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  1. I would love to know who came up with the new "/ekincrementvassaltokencount playername building-type size count" command name. It's kind of genius, using it to see if anybody is interested in EK hierarchies anymore. I just don't think that it will work better than the former /ekchangetoken (or something hysterically simple like /addtoken... lol). You need to understand that we monarchs are probably more used (and so more resistent) to pain than any other crow type. How about "/ektimedvassalsparceltokenamountadmeasurement parcelname parceltype playername building-type size count date-start date-end"? I could imagine this would lead more efficient towards starting to make us becoming louder. Love Kraahk
  2. drag&drop of a city r1 parcel from sb to inv lead to icon failure and finally vanishing of the parcel. (and no, it's not a lag copy of the first one, that was a r2 from a medium castle which i also claimed). drag and drop the vanishing act. hokus pokus. call me a wizard. harr.
  3. looks better and better. i like the structure and format. well done. here are few comments on some details: 1.3/1.4 where did you get that information? because i haven't seen any difference yet depending on parcels. 1.6 pre-alpha, alpha and beta. not alpha and beta. otherwise it sounds like it wouldnt be true for pre-alpha. 1.7 currently consumed. not once consume. the wording doesn't make clear that they will be giftable again after a reward reset. 2.1 but i feel confident... no reason to only feel confident, they said this is provisionary and that there will be an UI when they introduced the chat commands. 2.2.1/ekremove. not temporarily. ekremove will remove ALL(!) rights regarding this ek (including noble/vassal/cells/token/invite). so, no coming back to a private ek in case of a remove, unless invited again. Other chat commands /ekaddnoble <player> /ekincrementnoblecellcount <player> <count> /ekremovenoble <player> /eklistnoble /ekaddvassal <player> /ekincrementvassaltokencount <player> <type(building, defense)> <size(XS,S,M,L,XL)> <count> /ekremovevassal <player> /eklistvassals /eklisttokens noble grants parcel placement rights (still cell assignment will be necessary). vassal grants building placement right (still token assignment will be necessary). vassals and tokens are parcel specific. currently only the parcel owner can assign tokens. assigning tokens automatically grants the receiving player vassal rights. assigning cells automatically grant noble rights. nobles and vassals are citizens and by this automatically added to the "invited" list. nobles can move and remove their (and only their) own parcels. monarchs can move and remove all. if a parcel gets removed it and any objects connected to it will be send back to their owners spirit banks. important detail: player names in ek commands are case sensitive (me is not Me)! 3.1: -> in any fashion... not in any. parcels need to be connected side to side, it's not possible to connect them edge to edge or building seperate islands. -> available for purchase... not only purchasable. all purchasable parcels can also be crafted ingame with ingame resources (stonemasonry - geomancy). so it's not necessary to buy them. though built parcels and building can not be reclaimed after a reset/wipe. 3.2-3.4 - it is not necessary to consume EK deeds or bundles on the account rewards tab. consuming there is only valid for bundles and means to unbundle them (make it's content seperate items). only support can rebundle them, so it's not recommended to do so, unless you want to give single parts to another account or only want to use only specific parts in the test. - stronghold bundles contain the parcel, the centerpiece building, a pack of walls and an accessory pack. if consumed on the account page, you can claim the single parts seperately. otherwise you will only be able to claim the full stronhold bundle. - it is not necessary to consume a backer bundle in order to be able to use the contained deeds ingame. but like with stronghold-bundles, if bundled you can only claim "all it's content together" - consuming won't put your items into your spirit bank. to get them there you need to claim them via the purchase tab in the lobby. you can open the spirit bank ingame with the shortcut . 4.2.1 public kingdom/come and go as they please. even public ek's can only be visited IF it is open. the monarch has to launch it (nobody else can), and it will close automatically a short time after the last player left. idling players will be kicked after a short time automatically, just like in campaign wordls. this will, of course, all change. but thats how it is today. 4.2.3b the (default or custom) name of the parcel will be shown to the player ingame when entering it's zone.
  4. Since several people asked lately, here's the updated overview: SH: The Stronghold associated with this parcel. Cells: The number of 128x128m cells, the parcel is made of. SN: Support Number. The orginally expected number of players such a parcel should support (which could mean citizens or people needed to build or maintain such a parcel and/or it's buildings). The term is old and disputed. The numbers are very old. So they may mean nothing at all. But here they are, just for information. USHT: Unskilled Spring Harvest Time in hours. In 5.9 approximately this time may be needed by an unskilled player, havesting with basic tools in a low level spring environment - based on an expected average of 480 non-basic resources per hour. Resource costs refer to the full cost, including the cost of all ingredients (like other parcels). If you find any errors, please fill out form 537.b1 §1-348 and pass it over in triplicate to our Customer Defence Agency, Wannabestreet 142, Cities of Ravenheart. Thank you. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  5. Good job. Here are some additional notes that may be interesting to know in the 2.x section. - If a backer reward is not available ingame yet, it may be replaced by a smaller version (like getting a capital parcel instead of a caldera parcel). So don't be suprised if you don't get what you expected to get. - Backer rewards get reset from time to time (for example if there are changes in the database). - "Consuming" a reward during the playtests doesn't use it up. They will all be reset for launch and then be "really" consumable. - "Consumed" backer rewards can not be traded via the gifting system. At least not before the next reset. - Bought backer rewards are not available on the TEST server, only on the LIVE server. However, both severs may provide free testing copies, so even if you don't own anything, take a look at your rewards tab.
  6. I see no challenge here. And who said what can or can't be done?
  7. I am not particularly sad to hear that Travian left. Through a long period of time I had a lot of sleepless nights due to them. And not those of the pleasant type. In my personal opinion things should have been handled very differently back in 2016. Whatever, that's cold zombie guts. This years new team was good, though. It's sad to see them go, they had a lot of potential. So, a shoutout to @Menja, @Ikas, @Fauno, @TheUnknown and @Cerus: Thanks for your work and the way you did it. And for what you tried to do, they way you did, even if it didn't always work out in the end. You would have deserved better. Alas, fate decided differently. I hope you had some fun with us. To all of you i wish only the best for your future. And maybe we'll meet again. In another story, another world, or even just in another campaign. Fare well.
  8. Eine Ära endet. Eine neue Ära beginnt. Danke für deinen Einsatz in der kurzen Zeit, in der wir uns daran erfreuen durften und alles Gute auf deinen weiteren Wegen.
  9. Can you tell us what this will mean for the localization of the game and the support for players who don't speak english? Already any new plans?
  10. visual problem if opening several UI windows (like spell book while crafting window is open) crafted a metal bar with invalid resource combination, didnt click the message checkbox, crafted a new valid metal bar. new result showed both the success and the invalid resource message. the walking portal beam still exists. new info to that: ray was copying my movments, like shown in the video. if i stood still, it stood still. but (not in the video) after i started fighting the spider with basic attacks, the beam started walking away from me. after the fight it stood still again, only copying my char movements again. with the beginning of the next basic attack fight, it started walking away again. either a language or an era-of-crafting problem. objects of the same kind can have different sacrifice points in this version. another sacrificing issue. if you put a stack into the sacrifice window and after that merge another stack with the first stack in your inventory, it doesnt add to the sacrifice, but just gets lost. no vendor is offering meat on the test server. disciplines don't show the (differences of the) benefits of their quality level in their tool tip. no disconnect issues during crafting, but one single time thrown back to the lobby after first entering the campaign, while walking towards the first portal to the temple.
  11. their souls are available at the gate vendors, so they are easily craftable via runemaking. at least on test.
  12. got it. i probably couldn't because i wasnt using a white vessel. in that case there should be an error message (you need a -color- discipline to equip on this vessel).
  13. all the buyable (white) exploration runes are neither equippable nor usable for refining recipes. the cool fae-flying we had lately, when a fae was using the pack pig speed buff, is gone. it looked really cool. the combination of fae's fast-forward -> glide -> fast-forward resulted into the fae still gliding after the second fast-forward animation. now it is again just falling down and glide hast to be reactivated again. the auto glide after fast-forward interrupted the glide was better. new characters can unfortunately (like in the last version) not be named at all. pretty difficult to keep them apart.
  14. Regarding posters the owl says: You shall not cut off the feet, only because they carry a certain smell with them. Also true for human posters. It's all part of the history.
  15. The only thing that is really needed is launch. Anything else has to step back behind that goal. If that means that testers are not happy with the current state (surprise) and that those who want to play instead of testing decide to come back later, so be it. Most complaints don't really matter. They are "maaah, i demand my fun ... and i ONLY have fun when i got this and that, so gimme that" complaints. I know those complaints well - if have them myself. But no game will ever be perfect for everybody, so the focus can't be to make everybody happy. The focus needs to be to get the game done. If you are running a marathon you may hear your feet complaining, but you need to keep on running if you want to reach he goal, even if it hurts.
  16. There is no capturing progress indicator for outposts anymore. There is a text message showing your faction is capturing it when you first enter the capture circle and a success text message, when it is captured. That's a problem because if the circle is left before the full capture and you reenter it again, there is no capture-begin message again, so you have no indication wether you are contributing to the capture or not. Elks and Aurochs charging and climbing outpost during unnecessary outpost/monster fights. Is it intentional that unclaimed forts can only be claimed during siege times? Also the capture-meter of owned strongholds can't be filled outside of siege times. Placing building is blocked by environmental objects like lanterns. Which leads for example to only one single position left to place a lodge on a shire parcel. Zoom really doesn't work well when trying to place tables within houses. No need to zoom outside. Language selection in the lobby only works after restarting the client (but doesn't tell the player). Stronghold hippo activation distance is not consistent. Sometimes char needs to stand close to the middle of the building part.
  17. As a temporary workaround you can try to adjust the direction of your crow before starting to build. Try to look exactly to the north east south or west, before changing into building mode. If this does'nt work for you, you may need to leave/re-enter your EK to make it work.
  18. Benvenuto! Nessun problema. Ecco un link a un canale discord italiano.
  19. The last thing I heard about it was that they won't. Instead there will be skill tomes (somewhen post-launch) we can put surplus points in. Which then again can be traded with other players. It will work as a catch-up mechanic for newer players, while not allowing older players to exceed their skills beyond the possible regarding the time frame. Tough you can get rid of those points and get something useful. More informations about the basic thoughts in this news olds (sept. 2017).
  20. Good find. Please make sure to also post it in the current playtest feedback thread to raise the visibility for the devs. Otherwise it may go by unnoticed (this here is more some kind of players-help-players subforum).
  21. Welcome to the forums. The most important thing you should know is: This is testing. The current development stage is pre-alpha 5.9 (not all systems of the later game there yet), with 6.0 being the beginning of alpha-testing (getting it all together), followed by beta (finetuning). So, it's not a game yet. Besides the later game, you also got immediate access to the LIVE test sever. It is good to have it, because Crowfall will be a complicate game. The earlier you learn how some things work, the faster you may progress, once it gets published. And you can influence the result by sharing constructive feedback or new ideas and reporting bugs. There is a how-to-play tutorial english, that can be found in the welcome forum next to other informational links. There are also some youtube tutorial videos out there (i don't havea current link, but i am sure you will be able to find one). There are also various language communities within Crowfall. Maybe you can find first contact to yours here. If not, maybe it's time to start one. For fast and more detailed answers i can recommend the fan-made international Crowfall discord. Most times we are a helpful community. Kind of. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  22. A little late, but, welcome to the forums. The thing is, people usually have the urge to see that things are moving forward. If not, they get upset or pull back. So ACE tries to get new things into the tests as soon as possible -- and announces new versions. Once that happens, people pull back and wait for the new version. As a result LIVE dies and only a few backers play on TEST. Not enough to get all the bugs. While a lot of people are demanding the new version to come to LIVE. They don't have a lot of choices there and none of them is good. Keeping it on TEST will slow down development. Pushing it out to LIVE will annoy some testers. Personally i think they are trying to balance those two, but of course it can't be perfect. Secondly i need to tell you that it won't get better. Not because it won't get better, but because the tester expectations will grow with each step. They are highly individual. We had the very same discussion every once in a while throughout the last years. It nearly doesn't matter what the developers do. It's like "I have zero gold, i need gold" / "Ok, here is gold." / "uhm... i only have 100 gold, i need much more gold!" and so on. We have seen it often enough. And it leads to only one conclusion: They need to focus on progression. And they do - while still trying to keep it as interesting and less hurting for the testers as they can. Are there flaws, can it be inconvinient? Yes. Are there better options? Maybe. I haven't heard one yet that would work. But if someone would come up with a genius idea, this company listens a lot. It just has to make sense within the bigger picture. So, get your ideas out there. And remember, whatever you do... ... have fun, good luck Kraahk
  23. Hi, Weapon Head Molds sind Waffenkopf-Gussformen. Wurde in einem der letzten Streams erklärt, der von unserem CM Menja hier zusammengefasst wurde. In 5.9 wurden die Waffenrezepte synchronisiert, statt verschiedener Schwert Rezepte gibt es zum Beispiel nur noch eins, dessen Ergebnis von der verwendeten Gussform abhängt (Kurzschwert/Langschwert/...). Die Gussformen muss man von NSC-Händlern kaufen. Orte und Preise können sich ändern, aber zumindest letzte Woche waren sie für 100 Gold pro Stück bei Händlern in Festungen der Kampagnenwelten erhältlich. Edit: So, nochmal ingame nachgesehen. 100 Gold bei Händlern in Forts und Keeps. Sie stehen auch in noch neutralen Festungen, die noch nicht erobert wurden. Am einfachsten sollten die Festungen in God's Reach sein. Dort stehen sie in den Siege Maps, die PvP Zonen sind - dafür sind die Adventure Maps zwischen Tempel und Siege Map keine PvP Zone und daher ungefährlicher. Ist der Händler mit dem Schriftrollen Icon. Die Gussformen haben noch kein eigenes Icon, deswegen wird im Moment noch ein Stein Icon benutzt .
  24. To be frank, this whole God's Trial vs. Trials of the God's thing feels much too much like the People's Front of Judaea vs. the Judaean People's Front. Much too complicated. ~throwingasandal~
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