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  1. Yeah, GW2 definitely cured me of playing stealth classes. Maybe that's a good thing?
  2. Okay, but pursuing that logic - if people are already worried about the way the game looks, why have pvp depend in part on how they set their graphics? If they already feel like the graphics aren't cool enough, won't they be even more bummed when someone tells them they should turn their settings even further down in order to make sure they spot stealthed enemies? And as far as changing the way stealth looks at different graphics levels, that's not going to solve the problem at all. Not only is it still client-side and therefore vulnerable to hacks/mods/etc. but now you've got to worry about building and balancing two different stealth effects. Make the "low" one too hard to spot and people will be turning down their graphics in order to pvp competitively (and complaining about it); make the "high" one too hard to spot and you're double-penalizing players who already have to play with less-than-ideal graphics.
  3. If this is what we're talking about, absolutely. Or I guess if the devs want to build a console-oriented UI without changing the PC one, even though that seems like it'd be a nightmare. But the game shouldn't be built (or changed down the line) to make it playable on a gamepad, because that's a very limited interface that's great for arcade games but not much else.
  4. Not only does floating stuff add clutter, it makes it hard to "sneak" without having dedicated stealth mechanics that people will exploit/complain about ad nauseam. It'd be awesome if they managed to convey [whatever player info is necessary] while keeping the UI simple enough that stuff like moving in cover, hiding behind players, etc. can have at least some effect on gameplay.
  5. Fair enough, this is a totally different angle that I could see being interesting... Ah, okay. I know people were talking about hiding/obscuring archetypes at one point. If you guys are just talking about hiding identity and not class now, that's a different thing and I was disagreeing with you by mistake. My bad!
  6. I understand what you mean, but that doesn't mean it's FUN. Still not getting how what you're describing would be an improvement on, "let's scout the enemies at those positions and make a plan to deal with them (while they do the same for us)." The cloak thing as you're describing it sounds like the large-scale equivalent of having players do super high random crit damage. So yeah, it's "scary" that you might get one-shotted but ultimately it's more fun to have fights be less random and damage less spiky.
  7. I guess I ultimately don't understand what would be the point of this. I've never played a PvP oriented MMO and wished I didn't know who I was going to be fighting, you know? I don't see this adding gameplay depth, although I guess it will shift the emphasis towards "responding to unpredictable situations" instead of "knowing about character classes and making tactical plans." I completely understand why you would say this is an interesting idea. But what makes it a good idea?
  8. Right, so once you've leveled that skill...what's the downside? And what would stop a whole army from cloaking up (once they'd had time to level up)? If anything, this will de-value gameplay based on scouting and sneaking. Why bother doing recon if the only information you're going to get is "a bunch of cloaked figures are approaching"? Wouldn't it be more interesting if characters built around scouting were able to bring back useful tactical info to their combat-oriented buddies?
  9. Totally. This doesn't seem like the kind of game where people are going to be running into the same predictable groups of enemies, to the point where it needs a new mechanic to shake things up. What problem is this trying to solve?
  10. That sounds like a good ballpark to shoot for. Balancing the game around limited available powers is fine, as long as "limited abilities" isn't a euphemism for "console-level simplicity."
  11. Yeah, this is one of those things that sounds cool in a game where everyone was down with the spirit of the idea. But in practice, either it would be rarely used (if the costs outweighed the benefits) or it'd be exploited (if the benefits outweighed the costs). Is it really worth spending dev time and resources on something that'll either gather dust, or mainly be farmed in private EKs?
  12. Well put. I'd add that they should make these things part of regular attacks, in varying dosages. Some weapons or moves or spells might have more knockback/action pushback/slowing effect, and others might have less. Don't make them an all or nothing thing that you have to build your character around, because then people who do that will (understandably) keep wanting cc to be more powerful.
  13. Call it "clicking," call it "aiming," call it whatever you want. Still not seeing what's fun about providing a powerful offensive tool that requires you to aim your attacks at another player's visual marker. I do see your point that there are other things that markers could be used for, but That doesn't change that fact that target painting is basically a tool for focus firing. That's what people have been talking about when they ask for it, that's what it will be mainly used for, and that's how it will shape large group fights. I'm STILL not seeing why anyone wants to make more of the gameplay revolve around "watching for target painting indicators", instead of "watching what your teamates and opponents are actually doing."
  14. Nobody's saying this won't make the game easier. How is the gameplay improved by reducing the need for situational awareness and tactical coordination, and instead making the game play more like a traditional PvE raid? I'm not even sure this will really level the playing field that much - organized groups will be better at using this than ad hoc ones, hell it might even widen the gap if it lets them focus their DPS super accurately while pugs are still figuring out who's target marking. But the larger point is, I think that contest (between two groups playing "click the glowing crosshairs") sounds pretty un-fun.
  15. The reason I mentioned arenas is that they're the only group pvp setting where voice chat is even close to being as effective as a visual marker. On a large battleground with a bunch of enemies around, describing targets will be much slower and less accurate than sticking a crosshair on them. And sure, it may take individual skill to land damage on a visually marked target. But in terms of group tactics you're chucking most of the skill component. Why bother laying out tactics or even really thinking about how to work together when "stay alive and blast the marked target" will get you through most fights? target painting : group level skill :: tab targeting : individual skill So I'll ask again: what would be the upside to this?
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