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  1. Well, I think the wings could work with the physics thing--they've said some characters would be able to jump over enemy lines which is quite in line with an assassin, yes?
  2. Hello, people. When I first heard about Crowfall, I was excited. I still am excited, to a degree. But I had spent a good bit of time on the forums with everyone. Then I stopped being on as much, and now I only check in every 3-7 days. I mainly just check archetypes and try to pick what I'd want. I'm still interested, but as a student who already plays another game I'm wondering how much I will actually have to "know." Will the stuff be fairly easy to pick up? Because it doesn't look like that and it seems like a turn off for me (Yes, I am aware that this game is not designed for me specif
  3. Gah. I'm so excited. So ready for this beta c: I'm curious, is it one character per account or can you have multiple (fixed) or multiple (with upgrades to allow even more)
  4. That can't be them all--there's no "red dragon on block" emblem.
  5. I'm still unsure how I feel about the graphics for a game instead of concept art; that said, it could grow on me and I won't condemn it just yet
  6. First wizard through did everything. After that you bet I skipped them all ~.~
  7. Throwing a ball for policedogs who did nothing while you did all the work. Why yes, I'd be happy to help throw a ball inbetween catching the scourge of this world. I'm not even getting paid a lot.
  8. Maybe they're gonna put them in the spotlight now to help us get over tuesday miser? c: Or just so they can say "teaser tuesday" I'm hoping for an announcement of maybe... maps? Or city names or something about the land we're in. Maybe a paragraph that begins to tell us about what the game is about.
  9. If there's a necromancer option, most likely that. Something that can do very tiny heals just as a last resort, maybe with summons? I'm partial to magic classes. But definitely something that can deal damage.
  10. 42 days to goooo

  11. ria


    Eh, Pirate is marketed to the exact same market. The issue is how wiz chat was dealt with, but we have plenty of complaints about that on our own forums. As for truck driver talking... a) open chat implies you're 18+. Actually it doesn't imply, it STATES that to be the case, and as crass as saying hiiiiii is, I think someone over 18 can handle it
  12. That sounds cool. Was the reverse true as well? I.e. clicking on a friend's name and teleporting to them?
  13. ria


    And that's unique to wiz too--Pirate101's filter is more like wiz's was back in 09 than today
  14. If you want pets like from wiz, make it BEFORE the pet update. I'm not dealing with those STUPID minigames and annoyances here too >.< I do like having cute minions too, be in something summoned from the undead or a drop thingy.
  15. ria


    Like... firstly, if the chat system turns out to be like wiz, I'm skipping the game. Period. But that's highly unlikely. I'd really like if we DIDN'T have a lot of restrictions, since as has been seen between wiz and reports and false/auto mutes... that blows up in our faces. I say just censor a few four letter words--live and let live. Please? Unlikely but I'm hoping
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