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  1. I wouldn't go around praising the UI in DayZ. From a usability standpoint it's an utter mess and a moderate barrier to entry for their product. As I said early on in this thread, there's a balance to be had between supply of information and good usability. To heir too far in either direction at the cost of the other is to fail as a UI developer.
  2. There's always a balance to be found between usability and game concepts. It would be equally foolish to utilize poorly functioning UI to reinforce concepts of the game as it would be to build an overly functioning UI that betrays those concepts. Just be zen, seek balance.
  3. Pawkette


    I'd like to see the game on Mac at some point, I think Unity supports Mac so as long as ACE wants to support the platform they could ship it there. The bigger concern then becomes do my FirePro 700s work well for gaming
  4. Ever the deligent organizer, I must confess my frustration that this topic isn't related to another in which I so passionately explained my opinion on a subject near and dear to my heart. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3365-add-on/
  5. Doc Gonzo, will you be my lawyer? In other news Doc, it sounds like you should join me on PS4 and avoid all the PC shinanigans!
  6. If there's a way, you can rest assured that I will make them. /batgirl out
  7. This question has been asked and discussed here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3365-add-on/
  8. Very rarely in the land of MMORPG's is the number of players visible a problem of the GPU. More often than not, the issue comes down to how quickly the CPU can process that number of people. Yes, to some degree the speed at which your GPU can present frames is important but the problem tends to be more evident on lower end graphics cards where the CPU is outpacing the GPU. DirectX 12 should help alleviate some of the overhead of previous version of DirectX on the CPU, which will invariably help to some degree. Though it's very difficult to say how much of a difference DirectX 12 would make in this environment as most of the CPUs time won't be spent building command buffers for the GPU but instead figuring out where people are, handling culling, and figuring out gameplay related activities. If you imagine the CPU and GPU as two trains running on parallel tracks, every once and a while the CPU and GPU need to sync up to transfer information. If the CPU is waiting on the GPU to finish it's tasks this is called GPU bound. If instead the GPU is sitting idle waiting for the CPU to give it more stuff to do, this is CPU bound.
  9. You can most certainly give someone a clue, but your knowlege is limited to consumption and as such will be reflected by what you've traditionally consumed. There are reasons focus testing is widely considered flawed. Most people don't really know what they like until they see it. If you're not interested in more of the same, perhaps you should stop asking for it.
  10. Both of those things are implied negatives, so please try to be objective about your stance. From my perspective I could paint you as unintelligent for not understanding that humans have preference disconnected from western concepts of intelligence, or that intelligence is measured in a multitude of ways beyond what we often categorize it as. You see, opinions are never objective and we must strive to understand that we each come at problems from different perspectives. Mine isn't more or less correct than yours, it simply is and environmental factors impact how much weight one or the other holds. You are of a stance, as am I. Share your opinion, discuss others objectively. If you result to insulting a person's argument it often reflects poorly on your own.
  11. Yes, but people liking things that you don't doesn't make them dumb.
  12. See here's the thing about your argument, if you keep calling people with different tastes dumb it's hard to take you seriously. With that said, you're correct that there can be more than one thing, just as you're arguing for one I'm arguing for the other. I believe less is more, that's not because I'm any more or less intelligent than you are, but simply a preference similar to yours.
  13. Welcome to the average person! Most people play games as a relaxing hobby, not a focus of their time.
  14. I'm not passing judgement, but as one of two chicks who who write code at my company, it's hard to hear "we need more women in the game industry" when the problem is self reinforcing. You see, women are less interested in the game industry because they don't grow up playing the same games that you or I played, and part of that has to do with representation and marketing. So if the solution to that problem is to have more women in the game industry, it's pretty silly to make such a shallow statement.
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