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  1. Bienvenue à Crowfall et à la communauté. Amusez-vous bien.
  2. Willkommen im deutschsprachigen Krähenhaufen. Hervorragendes Intro. Vielleicht das Beste, das wir hier bisher hatten. Ich denke, dass alle Reste unserer Sub-Community dich gerne unterstützen werden und jeder alte Hase gerne als Ansprechpartner bereit steht (inklusive mir, @Kraahk#3869 bei Bedarf). Bedeutet diese Änderung, dass du den Posten von Ceollach übernommen hast oder wurde hier eine neue Stelle für die spezifische Betreuung der deutschsprachigen Community geschaffen (ich nehme mal an der Posten beschränkt sich nicht nur auf Deutschland)? In jedem Fall viel Spaß und Erfolg im neuen Job, mit Crowfall und unserem Haufen. Kraahk
  3. Short: We don't know. Probably 12 or something like that will be common for most (since most will be purely private 1-5 person EK's). But surely expandable by ... whatever. We'll see. Make your suggestions. We don't have any definite informations about this. I suppose the developers don't have the answers themselves yet and that we are still quite far from getting them. Anyways, we, as players, can take assumptions. For the moment. And let me make it crystal clear that ACE has a record of listening to their customers pretty closely and of changing things on the run if necessary and if the player feedback suggest that there may be a significant need that has not been adressed enough yet. This said, all the following are educated guesses. Everything may change. And a lot depends on feedback provided to the developers. It is very likely that several conditions will apply to the maximum concurrent player cap of Eternal Kingdoms. The overall size (provided landmass), the number of official citizens (people with granted rights within the EK) or nobles, the number of citizens with VIP status, possible purchaseable expansions, average numbers of visitors, and other things have been discussed up to now. Though with no definite result yet. Since (rigtfully) the current development focus is fighting and sieges and to get the campaigns running, EK details don't really matter at the moment. They have an eye on it, they are working on EK stuff ... but it's just not the current priority. This have to be understood when talking about EK stuff. It is pretty unlikely that 12 will be the common cap, though. It may be a starter limit, though. Remember that everybody will be able to create a kingdom. It just doesn't make sense to provide server space that is not needed at all. So right now every cap (as much as general campaign or specific campaign parcel caps) are dedicated to produce answers regarding the further development. How many people need to be able to get where under which circumstances? What works? What doesn't? We get 1.000 people complaining about the campaign parcel cap? Ok, current cap seems not to work. We got 3 people complaining about EK player cap? Ok, doesn't seem to be such a big problem. As simple as that. The current results - as far as i can see/assume them - show that most people don't really care about EK's on a big scale. There haven't been more than 6 big EK's on the within the last year, with only about 3 being seriously providing services on the long run for the public. And even those never needed a player cap above 30 yet. That tells a lot. And whatever it may tell the developers, it definitely tells that there is no reason to give this question any priority. There is no doubt in my mind that we will get there. And no doubt that there will be a low cap in starter EK's ... with one or more functions to extend the cap either by doing something (more land, more citizens, more vip players) or by buying something (ek expansion kit). Once we get there, it will be announced, we will get the opportunity to test it and to give our feedback. Until then, we can have some thoughts and of course we always have the opportunity to make suggestions in the suggestions sub-forum. I know, it's not a real answer. But i hope it helps. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. There are several levels on this. But basically, attributes like strength or dexterity don't apply to harvesting alone. They are basic attributes that apply to a lot of stats. Like strength will give you a bonus to your blacksmithing assembly and experimentation points. While for jewelcrafting it would be dexterity. Or for alchemy it would be intellect for assembly and dexterity for experimentation points. And of course they also apply to certain combat skills differently. The same is true for other stats. They are all part of a certain hierarchy that grant benefits to other stats lower in the chain. Since you asked for thoughts, i think that this system will make the game pretty complicated. People who really want to do the effort will be able to max things out depending on their very specific playstyle. While the usual player won't have a too big disadvantage ... and won't really care (because ... isn't the other stuff like tools and armor and such enough, righ'? ) What i mostly see in this is an opportunity for theorycrafting and to max things out for people who like to do the extra mile ... without making the other players unimportant or killing their chances competely. And frankly, i like that approach.
  5. Yes. Basically, the higher the rank of a node, the less damage your tool will do but also the higher the average quality of the harvested resources will be. A higher rank means that you are rolling on a different loot table. There is a pretty old news article about that on mmorp.com, but most of the informations there are still valid enough to get the basic idea. Basically, the higher the rank of the node, the higher quality resources you may be able to get out of it. Wether you will be able to get it (or not) and how fast (or slow), mostly depends on the power (damage) of your harvesting tool, your current plentiful harvest rank (mostly resource skill and potions bonus versus parcel and season difficulty malus), your ability to create a critical harvest result and other smaller details. The rank defines the general loot-table. Plentiful harvest and critical harvest define the final result. As far as i know.
  6. Enhanced testing. If the usual limit of concurrent players is too small to support the number of your citizens, you can ask support@crowfall.com for an upgrade. It's not usual to do so and up to now they need to do it manually and it can cause issues. So it should be avoided if not definitely necessary (like for big and already well frequented EK markets).
  7. Kraahk


    There is no reason (and no reasonable way) to "delete" your kingdom. Strt the playtest environment. Go to -> Kingdom (click "enter") -> click "Browse kingdom" -> click on your own EK The infomation window will on which server your EK is currently hosted. Click on the wheel, as shown in the picture, to change the location to currently available servers. Be aware that this option is NOT YET always working right now. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. If not sure, report not being able to change your EK location in the according bug report thread (if time doesn't matter to you) or call support@crowfall.com (if you are kind of serious in a timely manner). On a personal note: In my personal experience EK stuff doesn't really matter currently, since fighting and server performance seems to be a more important matter at the moment (and rightly so). So i would suggest to keep calm about any EK related stuff, until the currently more important problems have been solved. But, of course it is important to report anything, and if only to make sure the developers know about it. They will definitely read it all. They will take it into account. And they expect and rely on us to report any problems. Support is in most cases the best receipient to adress important manners. Have fun and good luck with your EK. And feel free to post any follow up question if necessary. Kraahk
  8. No. Except of guesses. Maybe early next year, maybe late this year, maybe early this year. In the order of your question.
  9. I hide myself. Works for me. Maybe you should try it, too.
  10. Not able to accept new members, though member numbers are far from the limit.
  11. I explicitly like the point of the company clearly mentioning that there will have to be cutbacks from the original vision, if the game should be published within a timely manner. I always dislike if people/companies say they can do it ... and then they don't. Providing and establishing open communication is important in community-driven games and companies. It's the right thing to do. It may not always be what we want to hear. But it is what we need to hear. I can only hope that most of us heard it - and that those who didn't, will be told so by those who listened now. Anyways, in the end you will be able to say "we told you so". In my opinion, it was the right thing and the right time. So, thanks for that.
  12. thanks @Jah where is the "exactely this" button again?
  13. Dunno what you are talking about. I'm from europe... nuff said...
  14. Since LIVE is down and TEST seems to be wiped after 5.8 goes to LIVE, could it be possible to set the backer rewards (to say: EK stuff) to be available on the TEST environment purchase tab until then? Just so people can use it and can check wether everything is all right with those packages? Last time we didnt have the opportunity an it lead to a necessary second full wipe a day after 5.7 went to LIVE. With LIVE being down, this seems to be a perfect opportunity, if technically not too much of a hassle.
  15. Welcome to the forums. This questions has been answered in the posts before. Just saying. However, this is the original message from the official Crowfall Discord: So, yes, LIVE is down and meant to be down. You will need to test on the TEST server, accessible via the TEST client, which you can download here: (LINK). After agreeing you will get to a site that offers both the LIVE and the TEST patcher. Choose the TEST patcher and install it in a seperate folder. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  16. Hi Ilvie, es gab da leider ein paar Missverständnisse, was den Ablauf und die zugehörigen Ankündigungen betraf. Statt dem angekündigten Start von 5.8 auf dem LIVE Server wurde der LIVE Server geschlossen, damit alle Spieler auf dem TEST Server (wo 5.8 für alle verfügbar ist) testen. Anscheinend gab es doch noch einige Probleme, die es zu testen und zu beheben gilt. Dazu werden mehr Spieler auf dem Server benötigt. Man wollte aber vermeiden, das auf dem LIVE Server zu tun, wo Leute verständlicherweise eine besser funktionierende Version erwarten würden. Da hätt ich mir die Antwort ja sparen können. Egal, geschrieben, also wirds abgeschickt. Du wirst immer schneller. Langsam muss ich anfangen Angst zu haben. btw: Was hat das eigentlich mit der Übersetzung des Clients zu tun?
  17. Welcome to the forums. Like BarriaKarl said, parcels have limited space for buildings (called token) of a certain size (xs/s/m/l/xl) and type (civil/military) which is specific to the parcel type. Here is a list of the current limits in 5.7 You can only place buildings on a parcel, if your vessel is currently on it and the limit is bigger than 0. Open your inventory to see the remaining tokens on the current parcel (in the order as mentioned above). Only Stronghold parcels (=those in the list above) provide tokens. Resource parcels (like the woodland grove) don't. The whole token system is not yet refined. It's just a first implementation. There is currently not a single parcel that would allow to place the full stronghold which it was associated with. So, don't worry if you run out of tokens ... thats normal. If you need more tokens, you need to build a bigger parcel. This can be done via Stonemasonry-Geomancy. You can use smaller stronghold parcels as components. The overall resource cost is shown in the list above. More informations can be found in the official EK FAQ for example. Hope this helps a bit. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  18. Usually different names mean different designs. There has been (in general) no definite informations about those differences yet. Adding to that the "Noble House Guild Hall" is a very new term (and one that hasnt been explained in specific yet - it just popped up silently in the shop). But if you are interested to get more into the topic, you might want to take a look at this post and the pictures/videos in it for the garrison, and the pictures in this article about the first design ideas and the pictures/videos in this post about more recent ingame tries, regarding different types. Have fun, good luck Kraahk edit: all differences are purely visual. unless a certain "level" has been mentioned for the item. so, guild hall is guild hall. same functionality no matter from which era and which name it carries. as far as we know up to now.
  19. Roleplay or Crows of a Feather, both possible. The first one focusses on RP (roleplay), the second one focusses on PR (public relations). You choose. Have fun, good luck.
  20. Welcome to the forums. In case you started your EK on an EU server, you can try to let your EK start on an US east server instead (press the gearwheel icon above the launch button). Worked for me.
  21. Welcome to the forums. Yes, with beta-1 access you should currently be able to access both the LIVE and the TEST server. Make sure you use the new client, if you still have the same from back in the days. If this doesn't solve your login issue, you should contact support@crowfall.com and they will make sure you get in pretty fast.
  22. One of the last chances to get a (nearly) free stronghold for testing. 5.8 is getting nearer (Beta-3 already invited to the test servers). So it won't be long now and i won't invest a lot of time to keep it running. 21 strongholds already been given out. I'll offer three more over this weekend and then close this opportunity until the next full wipe arrives. Current offer: Capital parcel, Greathall, several hundred wall parts - 13 ingame gold pieces alltogether, at the north-east vendor of the Kraahk's Ravenheart EK. Thanks to all who participated and hope you had fun testing building stuff. ------------------------- update: sold out. EK is now in offline-mode until 5.8 arrives (or someone asks me to open it)
  23. Welcome to the forums. It depends. I would suggest to hurry up and to use the 5.7 LIVE server to test classes for the first time. It will become more complicated in 5.8, which presumably very soon will hit the LIVE servers -- since already all players have been invited to the 5.8 TEST server yesterday. The old campaigns on LIVE are still open. You can change your race and class at the crypt (cave) immediately outside the beachheads (beginner village where you spawn into the campaign) walls. Inside the walls are a few boars which you can use to test some abilities. Go to the spawn temple, look into the same direction like the big golden hero statue, then go left until you come to a huge stone arch, towering over a gate. There are the boars. In 5.8 you won't have a crypt. You will need to build a new char, out of 6, and bind them to a campaign. You also won't have access to all the abilities, which you will only be able to use if you level your vessel. So, NOW is the best (and probably last) chance to test classes quite easily. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  24. Welcome to the forums. Adding to what Arkade already said, just yesterday Beta-3 players got their first access to 5.8 on the TEST server. Beta-3 is currently the lowest level to get access to the LIVE server, too. So it's likely that 5.8 (and it's complete wipe) will hit the LIVE server pretty soon. Regarding that, it wouldn't really make sense to start a new 4-week campaign on the LIVE servers. So, congratulations for being able to cooperate with friends to find solutions. This is a rare ability that will be needed in 5.8 and will support your success there. ~thumbsup~ Consider it a useful training. And prepare your friends to start big with 5.8 on LIVE. You already accomplished the first steps. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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