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  1. Gaea is the ... lore-quote: "Mother of Cybele and daughter of Yaga, she embodies the middle aspect of the Trinity Goddess (the virgin, the matron and the crone)." I'd say that's clarifying well enough. As for chaos and order ... they are not about chaos and order. Order is the faction that tries to get rid of the hunger by fighting it back, while chaos is the faction that tries to get rid of it by feeding worlds to it. Yaga as " the embodiment of how-things-work, the underpinnings of reality" would know that not feeding hunger would only cause hunger to grow. While Cybele would be naive enough to just say "no" and believe her not wanting the hunger to exist, because it kills her lovely beings, would be enough to fight it back. If something should be changed, it should be the terms of chaos and order, because they are misleading (and have been so from the start).
  2. Depends on what kind of tutorial you are talking about. one overall starter video tutorial? a starter video tutorial series, with the question which one first? a text/images tutorial in the forums or the lobby? or an ingame tutorial? My answer would strongly depend on that - they are very different things. But in general, the beginner issue i heard most often about was that they simply don't know what to do. Because at the beginning they can nearly do nothing. So out of this list my general answer would be character development.
  3. In the name of the Citizens of Ravenheart, I would like to thank Travian for this contest and for our entry being chosen as the winner of this contest. Since this honor is already more than what we had hoped for and because CoR understands itself as group that has the prosperity of the community at it's heart, we would like to pass our prices on to the 2 honorable mentions, who otherwise wouldn't get anything for their efforts of bringing life to this contest. A good community shouldn't be about a few getting all the benefits and feeling great about it, while others are getting nothing -- but about the lucky ones sharing with the group; showing that participation can pay out, even if unexpected. We would like to make a point into this direction, hoping that Travian will find a way to make it possible - and that others may follow this lead one day. Thanks to everybody who joined the contest and congratulations to all the winners. You are one of the pillars our community is built upon. If we keep on building together, we can achieve the extraordinary. We just need to do it. Whatever you decide to do ... Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  4. Just adding to what Arkade said, the first tokens are granted by the farm parcel. Here is a list. (Resource costs are outdated, but tokens should still be the same.)
  5. Welcome to the forums. This is devlopment. In development there will be bugs. If the servers would have been taken down, you would get an error message after trying to login ... not a black screen. Since it is pretty obviously a bug, I would suggest to report it, instead of hiding your complaint in a Welcome thread (or even constructing some kind of conspiracy theory out of it ). Same for the test feedback, putting it into the test feedback forum where the QA team is specifically looking for it, will raise the visibility of your concerns by far. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  6. I only have one true warstory. The moment I mentioned it in discord, JAH made a meme out of my quote. So, yeah, i kind of agree. On the other hand, even side-comments can become an official warstory, if the community itself is as attentive and active as @Jah is ... or at least tries to get there. And i still believe we can. Just participate - any way that seems to be right for you. Suprise others. Be surprised.
  7. It's called meritocracy. If you found a way, then you are eligible to use it. If you didn't, you are not.
  8. Does that mean @jtoddcoleman is writing again? I daresay, that would be go(o)d news indeed. So, now let's start to discuss which future secrets are hidden in these holy words...
  9. There have been several answers up to now. I will add one, based on what I (believe to) know. Selling or sharing an "account" is GENERALLY illegal. You can transfer your backer rewards to other accounts via the gifting system, though. Like a bundled backer bundle or pre-sale package. "Basically", selling those bundles/packages is prohibited, too. It is especially forbidden to trade them via the services provided by the responsible companies (ACE/Travian/4Game, depending on the country). One of the usual terms (to be found in the rules) would be: "Post any messages to, or otherwise attempt via any of the XXX Services (or otherwise) to trade or sell physical or digital Merchandise, such as characters, resources, game credits or other accrued game benefits offered by XXX for real-world currencies, except where specifically allowed by XXX." With two exceptions. a) The trusted traders, regarding retired bundles/packages. You may not advertise via the game services, but you can contact them directly (anshex and markeedragon) b) "Except where specifically allowed".You may need to dig a bit to find such exceptions, it may depend on the country, and it may depend on the time you agreed to the terms. Again, you still may not advertise via the game services (like ingame or the forums). Anyhow, buying/selling bundles/packages is not "generally" forbidden. But you better know what you do, before you do it. Unless you are willing to go full risk. (Which i wouldn't recommend ... Nobody needs lovely money to be transformed into a multiple ban. So, take care ... stay sober.) Edit: Why has Jack always to be faster? Huh? ūüėē
  10. Welcome to the forums. Support@crowfall.com ist the correct eMail adress. If the mail got through, you will receive an auto-response within minutes. A personal response will follow shortly after. Often a problem is completely solved within an hour. If you don't get the auto-response, try it again. Make sure to use the eMail adress of your true account or mention your original account name, or otherwise they won't be able to help you immediately. There has been a client change after 2016. If you still use the old one, it won't work. If this is the problem, just install the most recent client, using you orignal account which has the backer bundle in it's reward list. Make sure to install the "LIVE" server client. The "TEST" server only provides limited access and only sometimes. If there are more questions, feel free to ask. We will help as good as we can. And don't forget to tell us how the story ended. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  11. Exactely. Just like other systems that are not implemented yet, because they need other things to be done before. ACE has a history of trying to balance avoiding unnecessary work with not hurting the testers experience too much. But there is a point at which things simply need to be done and temporary convinience for testers is not (and can't be) the top priority. Would you really want them to spend a lot of time and effort on things that won't matter for the final game, just so testing is more convinient ... knowing that this would mean that launch would be even more month away? You may want to. But this question isn't new. And they said several times that they know that it can be hard for the testers, that they try to make it as smooth as possible, but that they don't want to delay the launch even more by doing things that won't contribute to the final game. So, resets are something we need to bear with. Kann man nicht schönreden, muss man nicht mögen, ist aber nunmal so.
  12. While I understand and agree that it can be frustrating to experience a reset, the thing is: this is not a "running game" -- this is a future game in development. The developers have done a good job so far in trying to avoid resets (or limiting the extent). But sometimes they are simply unavoidable during testing. When the development calls for database changes, when stats change drastically and even if they just need "like-when-people-start-fro-nothing" data. Those resets are either necessary out of technical reasons or to gather important data. If we wouldn't have them now, during testing, the final game wouldn't be what it can become. As far as I am concerned, I prefer resets during a pre-alpha test rather than resets after the launch of the final game, just because they didn't do it before. Everyone who tests the game right now needs to understand: What you bought is the later game. You also get (additionally and for free) immediate access to the test servers. But that's not the game. This is allowing us to take a glimpse beforehand and to share our opinions ... and them to gather data and feedback. There are resets during testing. Thats normal. Won't change. The last reset will indicate the launch of the game. But until then ... that's it. Has been for four years now. Expect a full or partial reset every 3 to 5 months. This has been the usual timespan within the last few years. But rest assured that resets are not planned to happen after launch. Until then... Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  13. ~trommel~ https://youtu.be/MBKKq3FUP4U?t=14
  14. A cooperation of several Ravenheart citizens, presenting several points of view on the current campaigns. Available as an image, here. Have fun. The Monarch The Solo The Group The Crafter I sat in my castle, I walked through the mist, The glorious Darkowls I went to the forge stiff and alone. all tired and alone. where marching forth. and crafted a lot And i didn't feel like And I feel like this war To capture the Sunset Keep, I crafted and crafted I could call it home. works me down to the bone. way to the north. until it got hot. Empty the court Empty my stomach Restokin's Refuge Then I crafted again and empty the halls. and no fire to be seen. had just fallen to us. and I crafted it all. Empty my soul Can't even remember, It was just a fort Then i cried out for mats. inside empty walls. how long has it been? and not worth a buzz. I'm a resource trawl. Where are the warriors? Where are the halls? But we used it as camp But nobody came, Where have they gone? Tell me where is my home? to replenish the troups, so I went out alone. I sit here and wonder I sit here and wonder... to craft a few triboks I got me some body parts what wrong have i done? Just why did I roam? and train a few noobs. metals and stone. I just heard a rumble, I heard a faint rustling And then we went off, Then I crafted again I heard some screams. not too far away. detoured through the south, and I crafted it all. I heard feets shuffle I raised up my sword ‚ÄěBecause east are spies,‚Äú Then i cried out for mats. didn't know what it means. to hold danger at bay. said our own spies mouth. I'm a resource trawl. Then suddenly silence, Then suddenly arrows, We met several outposts But nobody came, no sounds anymore. a bloodcurdling scream. with false banners shown. so I went out alone. As if their existence I know I've been ambushed We smashed them to pieces I got me some body parts was nothing but lore. and this ain't a dream. and made them our own. metals and stone. So I go to the balcony, I move a step sidewards, The Forest of Fall is Then I crafted again my hand holds a flower. look out to my right. where we made a break. and I crafted it all. And I watch my land There's a fiery flower, We cutthroat it's monsters Then i cried out for mats. from the highest tower. an Elk joins the fight. for leveling sake. I'm a resource trawl. In the distance is fire I count out the arrows, It wasn't enough though. But nobody came, and hords running by. each a resounding hit. And how could it be? so I went out alone. I look flabbergasted My shield is a porcupine, Epic vessels demand I got me some body parts and ask myself: Why? quite heavy, I admit. for an epic fee! metals and stone. Why should one go out A small guinecean When we finally got there Then I crafted again into mud, into rain, - all cuddles and fluff - they weren't surprised. and I crafted it all. when inside it's cosy rolls by my feet, They were well prepared Then i cried out for mats. with food and champagne. all a-glow from some buff. and quite well advised. I'm a resource trawl. And while all my musing I thought to myself, But we were prepared more, But nobody came, turns into a slumber, this is really a show! we filled the field so I went out alone. I start to remember: I kicked him away with siege weapons, warriors, I got me some body parts I should fight the hunger. as if shot from a bow. sword and shield. metals and stone. How could i forget I know how this ends, They gave us a hard time. Then I crafted again my purpose, my fate?! there's no time to be nice. I don't recall and I crafted it all. So I run to the kitchen I will follow my purpose how often I had to Then i cried out for mats. to fill up my plate. and they'll pay the price. respawn and all. I'm a resource trawl. But since there's no cook A fireball hits me Yet we smashed the walls But nobody came, and i can not decide, - the smell is grotesque. and entered their keep. so I went out alone. I start making it all - I feel like a roast boar We made them regret I got me some body parts be it roasted or fried. with a hole in my chest. and we made them weep. metals and stone. Some hours later I take my last stand, Their captain stood out Then I crafted again I'm willing and able look into my bag, on the wall and did yell. and I crafted it all. to serve all the food and see my mats vanish, I gave him a rearkick Then i cried out for mats. and set up the table. stack by stack. and watched while he fell. I'm a resource trawl. Then I hear a rumble, The last thing I hear are We killed their tree, But nobody came, and i hear some screams. some screams in the distance. we watched it burn. so I went out alone. I hear some feets shuffle It seems there are others If you stand in our way I got me some body parts don't know what it means. to offer assistance. you will get what you earn! metals and stone. Now suddenly laughter I drift off into silence. The general stood There's no glory in crafting, and peoples galore. but then I just wake. in the silence after, there's work to be done. As if all the silence There's laughter and people looked at the debris Leave fun to the poor blokes was nothing but lore. and what smells like a cake. and broke out in laughter: who needs to have fun. I don't know what happend I don't know what happened ‚ÄěReturn to our kingdom, Though, there is an upside and i do not care. It seems I'm elsewhere. get something to eat, in my nasty chore: All is as it should be But it all feels quite comfy, before we jump back into At least what i craft so why should i dare. so why should I care? battlefields heat!‚Äú don't just vanish nomore.
  15. Tolle Idee. Bin gespannt auf die Videos und was ihr da so zaubern werdet.
  16. The last thing i heard about that was that upkeep was meant to change over from parcels to buildings. So the parcels and strongholds wouldn't cost upkeep, but the buildings (including centerpieces ... or not?) would cost upkeep -- and if not paid, they would decay through several stages, down to being in a visually and technically ruined and unusable stage ... until they have been repaired (kind of like the vendors work right now). With the possibility to reduce the upkeep costs by placing resource parcels ("tax-free" parcels) adjacent to the stronghold parcels that house those buildings. down to zero, depending on the numbers (like 160 1x1 "tax-free" resource parcels to reduce the upkeep for buildings on a citadel parcel to zero). But yeah. No news about that. I ask(ed) about that at least once a year. No news i would know about yet.
  17. Willkommen zur√ľck. Ja, da sprichst du ein gro√ües Problem an, das sich mit dem neuen Update f√ľr Solospieler ergeben hat. Ich halte das allerdings nur f√ľr eine √úbergangsphase zwischen zwei Versionen, die sich leider etwas ungl√ľcklich gestaltet hat. Gold erh√§lt man nun nur noch durch Handel oder das Pl√ľndern von humanoiden NSC's. Es erfordert wesentlich mehr Arbeit an Gold zu kommen. Alleine schon das Finden humanoider Monster kann eine Herausforderung werden. Die besten Chancen hat man bei den Kriegsst√§mmen. Die aber oft auch ziemlich stark sind - sich in einer Gruppe zu bewegen kann sehr hilfreich sein. Relativ of findet man sie auf der Karte in den Abenteuer-Gebieten auf den Parzellen mit den zwei kleinen H√ľgeln nebeneinander. Tats√§chlich ist Crowfall haupts√§chlich auf das Gruppenspiel ausgelegt (und das wurde auch schon immer so gesagt). Als Einzelspieler ist es deutlich h√§rter (aber m√∂glich). Ich bin mir auch sehr sicher, dass sich da in Zukunft freie Kooperationsm√∂glichkeiten ergeben werden. Wenn die Entwickler das nicht selbst tun, wird die Community daf√ľr sorgen (und wenn ich es selbst tun muss ). Das Leveln wird mit steigender Stufe imme schwieriger, da man immer st√§rkere Gegner und/oder Opfergegenst√§nde von h√∂herer Qualit√§t braucht. Bis ungef√§hr Level 15 sollte es eigentlich jedem m√∂glich sein zu leveln. Das ist auch das Level, das man braucht, um sich mit einem Handwerks-Runenstein auszur√ľsten (mit dem man dann an den spezialisierten Werkb√§nke in den PvP-Festungen oder in K√∂nigreichen bessere Gegenst√§nde herstellen kann, mit mehr Opferpunkten, um weiter zu leveln). So oder so, mit Gruppenspiel ist vieles wesentlich einfacher. Bis zum letzten Upate hat man das nicht wirklich gemerkt. Aber jetzt wird es langsam haarig. M√∂gliche Kontakte um dich innerhalb der deutsprachigen Community mit anderen zu verkn√ľpfen kannst du hier finden. Viel Spa√ü und Erfolg im Test Kraahk
  18. Welcome (back ) to the forums. I remember the moment in time you are speaking about. It was during the redeem promotion. Due to the recent changes at these days they expected to no longer use charakter slots, so they offered people to either take the risk and wait - or to pull the rope and exchange them for 25 credits/$. Currently it looks like the charakter slots will be a thing again. You can use up to 6 vessels in the playtests, but nine slots are shown, with 3 being locked. With this and the recent changes (crafting recipes are provided by major runestone disciplines - and major runestones won't be changeable once you equip them with a certain body) character slots seem to be a thing again and may become even more important in the future. But, that's just guesses. No dedicated official news about them as far as i know.
  19. Willkommen im Forum. Entwicklungsstand und Test-Zugriffslevel sind in Crowfall nicht dasselbe, werden aber beide mit Alpa, Beta, etc. benannt. Der aktuelle Entwicklungsstand ist Pre-Alpha 5.8.x. Das minimale Test-Zugriffslevel um auf dem LIVE Server sofort lostesten zu k√∂nnen ist Beta-3. Ab und zu, bei gr√∂√üeren Updates, kann es sein, dass der Zugriff auf dem TEST Server neu aufgerollt wird und erst die Tester mit Pre-Alpha Zugriff rankommen, dann Alpha usw. Beim LIVE Server sieht das anders aus. Sobald dort ein weiteres Zugriffslevel die Testerlaubnis hat, bleibt das auch so. Anders gesagt, jedes zur Zeit im Shop erh√§ltliche Paket gew√§hrt nach der Freischaltung sofort Zugriff auf den LIVE Server - und das solange es ihn gibt (also wohl bis zum Launch). Viel Spa√ü und Erfolg in den Tests Kraahk (√úbrigens: Beim Beitritt in eine Gilde √ľber https://crowfall.com/de-DE/guild erh√§ltst du auf deinen n√§chsten Shop-Einkauf 10% Rabatt. Es lohnt sich also erst irgendwo beizutreten und das Game danach zu kaufen. Daf√ľr kannst du gerne meine Citizens of Ravenheart [CoR] nutzen, die unter anderem daf√ľr da ist, Spielern diesen Discount zu erm√∂glichen, die noch keine Gilde habe/sich noch nicht binden wollen/keiner regul√§ren Gilde als Quickjoiner auf die Nerven gehen wollen.)
  20. As Doomshadow said. The TEST server is only available when it's online. The LIVE server should be online 24/7, with the exception of small maintenance periods. So, that's where you should go (it uses a different client you need to install seperately). If you have issues with the LIVE server and client, it is recommended to contact support@crowfall.com via eMail and they should be able to solve the issue pretty fast. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  21. Willkommen im Forum! Gute Vorschl√§ge. Die √úbersetzungen werden √ľber den EU Publisher Travian geleistet. Wir haben gerade erst neue Community Moderatoren f√ľr unsere Sprach-Communities bekommen und die Sprach-Unterforen wurden etwas umgebaut. Dort w√§ren deine Vorschl√§ge besser aufgehoben, weil st√§rker sichtbar f√ľr Travian. F√ľr √úbersetzungsvorschl√§ge w√§re es das Feedback Subforum. Falls du intensiver an √úbersetzungen interessiert bist, k√∂nnte auch dieser Beitrag interessant f√ľr dich sein. Viel Spa√ü und Erfolg beim testen. Kraahk
  22. Kraahk


    Not yet, sorry. But we will get them.
  23. I don't agree to the conclusion. But I also don't think it would make sense to continue this discussion here. I said what i had to say here and now. There was nothing in what you said that would have convinced me that what i see is wrong. So we'll see. Thanks for sharing your opinion with me, though.
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