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  1. I'd suppose that from a dev point of view, when talking about character advancement, the word "powers" might feel appropriate as a general term for all the stat providing things that get applied to a character. There are many hundreds of them listed under the details tab in the character/inventory window. Plus fighting abilities, plus, plus, plus. So I don't see 1.500 being a big problem. It surely would be interesting to get more details, yeah. But I don't think that starting that off like this thread did would be the best possible way to get there. Just out of logical reasons: If I tell something, another one doubts it and demands that I tell more ... why should I do it? The person already proved not to believe me, so why should I waste any time just to get the next wave of disbelieve? Just saying.
  2. Kraahk


    Right. That's what we do. Testing. Day after day. In case you just used up your free posting opportunity ... this is the international Crowfall community discord channel: https://discord.gg/ESr5KPj And this is the official read-only Crowfall channel: https://discord.gg/aTt5zds Have fun, good luck and welcome to Crowfall Kraahk
  3. You can place doors ? I am not able to do that at all! 😲
  4. OK, here is a basic guideline: If you find a guild that is welcoming to new players and honestly help them to get through the first stages ... join and follow their lead. If not, this is what I would recommend: Choose a race/class combination that sounds good for you and your individual playstyle. If you don't have any notable preferance, the guinecean duelist has an early stealth opportunity, can be played as a pure ranged fighter if equipped with two pistols, and has an early stun ability. Which helps a lot when you otherwise don't really know what you do. Go to the God's Reach campaign and kill spiders in the first starter area until you are at about level 5. Go on to the temple, use the portal to the level 5 island, choose a NPC camp and smash them until you don't want no more. - Use the world bank B to save any items when your inventory is full. - Keep your chicken ticker - food-meter top left - at at least 7/10 or you will heal slower - Get out of combat and back to survival mode H after each combat, or you will heal slower - Use bandages to heal much faster when in survival mode. You can craft them on your own via the crafting menu J with only a few wood which you can harvest from any simple tree, even with bare hands. By doing this, level your vessel up to level 30 and equip it appropriately. - Always equip the next best armor/weapon you loot from those NPCs. Most important are the weapons. If they do about 70 damage, you are fine. Then focus on armor. Which armor you can equip depends on your class. Open your talent tree to see which armor your class might be able to wear in the end, depending on your final subclass decision. - Keep one type of any weapon/armor in your world bank for future classes. Sell the rest of them to vendors in the temple or sacrifice them at the fire pot there. Put a focus on sacrificing them. - At the beginning, don't care a lot about discipline runes. They will become important later. But for the start, they give much more gold at the vendors than anything else. 100+ gold each. So just sell them. - Buy a pack pig saddle as soon as possible - starting at the temples central area going to the market area the vendor is in the first quarter on the left side - , equip the item in your vessels saddle slot and equip the ability to use it in your spell book K. It allows you to move faster while using it, though you cant fight or harvest while active. To disable it again, activate it and interrupt the activation while moving. - Save all the artifacts you can find. The first NPC camp on the lvl 5 island in God's Reach has artifact stations, like working tables, where you can combine those letters to an artifact bind that will grant a lot of sacrifice points. Only combine them when you really need them. Other then the artifact pieces themselves, they need a lot of space and are not stackable. Create other vessels, if you need more inventory. At the moment you will need more vessels, you will know what stuff is important to keep and what you can get rid of without hitting your head at the next wall out of frustration. After you are done with that, got some basic fight experience, got level 30 with your common vessel and are equipped well enough for a start, you'll be ready to walk the worlds freely, check out new class/race combinations, harvest without having to be afraid all the time, knowing which equipment could be useful to craft and to find a guild without just being a millstone around their neck. Sieges, here you come. In other words Welcome to Crowfall, have fun and good luck Kraahk
  5. This is not really the place to get help about this kind of issues. Please contact support@crowfall.com in case of any kind of technical issues with the Crowfall client. This is your direct line to the developers and they will usually help you pretty fast. Indeed, if I would be you, I would still report the issue and add the solution. Just so they know about it for sure. Thanks for sharing the solution. I need to say I don't really care about trolling attempts. If it is trolling beyond any doubt, just report it via the report button next to the content window. If there is a possibility the feedback might be true/the question legit, I tend to just answer as fair and informing as I can - if I have the time to do so. In my personal experience: In most cases, things that look like trolling are not. Being disappointed or angry, and letting it show in a feedback, is not trolling per se. It shows that people are emotionally involved, which shows that they really care for the game. Which means they are - or can/could be - important assets to the development process. The question is, wether the company - or we as a community - are willing and able to moderate and channel those upcoming seemingly negative energies into something positive for - as far as possible - all particpants. For if so, thats just great and outstanding. And if not, it's just the usual poorly made sockse we excperience everywhere. Hint: The first thing requires open minds and a welcoming mindset. The second one to not care about anything but the own opinion, pushing mindlessly away anybody who says/thinks something different. Answering in a positive way, even in case of an actual trolling attempt, may not just show the right attitude, but also answer the legit part of the question to people who really have an issue with it. Not saying that I do the abovementioned all the time ... or even fullhearted at times when I do. I mean, I am just a customer like anybody else - it's not my job and I don't get paid for it. But hey, we can share some thoughts from time to time to time, can't we?
  6. Früher mal Ritter, aber dann wurde ich unehrenhaft entlassen. Dann Duelist, aber da gab es dann am Ende auch Probleme. Seitdem überwiegend beschwingter Assassin. Also letzlich immer das Selbe, ausser dass sich die rechtliche Positionierung geändert hat.
  7. It doesn't make any sense to do a skill wipe before the full wipe at 5.110 now ... IF you don't provide free skill points after the wipe for everybody. The current complaints are that some testers are not able to do as much as those who have had time to skill before. If there is a wipe without free skill points, the result will be everybody not being able to do anything. So it would be worse than before. The peoples request was about some kind of catch-up opportunity for new players right now. Bombing everybody into nothingness is no catch-up, but a skillocide. Since the question has been brought up in public, the larger guilds will now produce items they may not be able to craft anymore, just in case. And in that case nobody would be able to compete with them anymore, at all. Especially not new crows. So it would have the complete opposite effect. So under the current circumstances: A definite NO for any skill wipe before the full wipe at 5.110.
  8. Right? And why are there matchstick men dancing between the chest and the arms, raising their hands to the heavens? A true masterpiece!
  9. I am so confused. I'll think about a more or less reasonable viewer request, though. (P.S: Did anybody notice the salt & pepper mills and their icons? Mwahahahaaaa... oh boy, good one... )
  10. No words. And I am long done with guessing a launch date. But I'd say the basic principle they told us at the beginning is still true. Pre-Alpha is developing/testing individual parts of the later game. Alpha is putting it all together, ironing out the major bugs when x meets y. Beta is finetuning. 5.110 should come soon and be the last part of Pre-Alpha. Maybe. So Alpha may possibly start this year if all wents well. Couldn't imagine it to take too long, but would expect it to take at least half a year. But I couldn't imagine other things before that actually happened ... so... For those who want to be save, I would recommend to check every three months (or six months for those not caring it they may miss launch date). Though the playtest environment already provides a playable base, makes fun and also includes some huge changes compared to one year ago. Still not the final state, but something worth a knowledge update done by testing.
  11. This will take a while now. Because I need to confess, words like this make me slightly angry. I will explain why. First of all, I have to say I totally disagree to that point of view. Indeed I believe that this point of view - and the corresponding pretty one-sided and accusing discussions back when the artisan engine was announced first - have done more harm than being able to help anybody ... including us players (which is OK, because then it's the companies fault again, which just is another prove, right? 🙄 ). In my eyes, this nearly general preconception is, well, kind of understandable - but mostly bases on just not understanding how ACE tackled their path of development, right from the start. The first issue was they wanted to be independent from investors who could dictate their way - they wanted to make their own decisions. And Todd was on a personal mission due to Shadowbane. So Kickstarter seemed to be a good way to check out if this could be possible. They put a lot of their own money into it and started it. Kickstarter worked out, so far. Fine. But still, 1.7 million is not a lot of money for a game. They knew that, and they explained right from the start how they would try to tackle that problem. Because, frankly, everybody should know that this is nearly no money at all for a good game. I mean, Star Wars The old Republic and Elderscrolls online, $200 million each, right? You start becoming serious with $50 million. So the question "How do you plan to do this at all?" was more than legit. One of the solutions was to act highly efficiently. Especially by creating a core modul built on principles - the development process focussed on creating basics that can be used and reused manifold within the game. Doing it once, using it thrice. Like in Crowfall harvesting a resource node is nothing else but attacking an immobile NPC. It's the same system, used differently, by creating the underlying system in a way that would allow different uses, depending on the settings. Same with nearly every aspect of the game. They made the basic system so basic and innovative (and had to do it, or otherwise it just wouldn't have worked out with the available money and manpower), that you can nearly do everything with it. Just look at the vessel system. We had 12 Archetypes, right? Animations are expensive. So they created a new system that would allow them to create new race/class combinations unbelievably fast, by developing some kind of interchangable skeleton/movement/skin thingamagic. It took them a lot of time to do it, but the result is that we have much more options already, and will have more in the future. Also it allowed the whole tribe system to come to life. There would just not have been the resources to do these race animations, otherwise and we would only have cats and boars. Same with the whole land and building stuff. We thought we would get stiff prebuilt maps and strongholds. No. They created a system that would build those procedurally and individually depending on the settings. Because on the long run it's just more efficient to spend some more development time, but then being able to create a completely different and interesting, because new, world with a few clicks. So, now anybody seriously try to tell me this is not the most clever way! And then anybody try to put up arguments telling me that this approach can't lead to a situation when you realize that this most-basic-of-basic-and-adaptable-multipurpose-fundament you end up with is nothing else but mindblowing and if you would have had this from the start you would have saved a poorly made socksload of work and money ... and then ... let's wait a moment, right, why not giving it to others for money? Wouldn't that be great? There would be more great games out there, much faster, much easier, much cheaper. Good for the industry and good for the players. PLUS we would get more money and by this be able to make Crowfall even better. OK, why not? Let's share this idea with the crowd. And what happens? Let me tell you (well, not you specifically, but anybody) something. The Artisan Engine hasn't caused any split of Crowfall resources. It was (and will be) a result of the Crowfall development, not a distraction. It surely would need to be cleaned up for licensing, but the according effort is in no relation to the Crowfall development at all. It's not as if suddenly half of the staff would forget about Crowfall, only trying to sell "what WE paid for" so they can have nice holidays and get their asses wiped with silk feather cushions. The funding provided by backers has been used up long ago anyways. Or does anybody honestly believe this game development is still continuing due to the $5 mil pledges during the last 5 years? Now, THAT would be naive. The development continues due to Crowfall being interesting for larger investors. And the majority of shares - so ACE can still define their own way, without being forced to publish crap or shut it down - can be maintained extraordinarily well by creating more equity ... like for example by licensing fees. It is so easy to just put some words somewhere. Indeed, the less words, the better. Just say "ACE (or whatever company) embezzles our money." and all is fine. Short enough so anybody will read it. And a few words become a rumor. And a rumor soon becomes an accepted point of view. Who wants to go through the hazzle of taking in a lot of informations, aiming to establish a well education opinion? Who does? It's so much easier to just think that anybody wants our pie, that they are indeed already eating it and that if we miss something, someone else obviously took it from us, and if we fail, thats only because of others have been unfair on our cost. Most times it simply ain't true. And the reason is simple. We can achieve more, if we pull on the same rope. I absolutely agree. It's not the first incident of miscommunication and it surely won't be the last. Indeed communication has become more and more of an issue and is discussed more and more between crows. That was completely different in the first few years, when there was nothing else but discussion (due to the lack of any playable game) and only a few crows. But I need to say, though I don't like it, I can partially emphasize with it. Both the carefully "kept open" wordings at the beginning and the quite restricted outgoing informations today. How can anybody precisely forsee what will happen throughout the next few years? And, how much time can anybody afford to spend on defending what they tried to tell in the light of free and open communication, because people just tend to fill anything they don't see or understand with their personal worst case scenario? The artisan engine topic above is quite a good example: I share an idea, a long-term goal, great news and a great opportunity for both me AND you -- you completely freak out and accuse me of stealing from you -- tell me, why should I ever share again ... or at least deciding very carefully what and how I share in the future? There have been several suboptimal wordings throughout the years. Some of them I reported constructively, with reasons and suggestions. In each single of these cases they either took the time to explain to me why this is the right wording ... or changed it into something better. And I need to tell you, I never before experienced a company doing that - at all. So you may understand if I look very carefully at such issues. It's no one way road. The ACE Development Partner title was bound to the circumstance of owning an Emerald bundle (2.5k Kickstarter/2015/2016/2017) or having spent the according sum on the shop. Later on got the title got extended to Ruby bundles (1k, same bundle eras). While there were only roundabout 100 initial Kickstarter Ruby+ players, during the redeem promotion in 2016 a lot of Amber+ backers took the opportunity for a cheap upgrade to ruby. It is basically your passport for the monthly ACE Development Partner Q&A. The Investor title was bound to both accredited investors at all times and the micro-investors during the Title III raise in late 2016/early 2017. While accredited investors are probably free to ask ACE at any time wether they are interested or not, the Title III raise was a one time opportunity ACE invited the whole community to partake in (starting with 100$). Most "Investors" got their title out of that. A few hundreds. (And by the way, just saying, due to the reached stretch goals during this "community investment opportunity" EVERY existing backer got additional perks FOR FREE, wether they invested or not (bloodwine relic & woodland grove).) It is basically your passport for additional business related informations. So, no, I wouldn't think there would have been any seperate non-Crowfall raises, regarding numbers of people. The numbers are a result of the abovementioned opportunities. I hope you understand that my intention has not been to devaluate the observation you shared (and I am pretty sure it's also true for the other responders). I mean, there is no published game yet, right? Nobody can deny that. But there are reasons, and some of them are good. Or good enough for some people (like me). Doesn't mean they have to be good enough for you. The Crowfall community is not a place of one single opinion, and never has been. Hopefully never will be. Every opinion counts. And the devs scan the forums, you can be sure they read it and took it serious. But, what to do? Nobody can change the past. We can make decisions in the present, as good as we can. It's always easy to say "this was wrong" afterwards. But, where have we been when the decisions have been made back in the days? Did we say "no, that won't work! better try this instead!" I sometimes did. And I LOVE IT! Can't have enough of saying "See, I told ya....". But still, that's past and can't be changed. The one question is: What will we do now? Are we able (and/or willing) to contribute in a way that will indeed make a positive change? As I said, sharing opinions is an important first step. Don't let anybody take this away from you. It IS important. But I am sure we can do more ... if we want to. To all of you Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  12. Who of those people who answered are you talking to? Being precise may help to get a precise answer. Look, conversations work best when using the two-way principle. Others read what you write ... and you read what others write. Of course, you not reading (taking in) what others write may have caused the initial issue, though. So here's a quote of what I wrote: Look up the kickstarter site and informations and you will find it right there. I understand that you want it to be a promised game -- but you can repeat it as often as you like, it still won't change the facts. From my point of view that's pretty simple. See, being upset is a result of being passionate about something / loving something / wanting something. That's generally a good thing. But in the next step it is about seeing the own wishes not becoming true AND not being able to / seeing opportunities to channel the own energy into something constructive that would help change the result to a positive. That may often lead to a problem. Some (a lot of) people had the same issue. Some of them left, some of them took a break, some of them got their poorly made socks together, some are still trying to work out their thoughts. The main question is about our own mindset. Are we able to learn to channel our thoughts and actions into something that leads to a positive change of the final result? This is a question bigger than one single profane game. It is a question about how we (learn to) efficiently act in life. You showed that you misunderstood the initial terms. But even after being confronted with the factual terms by different people, you repeat the same wrong terms. So either you didn't read them, or didn't understand them, or just denied them. Neither of this looks good. And the Crowfall community isn't dumb, they see it and it just won't work out this way. I understand you are saying you wanted a game being delivered in 2016. But they just didn't promise that. No matter how often you say they did. I really understand your frustration. But with you not acknowledging the basic truth that they didnt promise a game in 2016, there's no real sense in trying to invest anymore energy into this discussion in order to move it towards something constructive. In my humble opinion.
  13. Though you are obviously a great artist, I believe that such a great story could need a slightly different touch - and I couldn't resist to do the efforts. I hope that's ok for you. P.S.: Stop playing WoW classic!
  14. Welcome to the forums. There are also affiliate codes some streamers and youtubers can share and also some friend codes. To use those one would have to use the code during account registration (and they are not better than 10% anyways). If you don't have decided for a specific guild yet and don't want to bother any serious guild by just joining for the discount and then leaving again, you can join the support guild (=no active ingame organization) Citizens of Ravenheart [CoR]. Search for Ravenheart via the guild search function of the Crowfall website and you will find a [Request to join] button next to it. I don't check every day, but you can contact me on discord @Kraahk#3869 to make me move my feathers, if in a hurry or if you have any questions about the playtest environment or the future game. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  15. Sorry, but no, they didn't. At kickstarter they shared a delivery estimation for the core module. With the core module being the base the game will be built up on. So, that's an estimation, not a promise. And that's a core modul, not a game. Backing a game development comes with no guarantees at all, just the promise to use the money for the development and to do their best to deliver at some point. That's all. Backing doesn't mean buying, but supporting. If you would have understood this back then, you wouldn't be upset now. Neither if you wouldn't have understood it by now. And this discrepency is what is mainly causing the friction. This being said: Please get me right, I completely understand your frustration. I share it to some point and have shown my frustration about this or that myself often enough (and not always too constructively) throughout the years. In my own field of business I have to deliver result highly punctual. A six months project needs to be finished on day x, no matter what poorly made socks happened in between. However, your example doesn't work out, because, as I said, backing a development is not buying a game, and estimations are not promises. In my personal opinion, what we got up to now is already more than the core module kickstarter was about. Yes, some things are still missing, but then again other things got implemented which have not been part of it (or not to that extent). Whatsoever, the biggest pro in my eyes is the independency from investors. Which was their major reason to give us the opportunity to back the development of this game. It was the number one reason for me to participate back then ... and I believe it's the number one reason why this game is still being developed ... instead of just being cancelled, because it takes to long to give the Investors a nice rate of return. But they are still fighting to get it done. Nobody can say they just took the money, sat back and enjoyed a happy life. Through a long period of time they also listened extremely well to player feedback and changed a lot. Everybody who participated in this feedbackfest can't honestly accuse them of being late. We had our not insignificant part in it. I also agree that the gaming industry has some flaws that should be taken care of. Just like the refund policies. In europe this lead to the law that you can always get a refund for a bought product within 14 days. But, this game is not done yet, right, it is still testing. So actually you "really get" the game only at launch and you should be able to get a refund 14 days after that. But it's not the case, testing it already counts. Be that as it may, that's an issue that can't be solved regarding one single company. And definitely not in a single games forum. tl;dr: I understand your frustration, but I also think it wouldn't hurt if you would include additional sides into your perspectives. If you want to change something, there are ways (with more effort). If you just want to share your frustration and/or blow off steam, that's ok, too. I understand, others understand, I am sure ACE understand, too. Though that doesn't necessarily mean that any of them will publicly agree or put energy into solving this or that issue (or maybe even at all). Anyways, never forget to Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  16. Yes. Thanks for your feedback. This depends on when you you bought what in which country. Contact support@crowfall.com and they can give you your individual answer.
  17. Welcome to the forums and: no problem. Just enter your Eternal Kingdom to be the king. For an account name change, you can contact support@crowfall.com. Please list three possible names. Since you already found three, this should be no problem for you. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  18. Kraahk


    Welcome to the german language sub forums. Please stat your views and concerns in a clear and explicit way. In order to receive any content-related response, please fill out form PA-5.9-DE-a1, in triplicate, which you can download from any serious crowfall .de or .eu related website. Thanks for your attention... ... and good luck Sincerely yours Kraahk - officially unofficial german language community represantative
  19. [owlmode: on] Are all of you forgetting the past? When did they stop talking (compared to the situation before) last time? It was when they dedided they want to save up for some big news. Was about the same time last year by the way. Yeah, i agree, didnt really work out last time. At least not in the eyes of the old crows. Did it work out regarding the overall numbers? I can't tell. All I can say is that the current situation reminds me a lot of this specific situation last year. So ... I can only repeat myself: The (we) old crows need to adapt. Either we believe in the people behind the company or we don't. Either we are able to contribute to changes or not. It is definitely not enough to just say we are not happy. It never is. It's a good start. But it's not the end. We (too) need to adapt over time, we need to participate, we need to contribute in a way that benefits a better final result for all. If we are not able to do so, nothing we say is worth anything at all. I already see a lot of well known names in this thread. If you (we) old crows are annoyed up to this level, it means something. But first of all it means that we need to think about the Why more specifically. We know that it is not enough to complain. We did to better in the past. We can and should do better in the future. If we can't who can? The good thing is that every complaint is based on loving the game ... with the restriction that there is a conflict between what we see now and what we want to see. So the solution can be to reflect this, to understand the difference and to communicate it in a way that really results into a positive change. So that's what we should do. [owlmode: off] Oh yeah, i so hate this current communication style. It feels like they don't give a poorly made socks about their old backers anymore at all! It was so much differnt (and better) in the old days. Good ole' days. I hate the new days! Maybe it turns out I'm a nights person in the end, without knowing it before ... ~sigh~
  20. First of all, welcome to the forums. This has been a highly discussed topic throughout the years. Basically it is about the so-called tab-targeting. During the last 4 years a lot of things have been tested. The developers always said they want to develop a more action based targeting system and no tab-targeting. We had the opportunity to test both of it. Long story short, the game seems to works better in general if people need to aim directely at their target via there camera control. Some like it, some don't, but the results of the tests have been unambigious. So they don't want us to be able to aim at anybody just by hitting a certain key (which would also cause an issue with multibot functionality, which they want to avoid as far as possible). Watching the whole development, i would agree that it sometimes can be very inconvenient. And i hope that they find a different solution for some aspects regarding camera control. But I also agree to the basic solution of "no tab-targeting". Saying this as a tester, if we want other solutions, we just need to make better suggestions. To think out of the box and to describe our ideas very specific. It can help, it can make a difference. Because this development team is still listening to it's audience very closely. If you have such an idea, really, just say it. If it is good enough to top possible negative effects, they will do it. And even if not, they will think about alternatives based on this idea. Just don't expect them to change something, just because someone said they don't like it. For this is true about nearly any aspect of the game. Which is to say: I (and surely the devs, too) appreciate your feedback. It's a very important first step. But i am also sure we, as testers, can do more. I think your basic idea can be polished into something more conrete. And that a refurbished and more solution-oriented version of your very reasonable critique could help the devs to create an even better game in the end. Can we do this? That remains to be seen. Anyways, great attitude to share your feedback. Thanks for that! Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  21. I am still all in for the Hamstaur: Since the two other suggestions I made in this old thread (bard and pigmen) already came true, I will allow myself to be quite optimistic. I have no doubt that we will see several new races and classes and combinations in the time after launch. I believe to remember them mentioning (in the dark ages) that one idea to make VIP more interesting may be to unlock new classes a months earlier than for the plebs.
  22. Indeed they just repeated it then. They first mentioned it even earlier. Years, really.
  23. Of course the idea is legit. I mean, the problem exist, so... It's just that I cant feel too much sincere sympathy with those who just recently joined. I mean, how often did we get skills reset? Over and over again. All lost, again starting with this unnerving clickereedoo. And how much better did the New-Player-Experience get throughout the last year. I think there is really nothing anybody new can seriously complain about ... when facing an old crow. Besides, the issue won't be solved. It will repeat itself over and over again. And then again. It will allways only be no problem at the moment all are exactely on the same level ... which is a skill reset. And then nobody can do anything useful again ... not really helping. What I would be very careful with, is providing benefits not based on previous effort. It's the wrong message. The new crows should learn that they need to pursue long-term goals ... instead of getting anything they want without doing something for it. "If you are late, you are late. This is still just testing, so you will get another chance. Call it a warning shot. Be early next time." This will either increase the general tendency to help young crows, or to teach them a tougher mindset. I can live with both. More (indeed most) important is in my opinion, that ACE may need realistic data. What exactely happens, under the current skill setting, when later crows join and meet earlier crows? If they don't, I don't see any reason for skilling at all and the skills could just be completely filled for everybody. Or like Surelia suggested, half-filled, so we still get something to do. My bigger worry is indeed what will happen when skilling gets slowed down to the final rate and how the hell we should be able to do anything useful at all within the first six months after launch.
  24. I believe Jah's posting was more some kind of a reminder. It's one of those parts of the plans new crows, if at all, may only hear about from their grand-grand-crows ... and by this first becomes old stories, then legend and then drift into full oblivion. It may make sense to remind some people that monarchs are not fully extinct - yet. ~royalhaybalerollingby~
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