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  1. I came back for 5.8. Tried it out when they where doing tests over a year ago and thought it was a mess. I think the game is coming alone well but I have my concerns as well though mine are probably different than the OPs. If the game is planing to survive on old SB players, I shouldn't have even bothered with it and put my money on something that might be around for a few years. I think most people would like the game to have a long life with lots of players and that means catering some to more casual players as in giving them stuff to do that isn't just getting ganked. As the OP said there are some other games coming out 2019/2020 that are going to be tough competition for PvP players. I've never been much of a PvPer so i cant really comment much but to say my experience so far is getting 2 shot by an assassin and 3 shot buy a gun toting hamster losing everything I gathered the previous 3 hours. Which to be honest did piss me off but its not like i can do anything with the stuff anyway as crafting has to be learned with the passive points or what ever its called the idea of which i like but if the system is currently set to super speed like i thought i had heard, it is going to be long boring slog at launch. Why even play the game for the first few weeks, just log in now and then to spend points until you can actually do anything worth your time. I don't know, i see possibilities for good things, like the fluctuation of faction boarders and that the world will end after a few months these are things that can be great and really let this game stand out. But I can also see it going in a way were it ends up like so many other mmos. I think they really want to get the game out this year because of the whole GoT craze they've tried to associate with so much and as the last season coming out this year its got to come out now. ps. Throne War sounds dumb
  2. Winter is coming means the good times are about to end. Its gona get hard. In that universe winter can last for years , even whole generations of people can be born, live and die in one winter. It is the inevitable. Winter is coming for all of us.
  3. Here is a video of Tom Woods lecture presented at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 24 July 2014. If you would like to learn a little about the Austrian schools view of what happened with the robber barons and the progressive era. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VA9VZeox3g
  4. Those were among my first choices but i thought they were to on the nose.
  5. That's why I like the name so much
  6. Austrian school for the winnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. No offence taken arthidon your right my op might have been to negative. There are good values to be had in the pledges. They are offering good things to the backers for lower prices then will be found after the KS. Yes it is about supporting ideas and projects you like. I made the post after i read what the op in this thread http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/4699-custom-unique-guild-heraldry-subject-to-approval/ got has their answer about use their own guild logo. I would like to use some of the fine artwork the folks in the guild are making. I should have waited or not posted at all. However misguided my post was I stand by what i meant by it even though I don't make it to clear in the first post. I think with my other posts what i was trying so say came out more. That is, if your selling something( that is what you doing by offering more or better items for more money) in bundles of multiple items in differing amounts you can't just say you will never get these prices again if you don't get it now even if that is the case. I say this because the person does not know what they are paying for the individual items now. I can't know what the creators value their product at normally. So i don't know if the few items I would like in the next bundle will be more or less expensive than the bundle after the KS. Some people will say this is the risk of Kickstarter. No the risk of kickstarter is the person your giving your money to has no obligation to give you anything in return. There are many KSs that have add-ons so you get a bundle of something and add additional items you would like. This helps the creators and the backers. The backers know about what the individual product is worth and know they are getting a great deal with the bundle. The creator allows backers to get more of the items they really want and that increases the amount they might other wise pledge especially if there are large jumps in the bundle prices. I would like to pledge more than I am and help raise the pledge amount to get more stretch goals. But with the next level so much more and me not caring for some of things that it comes with. I don't know if I will. Sorry this so long and for adding to what should be a dead thread.
  8. I like books and the show. the show is getting away from the books. I hear people say watch the show then read the books.
  9. Nyt you are right they will cost more but we don't know what they cost now. So is it worth upping your pledge by a lot to get a little extra land. NO. Not if you don't really want the other stuff in the bundle you have to buy.
  10. If this is true it is not a good way to do a KS. Bundles with no add ons especially when those bundles have large differences in price are not good. The only way to get more of the things you like is to up your pledge buy a lot and get things you don't really want.
  11. This is My point with this. The price could be $20-$30 or more per piece of land and technically the price is better. I've never been a fan of KSs that don't have add on with that you can at least see what the creators value the products at.
  12. Never read those i don't. I only start them
  13. Well I am not crying I am merely stating my opinion on what I am seeing right now. May they work with the prices and change things I'm sure they will but the fact is they are selling things right now and telling people this is the best prices you will ever get. Yet you only now how much the bundle is and cant make a reasonable guess at the price of things after the KS even with the prices go up. I think the people who buy in to the "exclusively" will overly defend their choices when someone questions that choice even not to them directly.
  14. lol. I know its not a dollar. Its not that The Company can not afford it. Its that The Company questions why something that for some games is inexpensive or even free( The ability to use your own artwork) and why It is so much in the other direction here.
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