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  1. I am happy to inform you that an unexpected additional funding made sure that caravan animations WILL be in, as shown in and proved by the following, updated animation. (to start animation, please move your head from the right to the left)
  2. DERGS-2020 Health Alert Due to a recent massive increase of Infected players all around the world, the university of clinical owl research (CoR) recognises the urgent need to issue a health alert, to inform the public about the recently detected DERGS-2020 virus. Summary Latest scientific reports seem to indicate that DERGS, more casually known as Crow Sickness (medical term: Waitophobic Turnandturnandturnaround Fatality, WTF), is basically caused by Crows spinning their head around in and about the dregs and according guild vs. guild phantasies over and over again, until se
  3. At the moment, you are right. But the token system has just been introduced in it's very first versions, when they stopped developing the EK's in order to be able to finish the campaign world development, which is more important for the game. Once this is done (after 5.110), they will surely start working on the EK's again. Remember, this is a testing environment, not the final game. And what you bought was a bundle for the later game. Not all the things are implemented yet in the testing environment (imagine how those of us feel who backed Crowfall five years ago with much more money, and sti
  4. Welcome to the forums. Europe and NA will play together in one universe, but on worlds located on servers on both continents (and available for both, quite like now). Russia will play in it's own universe (managed by 4G). Also will Asia if the game will be distributed there (=finds a partner over there). I don't think that some kind of instant translator is in the making ... there is still enough to do, to provide the ingame localization that was promised during kickstarter (german, french, spanish, portuguese, russian, italian). Hope this helps. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  5. Oh come on. This is not (neccessarily) about 5.110, but about giving all guilds enough time to prepare their videos for the next stream-a-thon. Last time it was only a few days. Now every guild should be able to apply in time. So stop the 5.110-asky stuff and start the videomakey stuff. 5.110 will come when it is ready and there is nothing we can do about. Either this stream-a-thon or one after it. Anyways, this is (y)our chance to get those promo stuff into the streams. Just saying.
  6. Kind of. Actually you can already get different parcel ranks, depending on your backer rewards (not with all parcels, though). But yes, different ranks provide different amounts of tokens - and yes, we can't upgrade them at the moment.
  7. Welcome to the forums. Yes, currently the Hamlet parcel provides 2 medium, 1 small and 3 extra small building tokens, while the Manor needs a large building token (first provided with a shire parcel). That's mostly because the token system has only been implemented test-wise quite a long time ago (shortly before the hamlet parcel size got, also testwise, reduced to 1/4 of it's former size) - and then in the middle of it they moved over to finishing the development of the campaign world stuff, because the latter is more important for the game. So don't worry, these kind of issues
  8. Getting a little bit into details besides what Surelia already said. Passive training is for your whole account - not for each vessel. So it benefits all characters ... if they are able to use those benefits. For example, if you skilled the passive ranged weapon skill tree, a melee character of course wouldn't be able to get these bonusses. But crafting or exploration skills benefit any character. Usually all crafting professions at least partially depend on supplies from other crafting/harvesting professions. You will be fine if you just do some trading with other specialists. If yo
  9. Vorwort: Als selbstgestrickte nicht-offizielle Übersetzung (hier das englischsprachige Original) habe ich mir einige Freiheiten bei den Formulierungen genommen. Außerdem wurden einige Begriffe experimentell und verschieden übersetzt. Das gilt besonders für das Dreigestirn Thralls/Minions/Bosses. Wenn ihr der späteren deutschen Version helfen wollt, schaut euch an, welche Begriffe im Text eurer Meinung nach am besten zum Original passen, macht bei der Umfrage oben mit und lasst einen Kommentar da, wenn ihr Lust habt. DIE THRALLS KOMMEN! - Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2020 Seid gegr
  10. Server status informations can usually be found on the Official Crowfall Discord (read only).
  11. I don't believe you @dreaden. Obviously your friends at the NSA hacked the kickstarter database after this posting to hush things up for you. But it's too late. Your cover has been blown!
  12. Also @dreaden was talking about 5.110 coming to test on a stream today. When kickstarter began 5 years ago (Feb 25th), he was backer #110. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  13. Kraahk


    Welcome to the forums. What Surelia said. Plus, maybe watch some streams. Currently Rektluse is streaming Crowfall on a daily base ... with him and the community answering a lot of individual questions (like right now). Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  14. Welcome to the forums. I'll partially repeat what others already said - so please bear with me. It's not dead, but still in development. Next big step (and news) being expected within the next few weeks. If you prefer to have massive action, come back in 1 to 3 months. However, if you don't have registered an account yet, do so - and hurry up before closed beta starts. It will enable you to participate in it for free. Also make sure to use one of the crow-links. You should be able to enter any name of any current backer (case sensitive) into the promo code field, to apply a
  15. Welcome to the forums. Maintenance informations can be found on the official Crowfall Discord channel (read only). In case of any enduring login issues, please contact support@crowfall.com. Have fun and good luck in Crowfall Kraahk
  16. Hi ACE, it seems that currently promo code discounts get used from "earlier to later", not from "higher to lower". So if someone wants to buy the game and has two applied codes, with the later one being higher, the new crow will still only get the lower discount applied during checkout. In order to not dissappoint/rip-off people who only decided to buy due to a new and higher discount, I would suggest to check out if this can be changed ... and call it a bug for now. Thanks Kraahk
  17. We will get a news update about how the city building feature in 5.110 will work soon enough. I don't see any reason to spin around in circles at this point in time. We don't know and can't change anything at all right now. We'll need to see what they come up with in a few weeks, and then we can give our feedback and start planning a revolution or announce world peace or whatever.
  18. I like the idea of ACE actually rewarding the tester community. Good call. Nice items, too - while also not game breaking. Well done. 👍
  19. Welcome to the forums. If you want to connect more with the french speaking community, I recommend this subforum and this community discord channel. There are also some french crowfall streamers, like Laas1er. I also suggest to find a group you can play with as soon as possible, since Crowfall will be a quite team oriented game. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  20. ~completelyignoringthenewscontentinordertoretainownmentalsanity~ Dear devs, please hurry up with releasing 5.110 - we are starting to go nuts. But please don't hurry up too much - if you release a bugged 5.110 we will also go bananas. Bananas wil make us go ape - and at this point the doom loop would close the circle. And if this circle is closed earlier than the game circle ... game over might be the next term to be used. ~fingerscrossed~
  21. Bem-vindo aos fóruns. Não se preocupe. O suporte da guilda está chegando com a versão 5.110. A produção em massa também está em andamento. Você pode encontrar mais portugueses neste subforum e neste discord. Divirta-se, boa sorte Kraahk I hope you are aware of the fact that Crowfall has a multilingual community - and some rules about constructivity. It shouldn't be too hard to welcome new crows with a few friedly words and point them into a direction that may actually be helpful for them. Also, with beta already knocking on the door, the pre-alpha argument has passed it's
  22. Owly crow! Thanks for the suggestion. I definitely need to watch that one. Bwahaha. Just too good.
  23. Welcome to the forums. Actually we had OCE servers online in several test servers. But not for quite some time now. Just like Surelia, I didn't hear any significant news for some time now. So it's one of those things that remains to be seen and what people wait to get news about. (By the way, the asian server stretch goal doesnt promise another server usable by all, but will most likely provide a unique universe, seperated from both the US/EU servers and the russian servers. Up to now that's just a guess, though (even if maybe a well educated one). In my personal opinion, it looks a
  24. Jo, klar. Allerdings sind die Übersichten nicht mehr 100% aktuell, nachdem es zwischenzeitlich ein paar kleinere Änderungen gab. Das genau aufzudröseln und zu aktualisieren hab ich bisher erfolgreich vor mir hergeschoben. Für einen Einsteig und allgemeinen Überblick reicht es aber noch, denke ich.
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