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  1. That's really a nice idea. Love it. And though of course i can understand the "why-this--way", the problem for me personally is that the date is completely open. Could be next week, next month, next year. Maybe (or surely) a lot of other people are more flexible than I am when it comes to the question when they do have (how much) spare time left over to do this or that. For me it varies tremendously depending on the "when". However, love it. Hope a lot of people will apply to this and show the power of crows to the masses outside.
  2. Damned. I need to adjust pocket calculators forecast (which is to say: my input ~sigh~). I forgot to add the monthly Q&A and the "hey, we start now" news. So, that would be +2 news = November 29th.
  3. Lembro-me deles (primeira informação: março de 2017). Eu sugeri aumentar seu tamanho. Tamanho esperado: Sugestão: Quero dizer GIGANTE certo? Espero que este não seja o motivo do atraso. Não posso esperar para vê-los.
  4. Kraahk

    UI Scaling

    Welcome to the forums. We had a scalable UI in the past. Pretty likely we'll get it again. After the basic testing (and results) the overhaul is just not in the pipeline yet (or at least we haven't seen/heard anything definite about it up to now). Consider the current state as an interim solution, due to the fact that at the current state an UI overhaul only makes sense once all major game systems are in and the team can do it once for all, instead of loosing time and money by adjusting things with every implementation of something new that will touch the UI. So, I wouldn't worry too much about it. However, thanks for feedback. It's always a good thing when we testers keep our eyes open. Welcome to the club. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  5. Welcome to the forums. There is no anti-customer tactic from ACE at all. Throughout the last more than 3 years the developer company ACE has again and again shown their intense dedication to serve their customers. There can be bugs and misunderstandings, though. But if you contact support@crowfall.com directly, clearly state the problem you are dealing with and act yourself appropriately, there should be no major problem standing in the way of solving your issue. Of course there have to be rules, though. But within the last three years I haven't heard of even one single case, where they didnt honestly try to help in a very customer oriented way. However, it is not really appropriate to bring on this topic publicly. Strictly speaking it can even be against the rules. It's unlikely to be prosecuted in your specific case, though with most other companies it usually would be. But it's generally not the way someone should go. If you have a problem with the game, support@crowfall.com should always be the primary choice. If you don't understand what they are tying to tell you, feel free to contact old crows like me privately. They may be able to explain the details/circumstances or to lead you to experienced crows that speak your first language if it isnt english. In any case, have fun and good luck Kraahk
  6. That's very unlikely to happen. Especially regarding the point that the earlier promised parcels like those for the mountain citadel and palace are still not in game yet. What makes me much more curious is wether the new hamlet (base of the colossus parcel) parcel size (128x256m) will stay and/or if the colossus parcel will keep the measures it's original concept shows (256x512m). Really makes a huge difference. Especially regarding the either huge colossus or the statue, depending on the measures.
  7. Then the necessary talent is obviously connected to necromancy. Crowfall has extraordinary necromancers. So it's just perfect to ask here. Righ'?
  8. I think you misunderstood how it works. If you give strongholds to others ingame, with the next wipe they will disappear from their ingame inventory and go back to your ingame redeem list. They will also always stay in your backer rewards list unless you transfer them via the mainpages gifting function (or the game launched). So, this is just sharing opportunities with others, before the next wipe.
  9. For research purposes of course, tsuh, ain't that obvious? To investigate how many people are still watching how closely. And i need to tell you, no, there is no way to hide any bad news in the off topic area in the future. We will find it. Our attention will not fall nor falter. I am sorry that it didnt work and that because of that you had to create another news within only one hour (good job by the way). But hey, you tested us, we passed (as was to be expected). So you had it coming, sorry.
  10. Please tell us this is NOT the thursday update. (and of course all the best to markeedragon and their new csr's)
  11. 4 sold. Next stronghold available in the shop. Waiting for YOU to take it and toss some walls around.
  12. Since you mentioned that ... I did remember something. --> " "Purchases" is the tab you use to import your store items into the game — this includes popular items such as buildings, housing parcels, and mounts. " Does that mean there will be mounts in 5.8 or, like Arkade phrased it lyrically and much better, a mount to get there?
  13. ~singsay~Who didn't trade-in their backer rewards extra-character slots for shabby shop credits, raise your hahaaand. ~singsay~ ~raisinghand~ ;D
  14. This is, of course, only my personal opinion/experience. To be frank, there are no(t really) levels in Crowfall. Levels don't (really) make sense in Crowfall. Levels have never (really) been part of the vision of Crowfall. There was a time during development, when A} people were crying because of the lack of personal advancement opportunities and B} when ACE was looking for ways to close gaps between long-term and ultra-short term goals for players. Result, the "kind-of" levels you see today. They are not really levels, like we are used to in other games. The main reason they exist is because the majority of the average audience is used to have levels and they might not like it the word "level" doesnt exist in a game. And of course they provide some, but no major, benefit to players. They keep players busy for a while if they are either new (for new bodies they provide a good headstart bonus) or old (for old bodies they max out the cap). All in all they provide about 7% of the usuall overall skill cap of a body. But in truth levels dont mean anything really important in Crowfall ... and are not meant to. You can use them for a headstart or to max skills out. And thats it. They are not the important thing. The important thing in Crowfall is to learn how to handle your favorite Avatar most efficiently and to learn how to best cooperate with (or hinder ) others. The main reason, as far as we have been told (or I remember) is that Crowfall don't want high-level people being more powerfull than low-level people only because of a meaningless construct called "levels". This game is about how good you really are. Those who prefer to follow the way of powerleveling won't like this game. And I say: good, that's what i want. I also don't like people who think they are something special, only because they wear this or that title. Real abilities, real competence is what is important in the end. And this is how it should be. So, in my opinion, "no" for more power to brainless powerlevlers. However, there is always place to add optimization. And if you (or others) come up with great ideas that could be added to "levels" (and make sense for the game) ... even if I personally wouldnt like it, I would agree if I am convinced that it would help the game and community. Not happend yet. But hey, never say never. It's absolutely possible if the ideas are good. A simple "I want more power to levels" however surely won't be enough. So, more specific ideas/explanations to ideas?
  15. update: sold out. EK is now in offline-mode until 5.8 arrives (or someone asks me to open it) ------------------------------- Hey crows, just like i did at the end of 5.6 ... from now on (end of 5.7) until 5.8 crashes through the walls, I will (hopefully) offer 1 full Stronghold each day on my Vendor north-east to the temple on the "Firesale Market" parcel in the Eternal Kingdom "Kraahk's Ravenheart" ... until my pockets are as empty as Malekai's promises. Please be aware that on other parcels other peoples vendors may (most likely) still sell stuff for the usual prices. The "Firesale Market" parcel is the one dedicated to this sellout. Have fun, good luck Kraahk edit: This is to provide opportunities. Be fair, let other people take this opportunity, too. It's not about getting as much as you can. So if someone tries to get more than one stronghold (which is not necessary to test stuff, but will kill this opportunity for someone else), this person might be banned from Ravenheart forever. Just saying. Where/What/How/Why Since ingame transfers of building deeds are (currently?) only possible via vendor, you will need to buy it with ingame gold. But the price is set to the absolute minimum, which is 1 gold per stack. Meaning, a full "Large Keep" with the according parcel, greathall centerpiece and more than 200 building pieces will cost you 12 gold pieces alltogether ... instead of more than 70.000 non-basic resources if you want to build it all yourself via stonemasonry. Looks like this. I will usually put something in the extent of a large keep into the vendor. There might be days with forts, or a keep may include a bigger parcel. Usually I will try to also put a house, some farm parcels, resources or whatever else I don't need anymore 5.8 into the vendor. So watch out. You can find the vendor(s) immediately north-east to the temple (spawn point). Go to the ingame lobby -> worlds -> kingdoms and search for Kraahk's Ravenheart to enter the EK. It may not be online all the time, but will as long as the god of bugs allow. Contact me if you want to be invited, so you can see it in your much smaller "my kingdoms" tab, to find it more easily. Some may ask why and where is the catch? There is none. Since 5.8 will most likely include a wipe, I am giving away what I don't need during 5.7 anymore. If there will be no wipe, good for you. You will keep the stuff until the next wipe. However, with the next wipe, which will approach as sure as the hunger, you will loose those things you don't own yourself in your backer rewards list. So it's a temporary opportunity. Simply to give more people a chance to use and test stuff ... especially building stuff. xD If the vendor is empty, try it next day. Or before the next wipe. I will repeat this event before every "most likely" wipe. If you have stuff you are willing to give away for 1 gold, too, to support new testers at the end of 5.7, feel free to contact me to either get your own vendor on the firesale parcel or to let me put it into another vendor of mine.
  16. wouldnt expect so. but i could very well imagine (and like a lot) choosing a certain faction becoming more meaningful. like choosing a certain group of goods to serve in one campaign may provide certain buffs ... which may increase in future campaigns if you stay true to them ... or calls the wrath of a good if you change them.
  17. Right, we do. So what is the interesting thing in that? It seems to promise that there will be something new and exciting about choosing a faction, righ'? Excited? I AM! xD
  18. Hm, ok. "Throughout November, join us on the road to the "First Campaign". Whether you’re new to the world or a battle-tested Crow, we’ve got something for you in these updates: New Lobby flow and character creation improvements Training and gearing up Tips for group harvesting An introduction to upcoming crafting changes Choosing a Faction" Thats ~count~ five news. Two news a week (tuesday+thursday). So, last of those on November 20th. So, first campaign scheduled to start roundabout 22th? Thanks for the hint.
  19. Talking about the citadel centerpieces? Keeps are already in. Completely. Only thing i am wondering about is the wall pieces being called "castle" pieces in game currently. Sounds like walls may be the same for (at least) both keeps and castles. Maybe even for citadels/palaces? Regarding the current state of development, i can't imagine them poviding any greyboxes at all anymore. Maybe on the Test server for a short period to test basic stuff, like they did with the castle centerpiece greybox. But there have been so many changes to how those centerpieces work, that i can't imagine them doing so.
  20. You can fight and harvest. You can do two, but not three. No restriction to only one, though. As for why not now. Time. They need to release the game. Things not crucial to the first success need to be put on ice until there is time. As simple as that. That's why the focus is on building a backbone that allows for further adjustments. And then build a core game around it that can be expanded later thanks to the built systems allowing it.
  21. Yes. For that's how it will work. We apply to a campaign. Once there are enough people, it will start. With spring. You will need to gather as much as you can and to create supply centers for later use. Those who don't, and put it all into the first fights, will loose. Sustainability is the key word. You will need to plan when to use which resources. And it's not only about ore and such. It's also about food. We will need to think about what we are doing. In the long run headless groups wills suffer ... and finally loose. Doesn't make harvesters obsolete. Quite the opposite. For when winter comes, and the final battles have to be fought, every single resource will count. Especially for those who are new in the game and didnt understand the principle yet. It will hurt, they will learn, they will do better in the next campaign. Focus is PvP btw. But yeah, currently I do the very same. I only harvest in spring (unless i urgently need something or want to test the current seasonal differences). But I expect this to change. For when it comes to winning ... you always need resources. (and it's not really that much of a difference if you have all green or all white, important is that the supply chain doesnt break).
  22. To be frank, i don't see the suggestion in here. Do you have more details about what you are talking about specifically?
  23. In my opinion, stealth should cost focus while moving. Which is to say stamina, since we don't have such a thing like mind focus. However, it should not cost stamina while standing still. That's just a speific ability to find a place where you won't be seen that fast. Anti-stealth should also have a resource cost. You are searching. Both could be modified by race/class/char bonusses/malusses regarding specific talent to hide/find. Personally i would prefer a passive and active stat for both of it. Camouflage vs. general perception and stealth vs. tracking, with the latter adding to the first. Current system is good enough for me, though ... for now.
  24. Haven't read all the answers. So, sorry if I repeat something. In my opinion the armor systems needs an overhaul. However, I would be fine with this happening after launch, when there is time to rethink some things and bring after-launch experiences into it. For now (for me) it is enough if the basic systems works (Meaning: The basic systems allow to define who can wear what under which (manifold) circumstances and to define which different buffs/debuffs can be applied based on what.) and the current details (which of course need to be adjusted at least during optimization in beta) are good enough to allow reasonable gameplay. Two points not to forget are: If a class can only wear leather, it also needs to equip the mail profiency discipline rune. So thats two runes instead of only one. Two rune slots being locked can make a significant difference ... maybe even hurt. You would need to have good reasons to do so. It can cost dearly. The original plan was that disciplines would need an according thrall to be captured in the campaign worlds. So want to equip a swordmaster discipline? You would need to find a swordmaster ghost in the campaigns, beat it, bind it into a rune via crafting and then equip it ... to a vessel you will loose at some time. So it's not meant to be like now (anybody can craft and use it without any effort). No idea if this plan changed, we haven't heard about it lately. It very well may, since they need to drop some things if they want to launch anytime soon (which is to say next year). But even then i would expect disciplines much harder to get ... and the original vision to be applied sometimes after launch.
  25. You are not from germany, are you? Because, I see the very same thing here. Might be a general tendency these times. However, that's offtopic. Two things. Teamplay and Decisions. Crowfall is meant to be a teamplay game. Right from the start the devs said that it would be possible to play it solo ... but it would be much much harder. So players are encouraged to cooperate and discouraged to play on their own ... by the means of the game and the game systems themselves. It's meant to be this way. You can't do everything? Yes, right. You are not meant to. You are meant to cooperate with others. Decisions in Crowfall matters. The passive skill training will be slow. The average player will need to make a decision where to go first. Eventually everybody will have skilled everything. But in the beginning we will need to specialize and find others who specialized differently, so, as a group, we can be successfull. Of course people can circumvent some restrictions by for example buying several accounts or using VIP. But that's a convinience thing. Not a power thing. You don't get more power, you only spare yourself the necessity to cooperate. And even that only up to a certain point. You won't win a campaign alone. Mostly because ... it's not a power thing, righ'? People do have different priorities in gaming, different things they like or don't like. In Crowfall you can focus on what you like and your decision will matter and make you better than others without your specialization. Why should a specialized harvester be able to defeat any specialized scavenging fighter? Doesn't make sense. But - if you want to be able to do it all on you own, ok. That's possible. That's the players decision, too. Won't make them more powerful though.
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