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  1. Imports are deactivated for the Trial of Kane campaign. (because we can gain campaign points by crafting in this campaign) The import/export limits for the world you are currently in are usually shown at the bottom left and right of the spirit bank window.
  2. Not yet active, at least as far as i have seen. There are a few badge recipes in for testing though, like for grinding stone for alchemy. But you don't need anything but the according crafting discipline to use them. Anyways, that's an exception. The general mass production opportunities will come with the factories. As far as I know.
  3. Welcome to the forums. The factory system will allow to do that. It's just not online yet (and presumably won't for some more time).
  4. Nothing in this statement is true, except of the "I", because that seems to be all what this is about: You! (Fair enough, though) One of the latest news articles stated well enough why God's Reach was implemented and how it is meant to work in the bigger scheme. During testing, there may be short times when no other campaigns are available. Like the last full pvp campaign ended on thursday and the next full pvp campaign will start on tuesday. In these times you can still pvp. Either in your EK, but also in the God's Reach campaign. To make it more easy for you: Go here These are full pvp zones, including forts and keeps and sieges. So, what are you complaining about? About not having full access to a campaign with more than 2 pvp zones for whole 4 days ... in a game at pre-alpha stage? Seriously? I love feedback, i love criticism. When it is sound or funny ... at least somehow. But your's doesn't seem to be ... anyhow. Let me be frank with you. What you showed here sounds, for me, like the usual carebear-complainer rambles that has been seen from time to time within the last four years: "I don't get enough victims, so this game is poorly made sockse! I want them now, I want them weak, I want to feel good without any effort ... and you owe me to get there. Not now, but yesterday!" (By the way: Up to now it never worked out well. Just saying.) That is not how it works. In each area of Crowfall, you will have to do something to get where you want to be. In your case, in this stage of development, right now, until tuesday, this would be to go to the siege islands. I know, it's a tall order. But sometimes we need to make sacrifices. Speaking of sacrifices, I am willing to take into future consideration that you might have intended to make your original post be funny (and maybe i just didn't understand it). Or that your anger was genuine, but you just didn't see that there were pvp islands on God's Reach. Or maybe you just had a bad day and exeggerated a bit. Or maybe you just wanted to show off a bit to, so you would find people matching your individual playstyle faster and easier. But, if you really meant it just the way you wrote it, man, i would recommend to reconsider the way you look at some things. I do it all the day. And sometimes it's not the worst idea. Anyways, have fun, good luck Kraahk
  5. I don't see any general issue here. Wanna fight? Go to the open campaigns. Problem solved.
  6. Da ich sonst immer nur in der Ecke stehe, wäre in der Runde zu sitzen mal eine Abwechslung. Ich bin auch ganz still. ~schwör~
  7. Welcome to the forums. They are not online yet. But the available God's Reach campaign is more secure (pvp deactivated on the training islands), so there should be enough to test for a while. As for your guild question in the other thread, based on what you said, Horizon could be a good choice. Maybe contact @DravoiX to get a first contact. In general, EU guild leaders are marked light blue in the offically unofficial crowfall discord channel. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  8. Not yet finally defined. But it's possible (maybe even likely) to stay the current way (at least for some time). Maybe we will able to hop into EK's later, with the inventory staying in the campaigns, though. This possibility has been mentioned before. But there might some new tech need to be implemented first.
  9. Once upon the time the shop offered Backer Upgrade Bundles that could be used to upgrade from a specific backer bundle to another specific backer bundle (like "KS Amber to 2015 Sapphire"). With the end of the backer era and the beginning of presale packages, those Backer Upgrade Bundles got finally consumed by the hunger. You can still and easily upgrade (unretired) pre-sale packages to a higher one directly on the shop website, as Arkade showed in the screenshot. To upgrade from a (retired) backer bundle to a (unretired) pre-sale package, you would need to contact support@crowfall.com and ask them what they can offer to you (state your current bundle and what you want to buy). While most other companies would most likely just tell you "no", ACE is usually very helpful in offering ways how to get where you would like to go. So give it a try. This said, let's take a look at some other possible ways. All backer bundles (KS, 2015/2016/2017) are retired. Retired bundles can easily and safely be traded with the officially trusted traders (TT) anshex.com and markeedragon.com. You could sell your KS Contributor to a TT and then buy a more expensive pre-sale package in the CF shop. You could sell your KS Contributor to a TT and then buy a more expensive backer bundle from a TT. You could trade-in your KS Contributor for a higher backer bundle at a TT. Be aware that buying something in the CF shop will always contribute to the "sum total spent on Crowfall". Either the test-access that is contained in your highest bundle/package or your sum total (whichever is higher) defines your test-access level. Just telling you for the sake of completeness. Test-level access doesn't really matter anymore, because it's only used for the TEST-Server and even then only if there is a big new milestone update. Permanent LIVE-Server access is included in all bundles/packages that contained a digital game copy (=every bundle above the 5$ supporter bundles). This also means that if you sell your KS contributor, you will still have test access, because your sum-total (40$) entitles you for beta-2 test access, even without owning the bundle anymore. If you buy a higher bundle from a TT, the sum you pay to them won't add to your sum total. You would need to contact support after getting the new bundle, in order to get entitled manually to the higher test-access of your current bundle. Personally i would recommend to always take a look at trade-in opportunities at the trusted traders first, because those retired bundles usually have a much higher value than the current pre-sale bundles in the CF shop. You can find a list of the contents for comparison here. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  10. Welcome to the forums. Kind of. Currently the easiest way to get rid of building parts without loosing them is to create one or two EK characters and to put those items into their inventory (you could also put then into vendor intentories, but that would cost you maintenance). There may be a building inventory later - or maybe not. We don't know yet. If you need to get rid of those items by deleting them (you will be able to redeem them again after the next rewards wipe) and want to test them later again, feel free to contact me and i should be able to provide you with some building parts, similar to your bundle content, to work with. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  11. Welcome to the forums. Just as pamintandrei said, email support. The address is support@crowfall.com. State you issue (if you want to, add the picture and/or a link to this thread) and they will solve it fast and accommodating. They are not your usual anonymous support, but your direct line to the developers. Let us know about the result if you find the time. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  12. Up to now sickles are not craftable items and you can harvest plants without them by using the F key. Will this change? Maybe, maybe not.
  13. Welcome to the forums. The black skin looks like a problem with your graphic driver. Make sure to keep it updated. Regarding the connection problem, if you contact support@crowfall.com they should be able to help you pretty fast. Please let us know what the problem was, once it is solved. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  14. As owner of a kickstart backer sapphire bundle, you own Alpha-1 Test Access to the playtest servers, due to the sum total you spent on crowfall a digital copy of the game, as part of your backer bundle a digital copy of the game, as part of the physical collectors edition, which is part of your rewards You can gift any giftable object to any other account, with both accounts using 2-factor-authentification. The digital game copy itself is not (yet) giftable. Since a lot of accounts already own more than one game copy, it is most likely that there will be a system that will allow us to pass over unused game copies to others and the team already said that they will try to get there. The kickstarter bundle you bought is tradeable via gifting. If you consumed (=unpacked) it, you can contact support@crowfall.com and ask them to rebundle it if you still have all the originally contained parts of the bundle on your account. Even if you sell your bundle, you won't loose your access to the pre-launch tests. Access to the playtests is based on the sum total you spent. You would need to buy a game copy then to have access to the final game, though. This said, there is no intended way to share test access with others (though Gordon once said, that he won't oppose to some kind of friend referral at one point - and though people can still apply to a free beta test by simply registering an crowfall account on the website afaik). Theoretically you should be able to let your bundle be rebundled, gift this bundle to someone else, let this person re-gift all the giftable contents to you (including the collectors editon which contains a game copy) and then you both would be able to both test now and to play the final game. Your friend may need to contact support after getting the bundle, in order to be entitled, though. Theoretically. The best way to get friends into the game may still be to just suggest to register an account to get a free beta test-access. And maybe to tell them to join a guild on the webste before buying the game to be able to use the special one-time guild-member discount. Hope this helps, and whatever you do have fun, good luck Kraahk
  15. Welcome (back) to the forums. It might be useful to understand that the passive skill training system is only one of several parts of the game that contribute to character stats and abilities (like vessels, levels, talents, discipline-runes, equipment, consumables). Other than talents or discipline runes for example (which unlock abilities and can only be achieved by active playing), skills only provide supplementary bonusses. They need to be understood as a form of gaining general experience with your soul in combat and crafting and nature studies over time, that will enable you to do better, no matter what body you use. Besides the accumulation principle (gathering skill points for several days, so no need to be online the moment a skill is done) the skill system will also include catch-up mechanics after release, provided by tradeable skill tomes (players can put unused skill points into tomes and trade them with others). All of this put together, there should be no significant problem for people who want to solely focus on active gameplay in the final game. Regarding refunds: Refund policies depend on your national laws. If in doubt, contact support@crowfall.com. Tell them from where you are, which package you bought, the date you did it and which country you live in/are citizen of. Besides that you can always sell retired backer bundles to the officially trusted traders anhex.com and markeedragon.com. You can find more informations about that in the FAQ -> trusted traders. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  16. Some general thoughts about this first. (and please note, when I say "you", i mean it in general and not you personally) There have been two ways to get a stronghold. Buying a backer bundle that included one or more strongholds Buying a specific stronghold bundle, while they were available. In both cases - back in the days - it has been made clear, that these bundles were meant to contribute to the funding of the later game; to make sure the company will be able to make it. Of course those bundles contained stuff for the later game, but nothing of immediate importance regarding p2w aspects. And of course nobody (including the team) knew what would precisely be what in the final game anyways. And above that, as soon as the funding was done, those bundles have been removed from the shop. Besides from contributing to the backing of the development, if you bought a single stronghold bundle, you may have wanted to have the regarding building/title in the later game. You will get that. So you should be good. if you bought a backer bundle, the earlier you backed, the more hilarious is what you will get out of it. At kickstarter the bundles already contained multiple times the value of their price. Additionally, later the value of the strongholds increased dramatically after they did some development and were able to do more than just guessing. Like, a small castle bundle was originally calculated with 250$, but now the content value is 2,450$. The usual KS bundle value was 4 times the price. So if you bought a bundle with a small castle in it, you actually only paid 62.5$ for this stronghold. I don't see why anybody should now be able to get (2450/15=) 166 month VIP tickets for a spent 62.5$. And besides, 62.5 is a sum people who bought a package that included a castle shouldn't get a headache from. Just saying. This said, when the new world sizes and the island principle first came up, Todd mentioned that it would theoretically be possible to use this system to make campaign worlds out of EK's. There had been discussions about this before, because some people always liked the thought of being able to wage war against other guilds by attacking their kingdoms. But the island principle finally opened the opportunity. Todd didn't exclude the possibility of EK wars. I would assume that it is very unlikely to be included for launch (much more important stuff to do). But since the technology is there, I think there is an extremely good possibility that it may be included in a future extension. By the way, stronghold bundles are expired shop bundles ... and by this can be legally traded with the trusted traders anshex.com and store.markeedragon.com. Though currently only markeedragon is offering (and sometimes buying) them. So, if someone doesn't see any other use for an owned stronghold, this may be a possibility. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  17. mine was an addit. yours was a removit. ninja refered to the stealth and hiding thing you did. how can i ever trust you again now, huh? no wait, that would imply that i once ... wah, never mind.🙄 and just to stay on topic ... bonds arise everywhere. we just delivered a strong testament to this. so, guys 'n gals, even if you are not ready to join a guild yet (but you really should), try to get connected. use the ingame chat, the discord channels or even the forums ... but get connected. this game is meant to be played with others against others. not playing with someone means playing against anybody else. don't do that. don't be a lone soul. find your bonds. just saying. don't complain afterwards, if you don't try it.
  18. And even if you lost, cheer up. You contributed to the success of someone else. Well done either way. Yay! edit: oh mandalore, you evil ninja editor... tsuh...
  19. The /who command has to be gone before launch. Or at least to be limited heavily (like only be usable in EK's or only showing guild members in the guild channel ... something like that). No doubt about that. However, "right now" /who is an interesting function to see how many people are online on which side and to allow people to make some statistics on their own. I think right now it opens more opportunities than it causes harm. Btw. multiboxing is a different topic. Worth an own thread. Even though it has already been discussed several times throughout the years. Just let's try to keep things easy for the ACE team. Just saying.
  20. In case you are referring to the octagonal castle towers, these Generally they are part of the castle packs (the keep packs only have the square towers). I didn't test 5.8 much, but as far as i have seen, the octagonal towers haven't been provided in the packages during 5.8. They are listed in the crafting menu, though. -> Stonemasonry -> Geomancy Architecture -> "Castle Defense: Tower 3x1 (Octagonal)". In 5.7 you would have needed a total of 636 wood, 80 wood or stone, 229 stone, 220 ore (all non-basic) and 58 hide and 5 dust. The numbers may have changed a bit, didn't check that nor wether they are indeed buildable. But yeah, that would be the general way to go. In case you are referring to octagonal building, like this Last time i checked it a few weeks ago, there have been some problems with the tower connectors, sometimes not allowing diagonal connections. So you can only try until it somehow works or wait until it gets fixed. Hope this helps Kraahk
  21. We don't know anything definite about how titles will work. Even in the old times we didn't get any real answers about this. Those titles will most likely be connected to your specific EK status. Last thing i heard about it was this: I am pretty sure that we all will be able to achieve those titles ingame.
  22. The capture point is given when it counts as captured. Which is at 1/4 of the circle. Unfortunately no (additional) point is given after completion (which in my eyes would make sense). So yeah, there currently seem to be no other reason for finishing, but to make any conquering attempt by other parties take longer.
  23. Sehr schöner Newsletter. Nebenbei erwähnt, auf eurer Twitch Seite wurden die Namen der Streamer teils ein wenig durcheinander gewürfelt. Vielleicht könnt ihr das wieder in's Reine bringen, damit die Zuschauer auch die Streamer besser wiederfinden können (z.B. wird CrusaderW in seiner Videoüberschrift als iThrowTrainz angegeben, der aber im vorherigen Stream auftritt).
  24. Kraahk


    Welcome to the forums. 1. Mass production is in the making. There will be factories and we will be able to put thralls into them who then will take care of the mas production by using blueprints. 2. Yeah, would be cool. Don't see why this shouldn't happen. 3. No plans for minimaps that we would know of. Indeed the developers said they definitely won't make one (game design decision). That was a long time ago though and things may change. But i strongly doubt it in this case. 4. All items will be player made. Mobs will only provide resources. This also a game design decision. Players need to specialize and to cooperate with others. Hope that helps. Greetings Kraahk
  25. A least those items don't have a use for you maxed out vessel right now. There are plans for a salvaging system. Which was indeed part of the initial vision. You can already skill it, but there is no ingame function yet. So i'd say we need to wait for this system ... and then revaluate this topic. Maybe it will include such basic item, too (and i think it would be a good idea. Besides that, you are of course able to sell unwanted items. Right now public trading is not too common. But once trading EK's become more common and the system will allow buying orders (which is also in the plans), it should be more simple to get rid of unwanted stuff.
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