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  1. I like the war stories. Thanks Pann and teams for creating. 👍
  2. I am for the Jack-of-all-trades who can use a missile weapon, melee weapons, set traps, move and hide in camoflage wilderness/cave - not in city/urban (that is the Assassin's domain). None of these as good as the specialists. Animal companion? Sure, if they can be stealthy when I am. A scout who can also attack from flanks and rear - where missile weapons may not impact your allies - as much!
  3. Stealth is the only life. Great looking guild-site and premise. Signed up - if you have space for another shade.
  4. Thanks. Definitely want the game 1st. As I said Stretch goals or ver. X.XX The books were very well-used. Many a character created and campaign adventured in. Now my 2 boys are starting out in 5th edition!
  5. Did not see anything like this so far.. With the recent update, had me thinking the Dev's may be able to tap into other device markets besides the PC. How about the ability to access these skills/settings and potentially make changes etc. all from your Smart device (Android/iPhone/iPad/blackberry-dare I say). Would add a whole to facet to the game. Perhaps you could access your Eternal kingdom, see status, and make changes to training or possibly other settings. Etc. Of course not something for launch day. Perhaps a new Stretch goal..
  6. Agree on this one. Making sure it is comfortable to wear is more important than how you look to your enemy. Now... if it gets the enemy to not watch your eyes or your sword coming in to slice off him in half because he was staring at your chestplate? Stupid opponent.
  7. Stealing will work well with the opposite archetype (i.e. Stalker) scanning for hidden and stealthy characters. No need for bashing skulls or other heavy-handed work - well not every time.. Especially fun if they can get caravans added in the Kickstarter. Raiding and sneaking up to grab the prize from the cart as it goes along..
  8. Great story. Look forward to reading more.
  9. Reason to play: Gunpowder and blades Cannot beat that combo.
  10. The backstories seem to only refer to one of the gender types and a unique individual (i.e. the male Ranger - which has a female concept in development) So hopefully there will be a male assassin concept in development soon. Further hoping - as other posters - that archetypes are not race or gender locked.
  11. Bottom line is if someone doesn't like the lore/fantasy/universe/game, there are plenty more games and MMOs out there. All can be happy. (If chaotic evil can be happy but we will leave that for another forum topic).
  12. Signed up for kickstarter. Will be a wild ride!
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