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  1. This piece took 7 hours to paint.. it was 7 hours of recording. 2 days while at the studio (kind of showed me how many times i had to stop for brainstorming feedback etc). Thanks all!
  2. Yeah this is just stuff from the concept oven.. and takes zero resources away from the rest of the team working super hard on the game itself.
  3. I wouldn't worry about the look of the character under the armor. Concept artists usually just make quick sketches to overlay the armor on. These were specifically armor comps. I will be concepting the look and feel of each race.
  4. That was the legit drawing Todd gave me to base it off of. I have to push it pretty far to get to a different end
  5. I loved playing a class that didnt dps or even heal.. but a class that made my group stronger.. pull faster.. regen faster... attack faster.. seems like something thats totally gone :/
  6. I had stopped raiding at 65 on my enchanter also (if i remember right its when the cap was moved to 70 i had quit).. i played a bunch a few years ago for a month or two... which is where i leveled to 100 (you can see hes 100 on the video).. i actually did some raids at the current content but I couldnt even tell what was going on.. and wondered why i was even playing ;D Game wise I take into consideration how complicated the character is.. and I'm aware of what are constraints are bone wise.. poly wise. so I try to keep it in line with whats doable.. As far as im concerned with large battles.. thats not my job to optimize... I give the team a goal to strive for. If we have to cut back so be it.. but if you don't put a high bar.... then you'll never reach for it.
  7. I just do the initial concepts. I work with Todd, Melissa, and the design team to draw and sketch up the core ideas and see how they might be presented in game. It's easier to make changes and to cut ideas while they are on my plate... before they get to modeling. I will usually give some feedback throughout the process incase they didnt interpret something right in my painting (which can definately happen, especially if I leave it a little too loose). With the time constraight sometimes I can't get into as much detail as a character may have. Right now its full production mode.. get a characters look and design right and get that to modeling asap
  8. I think that footage was pretty stock footage of shadowbane that Gibson had grabbed. The rest of the games I logged into to get real footage of. I was a pretty bad shadowbane player myself. I mostly remember re-rolling like 15 times since I kept wanting to try new classes. I didn't even get into siege stuff. I played during a small break in eq and jumped back into eq shortly after anyways.
  9. I used to sell prints on a store attached to my site.. but no longer sell any. It got hard because the only work I could sell was personal work, and never client work for obvious reasons. And lately is all client based work :/. if that does change I will be sure to let you know!
  10. Thanks everyone for taking a look! I get pretty nervous sitting there and talking about everything! Gibson did a great job on this one. If anyone ever has any questions, feel free to ask!
  11. Yeah I wanted the initial design to be more of a human structure.. very war like. I definately plan on creating and concepting different art styles down the road for everything. We needed to get something going to replace whats currently in game right now
  12. Good call i guess ill just re-concept the entire thing from scratch ;D I'm definately trying to find a balance between stylized and brutal. I dont want cartoony but i want it to have a sense of style fellas! (which also makes it unique).
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