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  1. Welcome to the forums. In case you started your EK on an EU server, you can try to let your EK start on an US east server instead (press the gearwheel icon above the launch button). Worked for me.
  2. Welcome to the forums. Yes, with beta-1 access you should currently be able to access both the LIVE and the TEST server. Make sure you use the new client, if you still have the same from back in the days. If this doesn't solve your login issue, you should contact support@crowfall.com and they will make sure you get in pretty fast.
  3. One of the last chances to get a (nearly) free stronghold for testing. 5.8 is getting nearer (Beta-3 already invited to the test servers). So it won't be long now and i won't invest a lot of time to keep it running. 21 strongholds already been given out. I'll offer three more over this weekend and then close this opportunity until the next full wipe arrives. Current offer: Capital parcel, Greathall, several hundred wall parts - 13 ingame gold pieces alltogether, at the north-east vendor of the Kraahk's Ravenheart EK. Thanks to all who participated and hope you had fun testing building stuff. ------------------------- update: sold out. EK is now in offline-mode until 5.8 arrives (or someone asks me to open it)
  4. Welcome to the forums. It depends. I would suggest to hurry up and to use the 5.7 LIVE server to test classes for the first time. It will become more complicated in 5.8, which presumably very soon will hit the LIVE servers -- since already all players have been invited to the 5.8 TEST server yesterday. The old campaigns on LIVE are still open. You can change your race and class at the crypt (cave) immediately outside the beachheads (beginner village where you spawn into the campaign) walls. Inside the walls are a few boars which you can use to test some abilities. Go to the spawn temple, look into the same direction like the big golden hero statue, then go left until you come to a huge stone arch, towering over a gate. There are the boars. In 5.8 you won't have a crypt. You will need to build a new char, out of 6, and bind them to a campaign. You also won't have access to all the abilities, which you will only be able to use if you level your vessel. So, NOW is the best (and probably last) chance to test classes quite easily. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  5. Welcome to the forums. Adding to what Arkade already said, just yesterday Beta-3 players got their first access to 5.8 on the TEST server. Beta-3 is currently the lowest level to get access to the LIVE server, too. So it's likely that 5.8 (and it's complete wipe) will hit the LIVE server pretty soon. Regarding that, it wouldn't really make sense to start a new 4-week campaign on the LIVE servers. So, congratulations for being able to cooperate with friends to find solutions. This is a rare ability that will be needed in 5.8 and will support your success there. ~thumbsup~ Consider it a useful training. And prepare your friends to start big with 5.8 on LIVE. You already accomplished the first steps. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  6. More or less. Though issues with getting into the playtest environment and exploits/unexpected features should be send to support@crowfall.com.
  7. Nope, they won't do it. I mean, of course they do it, but they don't share it. Was one of the first things we asked back in the days. We get news twice a week and features they are going to implement within the next three months usually get announced quite early. Unless they want to make a surprise party, what up to now happend about once or twice a year. Beside that things are just to fluid and to many things change due to player feedback and suggestions. Sometimes dramatically. And so does the schedule. I would like to see a dashboard, too. But i think it's understandable that they won't do it.
  8. Welcome to the forums. Well, in my experience and opinion, basically EK's are the player housing areas of Crowfall. They are not meant to directly influence the campaigns (you can't transfer walls into campaigns for example), so having a lot of stuff won't help you winning. You can use strongholds to create market places, social hubs, crafting centers, pvp arenas and similar things. They only provide the least quality resources. So, it's a nice thing to have, but it's not really a have-to. Though being able to craft in the EK's, without any danger, might count as an advantage.
  9. november 29th ... looks like winter is coming. with no solution yet...
  10. after abandoning a campaign, the char selection switches to first char on the list instead of staying with the one that just left the campaign. abandoning didnt lead to loosing world inventory of the previous world (thanks). very nice new weapon vendor icon ~likealot~ looks like, running straight up to a portal, portals need some time to load. first attempt they usually don't show the F interaction pop-up to use it. only after a while. state-of-campaign (winning) overlapps current siege informations, so they cant be read. harvesting pip powers for 4 and 5 pips show the same visual effect (the one from the old 4 pip thing) harvesting vegetables didnt work once. F pop-up just greyed out after F-ing, without having any effect. solved itself after about a minute. last test, removing a discipline reset the talent points. kind of liked it. however, this test it isnt the case (better for changing disciplines, so, thanks again. ). tree harvest "hits" are not synchronized with the effects (animation start and sound and doobers apply, but only about half a second later the ace hits the trees (checked with several tree types) stone harvest blows stop during the swinging part of the animation for a short moment, before continuing. plants near trees is a nice idea. like it. lot of hover-plants in mid-air. screen-shaking at every fight, like last test... ... But now also while moving regularly. sometimes just running around ... and suddenly the world is chaos. seems to be a different kindof shaking then last time though. sometimes slower and more directional (moving one second to the left, back, moving a second up, back, ....). one time i also ended up with the char being displayed at the outer left side of my screen for a longer while, but stable and otherwise everthing ok. video captures available if needed. i would need some time to get them out, so, for now only offering if needed, instead of providing them already in this post.
  11. The new setting button for EK server selection exists now ... but doesn't work. Setting won't change and EU EK's still don't work. So we are still stuck with no EK testing. (btw. what about testing the higher level stronghold bundles? )
  12. Hi PapaPanda and welcome to the forums. The 5.8 wipe will reset everything. Except of your memories (at least that's how it works for most people, so, fingers crossed). It's basically as if you would log into the server for the first time. All bought content will be reset, too and will be available to be redeemed again in the puchases tab. There is an official Eternal Kingdoms FAQ that answers most basic questions and might be interesting for you. If you have any specific question afterwards, just let us know. Basically Eternal Kingdoms are the housing areas of Crowfall and you can bring the spoils of war campaigns into into it to make it bigger and more impressive and more efficient for crafting and trading purposes. Every high-end object and every standard issue of the walking troops (runetools, weapons, armor, resouces,...) is worth selling if the price is good enough. You may want to visit some of the established trading EK's to see what they offer and to compare prices. We haven't heard anything about the embargo system for a long time now. Basically the idea is that you put stuff you would like to "win" into the embargo vault and after the campaign ends, you can take a certain amount of it with you, depending on your personal result in the campaign and depending on the regarding world and worldband rules. But, not implemented yet. So for now - as far as I know - the first 5.8 live campaign will be a fight for the honor of victory. But I may be wrong. And even if not, it could change anytime. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  13. Oh, and yes, Beta 1 and Beta 2 are the test-access-levels, just like Barria said in your language sub-forum. It is of course always the better one that counts for your access (so, you are Beta 1).
  14. Regarding pledge bundles and pe-sale packages, consuming is the Crowfall term for unbundling. Consuming will delete your bundle and add it's contents as single items to your backer reward list. This is for example necessary if you would like to transfer single items of your bundle to another account via the gifting system (though not everything can be transferred, some are bound to your account). Currently it is not necessary to consume your bundle. You can test the game and use the content (if already available in game) without that. Hope this helps. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  15. It's not really about the forums. It's just an indicator. The "Tester" title confirms that your are entitled for ingame testing. So yes, you should make sure to wear it (but first make sure you really can't download/start the TEST client). I don't know the details of your first ticket (and nobody but the team should), so I can't really give you any specific recommendations. But speaking in general, keep your ticket as simple as possible. Like "I am a KS sapphire backer (alpha-1) on my Account XXX, but i can't download the 5.8 TEST client. Please check it and entitlement my account accordingly. Thanks." Also remind that today is thanksgiving in the US. That's not necessarily connected to "thanks for giving test access", so if you can bear it - do it tomorrow to allow them having their holiday.
  16. He never was gone. Infidels!!!
  17. The ways of the gods are unfathomable. Thanks.
  18. Community member article. I need to say ... i LOVE it. The whole idea of it. The content. The realisation. The time to do it may not be perfect though (hello? 5.8??? ) but who cares. Thanks to ACE and Anhrez. Very good job. Thanks.
  19. Yes and no. It depends on the sum of players they want to include in a certain snap test. It has nothing to do with the access level itself. It's just about the numbers. And when it is about the numbers, it is about the first time of purchase. There are some levels, like the Alpha-1 group, with extraordinary many people in it. If a step like from 200 participants to 20.000 wouldn't make sense for testing purposes, they will subdivide by the time of purchase (or, more simple, on the backer era/year). But that's not a general thing. It depends on the specific test and the specific circumstances. And it happened before - with different steps (even by date, like "contributed before 12th of may"). If you got confused, this is most likely because someone told you Alpha-2 would be included, without also saying that this is only true for the first Alpha-2 contributors. Both the invitation eMail and Pann's postings (1, 2) mentioned that the first Alpha-2 backers included will be the earliest ones from the kickstarter campaign only. So, sorry, but yes, you could have known this ... because in each official message it was specifically announced ... ... unless you got your first information from people who forgot to mention this littledetail. Which, by the way, I was one of them. ~cough~ But that's OK, because I am old and I didn't have my reading glasses on. And I suppose it was the same with the others. (Dear ACE, in the future, could you please put these kind of details in fat red letters ?) So please bear with us old people.
  20. Thats an interesting issue. Your are obviously able to use the sapphire badge, but your title is still Members instead of Testers. If not a tester, you should not be able to use the sapphire badge. And if you are able to show the badge, you should wear the Tester entitlement. Would be interesting to know what the basic issue was. If you don't mind (and are allowed) to share - once it is solved.
  21. There is no such difference. Alpha-2 access means Alpha-2 access (same for any other same access level) no matter in which backer bundle or pre-sale package it was included. So, if you have the necessary test-access level in your backer rewards list to join the current test, but can't access it, I strongly recommend to contact support@crowfall.com and they will surely check it and solve the issue pretty fast. As far as I know, the current access-level for 5.8 on the TEST server is still Alpha-1 ... and Alpha-2 will only be included shortly before the snap test on friday at 7pm CET/MEZ (12pm CST/18pm GMT/UTC). So Alpha-2 players will probably not be able to join right now. As a side note some additional informations about test-access levels. First of all, test-access levels are of course not stage-of-development levels. Development level is still pre-alpha, lowest test-access level to join the LIVE servers is currently Beta-3. Most people already figured that out and many people are helping newbies to understand that. So ... that's just for the sake of completeness. Second, in the past test-access levels were mainly based on the sum-total spent for Crowfall with the regarding account. Most times this equals a certain backer bundle/pre-sale package. But not always. If you bought something in the shop or bought several bundles/packages with the same account, your test-access level may go beyond the one contained in your bundle/package. These levels have been: Beta 2: $40 (Contributor) Beta 1: $60 (Backer) Alpha 3: $100 (Bronze) Alpha 2: $175 (Gold) Alpha 1: $500 (Sapphire) Pre-Alpha 2: $1000 (Ruby) Pre-Alpha 1: $5000 (Diamond) If you reached a certain threshold, your test-access level would automatically rise up (or after calling support). With the end of funding (backer bundles) and the beginning of the pre-sale era december 2017, the new pre-sale packages were introduced. Beta 3: $50 (Patron) Beta 1: $80 (Pioneer) Alpha 2: $200 (Adventurer) As you can see, the test-access levels still fit into the old thresholds. With the exception of the $50 Patron package. This is - as far as i understood - basically because there was no leeway to downgrade otherwise. The expected sales price for Crowfall is $50 and this is a pre-sale package (not a backer bundle where it is all about backing the development, with not knowing wether the company will be able to get enough money to finish the game - this has been concluded late 2017). So it just contains the game + test access Beta-3, while in the backer-era $40 Contributors got Beta-2 (low-level bundles didn't contain much more than the game itself either, so that's their way of saying thank you to early low-level backers, by granting them 1 level higher test access). I don't remember wether the test-access-level upgrades still take place once you reach the next sum-total level. Haven't checked in the last few months. But I am pretty sure they do (though mayb you need to contact them to be upgraded). But if in doubt, just ask support@crowfall.com and they will surely tell you (and likely allow you to pass this info on here, if you ask them if you may). Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  22. Creating an EK always failed. Seemed to happen only to EU EK's. Heard it also from others. Unfortunately it got automatically set as an EU EK and i also saw now option to choose US instead. So, no EK testing. Same Fae-Assassin issue as shown in the video above. So, no fight testing. No bigger packages than keep in the purchase tab, so can not check them. Or could, if I could enter EK. xD Couldn't see or visit any other EK (maybe not public yet, though). Besides that ... awesome awesome work. Oh, the new vendor prize of 150 gold for 1 white non-basic resource is meant to be that high?
  23. Last information i heard was that choosing a crest is a one time thing. They said they will allow one change once the missing icons and such are added, though. Back when they introduced them.
  24. What I am thinking when thinking about this first glimpse is ... so ... how long are vessels meant to endure? If a vessel gets destroyed after a week under certain circumstances, most likely wouldn't be work the effort. And with the whole decay/damage/repair/nothing's-forever thing going on, I was kind of expecting that. This now, however, sounds like vessels are meant to endure at least a few months. Also interesting to hear that the mount system is not really fully concepted (talents changing how they want to do mounts ... so, far from done yet).
  25. Will we this time be able to test the EK packages (those we will get on test later too) on the test server? Last time we didn't and it lead to a necessary wipe on Live. So, just thought i should ask.
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