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    Kraahk reacted to scrappy365 in High Five to the Support team!   
    Yeah, support team is great. Wasn't actually expecting to get a refund for this game, but they came through. You have to meet very specific conditions as per the ToS but if you can meet those they will actually refund you. They didn't even charge the 10% fee.

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    Kraahk reacted to seventhbeacon in EK Tennant commands   
    Sorry when I said tenant I meant vassal.  My misunderstanding!
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    Kraahk reacted to Daddie in EK Tennant commands   
    Thanks Kraahk,
    I think I understand now. The games speaks of tenants. But it seems I just have to give the right amount of XS tokens to players in order to place the "Vendors/Stall/Chests/working stations". That part was confusing as I was looking for commands to create tenants. 
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    Kraahk reacted to Stormcrow in If you've heard that you can't play this game solo   
    See, this is one of the key differences between this game and Albion. I bitched to the Albion dev team that their design was going to cookie cutter every player into a mirror image and the resource nodes would be overwhelmed on launch day.
    Who was right?
    In Crowfall you can actually choose to specialize and it will MEAN something to the greater community. If I don't want to resource gather it might be because I've saved somebody's fat enough times that they want to give me good deals on new gear.
    Or maybe I'll swap it up and become a blacksmith because I just don't have the time or energy to murder crows during a particular month. That's cool, too.
    Either way, these are all absolutely viable solo roles that impact the greater server population. That matters. (And reminds me of old UO days.)
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    Kraahk reacted to BlackfeatherCo in If you've heard that you can't play this game solo   
    it's from someone who hasn't tried hard enough.
    No, you're not going to play the grander throne war game by yourself or with a small guild. And no, you're not going to be regularly winning those 1v5 while in the middle of farm pulling a mob camp.
    When Dilbo says you need a guild, that's the meta-game he is talking about. And that's fine and his advice should be followed if that's the game you want to play.
    That's not the solo game.
    I've been playing the solo game going on my third week now. It's slow going but viable. You'll get better at it as you learn the ropes.
    Don't let the negative Nancys fool you, it's a very viable play style. It just takes guts, determination, and a willingness to play differently and for different reasons.
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    Kraahk reacted to Caleb_Crawdad in High Five to the Support team!   
    I've had two minor issue since I bought the game yesterday. First I wanted to change my ingame name and second my 2FA seemed to be borked this morning. in both cases the issue was resolved with minutes. The later in like under 2 minutes. Big high five for the support team. Thanks guys!
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    Kraahk reacted to StarrFall in Personal Chest in private EK   
    That is precisely what I was hoping someone would say, thank you!
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    Kraahk reacted to seventhbeacon in Personal Chest in private EK   
    That is exactly on my to-do list.
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    Kraahk reacted to PopeUrban in Personal Chest in private EK   
    I feel like I need to build a big pointless wall on the outskirts of the EK just to get this stuff out of my bank.
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    Kraahk reacted to seventhbeacon in Personal Chest in private EK   
    One thing I really wish I could do is put all my KS rewards in my personal chest so they don't clutter up my account vault inventory.
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    Kraahk reacted to PopeUrban in Personal Chest in private EK   
    Not it isn't the large size buildings. Even a cottage can slot one chest (or two chests with a crafting deck attached now)
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    Kraahk reacted to ChapsChamp in Temple of the moon Tutorial no where to craft a shovel   
    Thanks for helping me with an easy fix. I feel slightly dumb. I thought I needed a crafting table. Pushing J fixed it!
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    Kraahk reacted to svndeadlysin in Sorry have been able to play or anything,   
    Sorry to  my friends that helped me get this game, have'nt been able to play because,,, I got bit on my right bicep 6 weeks ago by a brown recluse, and have'nt been able to use my right arm for more then a couple minutes at a time, what I played seemed fun, but Doc says will be a few more weeks before the pain starts to lesson up 
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    Kraahk reacted to CagoriRei in Shop doesn't advertise building size   
    spend too much money on parcel + building to get a "sorry" from support when i brought it up... cause the largest parcel wasn't big enough for my building
    lesson learned the hard way, too bad support couldn't refund me
    upside is i had some people in - W - who hooked me up with the right parcel ❤️ Jah
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    Kraahk reacted to Uta in Deconstructing Parcels?   
    you can't separate them once you have crafted
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    Kraahk got a reaction from Retchet in VIP access for public sharing   
    As far as I understood the intentional goal, VIP will be needed to make the "Public" checkbox in kingdom management available.

    If it will be this way or not ... well, we'll see tomorrow.
    Private EK's can still be accessed by all crows who have been invited or granted a title in this EK. So private EK's are basically personal/guild housing with the ability to invite friends.
    Public market EK's only really make sense, when there is some effort put behind them and a lot of traders. Nobody needs having to scroll through a thousand public one-shop EK's. There surely will be a lot of those at the beginning, due to the VIPs included in bundles, but still.
    The natural progression would be that someone uses a shop place in one of the bigger public market EK's, and after getting more famous and finding more like-minded friends, opens their own public EK - at which point investing a VIP won't really be an issue. I think that's ok and no real disadvantage to non-vips.
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    Kraahk reacted to Recatek in Audit Log for Guild Chests   
    It would be nice if chests (maybe special, more expensive ones?) could have a log of who put things in or took them out. It would be especially nice if this log could be exported to a text file for parsing.
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    Kraahk reacted to Recatek in Dropbox Chest Type/Permission   
    It would be nice if a type of chest could be placed or designated that allowed guild members to place items into them, but only allowed officers/nobles to take things out. Used for item delivery and donations and the like.
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    Kraahk reacted to sarcandosa in EK help   
    A Villa is a Medium building with 3 Chest or Crafting Station Slot inside, two Vendor Stall or Crafting Deck slots outside.
    Estate Parcel or Larger is needed to place a Medium Building.
    Yes you can combine 3 Grassland to make either a Farmland Parcel or a Woodland Grovel Parcel or a Homestead Parcel. You then can combine a Woodland Hills Parcel and a Woodland Grove Parcel to make an Estate Parcel. So using 9 of your Grasslands you have an Estate and can place down your Villa.
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    Kraahk reacted to Arkade in Eternal Kingdoms - Vendor Information   
    There are marketplaces. There's the free city in dregs, where anyone can place a vendor. Then there are EK markets. A lone person setting up a vendor in their EK is going to have a hard time being successful, but the good thing is they can join other people's EKs. Just like the PvP side, the economy is a group effort. If you are looking to set up a vendor outside of Dregs, I suggest looking into the markets that are already going and see if any are looking to add outside vendors. Some do, some don't. Lion Forge Guild (LFG Bazaar [Trade] is the EK) is not currently, but plans to in the future once we've got the guild/EK fully set up. @KraahkI think has taken outside vendors in the past, and I've done it myself in the past in my own EK, before joining LFG. I think @srathordoes too. So there are opportunities if you look for them.
    I wouldn't be against having a limited auction house, similar to what SWG did, but it needs to be something that doesn't undermine the EK market structure. For example, there could be an auction house that is used only to buy and sell resources. 
    Another thing they can, and will do (hopefully sooner rather than later), is to give players more tools for finding EK markets. Right now there's no way to know which EKs have vendors, how many vendors they have, or what types of stuff they sell (other than the very limited EK description). They plan to add tools in the lobby to help people search for markets. We'll see how robust they end up being. 
    So, my recommendation would be to wait and see what they come up with in that regard. I doubt it will be something where you'll be able to compare prices on items between vendors, but they could provide useful information like how many people visit the market each day, how much stuff has been sold each day, and maybe even a listing of the stuff that was sold, and for how much. And in the meantime, consider setting up a vendor in someone else's EK.
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    Kraahk got a reaction from BarriaKarl in German   
    Just as a side note: It would be much (and I mean MUCH) easier for us to provide feedback, if we wouldn't have to start the client, change the language, close the client, restart the client and login (and load) again, if we wanted to check out even one single term.
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    Kraahk got a reaction from Uta in German   
    Just as a side note: It would be much (and I mean MUCH) easier for us to provide feedback, if we wouldn't have to start the client, change the language, close the client, restart the client and login (and load) again, if we wanted to check out even one single term.
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    Kraahk reacted to arkh in Caldera and mountain citadel (current) details and design?   
    Is it just me or is the mountain citadel a gripe to place walls and gates in a way it looks good? Can't place walls on the ramp, can't make them stick to a border, lot of poorly made dergsty terrain everywhere making it hard to get a wall going. It feels like we're either meant to make a huge wall around the parcel (awful) or end with small garrisons everywhere doing nothing against the highway for troops to the castle the ramps are.
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    Kraahk reacted to Groovin in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread - NA Edition   
    Good day ladies and gentlemen.
    After the move from the old beta forums, to the brand new live forums, we've lost a pretty important thread that served as a binding for new and unguilded players. The LFG Thread.
    Since no one has stepped up just yet, I figured I'd do the old copy/paste and help bring back this anchor.
    The idea is simple:
    Advertise yourself or your group if you are guildless Don't use this as a platform to advertise your guild. Instead PM the person you're interested in Once you find a guild, edit your post to say so. Below is the copied over thread body, and an example of the format people used to use.
    Please Read Before Posting
    If you are an un-guilded player who is looking for an active guild to join in Crowfall, please use this thread to post a little bit about yourself, so interested guilds may contact you. There are no specific rules about what you should include, however, the more accurately you describe yourself as a gamer, the better chance a guild with similar interests has of finding you.
    → Players: if you successfully find a guild, please edit your original post to indicate that you are no longer LFG. Otherwise you will likely continue receiving PMs. Another thing you can do is note your preferred contact method, whether it be on the forums, or through Discord/whatever voice or chat program you use. Just be sure you want to be contacted outside the forums first, and drop your details
    → Guild Leaders: Do not advertise your guild in this thread. If you see individuals who are LFG that you are interested in recruiting, please contact them through private message. This thread is for un-guilded players.
    →Example of things you might want to include: Class, Focus, Time Zone, Play Style, Prior Experience, and of course what your looking for in a guild and what you can bring to the guild.

    Below is the format people tended to use.
    Guild criteria:
    Region: ex. US, EU, OCE, SEA Atmosphere: ex. Looking for a guild with a no nonense, down to earth vibe Casual/Hardcore?: Size: ex. Small scale, mid size, large, MEGA ZERG Play-Style: ex. Heals, scouting, crafter, the dude who does the big damage, whatever you think your playstyle is. What is your gameplan? Commitment: ex. 16 hours a day Miscellaneous: ex. could be anything, related to real life availability, in game behaviour, what you do and don't want to do. Perhaps what you expect from a guild. Experience: ex. games you've played in the past that you feel might be relevant, whether it be Shadowbane or Hello Kitty Online,
    Voice-Chat services: and finally, do you use vent, discord, teamspeak, etc. As above, if you prefer to be contacted through one of these programs, be sure to add your details (for example, Player#1234 on Discord)
     Gonna try and get @ACE-Tiggs to pin this 🙏 and hopefully cut back on the individual threads. If this isn't something you want here, just nuke the thread.
    Of course as well if you are new, be sure to check out each thread, as a lot of guilds are quite open to being contacted first.
    If you need examples of what other people have put before, check out the archived thread
    Good luck out there.
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    Kraahk got a reaction from DravoiX in German   
    Just as a side note: It would be much (and I mean MUCH) easier for us to provide feedback, if we wouldn't have to start the client, change the language, close the client, restart the client and login (and load) again, if we wanted to check out even one single term.
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