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  1. Had a blast in Tera beta...when the lvl cap was lvl 32. Then the game came out and the entire guild quit because it was like Lineage 2. Level grind was beyond ridiculous and guilds were running around with 100 people crushing all the 5 man groups. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmPBYwANyT0
  2. Quit crying and join the dregs. It wont matter if everyone allies for a massive carebear alliance. They'll fall just like they did in Shadowbane. Zerg guilds aren't new to PvP games, they just make for easy targets. Unless CN decides to join, then we're all screwed.
  3. Correct. A lot of our guys were playing the alpha. Until about 15 patches in there were 0 additions or changes to the PvP so they bailed.
  4. What I don't think you understand is what a PvP game actually is. This isn't WoW where PvE has 95% of its developers and 5% of its developers are making some crappy arenas. There are PvE games, WoW/Eve/Etc. There are games that try to have a mix, GW2/ESO/AA. Then there are PvP games, UO/SB/DF. I have played my fair share of games but nothing has lasted as long as the games in the PvP category. The reason for that? The developers have focused 100% on PvP. The commonality in those PvP games? The mobs were nothing more than an AI in the world as a small part of the game. They were mobs. Nothing more. The minute the developers start trying to create large fire breathing dragons and fluffy bunnies that can only be killed by a holy hand grenade it will diminish what this game is. It is still too early to tell if this game is going to try to walk the fine line between PvP and PvE. I do know games that try to split the difference are unsuccessful. If this turns into another GW2/ESO where the PvP becomes a merry go round and becomes stale it will die. Here's to hoping that this game is dedicated to its PvPers and not another poor attempt at pleasing everyone in the community. The PvErs have enough games. They don't need another half-assed game with some PvE and some PvP.
  5. Haha. Everyone has to start somewhere. The majority of the people I now game with under the LoD flag have started as my enemy. I could tell you stories about epic battles I have had against my own clan mates. That to me is far more memorable than talking with clan mates about that one time we killed a fire breathing dragon. PK to me is a group of 10 running around the map looking for other players to kill. A PK group of PK run was the most fun in SB was the most fun I have ever had in a game. You get a string of 6 or 7 groups that you roll in a row and get that unstoppable feeling. Then you run into a group of 40 with your 8 and quickly become an LoD speed bump. Then we all switch to our spec group character groups and go stomp out that group of 40. Nothing more enjoyable.
  6. When I say PvP what I actually mean is everything that we did in Shadowbane. rPK, PK, grief, ToL Camp, forum propaganda (Alert the Clutch), burn down cities at 2am, and much more. I would even pk allied groups because what fun is a game where you're friends with everyone? There is nothing personal about killing someone's pixels, just good entertainment. I can't tell you how many KGB on the Vengeance server I killed by randomly summoning one of their members off the /who list into the middle of our stack. Out of the guilds that we obliterated from Shadowbane it wasn't because they rolled any of our groups during a pk run. As far as i can remember it was only the guilds that made the promise of wiping us from existence, reporting us for powerleveling, or things of that nature.
  7. There's the term I was looking for...nut cuppers. I was going to add onto my post that the term carebear had evolved over time in Shadowbane and the term nut cupper took its original place but I couldn't remember the name. I wasn't necessarily attempting to promote a discussion about the Death Server but instead to clarify what a carebear was. I don't hold anything against those guilds and to be honest LoD was/is a guild of unpleasant people. We always will be, Shadowbane's motto was "Play to Crush" and we took that to heart. We did it as a guild, others did it with alliances because it was easier than manning up and using skill.
  8. In Shadowbane in order to play effectively you had to have a city. You either subbed to a guild with a city or had your own. So the PvP guilds all had cities as well as the carebears (PvE guilds/RP guilds). Each shield is a city: Without carebears the game would have been the same. The PvP guilds all fought against each other day in and day out. The PvE guilds formed massive alliances and recruited mass members in order to eliminate these PvP guilds. Without them, pking would be more competitive if anything. Alas, everyone had their place in Shadowbane which is what made the game great. No one was separated by servers. If a PvP guild wanted to stop us from killing them then they had to kill us first.
  9. That was the goal of my example. Instead of playing a PvP game. Every guild allied together with a few hundred people to eliminate a guild with less than a hundred because we were PvPing. I'm not in any way saying that it was a bad time. Care-bears made SB fun. I was just giving an example of how the term care-bear came about and what it actually meant when it originated in SB.
  10. A lot of people (including those that played Shadowbane) don't understand the term care-bear. The term care-bear was not originally used to describe someone's ability to play the game. It didn't mean that someone sucked, had a poor template, or anything of that sort. It's hard to describe it but to use the Shadowbane Death server as an example: LoD played Shadowbane the way it was meant to be played. We killed everyone and were killed by everyone. Nothing was personal. The same way you'd kill a monster in WoW, we treated other players that way. People took offense to that and felt insulted that they were constantly being killed in a PvP game. Those people that made personal attacks, recruited mass numbers, forged large alliances, and vowed to wipe LoD from existence, are the real care-bears. The people that will do whatever it takes to eliminate PvP. So when I think of care-bear I don't think of someone as a terrible player. I think of people posting in general forums requesting that people be required to flag for PvP, or supporting the telegraph system, or promoting any idea that takes away from the core of what PvP is. http://i792.photobucket.com/albums/yy207/Antifloj/Shadowbane/cchREmF_zpsazu85wq8.jpg~original
  11. So in summary: 1. Gonzo made a movement to restrict modern day care-bears from receiving the title because they haven't earned it. 2. Tully tr0lls gonzo. 3. Everyone laughs. 4. Tully removes the term care-bear from the forums. 5. Gonzo is at fault for costing us the greatest word to originate from Shadowbane.
  12. I sure hope you guys choose the Dregs. I can't wait to fight against KGB like old times.
  13. Correct. I am currently posting in a PvP game forum because I am a PvPer. Like I said I don't PvE because it's extremely boring and time consuming to me. There are thousands of PvE games out in the world that are more focused towards creating entertaining fights versus dragons. Wildstar was a joke as far as PvP concerned.
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