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  1. caaan you feeel the looove tonight. *warble* oh, you two are so sweet.
  2. Edit: Aktueller Stand Ein erstes Übungsvideo, zusammen mit einer Anleitung wie man mitmachen kann, findet ihr weiter unten in diesem Posting. Sobald ein paar Aufnahmen da sind, gehts es mit ein paar Probevideos weiter. Ein erstes Beispielvideo (Alpha Version, nur eine Stimme (künstlich verzerrt), grob bearbeitet) gibt es zum reinschnuppern. Hiho, besteht hier in unserer schönen, netten und kompetenten Community Interesse daran, eine Synchronisation der Crowfall-Videos von ArtCraft zu verwirklichen, beziehungsweise daran mitzuarbeiten? Wir bräuchten optimalerweise zunächst mal um die sieben männliche und zwei weibliche Stimmen. Geschlecht egal. Weniger tun es für den Anfang auch. Wir müssten sowieso ersteinmal sehen, ob und wie wir das auf die Reihe kriegen. Aber ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass das eine nette Aktion wird. Selbst wenn wir am Ende sagen: Äääh, weisste wat, wenn ich mir die bisherigen Ergebnisse anhöre, äh, vielleicht lassen wir das doch lieber mal wieder. Also: Irgendjemand Interesse und im Besitz eines gut funktionierenden Mikros oder in der Lage ein solches zu besorgen? Dann meldet euch hier und wir gucken mal was geht. [Link zum Doppelgänger-Posting im crowfall-community.de Forum]
  3. does it matter in any way?
  4. maybe one word before the next sentences: these are my assumptions. nothing more or less. 1. crowfall wants to be a different game. one big basic thought "as i read it" is: "many things went wrong over the last decades in the gaming industry-- just because peoples are lazy and if you can be succesfull without having to work for it, then the game will have more customers-- and we dont want to make such a game-- but to change this wrong circumstances." 2. if you are trying to build an mmo with such a low budget, you have to make decisions that might not follow the biggest goals in every detail, but be a good compromise. some of this compromises already happened. every time we wander around in the realms of speculation, we have to bear those two points in mind. if we do so, i am sure of it, our speculations will get much nearer to the final results (and maybe even help the developers more in finding them). why? why would you take more stuff with you as you need to fulfill your goals? because we are used to carry stuff around in nearly every other game-- while needing only 1% of it? that is nonsens. it is completely normal. but in the end it is nonsense. you need to build a fortress? get your stone. you dont need any curtains you find on your way, to make it pretty. this is about survival. you need your damned wall around you to be save. build it. thats priority. for now. ace stated, that there will be very different phases in campaigns and they explained it really good. so yes, you wont start in a campaign with having fully equipped fortifications at hand. find together, find a camp, start to build secure places. that might take some time. if you dont want to do this, join campaigns at the earliest after the first quarter. ever seen a man, carrying enough stone on its back to build a castle? if not, dont expect it to happen in crowfall. though it might come to some compromises. not impossible, but harder. and this is a far reaching (and would guess good) gameplay decision. it would not make sense to loot to much/often, if you cant take it with you. cf works on a pvp base. this might lead to a gameplay that might push away many people. yes, the hardcore pvp players dont care. to weak? buzz off. but the game need a wide base, more players are more money. if "too much" kills can be reduced by such little facts like "you just cant carry anymore and there are not much possibilities to store this stuff anywhere anyhow" this might result in less players leaving the game because of distress and frustration. my guesses account bank: yes (see ks packages). account bank access in the campaign worlds: no, except the ruleset allows it (somewhere something has been said like "embargo is like the account bank-- in the campaigns"). the embargo needs some kind of vault. if we (in some campaigns) start with nothing, then the embargo vaults (to say: access points) have to be built, conquered or alltime accessible. alltime access is unlikely, otherwise what use would caravans be for? so maybe it is a mix of building and conquering access points. pretty sure, we can put stuff down somewhere in the campaign worlds. it is just not save in any inventory. i love the thought of finding a cave with a million gold pieces visibly laying there, after my team conquered it. only problem, we cant get it out fast enough. so what to do? take what we can get or start to secure the place? however, if you cant loot it all, some stuff might be left behind. others might get it, even the former defeated, once they come back. the game would get richer. peoples would have more reasons to get back and reconquer the damned cave. as fast as possible. no uncle "i-won-it,-now-i-own-it-all" bob anymore. some speculations about the embargo depends on if we will be able to get things out of it again before campaign ends. maybe we can only put things into it. but not out of it. imagine you would have to decide: "damned, i wanted to have this stack of silver for my castle flooring, that why i put it in my embargo before. but the gold in my bags i need more and i have no free space in my emargo anymore. ok, i put the gold in my embargo, even if this will delete my stack of silver". i cant imagine a fully functional linked vault system. it would make the caravans obsolete. i think we will have to carry around most of the stuff. but also have some tiny, very limited possibilities to "beam" them to another place. it wouldnt be bugusing. more some kind of kind of accepted grey-area-workaround. tl;dr: strawberry pie. with vanilla ice. but no bowl for it. bon appetit.
  5. you need to get rid of your dependence on other peoples feedback. as long as you dont, other people will sense your uncertainness. if we find weakness, we naturally tend to take advantage of it. because this will let us feel stronger. get rid of your addictions. find yourself. if you are unhappy with your life, change the circumstances, your attitude or your expectations. ask yourself one question: is there anybody in the world who is a lowly cook at a fastfood joint (or without a driver licence, or whatever) who is nevertheless happy with his life? because if so (and nearly always it is), your happiness doesnt really depend on this single detail: it is proven to be no exclusion criteria. you dont hate your life. you are dissatisfied. that means that you want something, but havent got it yet. it might be useful to give a deeper thought to the question, what it really is what you want. and then to give yourself the time to think about how you could get there. dont focus on what you cant do. focus on what you can do (maybe instead). however, a game enviroment is always a good possibility to train your personality. and this is where you could start. you are young. there is enough time. use your chances. (but stop whimpering around every oneandahalf week. it will not work in the long term. neither for you, nor for others.) have fun, good luck Dr. Kraahk
  6. Kraahk

    Working out

    all my live i was (and still i am) confused about the term "working out". especially if connected to gyms. first and foremost i am a traditional european craftsman. why the hell should i work out? i work enough. i mean, sure, i did a lot of sports, alone 20 years of judo for example. never called this working out. i do what have to be done and/or what i like. and sometimes this is some kind of sports. sometimes not. and thats it. "working out" sounds so much like "well, i know i do not really work, but whazzamadda, hey, i work OUT, haaa!". in my ears. but maybe this is just because i am not very familiar with english and i wrongly tend to draw a connection between work and work out that doesnt really exist. so no offense.
  7. bank? what bank? you pack your things in the ek's, go to the campaign world, conquer a ruin or build a fort, put your stuff in the middle of it and guard it. thats your bank. you build another fort? pack what you want to have there and carry it to the new location. and be sure to guard the way, because this way, that is your link. embargos might give some opportunities of a classical bank. but i think they will be very limited. imho the focus is "better take care of your stuff", flavoured with a very little bit of "well, ok, we grant you this small opportunity of comforts and security".
  8. so we would better haul in the jib before it gets covered with sh*it, huh?
  9. So finally we got the confirmation, that the names of some peoples in truth are codes. Damned, i KNEW it!
  10. Welcome to Fifty Shades of Crow - The lost Heroes! Ever wondered, why there are only 13 Archtypes? Out of hundreds, thousands, millions of worlds that already fell to the hunger? Where are those uncountable people (at least those who are not our thralls certainly)? What? Yeah, right. They are lost. Ok, that was no complicated question, i admit. But where are they lost? Hum? Yeah, yeah, in the shadows. But where is this damned shadow??? No. Stop it! Let me go on with my speach first. Thanks. Phew. So. A small Party of people started the Torenstahl-Expedition, and i am proud to announce, that we did not only search for the lost Archtypes, we also already found some. If you want to join the Torenstahl-Expedition, then go and search for the lost Archtypes in the worlds-- or within yourself. And dont forget to let us know when you found one. I will do so either and start with the first three (some might recognize two of them from former postings). If we get 50 of those lost archtypes, who are only shadows of us professional crows, i might open a poll (or something like that) and give out a price (or something like that) for the most glorious findings (or something like that). Besides a mention in the encyclopedia of non native archtypes of the lost worlds of course. Have fun, good luck Dr. Kraahk P.S.: Oh, and feel free to post your findings outside the "regular form". There is no picture or full rpg story required. Others might fullfill your task. You know, havent seen a good bigfoot photo yet either. So far found yet: T h e H a m s t a u r "of noble steed" Role: Tank Strength ooo - Dexterity oo - Intellect o - Spirit oooo My name is Dissus Hilarius. I was born to be a noble Steed. I knew it the first moment my clammy eyes opened after my birth. Though i was born with claws instead of hooves, i knew it would just be a matter of time. So i did wait. I waited a long, long time. My brothers were laughing their asses off, telling me without cease that i was a hamster. What ignorance. What blasphemy! What an insult! I was on the edge of totally freaking out, when one of them said 'Yes, you will be a noble steed -- as soon as the world ends.' And they laughed even louder. But i calmed down. For even in my younger days i knew: If one thing is for sure, then that the end always will come, some day. So i sat down and waited. Then i stood up an prepared myself. Then i sat down and waited again. And so on and so forth. But it was not until "this winter" ended, that i met my true destiny. The world had gotten cold. Colder than usual. All around my people were crying, shouting that the end was near. Things were transforming wierdly. Everywhere chaos and destruction, weeping and despair. But not with me. For i, and i only, knew what this meant. So now it was me to laugh and i asked them what they would prefer to be when the world ends: A weeping hamster or a noble steed? Satisfied i turned my back on them and waited for my true destiny to come. And it came. My name is Dissus Hilarius. I died to be a noble Steed. I knew it the first moment my frozen eyes opened after my death. Though i was reborn with the head of a hamster instead of a horse and i am technically a hamstaur, i knew it will just be a matter of time. For i learned: If you laugh into fates ugly face, then reaching your goals is just a matter of time an faith. Nothing will hold me from reaching my goals. T h e B e a r d b a r d "nothing but hairy affairs" Role: Range DPS Strength o - Dexterity ooo - Intellect oo - Spirit oooo Oh, a fan. How wonderful. No no no. *grab* No reazon to be shhy my little zunshhine. You muzt have entered ziz Tavern for a reazon. And i guezz i do know exzactely what it iz. You couldnt help to azk me for a little zong. Nonzenz. It'z no trouble at all. Zatz nozzing. I alwayz love doing my fanz a favour. And now you get your dreamz fullfilled. Lalala. *harumph* Ohohoohoo. When ze zweehehet ztreetz of ze zunny zity meetz your zkinny zkuhuhulls hairz - ziz meanz hahairy affaairz. OuouououououuUUUH! Hello? Now zat iz what i call real emotional attachement wiz ze artizt. Juzt did, what i dezcribed in my zong. Allright folkz, everything iz fine. Fanz, huh? Happenz all ze time. Folkz? Hello? Where iz everyone? Tzuh, how rude. T h e B a k e r p i g "tough cookie" Role: Specialist Strength oooo - Dexterity ooo - Intellect oo - Spirit o Bit late, aren't ye laddy? Ter late. Bet ye never gave yer Baker a thought before, huh? Shoulda done. Was already out here an collectin my fees, while you were startin to snuggel with your lil princess blanket. No man, i'm a man of deeds. In my job theres a saying: When you come, i'm already done. So go on an pick the rest of the breadcrumbs i left. What yer meaning, wanna take mine instead. Boy, with me yer trying ter bite of more from the cookie than you can chew. I must know, i MADE the effing cookie, understand? See this rolling pin? When i'm done with ye, ye wont have to give biting any thought anymore. Yer friends will be able to pull you from one room into another without opening the door. Yeah, run. RUN! Next time i see you, i'll teach ye the real meaning of beeing flat broke! Damned late risers. Always the same riot. Never learned to eat humble pie.
  11. quite the opposite. it has been said that a starter kingdom is 3x3 cells. you can expand it to the actual maximum of 25x25 cells by dropping down new parcels. without a parcel on it, a cell is "unusable" "wilderness". this doesnt sound as if you would be able to wander around. but maybe you can and you just cant drop buildings there. we'll have to see.
  12. take a nearer look at the faq pictures at #15. you see the parcel administration window with checkboxes for "pvp" and "allow destruction". if this will not be changed, you should be able to fullfill your dreams within one kingdom. one castle yours, one castle hers. pvp and destruction on. lets go. and btw it might be a good advise to examine the health condition of your relationship.
  13. as been said, ek's are like campaign worlds and so they most likely will be isolated from each other. this could change, but it seems unlikely. however why would you charge your partner with additional taxes? or do you live in two different households and if you visit each other, you just have to pay wear fees-- and you think: as in life, so in game? uhm. because if not, you dont have to. just set the tax as high as the parcels normal maintenance fees are. and thats it. she would have to pay the same in her own kingdom. or the other way round.
  14. hear my words: their will be a change. cold winds will come up and push dark and creepy looking clouds above the horizon, enshrouding the warm and tender forum climate, we are cuddled in right now. ooooh yeah. and then, then you will say: oh kraahk, if i had known this before, how could i ever have had the nerve to push courant right into it. by my white beard feathers, this is my believe.
  15. well, we will get some kind of temporary player mods now with the new system. i am very curious about how good this will work. sounds fascinating. i like it to have a chief of community, who is willing to listen to the players, take some risks and find new ways. i dont know if that is what is happening in real. but it pretty much feels like this (at least for me).
  16. a no from me. why? he simply wouldnt have the time to go on with his usual writings here. do we really want courant to change? i would say: a no again. vive la liberté!
  17. Kraahk

    Forum Filters

    the filter works fine. as not native english speaker i wasnt even aware of the fact, that people were swearing. for month. i was just wondering what this strange american proverbs mean. for decades now europeans will bewilder americans by using poorly made socks and custard in their sentences, thinking that this is a normal saying and wondering why those native speakers only shake their heads. tully, you can retire, you already changed the world.
  18. the amount of viewers (about 5k per video) is ok. look at landmark for example. it had a huge, old company behind it. they made a really big hype about the game. they had masses of players, playing the game one and a half year during alpa and closed beta. crowfall is a new company, not much money, no ingame experiences for players, pre-alpha. nevertheless the official videos of landmark have less viewers than those from crowfall. i would say we are on a good way. we surely we have to keep on walking.
  19. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Comedy with Jim Carrey. What to do, if the Miami Dolphins lost their Dolphin? Call Ace Ventura. Wierd humor nonstop. I loved it. The Score Heist Movie with Marlon Brando, Robert de Niro, Edward Norton. Professional Thief want to retire and make his last job. But there are some Problems. Well made. The Maiden Heist Heist Movie with Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, William Macey. Three old museum guards try to rescue their beloved works of art. Funny movie idea. Mr. Incredible Superhero Animation Comedy. Former Superhero Dad wants to relive his hero days. Doesnt really work, so his Family has to bale him out of the trouble. Nice family Message within (imho).
  20. yup. same problem. i wanted to spent 500$ in the shop today. at least. unfortunately i wasnt able to login. bought icecream instead. bad decision, i feel like the titanic actually. all this ice crushed my belly and made me sink down. and its all your fault ACE !!!
  21. Kraahk

    US Education

    whats un edewcashon?
  22. always knew that fozzie is a spam bot. i mean, look at him. less than 1.500 postings, no avatar picture, not even one word about shadowbane. very suspicious. at least. wouldnt trust him at all. as true as i have feather. *swear*
  23. Kobold Bards? You know, i once met one. And that was enough. T h e B e a r d b a r d "nothing but hairy affairs" Role: Range DPS Strength o - Dexterity ooo - Intellect oo - Spirit oooo Oh, a fan. How wonderful. No no no. *grab* No reazon to be shhy my little zunshhine. You muzt have entered ziz Tavern for a reazon. And i guezz i do know exzactely what it iz. You couldnt help to azk me for a little zong. Nonzenz. It'z no trouble at all. Zatz nozzing. I alwayz love doing my fanz a favour. And now you get your dreamz fullfilled. Lalala. *harumph* Ohohoohoo. When ze zweehehet ztreetz of ze zunny zity meetz your zkinny zkuhuhulls hairz - ziz meanz hahairy affaairz. OuouououououuUUUH! Hello? Now zat iz what i call real emotional attachement wiz ze artizt. Juzt did, what i dezcribed in my zong. Allright folkz, everything iz fine. Fanz, huh? Happenz all ze time. Folkz? Hello? Where iz everyone? Tzuh, how rude.
  24. and even more bananas. what a cockaigne.
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