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  1. I have only checked in occasionally the last few years to see how things are progressing, but I was watching the decemger Q&A on YouTube, where it was said that they needed more names submitted from those backers who had that as a backer reward. Well I have a gold pledge from the original Kickstartercampaign which includes the reward "Name-A-Fallen-Hero". I don't think I have submited mine so how and to whom do I supplky the name. I was thinking that I'll submit the name of my favourite old Shadowbane character for this.
  2. I was under the impression that you wouldn't be able to leave the campaign worlds until the Hunger eats them or at certain defined exit Points. Has this changed?
  3. Games like Crowfall are as much about group design as about character design. You make characters that fits in and adds synergy to the group you will play with. Hence the character that may be the right one for one campaign may be the wrong one for the next one. You are going to need multiple characters to promote good groups over many campaigns. One toon/campaign does encourage forward planning in guilds so I think its a good idea.
  4. I, for one, hope to try out all the different campaigns. They all have their different allures. Thats my ambition but in reality I'll probably find people I enjoy playing with and go where they go.
  5. I really hate voicechat even though I understand the benefits of it in battlesituations and will grudgingly adapt. Outside of battles I want to listen to music while I play, and in my experience people tend to chat about completely non game related issues which is nice and social for them but breaks my immersion.
  6. Well of course you are right about the go where the players want to go statement. I still wont be happy if multiple characters for each player becomes the norm even if it is by popular demand though. About multiple accounts: Even if a rule is hard to enforce you can have strict penalties for breaking it. This will keep cheaters look over their shoulders as they feel the Damocles sword of discovery hang over their head, and also gives room for action against those who through blatant incompetence actually do get caught. I don't think ACE will go this route, but again the statement was about what would make me feel happy.
  7. While I wouldn't want to touch a campaign that allows multiple characters for each player with a 10 foot stick myself, surely it is in situations like this a game with variant rulesets really shines. Set up a campaign where people who want to play like this can do so, evaluate it to see if it worked and if it did set up more campaigns like it. As long as the majority of campaigns are one player - one character with severe penalties for multiaccounting I am happy.
  8. It sort of depends on how much I will suck at actual combat. If combat gets too twitchy I may well run dedicated crafters in the campaigns. But I really hope to do both (in different campaigns). It also depends on the need of whoever I end up playing with.
  9. If I would put Ettins in as a player race in a game I would make the same Ettin characters played by two different players. Selected randomly. If only one of the players are online that player would control the Ettin for the time, but if both players are on control would shift randomly at arbitrary time intervals. Physical and weapon skills would be the same no matter who runs the show, but other skills could vary depending on which head are in command.
  10. Bad enough that they have elves in my opinion. If you want to cultivate a distinct flavor and atmosphere in a fantasy setting you need to move away from Tolkien, World of Warcraft and the more generic fantasy stereotypes. Rule 1 for populating a fantasy world should be: Start with culture. When you have a culture that feels cool ask yourself: Can I fit this into a human culture somehow? If the answer is "yes" then you should probably not turn it into a different species at all. Reserve the non-human species for cultures and beings that are fundamentally different from what a human culture can be. At first look Crowfall seems to be doing this rather well, although little is still known about how lore and culture will end up. Orcs in fantasy has evolved away from the evil and twisted slaverace Tolkien once created into the generic barbarians they ended up as in Warcraft and before that. There is no reason the orcs in Warcraft couldn't be replaced by a human barbarian culture. This is sloppy world design and probably hails back to the worlds background as a strategy game rather than a RPG. Should there be Orcs or something like it in Crowfall it shouldn't be a player race but rather something a dark sorceror class or similar can spawn to defend their evil fortress and work like the cityguards in SB but more volatile. And don't get me started about elves...
  11. It might actually be fun to set up a vendor that sells nice stuff for virtually nothing, turn on full loot PvP with equipment drops and challenge the world that whoever can reach your vendor alive is welcome to shop. And then try to prevent people from doing just that.
  12. Customization is nice, but only to the point where it doesn't affect performance in mass battles. If you start adding things like different body types and even animations there will be performance hits on both servers and on the client computer. I'll take simple, stylistic and a nice frame rate over unique looking avatars and 2 FPS any day.
  13. Limit fast and instant travel to make it logistically challenging to maneuver large armies. Have supply rules that makes it difficult but not impossible to maintain large armies in enemy territory. Make victory less rewarding if part of an oversized faction. If a general manage to maintain a large army politically, logistically and strategically he or she deserves to get away with it.
  14. I hope that any fast travel abilities and utilities are severly limited so we keep the territorial feel of the campaigns. My biggest complaint with Shadowbane was all the abilities like this that allowed easy access to the entire map no matter where you was. Instead of nations with borders we got alliances spread out over entire game maps. That did make the game feel less territorial than it could have been. Though I guess the beauty of having different rulesets in different campaigns is that you can set variant rules on different servers to cater to different tastes.
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