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  1. I've been an absent backer lately but been reading the email updates this progress is exciting.
  2. There are a lot of variables we don't know enough about yet to make those kinds of decisions. For example if your couch takes x resources to craft but it takes up the physical space of x^2 resources you'll end up cutting your nose off to spite your face. We also don't know enough about failure chance and how many resources and how much time waste it will cost to craft the item. In addition the ruleset and procedural generation may make those resources more valuable inside the campaign.
  3. Yes you're right. It would have to be a balance which can be achieved by throttling the flow. The question of whether or not the resources dry up before the campaign world ends seems to be the sensitive issue in this thread.
  4. Not hard at all. Depending on your play style it could be drastically easier than a non-time based training system. 1 is you main. 2 is your spy. 3 is your spy in training. Play with 1 until 2 is ready. Play 1 and 2 until 2 is discovered. By then 3 is beyond ready for action. From here on out alternate between 2 and 3 as you're discovered.
  5. It's one of those little details that I agree would add a lot of atmosphere but yep probably too much time and energy for the return on investment. Thanks for sharing your ideas, keep 'em coming.
  6. Let's be honest, spying takes no skill. Yes being patient, moving up the ranks etc. that does take quite a lot of dedication and no small amount of skill, but the low-level intel reports of your regular 'ol spy are jokingly easy. In addition games give you an incredible amount of communication power, you can instantly report exact # of enemy units across vast distances with a simple whisper. There's also very little risk. So you get tk'ed, blacklisted and kicked from the guild, so what it was a burn character anyway I'll roll another. It's begs the question "Why isn't everyone doing it?". There needs to be consequences to spying, it needs to be a challenge, and yes it does need to be an option otherwise you're missing out on some really great game play elements. I'm not saying I'm in favor of God level API but guild leaders need some tools to actually be effective at screening spies otherwise, as has been said by others, they're not actually playing the game.
  7. In full brainstorm mode here... I'd want something that would help you all in your decision making when acting on reports of harassment. I'm thinking of a Reputation system where players can do a single commend/rebuke on another player. They can change their commend/rebuke at any time but they can't have any more than one per player. The system would be weighted meaning if someone commended 6 players and rebuked 1 their rebuke would weigh more heavily than someone that rebuked 7 players and commended 0. This could be calculated at downtime to avoid overtaxing resources. It may or may not be visible to the general population but each player could see their own reputation.
  8. Seems like me, you and Nyt are coming from the same angle. Maybe I took your post the wrong way. My apologies if so. Crafter value could also come from repairing if ACE puts that mechanic in. If resources are scarce and equipment repairing is an option crafters would be a hot commodity. Oridi would that convince you to join our finite resource team?
  9. The core strategy will be achieving the winning objective. Obtaining resources will be in support of that goal. It doesn't matter if your embargo is full to the brim if you can't bring it back.
  10. That's 1 to 1 what I said in my post. You can't look at it from a perspective of we're fighting naked. You need resources to fight, fighting encapsulates more than just taking resource objectives, if those items you fight with are highly valuable you aren't going to risk them on a whim.
  11. If the resources it takes to make that suit of chainmail are harder to come by you'll be less likely to risk it. The reward will have to match the risk. You will instead use items who's resources are easier to come by. If it's a blanket statement that all resources are more scarce then it's also a blanket statement that there are fewer situations in which you'll risk those items. As you progress into activities that carry greater risk you progress into speculation and away from what would be considered investment. If you're saying you're willing to risk your items more as they increase in value you're a gambler.
  12. The majority of the time people quietly go without any fanfare, they don't rage quit. You'll have no idea why they left you'll just find your guild activity in a steady state of decline.
  13. The objectives behind the finite resource method could also be easily achieved by throttling the rate at which the resources are gathered. Slow it down and they become more valuable, people are forced to be much more cautious, speed it up and you'll see fighting intensify and more risky behavior from all factions.
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