the game went on in it's development. Right now I can't even tell what "the point in buying/creating parcels and expanding the EK's" could be "in general". Basically EK's are primarily meant for Guild housing, though. That much has been made clear. Wether they will make sense for solo players or community hubs, let alone for harvesters or even crafters ... that's a question I can't even try to answer seriously (anymore) at the current state. Not good, but that's how it is. We don't have to. If you want to, you can do so. For example to cut corners and save some time. But nobody has to. If you have a reason, you have a reason. If not, not. As simple as that. The more interesting question could be if they want us to buy parcels right now ... or even later. Currently for me they seem to be in the same pocket as VIP tickets: Things they already offer, with nobody knowing what they will get out of it, so ACE don't really encourage to buy them -- things they will need to work on to make them important to players, so they will buy them once this work is done ... later. Your logic is incomplete. Because PvP oriented players need equipment made by crafters, who need resources from harvester, both distributed by merchants. As a non-pvp'er you don't need to do PvP. You may get better resources more easily, but you don't have to. Sure, in campaigns with no imports you will have to at least join the PvP world. Doesn't mean you need to fight. But the more risk you take, the higher the possible rewards will be. That's one of the basic game principles. If someone wants all for nothing, to be the best with no effort, to be complete indipendent from others, yes, then this game may simply be the wrong game. You can either join the more dangerous worlds and get the best resources there on your own, or (staying in the EK's or harmless Campaigns) you can simply trade with people who do (which will also be those who need the best equipment). Or you join them as their protected crafter in the more risky campaigns. Or, or, or. Their will always be a certain effort to reach the top. No matter from which side you climb the mountain. See, it's not that I don't agree. I do. It's just that I don't see this issue as a whole being solved anytime soon. Even though actually parts of this issue complex already have been addressed. The original vision called this game pure PvP game with no PvE at all. Not a game for non-pvp'ers at all. This has changed in parts. There is a PvE environment, originally only meant to increase the danger level of campaigns, now providing important resources. There are safe worlds, safe maps, safe zones with no PvP and they can be used to gain materials (like chaos embers) that have a high trade value, without ever going anywhere near danger. There is no general need anymore to reach a stronghold in a PvP campaign, in order to be able to craft. Just some examples. So it can't be said that they don't do anything about it. Dows it work out? I am not sure. One of the problems is, the more PvE friendly the game-in-development becomes, the more PvE people join. The more join, the more complaints about not-enough PvE opportunities arise. The more PvE opportunities ACE adds, the more it appears that they leave the path of their original vision and the more the PvP oriented players start complaining, because they can't just PvP anymore. So it's a complicated issue and not solved by simply saying or doing this or that. Of course sharing our opinions is important and in my experience ACE is very good in listening to them. But there are a lot of opinions and points of view and only a limited amount of resources and time. We'll see where it goes.
  2. [owlmode] Never wait. Prepare, if you want to. And if you want to, then do so. But ... never just wait ... [/owlmode]
  3. Welcome to the forums. As far as I know, the guild hall is not yet available in the testing environments (but I didn't test guild halls lately, so they may be available in a basic version - but a lot of Eternal Kingdom stuff is still worked on, so don't wonder if something isn't there (the way) you expect it to be ... most of it will come later during alpha or beta). However, this is what it is (was) planned to look like (various variants you will proabably be able to choose from): and in this video you can get more information about it. It's about one year old, but still the latest we go about guild halls. Starting at 27:10. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. Yeah. But I am not at liberty to share. Just let me say that it shouldn't be a surprise if some names appear in other happenings, too.
  5. Don't underestimate your fellow crow's. Stranger things already happened.
  6. Lost a few strongholds in the last version. Most came back to my purchase tab with a "(Repair)" appendix. However, currently my purchase tab only shows one (Repair) Mountain Citadel, though I own two. For those who seem to have lost all their vessels and can't create new ones: It's a known issue ACE is looking into. For some people it worked to just wait a few minutes or to close and restart the game after updating it.
  7. Welcome to the forums. As far as I remember, there should be an upgrade option in the shop after buying one of the current bundles. I may be wrong on this, though (old crows, seen a lot, minds sometimes confused, and so on). If in doubt, contact support@crowfall.com with these kind of questions and they will usually respond very quickly and satisfying. (As a little bonus information: Be aware that joining a guild via the web-interface on https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild will currently grant you a 10% discount on your next shop purchase (including game bundles)) Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  8. from 9 to 100 in a few seconds? sounds right for me. ☁️🚗
  9. CB is in open beta, which means the game is more or less done, except of some finetuning. CF is in pre-alpha, which means that even some fundamental systems of the later game are not in the testing environment yet. Not to speak of the game loop and player experience. So, sorry, but I don't get your point. If your ten year old would have been more comfortable with CF then with CB - then it would have been a very bad sign for CB. But this way, it's nothing else but just normal. Even without taking into accounts that both games are quite different in general.
  10. Trying to import a Palace or Citadel or Large Castle causes the bundle to completely vanish from the purchase tab, without being imported , showing the error 500, and changes possible second bundles of this type to a "(Repair)" version.
  11. Though there is no public dev tracker on the forums currently that i would know about, Scree's Malekai Bot, which also does it's duty on Keaggan's international crowfall community discord, provides a dev tracker.
  12. That ~pointingabove~ is the most important word. Because, seriously, they provided us for years with significant news, twice a week (not so much for the last year, though. True. But times changed, back in the days any news was exciting and interesting, just because we didn't know anything at all ... and of course that changed). Is it possible that a Q&A video may come later? Of course! Did they ever skip one? No, not at all! So I really don't get the problem here. Are they late this week? Yes. But so what? You really think there won't be an Q&A video? Come on! And by the way, those who have never been late at anything within four years may cast the first stone! If they really choose to. Just saying.
  13. There already is one. Those nasty little demonic furrballs. You need proof? How about this, huh? *shiver* I really wouldn't want to meet one of those. For me that's absolutely enough... ... before launch.
  14. Willkommen in Crowfall! In der Community-Liste findest du die Adressen von Gilden, die sich in der Community ausreichend hervorgetan haben, um aufzufallen. Darüber hinaus kannst du diese und andere deutschsprachige Gilden auch über die Gildensuche auf der Website finden, indem du als Kriterium die Sprache Deutsch auswählst. Daneben findest du die verifizierten Gildenleiter europäischer Gilden (wenn deutschsprachig für dich kein muss ist) im häufigst benutzten internationalen Crowfall Discord in hellblau als mögliche Ansprechpartner dargestellt. Wenn du noch anderweitige Fragen zum Spiel hast, nur nicht schüchtern sein. Schließlich sitzen wir alle in derselben sterbenden Welt. So oder so viel Spaß und Erfolg im Pre-Alpha Test. Kraahk
  15. Yeah, werewolves have been a topic. Already pretty early on in development. The basic systems to make this possible are in; things can change depending on the time of day. It's just no priority to do things like werewolves (or even more horrible: wereguineceans, argh) right now as far as I can see. But I think there is a good chance for it to be implemented as an after-launch feature.
  16. As the others said, no. Not now, not later. If you interested in this topic, here are some additional infomations: Parcels And Resource Ranks Resource quality usually depends on the danger-rating of a parcel. A while ago they implemented tech that allow them to make resource levels technically independent from the parcel level, but the basic rule stays. The original concept introduced world-bands with the same basic danger-scope; from low to high: Eternal Kingdoms -> God's Reach -> The Infected -> The Shadows -> The Dregs. Though the concept slightly changed, the principle stays true. The worlds (campaings) in each world band have a specific danger level, within the danger-scope of the world band. When a world gets generated procedurally, it's danger level gets defined and the system assigns corresponding levels to the parcels. The dioramas (NPC and resource spawners) get distributed according (near) to the parcel level. (You can read more about in this exclusive article at mmorpg.com. It's three years old, but the basics are still true.) Since Eternal Kingdoms have the lowest danger level, the resource levels are also the lowest within the universe. Currently this means basic resources as standard resources in EK's. Higher Ranked Nodes In EK's Theoretically the principles would allow EK's to provide Rank 1 non-basic resources. IF their value turns out to be so low, that nobody cares about them anymore. (Actually this kind of already happened. Because some versions earlier, the first non-basic resource was not white, but black and white was already the Rank 2 non-basic resource.) One problem is that players are meant to join campaign worlds. They don't need to, if they find everything in their EK's. And of course the PvP players complain if they don't get enough victims (and usually they complain louder than the harvesters and crafters and monarchs ). Besides that, ACE mentioned the possibility that they are not completely against the idea that players may be able to salvage (or win) special seeds in the open campaign worlds, that may allow players to plant special trees in their EK's which will provide higher ranking wood (with a limited resource amount or life time). And the same for the other resources. We didn't get any new informations about these for several years now, but these are things that have been in the talks. Saying that one day a higher ranking resource parcel would be needed to offer slots to place such seeds would be pure speculation. Parcel Ranks In EK's I actually don't know if we currently can craft rank 2 or rank 3 parcels. If so, it would have to be done via the quality of the used resources/materials. If we can't do it now, then it is in the making. The whole parcel system is still in the works. Some rank 2 / rank 3 stronghold parcels already exist, though (via backer rewards). Higher ranking stronghold parcels provide more building token than it's lower version. See this list (colors do NOT refer to the resource quality): Wether resource parcels will also be available with different rank, we don't know yet. Deeds And Ranks Building parts can have different ranks, depending on the quality of the used resources/materials. With higher quality, wall parts will provide additional upgrade options during placement. You can find out more about this in this newsletter about battlements. tl;dr: No non-basic resouces in the EK's at the momen. And as a general rule, higher qualities of EK assets are most likely to (more or less) solely improve Quality-of-Life aspects within the EK's, but won't provide direct benefits that would significantly lower the necessity to visit campaign worlds.
  17. This has been dicussed several time throughout the years. One of the official answers have been this one: You can use the forum search function to find discussions about this topic, like these two: It's a different topic than the original topic though, so it could make sense to make a seperate thread. (though i don't think that it would change anything).
  18. The early one catches the worm. If you are a bird, this may be good. If you are a fish, this may be bad. Both not necessarily. On the other side, those who come later don't have to live through all the bugs, build the community, gather unknown informations and put them into tables provided to others, and so on. There are more sides to it than just a skill tree. In my opinion it is a vey small price for not having to deal with a lot of other early poblems. However, the question is not if a new player, joining a year later, won't be as strong as the older crows ... but if the game provide opportunities to catch up. If it doesn't, then i would agree to you - it just wouldn't make sense for new players to join at all. But Crowfall will. And on another note, how big would you imagine the poorly made socksstorm from those old crows, who put all their effort into one year of achievemens, if new players would just need to join and snip with their fingers to get exactely the same immediately? Balancing this will be a challenge. But as Todd said, when the topic first came up two years ago, this is a Future-Todd problem. Right now other things are more important. But they already wanted us to know that they are aware of these issues and will keep them in mind. For me, for now, that is good enough. But of course we need to keep our eyes open and our feedback running.
  19. There is a catch-up mechanism planned ("skill tomes" were the first published idea). But since it will only matter some time after launch, of course it's no something we will see or be able to test prior to launch. Crowfall want's people to make decisions and that those decisions will be important. Fighting, Gathering, Crafting ... choose two, your decision, and live with it. Removing the combat tree would remove this whole principle. So it's more than unlikely to happen. The game also doesn't need to be balanced. Some people will be better, some decisions will be better. That's just how it is. Besides, the skill have some influence, but not the biggest. They are not as important as it may look like. Anyways, it's always good to share concerns and to participate in the community, so thanks for that. And i hope you'll participate in the catch-up mechanism tests and discussions, once we get there.
  20. As Hyriol said, currently not. But the plan was that we will be able to repair items in the final game, while reducing the overall durability of the item with each repair, until it walks down beyond-repair-alley. We haven't heard about it in a long time, though. So at least it won't come soon for sure.
  21. This is a very, VERY old article. From even before the change of parcel sizes two years ago. Most of the informations in there are either outdated or refer to visions that often haven't found their way into the game yet. Maybe you could add a chapter for things to come. But i would be careful with mixing up-to-date informations with maybe-one-day informations. As far as I can see, there sizes don't matter. Regarding EK's. At least up to now. Maybe someone else can confirm. And hey, no excuses about time necessary. YOU found the time to start this awesome guide, I didn't. So, shame on me, and hail to the Guidemaker.
  22. Ciao e benvenuto. La comunità italiana è piccola e non molto attiva. Ma potresti trovare altri giocatori sul canale discord italiano. --> https://discord.gg/RdnmkJX Have fun and good luck. Kraahk
  23. See. That's what i am talkin' abou'. Cold blooded as a freshwater snail in a frozen pond during a long winter. We will survive it all. ALL! (Given that, it may be a clever move to focus more on EK people, they are obviously calmer and more enduring. Just sahaying. ~whistle~)
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